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    • Today I will not play video games because I have no reasons to.
    • This is something that I have come to experience recently, and have acknowledged for a very long time. Bottom line is, people that get to know you through things like video games typically won't miss you, or may not even remember you if you lose contact for while. Some even get angry if you tell them you don't want to be their friend anymore or something like that because you're trying to distance yourself from the source of the friendship. This is compounded greatly if you don't actually ever meet the person, and there are many "friendships" that develop online. The opposite of that is what I experienced with two people recently. The first, who I first met 3 years ago, simply remembered me and sent me a message over Meetup, despite having only met me once. The second, who I actually met a few times during the course of my previous attempt at quitting games, and who I established a meaningful connection with, totally remembered who I was and what we did before when I messaged her on Meetup. The point is that connections that are built on something with substance actually matter and are meaningful to the people involved in those connections. Through this type of bonding, it strengthens all of us and gives us extra motivation to keep up good habits in our lives. Finding these types of connections is something I am actively working on as I continue my journey through real life and I strongly encourage you to muster up the courage to seek them out yourself. You might be amazed at how much it can help just knowing you have non-family members that actually care about you in your life. --- You can try reading The Willpower Instinct. I've only gone through chapter 1 myself but it actually goes through the science of willpower and things we can do to actually strengthen it. According to the book, willpower isn't some kind of mystical force that we somehow just have, but an actual brain function that, thankfully, can be practiced and strengthened. This might help you to start doing the things that you know you need to do but don't necessarily want to. --- Last thought, don't be discouraged by relapses. Myself, I've attempted to quit video games I think 4 or 5 times now, maybe even more.. I've honestly lost track. The important thing is, never give up on yourself or the process. Each time you muster up the courage to delete those games once again, you'll have gained skills from your previous attempts to help you along the way in your subsequent attempts. You'll have found things that work and don't work and can optimize how you go about distancing yourself from video games that sets you up for success. Cheers brother and good luck!
    • Day 3 of 90 no gaming detox. Right now I feel tired cause I just started my morning with a workout but I am doing good, my concern is what is gonna happen when my old video game friends come along and ask me to hangout and just play video games,  these guys are my bros but it’s too bad that the relationship was built off of video games and hasn’t really gone anywhere to be honest.       the second thing I wanted to post is I think I am still a procrastinator, instead of doing homework and studying now I workout or discover music, which is a lot better than gaming but I need create a reward loop system for studies and homework hmmm    
    • The day has come! I am no longer a virgin! 😄 Funny thing is - Not too much has changed! I still feel the same really... There was no need to put so much emphasis on it! Still it's pretty exciting haha. ngl we were horny bastards, and ended up going at it 5 times in a single night... needless to say I felt pretty exhausted the next day... I've got some work to do though! Years of frustration about my sex life comes with a couple of issues! Ya boi can't hold his nut very long. I was certainly over excited and probably the whole time thinking (Holy shit is this really happening?). I've heard some tips that I'm going to start applying. Breath deeply Go slower Practise kegel exercises Stop and change it up when too aroused I've also been reading an e-book called Sex God Method. Man it's goooooood and it really helped me out, and it obviously help me satisfy my girl 🙂 I find reading about sex and the mind really interesting - So I might get some more 😂 (bonus about having a kindle, no one can see what i 'm reading!) Overall: I'm pretty damn happy! Having sex with someone has been a goal of mine for a long ass time, and it's finally been fulfilled - And hopefully will continue to be fulfilled! I'm also really happy that it was with someone that I actually care about and have developed feelings for. It made the whole experience so much easier and better for me. --------------------------- In other areas: One thing I've realised is that I've really got to get more organised with my shit. One to make things easier for myself, and two to not feel overwhelmed with all the things I need to do. The other day, I started by cleaning my entire room. I got rid of alot of shit cluttering my draws and I stripped out my wardrobe and reorganised all of my clothes. Now I know where most things are! Today I've been looking for a way to keep a to-do list online, I did create a trello account a week ago but I'm not sure if the format is for me. My sister told me about an online app called Todoist. So I created an account and have started jotting down all of my To-Do stuff and categorising them into: Work Business  Personal  Fitness Learning  Errands I'm debating whether to upgrade to a premium account, which is only £28 for the entire year - This will make me more likely to stick to it aswell, and create a habit. I'm going to give pomorados a try too, and there's a way to integrate it with my Todoist list. I also at some point want to clean out my personal email addresses because they're filled with so much shit at the moment. Half of it's all marketing stuff because I subscribe to so many things... And for my business email address I want to create some automatic rules and organise things into different folders. I plan to open a new bank account for my business expenses too and create a spreadsheet that tracks my outgoings and incomings. This will allow me to keep a close track of my numbers and know exactly what's happening. In addition I want to take an online accounting course because I need to get good with my numbers and at the same time keep my tax spendings as low as possible. It's going to be essential if I want to run a successful business. At the end of the day, I just want my head to be clear and get to a point where I know exactly what I need to do and exactly what's happening in every area of my life. Cause I often feel overwhelmed with all the thoughts running around in my head. Diet is another thing that I plan to get on top of, as I know this is having an effect on my mental ability. Too often at the moment my brain feels foggy and I've been eating a fair amount of shit recently. I'm going to get my gym membership back, get back into a gym routine and eat properly. See, alot of shit going on in my head - Hence why I need these lists! The future looks bright as fuck 😄 - Brad
    • Day 30/90 | Pomodoro Challenge lvl 4: 21/100 I'm not counting them properly and also using them for things I probably shouldn't, so I just kinda estimated 15 for today. Will try harder today(day 31). Feel free to steal^^ I like a little bit of gamification of productivity. The first time I did it I loved it, but now I'm not keeping track properly, so it's too messy. 
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