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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Day 6!


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Today my chemistry teacher was very mad at me because I  wasn't picking up the procedures of how to use a Bunsenburner almost immediately as he showed it.

Today we were making some salt solutions and we had to show him once in a while how to operate the burner.

I didn't know how to operate it because I cannot process the steps as fast as the others.

I told him about that but he wouldn't listen he said that the safety procedures are import ant and that Is all right.

I made a fool outta  myself of not being able to do it perfectly the first time.

I thought about quitting the schooling to be honest.

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day 1 games day 1 nofap  day one no pmo

26 days without gaming that is amazing 

I made a rule to keep my phone downstairs and delete my Gmail account so I am making one when I really need to or using app detox.

To be honest I have eaten chocolate at night and after I downloaded the game I was on it for 1 minute.

Later on I had a chaser effect on watching porn and I went for it.

I just slept like 5 hours today which is horrible.

  I am grateful for the day that comes after every relapse.

Kam grateful for my brother who has moved out for university

I am proud of the fact that I am not starting at square one .

I am grateful for my increasing ability to fold origami flyer.

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Hey now you can see a pattern and learn from it. You felt bad because of school and dealt with it the way you did. Now it is important to analyze the situation and think of better solutions.

If you don't have enough time I would recommend you to alter your sleep routine and carve out an hour or so before your schoolday. If you are able to do that stuff before your day begins this can be a real powerful way to start the day. Obviously you have to go earlier to bed if you want to do that.

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Day 5 No games and the other 2 porn and fap

I caught myself typing in clicker heroes checking out whether there are new updates.

Yesterday ther was a big trigger.

I reminded myself of how big the impact gaming had on me.

since it is the 2nd last day of school before the holidays.

Anyway, I am aware of that ealier or later I gotta get my emergency plan up to date.

I wanna talk to a girl  but I didn't have the balls because there was another boy close to her..

Gratitude list

I am grateful for my progress in school and am getting  better in school and I am really proud of that.


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It's dirkj3!

It has been a time I have posted something here.

I am here to recommend Habitica!!!

it has been a great app that is extremely rewarding and you can get done a lot of things!!

I am on level 9 I have  bought many equipment to make myself stronger

but the main aspect is that each task you complete for the day or each to do list item gives you money and experience.!!

I love this app!!

It is a huge community where we all work to fight bosses.

You can give it a try and visit the Party 

"The Tribe"



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After a long time I am back in the boat 

With more experience of hoe crushing video games can be 


I have some very productive people who kinda pushed me out to kick some as and get some work done.

My decision to stop comes from my heart 

I have come to an absolute low point when I asked myself the question


are you willing to quit bad habits to unlock your true power to become the best version of yourself.


The problem is that I know theoretically all the info and the chemistry behind it but I don't know how to maintain the motivation over a long time of 3 weeks.

I have pushed myself  to make a good start in the morning I gotta work on the evening more

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Welcome back!

Motivation comes through small constant victories. You'll have to set small goals, daily tasks, and accomplish them. During the bad times, remind yourself of the reasons for your decisions and reinforce your purpose with affirmations and gratitude. You know the "theory", you have to apply it with discipline and wrestle the brain resistance until it becomes a habit and becomes manageable. You can do it!

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Good morning 

Hitaro  thank you very much for your help 

I started to play temple run and slept only 5 or 6 hours this night.

it takes no time to create  a Google account to install games.

I think I gotta bite the stone by putting my phone downstairs for me to eliminate the distractions

I noticed also intense feeling of bargaining

and thinks like oh I don't want to game CH or EF but how about temple run?

That works and it is just a far cry from excessive gaming.

Wrong. it is the same shit just with another flag and another appearance.

One thing that I noticed as well is the fact that when I wanna cut gaming I need to start with PMO.

In the USA I got enormous streaks of not gaming because my lovely host family wasn't allowing me to keep my phone in my room.

I wanna get to that stage where I can say to myself that I have no boundaries!!!



Hitaro's post

My family 

My commitment 



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thank you Hitaro for your encouragement 

I have put my phone downstairs 

Yesterday I played temple run and I didn't work for my chemistry exam on thursday I got half of my presentation in Pharmaceutic done 

I get half things done  I have poor time management skills like for example I have one presentation in pharmaceutics tomorrow and one exam in chemistry on thursday 

 I have spend 4 hours without break on the presentation to get it done

after that I had a some spare time I just put one hour in gaming instead for doing the chemistry work.

to compensate that I wanna to get up at 8 today but I just had 1.2 hours and I didn't get anything done.

I told that my mum and she freaked out she told me you  have to you have to you have to I have several time management apps on  my phone or fitness apps to track my food I take but it is just there with no use.

I have no really "time" for hobbies because all the time especially before exams I am trying to compensate accumulated Loss of time 

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 I  want to be honesst  I am having google play on my phone to look whether there is a certain upgrade in CH so I can game it again.

The consequences of that are as always in darkness and will come after I have ged until the pressure is too great.


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I am grateful for the bus that takes me to the town

for the opportunity to learn in a vocational college

for my personal well being

for my caring mother

for my warm clothing

for a good 8 hours of sleep

for a well prepared presentation 

for an opportunity to learn more about my subjects

I am grateful for the safety that I have



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I have been playing games over the weekend and I  have a presentation tomorrow and I haven't done anything with  it

I feel like that I am quitting my schooling because I don't have an interest in it.

I see a lot of people they are burning for their subjects.

But I think Why do you spend so much time with something that boring (school stuff) 

I do my stuff half heartedly when there are holidays or weekends  I do a shit with school.

 Gaming again is really pushing down my attitude to anything else other than school

I have backache neck ache and I am extremely tired and cannot focus on school.


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I come  to the conclusion that I wanna quit cold turkey but I am focusing on new things only and not think about quitting games.

I want to try out new things and to occupy my mind with sports, maybe guitar and Djing.

I don' wanna count the days of being away from games but just enjoying the tough parts as well as the epic good moments of life.

There are new things  I want to try out and Learning  the most mundane social skills at first.

I often thought about being more confident outside to express my opinion more often and just being more open to the world.

I have felt cravings after I quit today like where could I be in the game if I had it kn my phone.(I have deleted my Google account)

The gratification that gaming provided for me is just not healthy as well as the constant feedback of in- game growth doesn't make me feel that way when I did some real effort to get something done..

Of course when you face only good things  like  instant gratification you start to be 

It is the mix between good moments and bad moments that make life so exciting that there is a real purpose and challenge to get through.

For me as I started clicker heroes 1 or 2 years ago I was a beginner with no knowledge and it frustrated me and I hated it.  I never made progress!! But  with the time I got better and I researched more to improve and it began like a snowball effect(the progress that I made and the passion)

NOW I can say that yeah it is difficult to start doing new things buy I don't give up because of the positive momentum and the improvement that is coming slowly.

I noticed that my earlier relapses occurred because I didn't put enough time to into the new activity to see how it is like to see improvement.

It all needs time to develop like I haven' been a good gamer  2 minutes I started a new game .

I don't know whether I can say that when I hit  a bad or tough moment 

This was a real epiphany for myself that I clearly see the analogy between  gaming effort and the effort that I ll be grinding out of real life.


My decision

one of Cam's videos(I am sorry if I quoted some of your Content)

My sleep pattern of 7 to 8 hours a day

My parents that they bought me a guitar a couple years ago.

My parents who made it possible for me to spend one year in the USA

My gym teacher Mr. Witman who made me fall in love with home workout and thus solves my hatred to sports

My encouraging friends there who helped me out.

My track coach who promoted my inner passion of long distance running.

My brother who is always there if I have a problem

My friends*whether they game or not)for their helping hand when I had no clue what to do in the lab


What I want to do next:


I want to make a chart of my daily weekly and monthly goals to design it like a  big game to work on something bigger that even though I might not be able to grasp it it makes me keep pushing forward .

Regarding new activities I have little time during the weekdays. U managed to talk a walk every day after school and squeezing in some guitar or djing  depends on how I feel.

That's all for me 

I enjoy the idea of writing a journal to keep myself accountable.

For me it is an epic way of seeing my emotions and being able to see my progress and my ups and downs.


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I forget to say that as long as other aspects of your life such as relationships,  social communication finances and  career aren't suffering from gaming 

It is alright to game in moderation..

As Cam said it's the relationship between games and the person that can be toxic.

Not the game itself.


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I feel nothing right know and it doesn't surprise me but I don' want to identify myself with my emotions but I don't know how to do something that shift that state...

Usually I freaking hate my emotions especially when  I feel like I lose  intro of what is happening around me 

I don't feel very well today

I started the day strong and after school I procrastinated a bit and went for a walk talked on phone with a company for my diabetes equipment 

I note that I am more active and less anxious about someone watching when I have my phone in my hands.

The feeling is liberating.

I browse fb for one hour and thus I pushed myself to get the needed things done. 

aI wanna try to put my phone away so I can be more focused 

I know it is hard to be with little distraction and now I am extremely tired 


I have a presentation ext week and a vocab test tomorrow.


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Today I am on day 2

Day 2 as good as any other :)

It's normal if you feel weird or empty at the beginning of a cold turkey streak. Breathe it away man. It will pass. You know how the dopamine circle works and how you are supposed to feel bored as hell right now, so don't worry. It's a good moment to plan what you want to do next. By the way you write you don't seem very motivated right now, do you think it's because games were numbing you, or maybe some changes should be made in your life? How should a normal day look for you if you could do anything in your current capacity? What can you do to improve yourself, right here and now?

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It is probably both

I hated my emotions because it was the issue that I was identifying myself with the emotions I had.

Like today in chemistry class.

I was frustrated that I wasn't as quick as the others 

Than I noticed that I had embodied the emotion.

I sat back slowed down and thank good was my meditation practices come into play I didn't meditate but I went silent and was like on a crest of a wave.

Then I saw that the task I was struggling with is one that isn't difficult it just needed a little bit more of rearranging of the formula and another operation method.


I was very proud of me not being pumped up by that emotion

I got 2 or 3 task as a homework due date tomorrow but now I have another 3 or 4 hours to go.!!!

By the way I wrote an incredible insight yesterday.

 I could do my homework. And  watch some videos how to shift one's emotional state.



A normal day would look like that

Get up

drink some water

Go to school 

After school eating a meal then go for a walk 

do homework 

repeat what I have learned 

Then the spare time I would love to play guitar or some workout rutine



I like to prepare myself more for the tough days but My time management skills make it difficult to find spare time...

Can you please give me an advice?

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Pmo Relapse

I was bored sitting on the couch  not getting instant gratification..

there were things to do and I didn’t do sport today 

after Porn the tiredness is hitting me like a bullet.

I wanna finish strong..

Things to be done differently

Phone downstairs 


I am so sorry for the girl that I had been fantasizing..


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