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    • I’m very happy with my life now. Earlier on in this journal I had listed hobbies I was going to pursue more and I’ve kept at it and I’m starting to see some rewards for my efforts. 2 of my art pieces will be displayed in an art exhibit next month. I actively perused and made 2 new friends and I’ve been organizing a lot of hang outs with my friends (if I don’t, we won’t hang out lol). Progress in my art has been really slow, the rewards are a lot lot slower than in gaming. I’ve been getting more serious about it lately, and one of my friends is an artist and I try to have her over at my house once a week where we just create art together all day. It’s really helpful for both of us and it’s pushing us out of our comfort zones and keeps us accountable to each other. I think this is the secret sauce for me not to relapse in gaming or drugs and I am placing a lot of stock into that relationship, though my friend may not be that aware of it. I have no desire to game or do drugs at this moment in my life because I’m happy and have a lot of fun things I’m pursuing.      I feel very proud of my progress.
    • Hm.  I never thought about it that way; feeling alike versus thinking alike.  I don't mind people analysing their own lives that way, but it's really off-putting when it's thrown at me.  It's really intense.  Anyway, different strokes for different folks!    Yeah I hesitate giving people advice when people don't ask for it.  I see that many people just want to vent on the forums.  Advice can be viewed as being told what to do.   I'm also going to move my introspective writings to my private journal, along with descriptions of my social experiences.    
    • Dia 45 Estava um tempo sem postar, mas as coisas vão bem. Estou com uma nova banda e cada vez mais imerso nesse universo musical. Realmente espero que meus planos deem certo e eu possa até ganhar uns trocados nesse projeto hehehe. A vontade de jogar diminuiu mas sempre que vejo algo relacionados a jogos ou fantasia, lembro dos "bons" tempos de Runescape. Mas a vida está bem melhor sem jogos. Penso em voltar a jogar quando meu corpo já estiver cansado. por exemplo na velhice/aposentadoria? Serei um velhinho mestre mago de gelo no WoW.
    • I agree with @Icandothis that everyone has their own perspective. Everyone is wired differently. I'd say both "feeling alike" - emotional compassion and "thinking alike" - intellectual compassion are ways of relating to others. I'd plant myself firmly into the second realm, but I make sure my comments and insights are put in a manner that I don't give people advice, because everyone absolutely hates unsolicited advice, as I've already found out in my life.
    • Congrats on hitting 30 days! I'm so happy you're feeling hope. Community is very important. This community kickstarted my progress and I found other communities in real life afterwards that have made my life more well rounded. I hope you find some as well! Just be patient because some stick and some don't. Just takes a bit of experimentation. 
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