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  2. Day 6 Presence. For work, I talk to people a lot, caring for people, leading and recruiting people. Yesterday I was more present with them. I enjoyed the conversations with each person. I wasn't thinking about other things easily distracted as much. I remember reading a book called the attentive life where the author defines love as being attentive. Before when I was distracted much of the time I was half paying attention or less than half. If someone shared a time, a name, or something detailed I was having to ask them later, "what time will that be tomorrow again?" "Who's brother needs
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  4. Thank you Jason. I was a music major in college, then I got married in college and changed careers. I am so grateful for how everything worked out. I was passionate about music for a long time and practiced with tenacity for several years. That practice wasn't a waste even though I don't touch my french horn much anymore. That hard work and diligence helps me now to get out of the home and back in the groove. I believe whatever we major in in college if we love it and learn the value or hard work and how to learn there is a huge benefit there. I appreciate your kindness. Keep up the great
  5. Day 21 Coming up on 1 month soon, i hope 🙂 ❤️ New day not playing games. I wish the best for you all ❤️
  6. Hi there! I wish you all the best for your journey in quitting games) I remembered feeling lonely too for a long time and there were a few tips that helped me, for example trying to connect with other people (like you do) but also don't expect too much from them. One person/ people in general can't fulfill all your emotional needs. So be a good friend to yourself, leaving a bad habit like gaming behind is a good step towards it. Also find something like a purpose. Sometimes you have to read about inspiring stories to change the way you look at your life. I hope this might help a little bit
  7. I will choose netflix to watch but my favorite movies.
  8. Happy birthday! I hope today was filled with joy for you! Best Jason
  9. I love this. Honestly I asked myself those questions too. I asked myself based around what career I wanted to go into. Right now I am majoring in English in college but I was like, is this really what I want to do? I think that during life, we will ask ourselves those questions a lot. We will change along this journey and we will keep asking those questions, however during those moments we need to stick with what we know we love (not games). I agree with you on being sober, cause life is much better and you will be more well prepared to handle issues/problems life throws at you when you are, y
  10. I am sorry today didn't go as planned but I am glad you brainstormed some things that might prevent useless surfing. I have used the pomodoro technique too and its super useful! But yeah like you said our breaks should be productive breaks, surfing as a break will most likely just keep us distracted. Usually my breaks are 10 -15 minutes, i hope you are able to find a time that works for you! Best Jason
  11. Day 16 No games, no phone. However, today was again more work, but instead of feeling depressed while doing it I felt great, and eager to learn! I guess that means my new set up works well! To help me get out of bed in the morning I am going to implement the 5 second rule. Just count up to 5 and once I get to 5 i get out of bed. I used this during my first detox and it helped tremendously. I went outside and worked out today, and it was nice! Also I got a lot of college work done today so it was a plus! Hoping for a good day tomorrow Best Jason
  12. I went ahead with letting go of some of my possessions today: a recipe book, some essential oils, some herbalism things, some stuff in my fridge. Right now my goal is to let go of 1 kitchen cabinet’s worth of stuff. It will take a while since I don’t want to throw things out unnecessarily, and I want to give each thing a final use to decide if I want to really let go of it.
  13. 3/3/2021 6 of 90 days I woke up at 11 am. Back on Track. I took a big walk with my dog. I ate squid with salad for lunch and soup and a sandwich for dinner. I cleaned my desk. I worked hard on my course project. It's almost done I didn't procrastinate with my phone or youtube My energy was quite good
  14. 02/03/2021 5 of 90 days I woke up at 8:20 but instead of getting up, I stayed in bed and only got up at 12h. I woke up again with a big headache and very depressed. I just walked my dog and spent a lot of time in bed. I saw two TED TALKS: 1 - How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals - Stephen Duneier This motivated me to take large projects and break them up into small parts 2 - How to Wake Up Tomorrow Morning Like a Billionaire. This made me think that for many people I live a dream life, as they do not have the amenities that I have. I'm grateful
  15. 01/03/2021 4 of 90 days I woke up at 10:30. I went with my mother and my dog to the vet. (My dog is much better) Unfortunately, this was the day "I fell off the horse". So many mistakes. I got home with a big headache and decided to go to bed all afternoon. Bad decision. Then I decided to listen to some music to cheer myself up, but I found that listening to music on youtube and spotify are terrible for my concentration and digital detox. I decided that in the future I want to buy an mp3 player. I can't be spending money right now. I also want a wristwatc
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  17. Ben0

    New Chapter

    Day 8 Things didn't really go as planned today. Woke up late because I for reason thought it was a good idea to experiment using the snooze button. Also spent a lot of time surfing the interwebs, watching videos, and achieving nothing instead of studying. Did manage to complete my exercise though and finished cleaning my room. Also spent some time with the fam. What can I do in the future to prevent wasting half a day surfing around? Probably a few things: Break tasks into smaller chunks to not get overwhelmed. Pomodoro. Take (healthy) breaks when necessary. Rather a bi
  18. Finished day 49 > 41 days to go 🥉 Entry: Work: same old, same old, no progress.. I feel like I am keeping this one until there is fire under my ass with threat of letting me go from the company.. I know it doesn't sound reasonable but it is as it is at the moment.. It is like not using peaceful period for building fortification, training your army, gathering supplies in face of enemy army coming towards your family village until you see it on the horizon.. Wonder what the outcome might be Meditation: done No alcohol: done Physical activity: Weight training with ba
  19. @Average_Guy Love you progress and enjoy your entries. We are both 40+ days into commitment. I can see you are also trying to get better in other areas of life while working on your addiction. I am rooting for you bro!
  20. Day without gaming: XVI (Gonna update lesser from now on) Urges: Same as last time Excuses: Same as always Productivity level: 5/10 Day rating: 5/10 Day in one sentence: It is no longer a habit 🙂 Summarization: Waking up now without the habit of immediately wanting to game. It's totally out of my system. Gaming is no longer a habit. This is making things so much easier. I've also completely transformed my balcony into a dogs playground. My puppy seems to love it. He spends a lot of time there. I'm still having trouble getting work done. But I guess that's normal for someone who hasn't do
  21. Ikar

    Ikar's Diary

    Day 680: I worked on my bachelor thesis, went for a walk and spent the evening with friends playing desktops. Day 681: I had English lessons (and the observed one), did some paperwork and mails, helped a friend with sorting out their CV and played desktops in the evening. Day 682: I worked on my bachelor thesis, got through mails, went for a walk, had English classes and was social in the evening. Day 683: I had English classes, washed the dishes, cleaned my room, played speed chess with others and did some preparation for new courses. --- I have a
  22. Day 5 Days off were being filled more and more with video games. While my wife was homeschooling the kids, there would be times when I was playing Hearthstone and distracting the kids. She has asked me many times not to play while the kids were doing schoolwork. I would retort that it was my day off and I forgot again. Back and forth we went... Thru my last two days on detox I wasn't playing games and I wasn't on YouTube all day. I did play some on chess.com over the last two days but more time was spent with family and helping around the house than before. For sure! Part of de
  23. Day 97 Today's my birthday!!!!! LETS GO!!! Not going to write anything much here today because I'm taking a break.
  24. I appreciate the advice! I have a lot of things I wanted to pursue. There would be days that I'd finish working on these things and then I would play League as a "reward". However, there are far more days where I'd skip working on these things and go straight into League. That's part of the reason why I wanted to quit-I couldn't control League.
  25. What I'd recommend, If I understand correctly, in the case of video games fulfilling social interactions for you, I would simply try to choose non-addictive games, like digital adaptations of video games, stuff from jackbox, etc.. Games with the main reward being the social interaction rather than winning/playing the game itself. If you need games to connect with people, then I suggest to play games that focus on that rather than getting into something fun and addictive like MMOs.
  26. Work can be nuts I have some struggles there myself but do my best to make it work. Congrats on your relationship I'm glad it's going well. And that's awesome you've been off games so long. Over 2 years.
  27. I've been getting a lot of steps in lately too. I did 20k one day. But my knees have been hurting from walking so much. I'm planning to take a few days off walking and then try again but don't go over 10k to prevent another injury. I really hope I can get my 10k pain free because I really enjoy walking. I can feel the endorphins and whatever else is getting released in my brain. I just feel happier and better. It's been like so good for overcoming feelings of depression I have sometimes. I'm planning to just start doing yoga everyday while I wait to see if my knees can recover. Good news is th
  28. Totally, watching shows with someone else makes it so much more enjoyable. I feel like I can watch for a lot longer. When I'm by myself I'm always getting up to exercise instead. Although that's probably a good thing. Yaeh I'll be off risperdal completely this sunday I'm hoping to see some sleep improvement. I may already be seeing weight loss, I think I'm down 5 lbs if the scale isn't malfunctioning. I hear organ meats are really healthy for you. I just never eat them, hehe. Yeah you're right about the job. I'll try not to worry too much about it. Virgo's can have a tendency to overthink and
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