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    • Same story here. Last year, I deleted all of the games and files, and for the 5 months going without, followed every little rabbit-hole thought online, blaming other people for all sorts of problems. That worked for no-gaming, but not so well for life as a whole.  The last two 'quits' were because I chose to show up for a few people and they showed me a good time in turn - a better time than I felt I was having gaming and stuff, as opposed to just feeling bad about my gaming relationships. So I didn't delete the games, because I could barely believe I felt happy about anything offline. I'm going to be giving completely forgetting about them some more honest effort. As for sickness, you may be more aware of sensations/feelings and not know what to do with them now that you're paying attention - I'm not a professional or expert - but maybe it really is a longing of sorts to get 'back in the thick of things (life), that being what it is for you personally.  Good luck, as I actually do enjoy saying. 👍
    • May 23-24 ICYMI(first time saying that), I had a bit of a moment 2 nights ago and fooled around online, gaming etc. I want to apologise, because what I said to myself was 'screw this, nobody's really supporting me on here'. Not only that, but someone from a social club I've been with (who is a great person) took a physical fall yesterday and I heard it was pretty grisly. If we are all really connected, perhaps my actions over here on my computer (even though it was basically gratification-only) played a part in some kind of chain of events that led to it. In my view, she didn't deserve the injury just as I didn't deserve to mindlessly entertain myself the way I did. I've been mindful of so much, and suddenly when half of my world felt like it was caving, and I threw away the rest for a time, someone else's day took a miserable turn. I am not defeatist by saying, 'that's just life' all of the time, and although I might somewhat recognise the insanity in blaming her event on myself, still.. and my 'heal up soon' was added to the card we're sending her. _________________ The night before last, I slept over 12 depressing hours - but then went for a 6-7 mile (10-11km) jog right after eating. Then today, I visited the social club. Today was coloured by the news of the lady's accident and the hyper-aroused state I was in from indulging online. Semi-relatedly, I've been realising more the importance of honesty and innocence and its preservation in younger people. If you see them dwindling, don't hesitate to try and replenish! ❤️  ________________ Gratitude: ~ feeling good enough about the day to hit the gym after the social club locked up for the weekend ~ spilling water down my front 2-3 times from my overlarge drink bottle and not worrying ~ waking up gradually from before my 6am alarm went off (I wanted to get to the clubhouse right on opening) ~ even though I didn't sense it properly at the time, I think now that several of the other members were pretty forgiving of me today - I do have a task of sorts from one staff member to make next visit better: suggest/bring stuff for the end of month picnic, and try to bring a friend, so I'm writing that down 😉  Best wishes for the weekend, ~ Matt
    • I haven't really been gaming for a couple of months. I still have the games on my computer. I still log in from time to time but I don' I play or very seldom do and it's usually around 11 o'clock my time and then I log off. Is this part of the withdrawal symptoms I also have been feeling sick and like something is missing?
    • It is likely that both ADHD (impulse control, inatention, need for stimulation) and Asperger (obsessive interests and poor social life) are great predispositions for game addiction.
    • Entry 23.05 Day 602: No Useless Videos Day 599: Sticking to Food schedule Day 203: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 194: Being in bed before 23:15 Day 20: 8 pomodoros 3 Things I did well no matter how small -Don't know how I do this day after day but completed one more day of 8 pomodoros without naps -Asked two superiors about how to visit one of the company's hotels privately to better understand it  -Regular workout 1 Thing I could do better -:Probably re-plan stuff on Saturday to try a workout in the morning before the job along with more pomodoros, so as to stop doing so many pomodoros when dozing off and losing effectiveness
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