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    • Great update! So happy to hear you're on the right track.
    • Day 20/90 Kate Beckinsale took up most of my day. I've had similar problems during this detox before now but never on this scale. Missed replying to some messages but I did something that I should've done earlier
    • It's important to kind of interact with yourself as you would with a close friend.  Pretend I came to you with some terrible news after doing so well for 60 days.  You wouldn't swear at me and make me feel bad for messing up once in 60 days right?  Same thing with yourself.  You're the most important person in the world to yourself and you need to treat yourself that way.  Discipline can be tough.  If you mess up at work because you are lazy for example (not saying you are) then that's the time to say ok, I need to not be lazy.  But if you mess up because you were emotionally distraught, going through a lot, and struggling with the debilitating illness of addiction, then that's ok.  Don't scorn about it and scold yourself.  This is the support you need.  Give yourself a metaphoric hug and say it's ok.  You got this.  This is your time to pick yourself up because you are getting to know your True Self and you can get through anything you put your mind towards.  Be proud of yourself, empathetic with yourself, and true to yourself.  But don't over analyze.   I wouldn't make another journal.  Honestly, this journal you have here is enough awareness for yourself.  Look at the issues you're having and writing about.  I think that's more than enough information for yourself.  Now it's time to compile that information while you're recording it.  What are your major themes?  You get stressed by your ex girlfriend, you don't like that you drink or do drugs at times, and you feel unfulfilled at work.  If a major decision enters your life like sleeping with your ex girlfriend, then ask how this will impact your true feelings.  If your friend asks which restaurant to eat at, just choose one and don't go nuts over it.  It's when you sit and over analyze your decisions is when you start going crazy and that's when you get angry and the most stressed.  Keep lightly exercising, venting your emotions through conversation, and expressing yourself.  The more you let go the further you'll go.
    • What I've been talking to my yoga instructors about recently is the ability to recognize what your body is going through.  Trying to understand its energy.  Are you lacking energy or are you full of it?  Are you anxious or relaxed?  What helps during those situations to alleviate any tension or add some support to yourself?  Change up your routine before bed.  Draw a picture, plan your outfit for the next day, prepare your food and stuff, or just listen to mellow music in a dim lit room and move your head back and forth to get into a nice relaxing mood.  Meditation doesn't require pure concentration.  Sometimes a little atmospheric music or hangpan drum music can go a long way.
    • Entrepreneur meetings sound fun! Glad you're doing well today.
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