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  1. Yeah, I agree. 90 days is the adaptation period and I've done a lot of stuff to set me in the right direction. Just gotta remember what am I doing this for and what do I stand to both win and lose. 100 days. Cravings came, cravings left. It helped to share my thoughts and rationalize how gaming was both unhealthy and honestly not that rewarding. I am looking forward to start rehabilitating my body, hopefully it's not too late to avoid chronic pains and nuisances.
  2. 90 days! Yay! So, that's a second detox run done. I'll make another celebratory post in a bit. It doesn't feel like much of a victory tho, since I have 0 units of confidence in my ability to not relapse once my laptop is in my hands again. I know I've said this a lot of times and my insecurity is obnoxious, sorry. I just feel these days are something between a cheat and a training, and the real challenge will begin there. My gut feeling is that I'll relapse for a while and then keep it under control again. But I want to do better. I want to be better. There won't be real improvement if I do the same old. If I really make an effort to avoid gaming with the tool for it in front of me, it will surely hurt a lot. I can imagine myself crying and relying on medication. But that's where the real struggle will be. I'll need a good reason to keep going and it makes me very miserable to be aware that "care for my loved ones", "live by myself in my own terms", "finish my transition" or "discover new things that make me happy" are not good enough ones to keep me away from the fucking thing. Still, these 3 months I was able to keep up and commit to my therapy sessions, start medication, (almost) put in order important paperwork, write almost a hundred pages (22k words!) of various writings, reconnect with people from the past, fix a couple relationships, tie a bit better my security net, and give my future another honest round of thought, no matter if it hasn't arrived anywhere yet. Sure, I'm not at the level of a healthy person yet. But I was at a really low point. I kinda eat regularly now, if anything. I'm drained after writing this so I'll stop here for now. Let's keep the good times going.
  3. 89 days. Calm, happy, in my lane, etc etc. Still having heavy cravings but I'm safe so far, at least until the end of July. I've shared my worries about relapsing and disappointing my loved ones with them and that makes me feel a lot better. I must remember to keep asking for help. I would do the same things for them with no issue.
  4. 88 days. Feeling fine-ish. Today I'm receiving some good news. Aside from that, not much. I'll be back in my usual place by the day I hit 90 days. I think I'll organize something nice to celebrate with my pals this weekend.
  5. 86 days. I should be happy, but this stupid recurring decision of what to study or do next is weighing me down. I know having a choice is a huge privilege. That's why I should do something good and not drop it this time. I won't drone on about it again. I just feel other people have a way easier time and I must be really incompetent at living.
  6. 84 days. I tried to reconnect with my ex girlfriend (the one I made a wall of text post about) after my last su*cide ideation / planning, back when I was less than a month in (around April). It went very well and we've been going on dates since I arrived to my hometown almost 2 weeks ago. Today's one of such days. I'm so happy about it I can't think of words to express it. I'll need to leave in a couple of days anyway, so we're trying to get the most of it while it lasts. I know for a fact that we love each other and, while it's not wise to make future plans around someone else (as a general idea), I can still choose to do something that will allow me to be both independent and moderately satisfied AND live/be close to her at the same time. It's not like I'm a clueless teenager anymore and people make this sort of decisions all the time, so I don't see the problem. I can do anything* with my life, so yes, I can choose to try to build mine to accommodate her into it. She's even more scared about the future than me (and that's something, I know), so it's my turn to be a hopeless romantic and step forward, given how pure rational analysis has failed me time and again. It aligns with my current feelings of rejecting an over the top, endlessly passive-aggressive academic career, so I may be already taking a road here. I still have a couple of weeks to crystallize all these thoughts into something specific. Almost there folks. Funnily enough, I also kept in touch with the other girl I talked about lately and she's also very convinced about making plans for the future with me. I'm not sure how I'll sort out the love triangle but one thing has changed: I feel motivated to become a person who'll be there for their loved ones. I want to be dependable and give back all the joy other people give to me. This sapphic wants to put on some big girl pants and take life in stride, you know. Right now, I want nothing else from life than that.
  7. 83 days. Last night was awful. My chest and left arm hurt, I had an anxiety attack and for a moment I got really worried, but meds and loved ones support helped. My theory is I'm starting to catch up with the issues I was using gaming to escape from, so I can't postpone doing specialized therapy for long term addiction recovery anymore. Got the place sorted already, I just gotta call again and apologize for ghosting them the first time. On the bright side, they're used to comings and goings from addicts but still, I'd like to be more reliable. For my own good to begin with.
  8. @ProxeeGoing to walks in southern Spain during summer poses its own kind of risks 😂 Also I'm currently in my hometown and it would be really tiresome to handle stumbling upon people from the past who would take issue in my curious current mix of short hair and boobs. To be fair it's not the most common development for your average "that guy from elementary school" but yeah, not in the mood unless it's to brag about my glow up. Jokes aside I'm totally on board with the idea of walking. As for the cravings, maybe I should give myself more credit, right? I usually downplay it by saying "Nah, it's only because other people are taking custody of my laptop for me", but I also managed to resist the urge to lie and ask they return it to me. So yeah, I'm pulling the work, I should be kinder to myself. Thanks.
  9. 82 days. Surviving. I fear this anxiety will make me sick so I'm trying my best to handle it. Been hanging out with friends, the sun and socialization did their job. I think I'll try meditation and breath exercises next.
  10. 80 days. My bare minimum hope is for my brain's neuroplasticity to help me deal better with cravings the more I stay away from games. 90 days are approaching and I still haven't fixed the most urgent stuff of my life, but it would be very unfair to tell myself I didn't make progress either. This is just the feeling I have to deal with now for having left my life in stasis. Sucks balls but I learned a big deal about myself during the journey so, it may be worth it in the end. Say, another 5 years from now or so. A job fam, I just need a job. Or even more basic, the self assurance that I can seek and keep a job. As soon as I get that, everything else will fall in line, since every other aspect of my life is going well right now.
  11. 78 days. Feeling very stuck. Anxiety is bothering me a lot lately and I've developed a fear of going to sleep in the last week or so. I'm more certain than ever that I want to learn to do something that will grant me a salary so I can begin living by myself, but the anticipation and past mistakes guilt is killing me.
  12. 75 days. The party was very nice, and then I had some personal issues to sort out with maximum satisfaction. The legal stuff is going not so well but I'm not giving it up. Tomorrow I have a mix of both extremely pleasant and extremely unpleasant plans and then I guess I'll be going back to my usual place.
  13. 72 days. Staying a couple of days at mom's, I've been invited to a birthday party. Two days ago I had a dream in which I relapsed. Maybe I should be a little proud that it was played as a nightmare. A distant cousin whom I don't see since childhood is temporarily staying with us. Somehow the encounter hasn't evolved into a romance / lewd plot. Weird, I know. All those mangas I read for decades were so sure about that being common occurrence... 🤔
  14. 68 days. Landlady is showing the flat tomorrow and I was able to clean up my room in preparation. Had to take some ADHD meds for it but at least it's done. I shouldn't be ashamed of medication either. It just makes me frustrated being unable to be like the rest. Oh well. Clean room.
  15. 67 days. Almost a week in antidepressants and I think it's going well. If their goal was to make me feel neutral (but not empty), that's exactly how I'm feeling. Neat! I finished my second smut piece! (since I wrote my first text years ago, but this one's the first in the present period.) It's none of the ones I was already working on, but an unhinged "fanfic" set in a certain world full of... bureaucracy. Humiliation play and document stamping. 2.5k words voluntarily crunched in less than 48 hours. I know, I'm amazing. And I also need to touch some grass. But in all honesty, it's a good piece, regardless of the sheer absurdity of it. I'm writing more serious ones as well, so letting the bullshit flow now and then is both good practice and very relaxing. I'm so glad I took it up. Writing kinda comes naturally to me.