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    • As Cam says, Social is one of our four basic needs we're trying to fulfill with gaming. I'm also postponing this aspect and focusing on objectibes more. I guess it is something that needs to be taken into account. But better do it in advance and look for some jogging partner online or something I guess (It's just an idea) Instead of choosing it in the moment which will make you feel like you'd failed.... To be honest I know I do not fully understand everything you wrote since you wrote very shortly about your goals and it's a bit difficult to get into your mind, but that's what I have to say from my short observation and partial insights 😉 Same old same old, not letting your immediate self take over 😉
    • Entry 4.12  (Written on 05.12) Day 436: No Useless Videos Day 435: Sticking to Food schedule Day 38: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 28: Being in bed before 23:15   3 Things I did right, no matter how small. -Transferring payment for insurance onto myself(I've found out I'm  under insurance only a few days ago and that my parents were paying O_O -Sticking to schedule I planned before, since I hadn't managed to change it the day before, while replacing the planned job course with personal studies of the subject. -9 pomodoros of marketing studies (At least that =/ ) 1 Thing I could do better -Prioritize 8 hours of sleep, in most of the cases. Plan the planning of the next day earlier, before I start dozing off. Time Lost: 35 min teeth water - late because of writing diary entries 2 min flux chia quinoa (putting in water) 2 min makebed 18 minutes prep food 12 pomodoro breaks 23 breaks, during independent learning for job 82 unplanned nap in the afternoon From here on there was no schedule so I wouldn't know if time was lost or not X_X What I can say however is that about 90 more minutes went for unplanned nap in the eveneing Total lost time: No planned time after job material learning, so I wouldn't even know if time was lost or not The part before that - 174 (2 hrs 54 minutes)
    • Mainstream online entertainment is a red flag for me personally and this is why. An online video game match is easy to get into, very little time in turns of preparation, set up. It also pairs me with an evenly matched opponent and delivers excitement much quicker. compare this with: 1. calling up friends and convincing them to play a sport. 2. Fixing a date and time, driving to the place, helping each other out. 3. Playing the game and realizing you have a lot of work to do to improve your fitness and skills. 4. Having to manage a fight and a disagreement within your team if it happens. my former opinion would be: “The first option is so much easier”. Now i realize that in going after complete experiences and getting tired, experiencing human interaction and closeness with friends is more valuable . Similarly, eating ready made feels tastier at first, but cooking food at home is better in the long run. I agree that learning cooking is not only good for your nutrition but an essential as a stress relief activity. Friends are important to be happy man, but there are different stages in life. At times we are closer to our families, other times work can make us really busy. I hope you correct your goals and become successful.
    • I've been having some odd sleep in the last few days. I woke up early and couldn't fall asleep again. I haven't felt tired during the day yet, so it might really be that I sleep too much. It's just that mentally, it feels odd lying awake in bed for an hour or two, trying to sleep, and then still getting up early.
    • Sounds like you're off to a great start in reducing your video game usage. Audiobooks/books/podcasts are also something i want to look into. Do you have any idea of which ones you'd want to listen to? Bless, ace
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