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    • Entry 23.04 (Written on 24.04) Day 572: No Useless Videos Day 570: Sticking to Food schedule Day 174: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 164: Being in bed before 23:15 3 Things I did right, no matter how small. -having planned the next day with its specialties (Getting bike once again to shop for a preventive overall check. Yes I brought it twice already and both times they didn't manage to do an overall check yeta and it will need to be done again 🙂 -about 3.5 hrs of deliveries followed by a 1+ hour workout -8 pomodoros (Even though I planned 12 but every pomodoro is a "well" thing 🙂 ) 1 Thing I could do better -For a long time I'm dozing off after dinner, I think doing the same with dinner as i do with lunch could help. Soak olive oil with the other ingredients a day in advance, maybe it will help the body absorb the meal and result in less sleepiness.
    • Day 7/14 Got a lot done today with uni work, but also set time aside to just relax and do what I want, which was much needed. I realized today that I've become static in some aspects of life, where I have much potential to grow. Want to get a bit better everyday. Feeling improvement and progress is a great motivator to improve even more and enjoy more things in life.
    • I don't believe I have looked into that workbook. It's tough, I've been so overwhelmed that I feel like I'm too exhausted to even process my issues any further than putting a label on my problems. "Putting a label" might seem like a reductionist way of describing my struggles but I have actually put thought into what my problems are and even some solutions, but I just can't bring myself to execute those things. I've been a mess for a while and it takes a lot for me to push for change. I appreciate your support in my time of turmoil.
    • Day #115 I've been having a lot of negative thoughts, and they've been haunting me during the final stretch of this semester. Lots of impostor syndrome and wondering if I'm ever going to become a professional artist. I'm actively watching myself fall into defeatist attitudes and visualizing myself not making it. Obviously, the #1 thing that matters is whether or not I'm happy, but I'm sad that I'm not able to maintain a level of discipline to take small steps to reach my goals. I quit video games so I could focus on my studies and my growth as an artist, but I've been stuck on step 1 forever now. I need to buckle down and figure out what my next step is and force myself through my mental paralysis. Yeah, I've been really unhappy lately. It's SUUUUUCKS. Didn't get a lot of work done today. I actually just remembered that I did sketch earlier. I finally did it after a long period of time, so I guess that's a small victory. Not even... as I'm typing this I'm realizing that it's actually a bigger achievement than I'm making it out to be, I'm glad I did some drawing today. My brain just REALLY hates me lately, that's all. What I'm thankful for: The faculty of my intense art program granting me a chance to have a future in the upper division art classes. Goals for Day #116: Work on comps for final digital painting More progress on animation final; shoot video reference
    • After learning more about hobbies and doing a relapse, I've learned something that'll help me with my journey. 1. All the games a person plays, no matter what, will eventually become worthless as the progress of the game is bound by a developer who will eventually move on. With this knowledge, I now know that if I want to do something that'll give value to me for a long time, I'll have to make something instead of using things others have made. 2. I can reduce the amount of hours I play video games to 1-2 hours whilst still being with friends and if a game I'm playing has no friends or doesn't really have anything that I truly like about the game, it's best to simply not play at all and use my time doing other things. 3. If a game is played not to progress but instead for fun, you start to see how a game keeps people attached as people keep playing to search for that fun, that happiness. Once you see that games keep you busy instead of giving you true entertainment, that time is better spent being busy with things that are actually important. Though I relapsed, these things I've learned will help me in understanding myself and my next attempt. Up next, making a schedule and learning how to utilize it whilst learning new hobbies. round 2 here we go.
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