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    • Day 10 (January 22nd, 2019) How Are You Feeling? It's nothing out of the ordinary, and I am feeling bored now and then for a few times. What Did You Do? 1. I had quiet time and exercised like usual, but I exercised outside as I might disturbed others from their sleep.

      2. After my grandmother went with my aunt to the doctor, I cleaned the windows, took the trash trolleys back in, and made my cousin milk and cereals.

      3. I read journals from the forum and replied to some of them.

      4. I studied for a while back in my room while my aunt and her friend were talking about transportation.

      5. After lunch, I had a phone call with my counselor for about an hour.

      6. I spent some time talking with grandmother, my aunt, and my aunt's friend.

      7. I went on to the forum and spent some of my time there. I also talked with mom.

      8. I helped taking out the groceries and put them on the fridge.

      9. I went to the kitchen and continued on my calligraphy.

      10. After talking more with aunt, uncle, and gradmother, I read a few journals and comment on some of them.

      11. After dinner, I washed the saucepan, closed the curtains, and took out the garbage. 12. My grandmother and I had a small talk while watching the Australian Open. Highs (H) and Lows (L) - 10th day of not playing games or watching YouTube. (H)

      - I am consistent with my sleep and exercise schedule. (H)

      - I also kept up with my morning routine, despite the room change. (H)

      - I have the initiative to clean the windows, take the trash trolleys back, and make my cousin breakfast. (H)

      - I am quite aware of my surroundings when I cleaned the windows and putting back the dishes from the dishwasher. (H)

      - I have the initiative to spend time in a conversation, even though I have not a lot to say (not because I am not confident). (H) - I put the iron in the wrong position. (L) - My hands tend to support my face, which is a gesture that suggests uneasiness. (L) - I tend to get worried about not being perfect (e.g. the way I talk or walk). (L) What Can You Do Better Tomorrow? I can and should be more positive and focus on positive thoughts and perspectives, just like the growth mindset. I will try to be less stiff and more relaxed, a character flaw of my own. At the same time, I want to remind myself to refrain from my other bad habits.
    • Day 1 (or 365?) I didn’t meet my goals on internet browsing, nutrition and exercise. Anyway, I’m trying again. Back to day 1. I’ll journal in the evening as usual. Also, today marks 1 year without videogames. Looking back to it, it’s been quite a ride. So many things changed in my life, I became a different person. I wouldn’t be where I am, doing what I’m doing, good or bad, if videogames were still a part of my life.
    • I think when we quit gaming our other bad habits become stronger. Mine is porn and will probably be eating after that. I think it's just learning about ourselves and teaching us newer things through practice and healing 
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