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  2. Lea

    Ninety Days Worth the Pain

    Day 10 (January 22nd, 2019) How Are You Feeling? It's nothing out of the ordinary, and I am feeling bored now and then for a few times. What Did You Do? 1. I had quiet time and exercised like usual, but I exercised outside as I might disturbed others from their sleep. 2. After my grandmother went with my aunt to the doctor, I cleaned the windows, took the trash trolleys back in, and made my cousin milk and cereals. 3. I read journals from the forum and replied to some of them. 4. I studied for a while back in my room while my aunt and her friend were talking about transportation. 5. After lunch, I had a phone call with my counselor for about an hour. 6. I spent some time talking with grandmother, my aunt, and my aunt's friend. 7. I went on to the forum and spent some of my time there. I also talked with mom. 8. I helped taking out the groceries and put them on the fridge. 9. I went to the kitchen and continued on my calligraphy. 10. After talking more with aunt, uncle, and gradmother, I read a few journals and comment on some of them. 11. After dinner, I washed the saucepan, closed the curtains, and took out the garbage. 12. My grandmother and I had a small talk while watching the Australian Open. Highs (H) and Lows (L) - 10th day of not playing games or watching YouTube. (H) - I am consistent with my sleep and exercise schedule. (H) - I also kept up with my morning routine, despite the room change. (H) - I have the initiative to clean the windows, take the trash trolleys back, and make my cousin breakfast. (H) - I am quite aware of my surroundings when I cleaned the windows and putting back the dishes from the dishwasher. (H) - I have the initiative to spend time in a conversation, even though I have not a lot to say (not because I am not confident). (H) - I put the iron in the wrong position. (L) - My hands tend to support my face, which is a gesture that suggests uneasiness. (L) - I tend to get worried about not being perfect (e.g. the way I talk or walk). (L) What Can You Do Better Tomorrow? I can and should be more positive and focus on positive thoughts and perspectives, just like the growth mindset. I will try to be less stiff and more relaxed, a character flaw of my own. At the same time, I want to remind myself to refrain from my other bad habits.
  3. info-gatherer

    BigOlBeartic's Journal

  4. info-gatherer

    It's never over. Another afterparty journal

    Day 1 (or 365?) I didn’t meet my goals on internet browsing, nutrition and exercise. Anyway, I’m trying again. Back to day 1. I’ll journal in the evening as usual. Also, today marks 1 year without videogames. Looking back to it, it’s been quite a ride. So many things changed in my life, I became a different person. I wouldn’t be where I am, doing what I’m doing, good or bad, if videogames were still a part of my life.
  5. BooksandTrees

    Every day is a new day

    I think when we quit gaming our other bad habits become stronger. Mine is porn and will probably be eating after that. I think it's just learning about ourselves and teaching us newer things through practice and healing
  6. jsup

    Daily Journal - tgoodner Edition

    Goodluck, tgoodner! Just keep working at it and I'm sure you'll get there! By the way I liked that you did Wim Hof's breathing technique! I've been planning to incorporate this into my routine (and his cold showers, too) myself, but have only done it a few times. It really seems to work amazing and I've done cold showers for half a year before and remember enjoying the amount of energy it gave me and how it work me up, a lot.
  7. jsup


    Now there's a post with humor 😄 Good job so far, man! Keep it up - almost at a full week!
  8. jsup

    Jordi's Journal

    Haha thanks. That knife sharpening seems like a good idea, let me know how that works out! I once tried to sharpen a knife to the point where I could carve wood with it, but that didn't really work out xD As for leftover parts, I don't have any. As I purchased a poor-running old motorcycle for some 300 euros, to fix up - learning by doing - to get my mom back into riding offroad (she used to ride, but complains that the seat on motorcycles is too high - this little bike has a low seat so she can constantly have her legs on the ground if she wants to). A lot would need to be replaced to get it back to it's former glory, but I've only replaced the parts that were necessary to replace in order to run well and to be safe. Mainly took it apart to inspect it and regrease everything. Was a lot of fun. Yeah, you're right about winter. Better to have constant cold with dry snow than have everything be super wet. I just like sitting next to my fireplace too much haha. It's next to my desktop, which is not good though. What country are you living in, btw?
  9. Today
  10. arq

    My life starts now.

    Well done! How do you measure steps? Why wake up so early?
  11. arq

    Jordi's Journal

    Nice hobbies! You seem so passionate about them that's contageous! You inspired me to sharpen a knife 😄 (I live in a big city) You have a perfect environment to become who you dream to become, keep up the good work! I like that you took apart your bikes and reassembled them. Have you got any parts left over? Learn by doing! Don't hate winter so much man, I miss winter... A decade ago there were temperatures like you said in my country. Now it's just around 0 since the beginning of winter... It sucks! Mass of semi-melted snow and ice, sprinkled with sand and salt is everywhere...
  12. jsup

    Jordi's Journal

    Hey, after a emotional introduction, here I am again. I feel much better having let out my emotions both on the forum and in real life. I'm a guy that has... you could call them moodswings. My mood is either happy and positive, or depressed. So let's retry. My name is Jordi. I'm 24 years old and live in Slovakia with my dog, Toby. My parents have a farm/accomodations, where I can work. In the summer there's much more work than in the winter (only working 20 hours a week now - midwinter). It's rather cold here (like -14 degrees celsius this morning), which is a bit demotivating to do things outside. I've lost most if not all of my friends due to them living quite far away (1-3 hours) and due to having left to work abroad for 3.5 years. Most of them are abroad themselves now. The only times we'd ever reach out to eachother was to play LoL together. As for my gaming addiction: I've been playing since I was 8, it's always been a major part of my life. I was popular in high school, although all my friends were gamers too and we gamed all day long. The only times we didn't was when we went out to the pub to drink or if we had to go to school. I'd regularly not study at all for a test, only to have to pull an all-nighter (half of which I would still game) and then barely pass. My plan for this winter was to plan/design my garden for next year and a little cottage that I am going to build by myself, to live in on one of my parent's meadows. Additional plans were also taking place, such as systems to live sustainable (think rainwater collection). I'm very excited for this and truly love living like this, however, being confined to my apartment for most of the winter I've just been playing for 8-12 hours a day instead. The progress I've made on my cottage in 3 months is so small that I could make the same progress in a 2-3 productive days. I'm constantly seeing a side of myself that I love, living a lifestyle that I love and then find myself spending my entire weekend gaming. Hobbies (when I keep myself from gaming): Offroad Motorcycles (got 3 bikes, been riding for 9 years now - I've gotten really good and it's a very challenging hobby. Definitely my favourite and will do it a lot this summer. I've added spikes to my tires, so I could ride in the winter but it only grips on ice, not on the snow. I've also started maintaining/repairing/rebuilding my motorcycles (only been doing so for 3 years). This also is a challenge and very satisfying to see myself become more comfortable. I purchased an old bike to tear down to the last screw and put it back together, then did the same with my "middle-aged" bike and now I'm comfortable working on my most expensive bike (KTM 525 EXC 2006). Gardening and keeping animals - To live as selfsufficient as possible. Last year I had chickens, rabbits and milked a few sheep. I've built a pen to raise two piglets for next summer from willows branches (which will grow again when put into the ground, creating a living fence - that will look gorgious when maintained). Building things out of anything, mainly timber. I'm quite the handyman, last two weeks I've rebuilt my parents wooden stables from scratch, which was very enjoyable and now has better systems (such as headgates - where you can lock a sheep to independently feed it or to milk it/cut claws). Planning on making a clay oven and clay henhouse next summer. (Went to a cob house building workshop in September) Figuring out how stuff works. I'm very curious and I wish to know how mechanics work. Whether this is how a cilinder lock works or an engine or air humidity. Anything mechanical or physics related. I've been a big fan of reading fantasy books in the past, recently bought an e-reader again. Baking bread (sourdough starter) (edible) mushroom gathering Things I've always wanted to learn/do: Blacksmithing - on the few occasions I have done this I liked it a lot. It's very difficult and requires years of practice to become real good at it. I can see this being a real good hobby that would give me a challenge, a skills to progress on and eventually satisfaction from what I am able to manufacture. I also think it would be a good moneysaver on a farm. Lastly, last week I started attending a group workout once a week, which I enjoy a lot too. This was to socialize a bit as I'm living a quite isolated life. As you can see, I have plenty of things I like to do and want to accomplish! The thing is that, for some reason, I could just not keep away from gaming. Which is why I'm here. Sorry for so much information, I thought I'd give the introduction another go at the start of my journal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ JOURNAL - DAY 1 Working on reading respawn and filling out the worksheets, which I printed out. This gives me something to do and aside from telling me to delete my gaming account has giving me no trouble and kept me away from gaming. I will finish it today (ofcourse, will probably reread a few times in the future) and start to set some goals. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this long post. - Jordi
  13. katsudo19

    Every day is a new day

    Hi Silverlining! Nice to hear that you are admit the problem with shopping. Mind have tendency to want more, and don't believe it. The mind wants always more. And the same time, it wants less. The mind want more because it thing that more will make it happy, it sees possibility in acquiring more, and it thinks that acquiring things will help relieve the uncertainty it feels. The mind wants less when it is feeling stressed and overhelmed, and just wants relief from that difficult feeling. It thinks that if it gets rid of stuff, there will be peace. Maybe the simplify is the only key. Or maybe moderation.
  14. jsup

    What's the difference between...

    I think that Ketias has a good point. I'm pretty sure there are 12 minute recaps that show just the highlight, that way you don't miss entirely what went down but don't spend so much time on it. Perhaps on a special occasion (e.g. when your favorite team plays vs their biggest rivals or is in a finale) you can watch a full game. That would seem like a possible solution to me, as long as you could manage that.
  15. katsudo19


    14/90 Life is fluid not solid. You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend. Human are adaptable. Look on the Planet. We can live almost on all places on Earth. I think even you put human to hell he will find a way. Like Bataan Death March where soldiers suffered. We must admit that we are weak generation. We give up easily. It's okay. We face new problems and we are in in another environment as our ancestors. We must find our inner strength and have strong why we do what we do.
  16. jsup

    My life starts now.

    Congratulations on your first week without gaming! Keep it up man 😉
  17. jsup

    Hello there

    Hey welcome man!
  18. jsup

    Hey there

    Thanks for the tips, arq. I'll start on a journal soon. First gonna read some other people's stories. -Jordi
  19. Lea

    Hello there

    Hello! 😃🖐️
  20. Lea

    Hi everyone

    Hello and welcome to the forum! I hope that you have a good time here.
  21. Hello Jordan, I'm Lea! You are not alone in this.
  22. Welcome to the forum! I hope you the best through the detox. If you need any advice or tip, feel free to PM me!
  23. fawn_xoxo

    Day 6!

    Hello. I feel like you could benefit from pausing, a lot. Whenever you get urges or feel lost and overwhelmed, remind yourself that you don't need to take action or a decision at that very moment. Take a pause, consider things. Write your thoughts down, extensively, until there's nothing left unexpressed and then try to understand yourself by reading what you wrote. Write down your ideal day, how you would love to be, if you could be the director in a movie about yourself, describe everything. Then compare what your urges are telling you with that you desire from your life, and if the urges are not helpful to you becoming closer to who you desire to be, then do an activity that is helpful instead. We are our actions, because actions involve choice. You do not choose your thoughts, your urges are a consequence of your past. But what you do today will have a direct result on who you are tomorrow and what urges you will or not have then. It's a tough thing to accept that this process hurts. But discipline hurts in the moment you do it, yes, it does. But if you say no to the urge today, tomorrow you will get to experience the pride and satisfaction for doing what is good for you. Otherwise you will experience another pain, harsher and heavier than discipline. That's the pain of regret. I ask myself, do I want to experience the pain of discipline now or the regret later? It helps me decide. Maybe it will help you too.
  24. Simms


    Not a whole lot going on today. Woke up late. Like 9:30ish. - Watched TV for about an hour and a half. - GF didn't sleep well, up with our dog sick in the middle of the night. She got up around 11 and went in to work late. Not before we argued about politics again. She showed me an excellent chart of media bias at: https://www.adfontesmedia.com/ It's another reminder I need to stop caring about American media. No real surprises there. Watched a lot of TV today. Finished the whole Titans series on Netflix. - Ended up spending more time mindlessly surfing than paying attention to the show. The last 3 episodes really jumped around all over the place and lacked any kind of cohesive storyline to keep me interested. It became more about sticking it out to the end than actually enjoying the show. Kind of like games I play. - Sticking it out to some arbitrary endpoint, instead of just stopping when I realize they're not good for me. Went out and got my license renewed, it expired in a couple days. - I got my address updated to my new house, but realized it's going to be mailed to that address... that doesn't have a mailbox for another month. - I'm going to go to the post office tomorrow and see what I can do to sort that out. Did some grocery shopping and came home. - Setup my whiteboard with a "to-do" list and updated my calendar with reminders of upcoming events in the next few days/weeks. - Took care of 5 small tasks and designated a number to take care of tomorrow. Squeezed in a quick workout. Finished up and watched a lot of Youtube Videos of people playing Rocket League. Not a good use of time. I keep hoping to have an amazing day. A 10/10 productivity day that's somehow inspiring for all days going forward. I wonder if that hope is self-limiting, like I'm not celebrating the good parts of each day, because I want that perfect 10/10 day, which is only going to compare in a negative way to any non-perfect day afterwards. Mindfulness, awareness and effort are helping. Parts of today were good, and I have a plan for tomorrow. That is satisfying. I didn't game today, that is satisfying. The rest will hopefully come.
  25. ketias

    My life starts now.

    DAY 7 - First week completed Time I woke up: 4:30 AM Time I went to sleep yesterday: 09.00 PM Goals:  Making the apartment, presentable again. - In Progress! Drivers License Learning French Getting in better shape - In Progress! Walk at least 6k steps per day 1h Fitness per day Start Playing Golf again Socialize First week completed. Was nice to get back to work, to keep part of the day busy with work. For the next weekend, i will have to start on some of the other goals and maybe set a few more to entertain the full weekend. Not much else to update, was a busy day with work and came home late due to a "light" snow storm and public transport 🙂
  26. BooksandTrees

    60,000 hours of my life, wasted.

    Welcome to the healing process. It's going to be difficult. Feel free to read through some of our stories as well. Mine might be on like page 2 or something called My Gaming Addiction Story.
  27. tgoodner

    Daily Journal - tgoodner Edition

    I really should've have just gone for a walk! I find I tend to do my best thinking when I leave my phone behind and just start walking. I've actually planned out my entire schedule for the next two days. I'm hoping this has a better outcome!
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