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  1. Slipper with gaming content. Main Trigger was stress. Everything worked Out in the end but I could handled this way better
  2. Interesting reflection. Maybe gaming was a Patch for an underlying issue (mental or physical). Maybe you should talk to your doctor.
  3. After only 4 hours of sleep this was a really unproductive day. I did fall back on my pre detox nivaeu which is really low. But on the other hand I am way more organized right now and think I can compensate this to still reach the important goals of this week. But I need to sleep today.
  4. Yesterday I was on a day-long bachelor party. It was a fun day and really weird to be a day and a night without my wife and both kids. That makes me realize how little I socialize on a normal day, since I am a father. Now its time to to my best at work aagain. But I wanted to post here quickly to keep the routine going.
  5. Great step deleting the Account. Maybe you know persons with charcter traits you envy. To achieve this traits through small habits could bei a first step to your future self.
  6. @ZeroYes my wife knows about it. I think it is easier because I have a Lot to do. Only If it get's too much it triggers mevto escape Into Games.
  7. You know best what works for you. Great that you catched some good Moments.
  8. The measure of a good objective is how much positive energy I get from it in total (or how much energy loss I can prevent) directly after reaching it + indirectly over a period after I reached it. This means there should be a bias towards objectives that give you positive energy over a long time.
  9. This Bad mood is typical and get's better after some time. In my opinion stopping gaming ist something to bevproud of. It is helpful to Share this with your GF If you are able to do so.
  10. Hey there. Best of luck. I am currently quitting too. i will check out your daily Journal.
  11. This morning I feel under tension. That my son didn't want to go to the kindergarden and me starting later for work was enough to keep me stressed. I think it is hard for me that my wife's mental health is currently getting worse. This is most likely only a step back because of sleep deprivation. But it scares me. I don't want to go back to that place.
  12. Yesterday night I went walking for 45 minutes with the little one in the wrap. IT helped that my wife got some sleep (because afterwards he slept for 3 hours without waking). I guess the walking was good activity too. But I got to little sleep. I feel like things are going better lately. I am more on top of things.
  13. Sounds like you escaping negative Emotions with gaming(like I did). Good Job realizing it. I get the point about blocking Apps. It didn't help me either. But deleting my LoL-Account in the others Hand... If I didn't do this, I am sure I would still relapse in this Game. I played many games afterwards to escape (warcraft3, Dota, Hearthstone, etc...) but no game was as successful in short-circuiting my brain as LoL. Also uninstalling is not only about the barrier, it mainly circumvents opening the game in autopilot. I.e. Trying to study, bad feelings arise, open window search, type in Lol, ... and nothing comes up? Right, I uninstalled it. Especially with the rune system in LoL it makes the game less attractive if you don't play with full runes in my opinion. So delete your account if you want to stop playing it. It helps a bit. My story if its interests you: didn't play LoL since 2017. I relapsed with gaming and mindlessly browsing, porn, youtube, etc... but never LoL. Alone this made a major difference in my life. Now I married my girlfriend (who nearly left me because I played all the time instead of studying while she was at work and was really stressed out because of it), have two sons, and found a job in a fundamentally different industry (IT) then what I originally studied (chemical engineering). And I am still struggling with many things. I am still way better off then I would be if continued gaming LoL year over year. It is worth it. I am currently detoxing from gaming and gaming content on youtube and doing journaling daily too. I will swing by here from time to time. With a clear brain and Attention available, you will figure out a way forward. Best of luck.
  14. The day was better. Lost 2 hours in the evening despite this it went well. Had some luck at work which helps with the anxiety. Hopefully this will result in a big win soon.
  15. Felt for the first time in a long time intrincical Motivation to do something. Felt good.