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    • Yeeeee well it's been a few days...  a lot has gone on and it's been quite the rollercoaster, not just this week but throughout this journal AHAHAHAHA. I should be writing but I haven't, mainly because I've been so busy and I know that it usually takes me half an hour to write a small entry and over an hour to write a large one because I try to structure it really nicely, but I should just freestyle it.
    • Day 26 (26 day streak) 100% gaming and gaming-content free. I've been very stressed out. Work was rough today--I had to respond to a very unpleasant incident today at work. I left early and had a complete meltdown on the way home. I calmed down, and responded to what set me off once I got home, and I did a good job with that (yay!). Otherwise, I don't feel so good.  Stress levels are very high right now, and they've been like that all week. If this isn't a withdrawal I don't know what the heck is. So this is what the real world is like when you don't hide from it?  It is all starting to make sense now. Every day I will get a little better at handling all of this, and I'll develop more skills and confidence. I would never be able to do this with gaming and spending too much time on the internet.  I feel a little bit better now that I faced my problem. I just need to keep doing that. Rinse and repeat until life fixed. 
    • What does GCAA stand for?
    • Thank you.  I also just think living at home is going to be toxic to me soon so if I don't start producing an income outside of cartoons then I'll be forced to get an engineering job again.
    • Day 34: I got up, watched the rest of the conversation between Milo & JP, then I commented a bit here and went for the exam. After that me and my friend from the army went for a lunch, he told me the army is in a somewhat dismal state (or at least the part he is in which is quite similar to where I used to be) and that he's having some thoughts of leaving and going abroad or doing something else. I told him that my half a year without employment, basically being a leech while streaming, was quite horrible, but that the past two months have been pretty great, as I have some direction and vision now. I kinda goofed around in the evening a bit, watched Simpsons, took some pictures for dating rating and I'm working on getting my PC desktop in order, as it's still a mess. I worked out outside with my basketball, as it's been raining a ton these past two weeks and I didn't get to work out this way otherwise in that time. I feel comfortably tired, I hope the exam results won't ruin it! @Ikar: clean car, photo, flight ticket, mycat, duo, work out, read 1 page, letter, duo
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