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    • Oh man, you're dealing with the low of recovering from injury. May you feel better and get through this struggle and be better for it.
    • Awe sending you well wishes to feel better. 🙂
    • Awesome! How many sets? I do push ups too and do three sets. Can you do like full form push ups? Most people can't do them even less can do a pull up.
    • Two of my friends are veg and I still feel okay saying, forget being vegetarian. It just doesn't work for some people, including me and looks like you too. How is yoga? Do you ever do vinyasa classes or just Kundalini? That's cool you do Kundalini btw, it seems like it would be really refreshing energetically as it's more meditative than the flow or even yin yoga.
    • Day 83 NF 54 Np 37 Med 23 Repetition is the strength of life. It also can get . . . repetitive. I was repping 135 for 3x7. It was nice. I'm not lifting a lot of weight yet, but I'm able to do all the lifts and feel like I can increase without the joints being compromised. I can't do OHP, but that's fine as I plan to do dumbbell military press instead. I feel better after doing respawn. I put my goals up on the wall and look at the sometimes. Learning Japanese is going well. Oh, I feel much better since I went back to my original meds of risperdal and bupropion only. Much more stable, not hyper or hypo aroused. I'm learning about buddhism in therapy and that's kind of nice. It's got me spending time sending love to myself and others. Seemed to help at subway today. I'm kind of teetering on the edge of actually spending time reading and. writing fantasy or penciling hiking into my schedule. Ah I've got to just pick one and go for it and see what happens. It's scary, uncomfortable and unprecedented. But I saw someones post on here that said just outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens. So maybe I can enjoy making some magic happen with fantasEeeEEee. I met an award winning poet today. Too bad he was leaving he could've taught me how to do poetry. Oh well. My sleep better book is going well. I just feel like I want more focus for my time after work and gym. I usually come home, post on here, meditate, read something or watch YouTube and sleep. I'd like it to be reading the same thing every night so I can make progress on something or even watching the same thing. Ugh forget watching stuff thought because I watch 1-3 hours of tv with clients a day sometimes. Usually it's around 1 hour. But even that much is plenty of tv for my taste plus the screen time posting here is enough. I don't really need to be on YouTube during the weekdays. Man I feel much more coherent and clear headed today. I was really off the past few days.  SoOo, probably just read my schoolbook till posts are done for the week, then sleep book and fantasy book. We'll put them in say 25/5 minute intervals? based on 'the science of breaks' >> https://open.buffer.com/science-taking-breaks-at-work/  Use your free time in work/break intervals. Your life will feel much more productive and refreshed. No more groggy feeling while sitting around. Go find a break interval on that website that suits you.  I've been listening to  It's pretty good. He makes me want to do an art hobby as he describes his ideal hobbies as: coding, photography, music, exercise, and learning a new language. I'm doing bodybuilding/cardio/yoga, some martial arts/weapons training, learning Japanese, I'm learning coping so that's one letter off coding (haha) and something comparable to photography and music for me would be writing fantasy because writing is a fine art as well. I kind of didn't feel as inclined toward poetry because Idk I just tried it and felt kind of dead in the water. Like I was trying to dog paddle upstream with no idea how to swim. Maybe it'll come back around some other time. Maybe it's like vegetarianism and it was doomed to fail from the start, hehe. Speaking of which I was totally drained today trying to work and although I'd eating plenty of vegetarian food/protein in the day I hadn't had meat. My client commented, "You seem SO DEAD right now." To which I replied by eating one of his hot dogs he was trying to use for fish bait. Suddenly I became talkative and joked around with him. He was amazed. I thought maybe I better eat some turkey bacon for breakfast to include meat in my morning meals too if it makes this big a difference in my energy levels. Alright that was enjoyable, thanks for reading. God bless Erik I accomplished hitting upper body at the gym. 135x3x7 on bench! Ya! 6 months of unhampered progress and I could be doing 225! Muahaha.  I am grateful for my clients, their parents, family, god, buddha, quan yin, therapy books, manga, anime, Japanese sword fighting, wooden shelves, and interior design.
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