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    • Entry 14.7 ( Written on 15.7) Day 653: No Useless Videos Day 652: Sticking to Food schedule Day 254: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 9: Being in bed before 23:15 3 Things I did well no matter how small -Printed out English bank account movements report -Having decided to think about translation of "No dangerous infections" report one more day, instead of spending 120~ Euro on it right away. Even though it might delay the application process =/ -Caling many doctors etc. to check who may help me with "no infections" report 1 thing I could do better -Wake up earlier, finish 4 pomodoros earlier, so that at 08 00 I could already go wherever is needed physically regarding the other permits/documents that are left
    • Day 7   So much to write today, though I went to my real life church bible study which was fun just hung out around a couple of stores and ate somewhere as well as going to my online church and that about all I did today.     One thing I am thinking of is getting into coding. Coding and programing are two different things. What the difference I m not sure sure but someone can claim explain that  in simple terms what makes them them different, would be much appreciated?       I found a website called codepen.io and YouTube tutorial which highly simple to help me learn HTLM and CSS code but I m not doing this right now why?    My focus is to get my YouTube channel going again while pretty much all the scripts are done, it going to take some time to get recordings done for these scripts, this a long term goal so I can spend more time with family or friends without thinking of another video, second I need to edits to another video for my online church before I ready to get into this.    I will read my next chapter in the Book of Proverbs.     That it for today and the reason I want learn code is test an idea I have that all. Let me know in the comments below if you have heard of codepen?, Used it?, Good or bad?    Grateful   1.God  2.Bible  3.Church  4.Friends  5.Family  6.Saftey  7.House  8.Health  9.Car  10.Money   
    • Hi. I am Arumita, 20 years old, born and grew up in India.  I have played video games for as long as I can remember. I tried quitting gaming when I was 17, as my school grades were getting neglected. However I came back to it when I was 19, after an online friend suggested me to play a shooter game popular here. Although I have since quit playing that game and other popular games, I still play Minecraft. A week ago, one of my close friends and I started building a new world. However I am unable to control the amount I play the game. Sometimes I see myself mindlessly opening the app on my laptop and joining the world we built, even though I would say I am gonna join at a certain time period. I associated gaming with being social, which was a wrong assumption. I also regret spending a lot on games. I deleted minecraft today, and with newfound motivation, I am starting Cam's 90 day detox. Another reason for me to start this detox is improving my college grades. I will explain to my friend why I won't be playing. Also to add, I have other bad habits of doomscrolling and watching youtube videos on repeat, which I also want to break. I am putting my thoughts here so that I can be held accountable for this journey. I am quitting gaming altogether for 90 days after which I will see if it has any benefit to my life. Otherwise I quit completely. I will update about my progress every 15 days. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this
    • Entry 13.7 ( Written on 14.7) Day 652: No Useless Videos Day 651: Sticking to Food schedule Day 253: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 8: Being in bed before 23:15 3 Things I did well no matter how small -Made 3 price inquiries regarding two remaining document translations -8 hrs and 40 min of deliveries -cleaning room dust 1 thing I could do better -Be more effective during weekly planning...( first write a first template then go looking for information etc. and build upon the first draft) it took me 3+ hours
    • Day 6   So not much happening today, read a few Christian blogs, some videos with no animation all live action and checking up on p2p network videos I have been meaning to watch.  So far so good.  One thing I should note when doing these detoxes is to stick to one detox, so say your on gaming detox I would just stick to just that gaming detox instead doing a detox of everything at once because you will drive yourself crazy if you do. That and you won't survive very long. This why I m doing the anime detox now even though though I don't watch anime and have not watched anime in a very along time their seemed to be some lingering effects from YouTube.    One thing I have noticed is I don't spend as much time on YouTube as I did before. Its kind nice and peaceful.  Now I will read the chapter in book of Proverbs which is actually in Tree of Life Bible but I use the Voice Bible for my daily reading.  Already tried to due them both at the same time, gave me a headache so that no go.   I do Christian mediation as well.  I think that it for today.  Grateful:  1.God  2.Bible  3.Church  4.Family  5.Friends  6.Saftey  7.Car  8.House  9.Money 10.Food     
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