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  1. 2021-04-13 I had a really crappy start in the week. No external factors as far as I can tell but did only do the minimum of work and started watching Hearthstone videos again. Did not log time either. This is not working. I need to deviate from my Key Results. I like the drawing and shaving part (because it makes me feel better and is challenging for me). But the time logging part is setting me under pressure. And I seemingly react by avoiding this pressure and just wasting my time even more. That is not helpful. I need a goal more tend towards action and triggering less bad feeling
  2. I use Blocksite. Because it works on all my devices and used Browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Android)
  3. Hey @Jad935, To make it short and good to memorize you can think of a big elephant which is ridden by a short Indian guy with a turban (yeah its racist but its also memorable!) The elephant is a big beast and way stronger than the rider. It is driven by hunger, thirst and reproduction interests which ensure that it (or at least its genes) survive. The short Indian guy able to give him commands where to go, but he can only do so by conditioning the elephant first, by coupling the elephants needs with his commands. This way the elephant learns (slowly) what it should do. Th
  4. 2021-04-12 I had a busy weekend and with helping someone move and other tasks and don't feel refreshed. It's hard today to focus on work, and therefore I opted for doing some other tasks today (and not logging time at work). I also prioritized my tasks to get a more ordered way of working. Lately, there are many channels here where work gets generated and this is dangerous because it is easy this way to let things slip. I felt urges to watch youtube etc. as I got a task which was out of my technical expertise (doing some serverwerk with the risk of loosng productive data) and my coll
  5. Thank you. I realized that I struggle with shading round forms, so I did this the morning as a practice peace. I guess I need more dedicated technical practices.
  6. Hey @dirac it seems like you are going through some emotional hardship right now. The bad exam seems to be wake-up call for you. It is great that you have a goal and are working towards it. To put it frankly: It pissed you off to fail, and now you are acting to get better results next time. This is a good use of that emotional energy. But there are a few thoughts/questions which come from my outside perspective and which are maybe useful for you: Did you plan for the times were you don't feel like doing the things you mentioned (despite pushing through)? Did you specif
  7. Hey @Theresa, good that you could stop yourself.It payed off that you deleted everything in the past and set-up this barrier. It is fantastic that you recognize the pattern. Now you should think about how you want to handle a similar situation in the future. Because these emotional reactions and stresses will occur again and again. But you can choose how you want to react to these feelings. It helps if you prepared a strategy beforehand to not fall into old patterns again. Ideas to handle the situation in a healthy way: Call a friend, go for a jog, listen to some loud music, jou
  8. 2021-04-08 Everything is good right now. Some challenges at home and at work, but I feel on top of things, which is nice šŸ™‚ I am pleased to start the shaving routine. This was bothering me for longer than I want to admit.
  9. @Zeno It is a first world problem but it is a problem. I think it is a good measure of your life quality how good/bad your problems are. I.e. if your problems are existential nature, like how can I feed my family this month your quality of life is most of the time more problematic then if your problem is. Noone is forcing me to work, but it kinda feels bad and isn't good for my mental health, so I should push myself more šŸ˜‰ I am thankful to be in this position.
  10. I agree that your actions are bound by your perceived identity. But it also works the other way around. If you do something else then gaming for awhile it changes your identity towards the other thing. For some people 90days are enough to Go through that Change. Others need more time. It is key to find a desirable version of yourself and work towards that version. One little action after another
  11. Do what you think you need to do. Real live can be dissapointing some times. Don't be mean to yourself. You deserve more as you think.
  12. 2021-04-07 I actually had a little video watching relapse yesterday because my elaborate setup didn't block YouTube on Firefox mobile. That in one way good because it is sometimes a really useful thing to be able to distract my older son if he has to endure long drives or similar stresses, but it is bad that I have it available. I have chosen to live with the hole and talk about it if I should relapse. I watched an Aprils fools video form Kripparian and was bored and moved away. Work is going well. My deadline and my time booking seems at first glance to only be interesting to me, s
  13. I wish you success in the exam and the detox!
  14. okay finished my booking tasks. Now I have like 5 hours of sleep left before the first kid awakens. Still good to be done with this.