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    • clarifications: - raisins replace cfrranberries when those run out, chia and flax are now 20, 16 nrm accordingly, 'till cranberries run out, 20g raisins on top of those(daily - separated 10g lunch 10g breakfast) so long as I don't eat peanut butter   On weekdays that is I'm not allowed to combine pnb and raisins, however on weekends(Friday and Saturday I may combine 30g pnb and the new 20g raisins, since I cook them, I may not omit them so let's do it like that.)
    • Entry 29.02  (Written on 01.03) Day 519: No Useless Videos Day 517: Sticking to Food schedule Day 121: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 111: Being in bed before 23:15 3 Things I did right, no matter how small. -Quickly deciding on changing a tire + tube + break adjustment + leaving the bike at the bike store when I saw /i didn't have much time left on schedule to make it for dinner -40 min leg and back workout -At one point havinggonethroughall leads of today which was yesterda's thing to improve 🙂 1 Thing I could do better- -Set appointment with gastroenterologist, so that he may give me advice on how my stomach hormone/fluid balance may be affecting my skin dryness (I am pretty sure they're very related, I'm just really unsure how
    • I can relate to the struggle of balancing productivity with the allure of streaming services. One trick I found helpful was setting specific time limits and creating designated spaces for work and relaxation.
    • - go to hairdresser 
    • Day#17/90 Mostly healthy and good. Work finished, went to gym, didn't finish homework but it's okay. I am to tired so I ll go to sleep.. What I am thankful for: - Chanses to take part in Olimpiad  - Plans for day#18/90 - Work finish - homework - Olympiad - GYM
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