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NEW VIDEO: The EASIEST Way to Stop Gaming

Day 6!


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i had a dream about games and i had a lot of urges afterwards and i have browsed through google play... i have not done anything productive besides 3 push ups as a goal for each morning.. Yesterday had abeen a nice day until i got home.

I have not understand how the willpower will not be used when one have a positive habit going on. I think Reno mentioned something like that.


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Hi dirkj3!

I might have said something like that. But that is the whole meaning of a "habit". After you do something consistently for a certain while, it becomes natural to you to just keep doing it.

A few months ago I developed the habit of reading before sleep. Now it is just natural to me grab a book and take it to bed before I fall asleep. I don't have to keep reminding me about it.

If you want something to become a habit to you, start doing it repeatedly and consistently for at least three weeks. If it is a positive habit, you might want to keep doing it for another three weeks. If you'd like to understand it better I'd recommend you "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg.

Keep strong!

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Dreams about gaming are normal - albeit weird. This video talks a more about them. And for improving your willpower, watch this one.

Starting your day off strong is very important to have a good day. It's one of the easiest changes to make. Have a specific morning routine with positive habits.

I'll just give it +1, because morning routine is the best you can do to be more productive and have more willpower.

I have a commitment, that even when the hardest time comes I'm always making my bed. Just it. It takes less than minute, but makes me feel more disciplined.

Greetings, Mad Pharmacist

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Day 6! 

Day 0 Pmo

i have developed a morning routine  but cannot see how a little activity is fun compared to gaming. gaming was for me omnipresent I gamed lot until last week.

Today is a day where I am not motivated anymore even though I have a structured schedule.

MaybMaybe I did too much the days before. but right know I have eaten a lot of candy to push the shame of  The Pmo away.

I wanted to game but I didn't do it.

even before I gamed  I have been watching educational videos of how to build a better and stronger discipline and all the great stuff.

I havhave been ttalking to my brother about the feeling of boredom even though doing something productive.I have done italian and push ups typing and listened to music.

It was all great until today.

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Your brain is used to the level of stimulation you get in gaming. Very little will ever be able to compete with gaming on the level of artificial stimulation - that's why it's designed that way. But life can be far more FULFILLING than stimulating... but it will take time for your brain to get used to that difference. BE patient. :)

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Thank you very much Cam


Day 5!!

 I don't quite know how many days. I notice that the longer you do other activities than gaming the decision to to quit gaming is becoming easier because you can see your progress in new activities.

Probably not as fast as the gaming rewards but they will come.

For me I notice that I can do more advanced push ups and  I'm getting better at learning Italian. The best thing on moving on from gaming is building up a streak and track what has to be done.

For example studying for the "Abitur" the German members know what it is like to study for a 6 hour exam...

So much from me!!

Take care guys!!

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Day 7

I am so stressed... since yesterday the energy is kinda down and I cannot get myself to start right after lunch..

Before that day I got a lot of school things done but now it is dull and I don't look forward to do the exercises as to school and my homeworkout.

I se the progress that I have made so far but there is  no bigger thing behind it.I am afraid that I could relapse on watching porn or to fap to feel good. I don't want to find fulfilling activities that make me happy but right  now I am stuck in the rough study time for my a level exam which is in 2 weeks.

Any advice??

Thank you 

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Day 0.5


I have quit today after noticing that the effect of video games tightened it's grip on me.

I decided to quit a couple of days earlier because I noticing that I was gaming more frequent than one night in a row..

I want to be more social and active and challenge myself throughout the day.

Right now I am feeling so much more relaxed not concerning where I could be in the game if I would not quit.

I am studying for my Abitur in fact for the last exams which are math english and History.

I have made a list of three things that I want to accomplish two of them are finished.

However, I notice some urges to install that game again since I have a little break.

Usually, I would game through the night and would kin da try to wast time throughout the day after.

So many times I gamed to cover emotions and sometimes it was to wast time

.  I recognized to build up a tolerance as the game wasn't interesting amymore even the daily let's plays that I was watching every night become stale.

The first time I quit I wasn't sure whether to continue but the tolerance that you build up made me realize that you go down the slope if you continue even if you thing you can control gaming.

So, I watched the tedx video by george Wilson who was mentioning that delta fos b a chemical was accumulated in the brain.


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Hey Folks!!

I have been watchinsome of cam's videos regarding WHT you should quit and I understand even better what he means when he is saying that gaming is deceiving your brain.

That video about willpower and the mindset to develop is helping a lot.

So today I faced real life and was screwed due to procrastinating time of math studies..  I started kinda late like in the afternoon and since I am going I can tell it is not that difficult ones you are going.

I will record a video about my journal since there is so much experiences to cover.

I'll continue to journal the next weeks. I'll continue Djing trying to figure some mixes out..probably I'll make a record someday.

Thank you Cam for all the efford you have put into your videos

I'll really appreciate you doing more videos that include  an overview and a comparison of different mindsets.


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Day 0

So I wrote down some stuff that I loss when I quit gaming:

I basically answered some questions

What do I fear quitting games?

Extremely lack of motivation feelings of regret looking back at the wasted time.

Fear that I will never be gaming again. It feels like I lost everything meaningful to me.

How I feel right now:

How to deal with stress instead of watching porn or gaming.

I have been watching Cams video about recovery and abstinence last night.

I am not sure if I want to quit I wa always procrastinating that decision because it is a real tough one.

 what do I wanna gain from quitting?

I want to live literally a more meaningful life going out even when the sum isnot shining.

I wanna approach new people to put me out there.

Thanks for reading till the end!


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Oh my !

I am on my first day of nogames and I am stressed and got irritated quickly.

I went through one day a couple days ago and I couldn'slept for a night.

It was very tough. yesterday I relapsed and I was like  I have gone through the night of not gaming and now I have to start it all over. Going through the next night where I feel that II undid my progress of one day.

What I amtrying to say is  I have pushed through one day and I cannot imagine that I gamed for 20 minutes 20 mj utes of high concentrated pleasure induced by dopamine is worth a whole day of progression.

So I woke a uptoday  thinuking about gaming I remembered my Realisation from yesterday  I went for a walk after lunch to be in aanother environment.

I realized that I need to progress in the way of how to deal with stress to control my mood fluctuations throughout the day.

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Day 2 


After some time I am checking in now I am willing to change something in my life!

I want to delete my play storegoogle account that is connected to it but I paid some euros for a guitar app and  several body building apps which might be useful for me in the future it would be difficult to give up that account.

My question is can you somehow transfer apps to another one?

Thanks you!!!

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I don't think you need to uninstall playstore, but maybe hiding it. Keeping it with a message. Maybe it's too hard, but you can get a lot of useful things to your life, like Rescue Time (not a game)

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I am on Day 2 again after a relapse in Porn and Gaming the last coiuple of days 

one thing that i learned from the relapse is that eating ice cream or crisps made me weak and i gave in gaming.

Today i am home alone which is kinda difficult to handle i did some duolingo to improve my Italian skills.

The last couple of days i am not dreaming well i dont know why.

A couple weeks ago slept from 2 am (watching a movie) until 3 pm..

Even if i am more aware of time consuming gadgets and the effect junk food has on me  iam still kinda stuck in the house not knowing how to fulfill the need for the social area.

To be honest i never gamed with social communication around it so i dont knoew whethetr thats a thing or not.



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after some hours of gaming i am in again i dont liike the feeling of being unproductive...

Day 1 Nofap  there must be a reason why i am not progressing further then 3 to 4 days in a row!

I had a weird dream about gaming any tower defense crap it was so real...

 the rest of the day was kinda on autopilot

what i learned from the relapse is avoid using your device after a gaming dream or anything else.It definitely helped eating a little more fruits today instead of chicken nuggets at lunch ugh.

See ya!


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Day 1

 i finished high school a ciouple days ago. therewas a big party  afterwards and there i met a very attractive girl after the night i was left exhausted after dancing a lot.

I relapsed after trying to rest i read and i listened to musicvbut i usually listening to electronic genre so it pushed me up. after wards i ate about 1000calories and i felt like shit.( Iam a diabetic). then ithough well i failed on my nosugar streak why not on nofap or nogame? The night was the shit 5 hours of gaming and a porn....

I couldnt get up the next day I gamed again i was feeling how the grip to gaming got tighter after thr night session.

I think to have so many goals dragged me down somehow.

The problem is also thatthere is always a way to get gaming again i used appdetox to regulate the usage of Google Play store ieven gve my appdetox to my brother to type a code that i dont know to make the assess more difficult.I simplx´y deleted appdetox it said that i should change the admin or something like that ion my phone  isimply clicked a few buttons and i could get to play sore immediately...

I guess i dont know how to break auto plot mode and i seem not to be very comitted to stop gaming.




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