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    • Hear, hear. I think most of us are here because gaming is taking away from the stuff we really want to be doing with life. I'm glad that you've had this realization: in my time battling my addiction, I've realized that these mental realizations about myself and my relationship with technology have been my main turning points for the better. You have to win the mental battle first. It really all depends. First of all, what kind of flight sim - the kind that'll help you learn how to fly aircraft, or one of those game-y ones (even if super realistic)? Anything close to gaming - including smartphone stuff - needs to go, otherwise it's just a means to get back into gaming. If it's for your training to fly - then you need to look at how you're using it. Are you using it to accomplish what you want? Or are you using it to create an alternate reality and fantasize about it without working towards making it real? The former is fine, the latter is a sign you need to stop. There are some guys on the forums who've been able to stay away from games while watching e-sports, so I guess you could try. Personally, watching games is almost always a gateway for me to start gaming again. Last several times I relapsed, it started with watching videos, then escalated into wanting to do it myself, etc. So I'd say don't do it. Once again, others here might disagree, but I think that getting to a point where you no longer love games is crucial. Watching games is a clear indication that you love the activity. --- Do start a daily journal on the forums here. It helps a TON because it helps you to document your feelings and get to the core of your problem. It also helps to get advice, input, and encouragement from others.
    • Congrats man! You pulled through! No worries on the next assignment, take it one step at a time 🙂
    • That's 100% what I'm doing. I get caught up in stuff like this - usually longer than a few days - but yeah, it does go away after a while. I just don't want this to be my return to unhealthy YT watching.
    • Entry # 7 Got curious about habitica and made a second account to "cheat" haha, wasted some time there but at least I stopped it shortly after. After that, I felt so guilty didn't have the desire to get into porn today. No gaming urges today. Grateful for: 1) A crash course into laundry detergent formulation at work today - was interested in chemistry when I was younger, interesting way it played out this way 2) Finally finished my resume/cover letter - its been hard to explain some jumps and short tenures at some jobs 3) Being able to assist a cousin who's feeling lost Also attending a talk focusing on strengths. That's positively shaped my mindset. Signed up for a swing trading course, gonna invest in a little education on that. That's all for now folks!
    • Day 23/120 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
      Pomodorro Lvl 1 (68/100)
      Sleep before midnight x0 (longest streak: 3)
      Spiritual Routine: 3/7 Sleep: ??? I'm out with some sort of stomach bug. Had a ridiculous fever yesterday and now it seems like my body's fighting another one by a non-stop stream of sweat. It's absolutely disgusting. Sleep has been chaotic - I sleep in bouts of a couple of hours. Obviously this threw any hint of work out the window, but what can you do. I'm not at 100% today, but I'm feeling well enough to start getting back on track. I'm finding it hard to get back into work though - don't have much willpower at the moment.
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