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  1. It's the right time to rethinking my life. Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up. I'm going to quit this forum because games are not problem for me anymore. Thank you guys for all your encouragement. I want to live on 100%. That is exactly what i'm going to do. Maybe one day fitted in suit and having rolex watch on my left hand with that calm buddha smile I'll become slovakian Elon Musk. Thank you! You are awesome.
  2. I'm unemployed. Man that hurts. I dont know what to do next. I'm little bit disappointed.
  3. You will become very strong person! And everybody will notice that. I read every post you send and i think you are good man with heart in the right place! Be strong.
  4. Tomorrow I will now whether I get a full time job. My own future depend on this. If yes or if no both answers lead to rethinking my habits, goals and way of life. That's all.
  5. Good work! I'm going to work my ass off.
  6. For god sake guys NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER! Keep trying until you are dead or exhausted.
  7. Today i don't have energy at all. I wanted give up and do nothing. But I saw this: NEVER GIVE UP!
  8. I'm not familiar with that theory. But I read one book from Ken Wilber (I guess?) I'm not big fan of any large theories at all.
  9. If we can change our lives you can do it too! Be strong and start making everything what's make you happy.
  10. Some suggestions on books: David Allen - Getting Things Done Charless Duhigg - The Power of Habit Stephen Covey - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Ashlee Vance - Elon Musk
  11. I wish you much strong as you can possess! Some suggestions: Read: Slight Edge, Getting Things Done, The Power of Habit All you need is love. Love yourself! You are good enough!
  12. I wish you much strong as you can possess. I'm looking forward for your blog! So post link afterwards. Polish language is not much obstacle for me because when I was younger I really enjoy trip to Poland especially Polish Tešín and shopping in general.
  13. Train your mind and body will follow. Train your body and mind will follow. Is that simple!
  14. It's ok when you know what you are doing. On this topic I have read some articles. From my own experience: I in decade ago didnt eat anything at all for about 14 day and then start eating again and I gain 10kg of weight.
  15. Thanks of encouraging Mettermrck! I'm tired again. Its good sign. I did my best. Maybe next time i will write more about my progress. Be strong friends. One gift for you guys: Research suggests that the quality of relationships has the greatest impact on lifetime Our brain works most efficiently when we are tired Optimistic belief in our own future can protect us from physical and mental illness Approximately 80% of the conversations in the groups are complaints Our minds also create problems that do not really exist Show me who you spend time with and I'll tell you exactly what you are.
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