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    • Trigger warning: Not for the sensitive.   You're angry at other people the majority of the time, and you spend significant mental resources caring about other people's opinions, decisions and lives. You allow yourself to be affected by other people way too much. Wake up. Look at yourself. Take care of yourself. When someone who isn't you makes a mistake and you catch yourself judging them, then stop thinking about it and do something else. Why? You're putting your mood at other people's hands, it is your choice to do this and you've been doing this repeatedly. Did you ever get to reading the self esteem book? Nobody's coming to the rescue, BooksandTrees. You're the only one responsible for how deeply you're allowing everyone around you to affect you, get the Mind over mood book and work on your belief system. Your journal entries read misanthropic, because you project all the ways in which you're upset with yourself on other people. You're not ready to date. You need to find the path of self acceptance and self care first, or you're going to get into some sort of abusive relationship. If you tell yourself you're confident and such, you're lying to yourself, cause you're putting yourself last from what you write here. This should be your priority, getting yourself better. Close your eyes when it comes to anyone else. Work only on you, care only about you, this is your only duty right now. You don't need to give your time to your mom or your colleagues or anyone else, if you don't want to. You're responsible for repeatedly giving your time away.  So if by reading this I've made you angry, go away and be angry for a while. But once you're chill again, ask yourself how your recent weeks' choices have helped you in any way. If not, then stop repeating mistakes.  Bounce, don't break when an error takes you down. The resources have always been available to you, use them to make you better and forget everyone else. If you're focusing on anything else after all, you're just like every other person you see stuck in their ways and hate on. Makes sense huh?  Live YOUR life. It's the only task you've been given.  
    • Day 10 Today's Progress Happily still here going strong. I've made great personal progress, but I can still be doing better. I still have basic things to work on. I don't have any urges to game as i've found many other better and more exciting things to do.
    • Planning to spend some time with a friend, catch up with my work load and pick up a book that I haven't had the time to touch since last weekend. Maybe watch a movie with family too.
    • The reality is that most activities outside of gaming will objectively be boring. That isn't the point though. The point of quitting video games is to change the direction of your life and find new things to be passionate about. You're going to have to try some things, experiment and see what works. A few things you can try: - learn a new language
      - learn an instrument
      - try some physical activities, like hiking, going to the gym or sports If you're really stuck, you can look at Cam's hobbies guide: https://gamequitters.com/hobby-ideas/ When you find something you really like, an easy way to find like minded individuals is through Meetup. My own social circle has been built primarily through Meetup, and I have enough friends right now that I don't even use Meetup anymore. It won't be easy to "get into" new activities following breaking up with video games, but I promise you it will be worth it in the end. As always, if you feel stuck or need some help, the community has got your back. Keep at it!
    • My weekend plans are to go to my monthly "drill" with the Air National Guard. It will be nice to let some of them know I have quit gaming. I am excited to see their responses and hopefully take any words of encouragement if they give any. Thanks for asking and making this thread! 😄 
      I hope you all have a good weekend also. 
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