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  2. James S.

    My daily walk

    DAY # - 1 Time I woke up: 8:40am Time I went to sleep yesterday: 12pm Physical task: attempted to go to the gym, it didn't work out Mental task: Mental rest after work, I got caught up watching the Blaze with my wife. Projects: Tried to troubleshoot a problem with Kubuntu and Dell laptop broadcom drivers. No success Miscellaneous accomplishments: ~ Signed up for gamequitters ~ watched Cam videos to get insight into my problem ~ Got to bed earlier ~ finally refilled the humidifier for my acoustic guitar before it drys out ~ Summary of Day #: I realize I am a mess. After work I am very vulnerable due to mental exhaustion. I really need to take a short nap after work, otherwise I gravitate to my normal gaming. I put my guitar in the way of my desk, and sticked to my laptop. Laptop is useless for gaming, later I realized I could put my gamer headphones on and listen to some music. Projects I need to do. I need to purge all games from my desktop, removing Steam and epsxe. My usb game controller, I will need to wrap it up and put it away. Out of sight out of mind.
  3. fawn_xoxo

    Begin again

    I used to work from home for years, from the same computer I gamed. Taking my work outside of the house helped me tremendously with focus, focus impossible to achieve when comfortable.
  4. Vera

    Moving on

    Friday was short and I guess pretty normal. I didn't go to the graveyard, just attended the dinner with family. Went home and tried to sleep after that, but I can't sleep when it is not dark outside, so I got up again and wrote a long entry in my diary. I really love my new fountain pen. It's a pleasure to write with. I've been looking at various planners on the internet for some time. No luck. I will try to decorate my current binder which I use as a diary, there are so many options to avoid buying a new one. I want to change the look of the cover and I can make it as pretty as I want to. Simple! And I'll avoid constant flashbacks when I look at the old binder I used as a diary before. I don't want to remember all that happened, good or bad.
  5. Today
  6. @James Good I generally go skiing out in the mountains, I'm from Calgary AB (pretty cool place if you ask around) @Juliet I do some volunteer work with a Catholic boys club on some Fridays, pretty fun, although the kids get pretty crazy. Work isn't my favourite, but it's something to do (and I guess making money is important). Forgot to mention I'm looking at a place to rent on Sunday
  7. Vera

    Moving on

    Thank you! I'm not sad though. I think she's free now and I should be happy for her. She has been ill for a couple of years and it made her tired and unwilling to live.
  8. Phoenixking

    Dear Diary...

    You decide what is real and what is not. Is it purgatory or is it the stage in between life and death? Death being your previous life, addicted to games and emotionally messy, life being your new potential self, balanced, happy. I fully agree with what @fawn_xoxo says. Every ounce of your energy should be directed towards yourself right now. Don't think of career, relationships, dating, whatever. You require and deserve love from yourself. You need to help yourself out, communicate with yourself. Heck, I used to talk to a mirror sometimes! The ends justify the means. You seems to have a bit of money stashed away. You feel like you need a break from work, your mom, the world? Then do it. Don't do it impulsively, think it through. But if that's actually what you crave, a break so to speak, go for it man. You deserve to find some peace of mind. Read self-help books, meditate, maybe get a different therapist if need me, a mental wellbeing workshop, anything at all. I start big stuff like this with a brainstorm with myself. I clear out a hour or 6 and as if it was a work project or helping out a true friend who's in dire need, I go to town like I'm Robin Williams at an improv gig. Figure out a million different ways you'd like to change your life for the better, make a huge list. Then perhaps purify it by selecting stuff that's easy to achieve, short-term stuff or stuff that's super important. That would give you a proper start in just a few hours of effort. Or don't. Don't listen to me, listen to yourself, that's the whole point. You're a great dude. The next love of your life is around the corner. You need only look into a mirror.
  9. Phoenixking

    Maintenance of the PhoenixKing

    22/03/19 – 4 pm - Days without games & porn: 33 I have been sick since Monday. Omfg, I feel like shit. The doctor said it's a viral infection of my airways. I have a stuffy and runny nose, major headaches and a fever. My lungs feel like they're filled with mucus and slime and I cough a lot. Today is the first day it's been a bit better. I leave for Japan in 4 days so I'm a bit scared I'll not be at full strength when I leave. I've taken a few sick days, cancelled an audition and called grandpa (who is now a widower) that I wouldn't be able to see him before I leave for Japan. My girl has been here most days, she's been taking care of my like an angel. Cooking, cleaning, cuddling, ... She's so kind, caring and nurturing. I'm lucky dude. I feel like I've been half-alive for the last couple of days. There's been no real addiction issues because I'm either asleep, coughing or worrying about Japan. I sometimes get up at night because my nasal cavity feel like it's on fire and I can't breathe that well when I lie down. It's been a few year since I've been this passive and I hate it. I know I'm supposed to sit my ass down, stay warm and do nothing. But it drives me crazy because I'm such a go-getter. I have to actively make an effort to not speed out of here and go do stuff. But I'd make things worse... I'll probably spend the next couple of days recovering and planning some more stuff for Japan. Part of me is terrified and a part of me is excited and not worried at all about recovering in time. I guess we'll just have to wait and see which side wins. Recent highlight: My girl taking such good care of me. Budget status: I should contact my electricity provider about changing my monthly bills. I'm also a bit scared of spending money in Japan but this is why I worked so hard. To relax and chill out. My one goal for tomorrow: Do as little as possible. There's a huge list, but a great day would be a day where I just focus all of my efforts on getting better. I'm an adventurer and an improviser, the trip through Japan is going to me amazing no matter what. So I have to try and not worry about things, relax, let go and just let my body heal.
  10. BigOlBeartic

    BigOlBeartic's Journal

    Day 3 Test in C++ today, did SWIMMINGLEH. In Stats, the average for our 2nd test was 63 X_X RIPRIPRIP. I got an 82. Didn't meditate this morn, will do when I get home.
  11. cammyhammy

    Sometimes ambivalence, sometimes conviction.

    @Brian 88 days is awesome! What are your plans post-day 90? Gonna play in moderation or are you done with video games for good? As for Eudaimonic well being, I've never heard of the formal name for it, but I've definitely heard of the concept. Jordan Peterson gives out advice basically along the lines of the theory, saying that (and I'm paraphrasing) you should stop looking to live a "happy" life and starting trying to live a meaningful life. So many of our addictions are fueled by us trying to seek the short-term pleasure you get from checking social media or playing video games or some other activity that makes you feel good for a little, only to make you feel so worthless in the end. I definitely think we should spread the word more about this concept, I'm sure many of our members can benefit from it. Hope you have an awesome Friday!
  12. cammyhammy

    Cameron's Journal

    Day 4-5: Not having any real urges to play video games, but I am starting to get bored. I do not have a license and do not have any "real" friends yet so I can't drive somewhere and/or hang out with people. I have been reading and actually solved a rubix cube for the first time without any instructions (best time so far is 3:30, if any of you like cubing let's talk :)), but these activities get a bit boring after a while. I think I may begin writing a short story today, but I've yet to decide on the topic or any real details. I think I may draw something today, I enjoy doing that. I've also decided that I'm going to start writing out 4 things I'm grateful for everyday since I've seen people doing this on here and it seems like a good idea. I'm grateful for: 1. Having enough money to buy a kindle 2. This forum, because it's the only place where I've found such a supportive and like-minded group of individuals who try to help each other quit video games and get their lives together 3. All of you for inspiring me to improve myself and to make something good of my life 4. Nature trails and nature in general, it's/they're (don't know which one's correct so I'm gonna put both) so beautiful Also thanks for the book suggestion @fawn_xoxo, I've downloaded it on my kindle and will start reading soon! Hope everyone has an epic Friday! 😆
  13. This weekend: Today: Training at work (not happy about this, but I accept it) Tomorrow: Playing board games with friends tomorrow night! The daytime hours are full of possibilities... Skiing perhaps? Sunday: Nothing on the calendar yet. So many possibilities!! I'll probably start building the structure of our kitchen pantry.
  14. cammyhammy

    Who’s playing in moderation?

    Hey Jimbo! I'm currently in the 90 day phase so I'm not playing any video games right now, but I have tried to 'play in moderation' in the past and it never fails to lead back to addiction. I know some people, like yourself, are able to play occasionally without falling back into bad habits and that's awesome, but video games are just such a weakness for me that I know I can't play them at all.
  15. Day 88 journal: 88 days, damn. I have been reflecting on what this 90 day experiment has been about as I near the end. This is what I have concluded so far: I was controlled by compulsive behaviors before the detox. Video games and PMO were the primary culprits, food/overeating were secondary. I knew I was controlled by these behaviors and I couldn't break the cycle. I was on the 'hedonic treadmill.' Knowledge isn't as powerful as we think - ACTION is power. And repetition. I learned a lot about how my brain works, how I came to this point (hedonic treadmill, insanity = doing the same thing expecting different results), and what to do to interrupt this cycle. I began practices that were better for my long-term mental/emotional/physical/spiritual health. I identified my values and have begun to live within them. A co-worker introduced me to the concept of "eudaimonic happiness." http://positivepsychology.org.uk/the-concept-of-eudaimonic-well-being/ I felt like I was wasting my time and life when I was playing video games all day and was enslaved by my hedonic desires. Now I feel much more fulfilled and 'on the right track.' I feel better: I am more aware of my emotions, am physically stronger (from hitting the gym/exercising regularly), and am mentally more focused. That's all I have time for right now. I'll check in again tonight or tomorrow.
  16. Hey, everybody! Going to visit my parents this weekend. Willst spend some time there and use the opportunity to meet up with some friends who live nearby. We'll probably go climbing on Saturday. Sunday's reserved for starting to work on an animation project and maybe a board game with my parents and grandma.
  17. Shine Magical

    Shine Magical's journal

    The theme of 2019 is going to be "RELEASE"
  18. Hayden

    Howdy all!

    Hi @James S. welcome to the forum and the game quitters community were glad to have you here. Hope you break you gaming addiction. If you need any help or have any question please feel free to ask and we will be happy to help you. I wish you good luck breaking your addiction.
  19. Hayden

    Howdy yall

    Hi StreetWalkinCheetah welcome to the forum and the game quitters community. Great job on recognizing your concern about your gaming addiction and taking the first step in the right direction and nipping your habit in the bum. I wish you the best in quitting video games and getting your priorities back on track. We are here to support you to your goal. Best of luck.
  20. Mohammad

    Mohammad's Journal

    Day 19, 20: No gaming and no craving.
  21. Catherine17

    Moving on

    I am so sorry about your relative, accept my sincere condolences. Take care of yourself and take all the time you need to recover.
  22. Catherine17

    Juliet's Journal

    Hi, @Juliet Glad you are alright after getting in car wreck! These accidents can be rather nasty occasionally:( The weekends definitely are challenging for me as well. As James mentioned, it's better to get ouf the house and have things planned. Getting together with you friends is also a good thing to do)
  23. Hey, James. Question of the week seems a smart move to get everyone involve) I have a lot to do this weekend, especially on Saturday when I have classes. I also work but it's fine by me, I enjoy tutoring a lot. Then I'll go to the swimming pool and there will be achery training on Sunday, plenty of homework needs to be done. I also hope to start reading Der Steppenwolf by Hesse. @fawn_xoxo oh, it was me who actually mentioned reading this book) Hope you will enjoy this one. A fun fact, originally the novel was more than thrice bigger than the one we read now. Flaubert edited it a lot to make it a perfect and self-sufficient novel where every detail and even every word mattered.
  24. Catherine17

    Begin again

    Day 3/90 I am slowly making it through the day 3. Day 1 was truly amazing! It started at 6 a.m and I was out of the house for more than 14 hours. After classes I gave a talk about video game addiction on our student conference. That was awesome, considering the fact that I barely have managed to write it. It was so strange having other students approaching me, thanking and complimenting me on my talk. It was the first time I've admitted my addiction openly. And nobody made a big deal out of it. Well, I guess, people tend to be less judgemental when they have their own stuff to handle. I've met a guy from Britain and invited him to have a cup of tea after the conference. We were chatting and laughing and everything went really well. In the evening I had creative writing class. We were discussing Hemingway's story Soldier's Home. I like Hemingway's method but his male characters are...too honest, I guess? I envy that level of honesty but also think that we sometimes need to look better than we are. Especially when it comes to reading something about the opposite sex. I came back home and finally got enough sleep. Enough sleep to ruin the day 2. The classes were alright, I didn't allow a stupid conflict to escalate and let it go quickly. I applied for a scholarship and to a student conference. I hoped that it would help me to get round my term paper. Then I returned home and did my fair share of nothing. I wrote a bit, yes, but it was nothing in comparison to what I have planned. It is hard for me to work home and stay concentrated on boring time-consuming tasks but at the same I want work at home because it is more comfortable. I cannot work outside since my laptop is the slowest creature in the material world and I multitasking gives me headache, so I cannot work during other classes. So I will either fail or develop a healthiest approach to this student routine of mine. Today I am having quite a busy day at university. In the evening a couple of my friends and I are hanging out together but I hope I still can do something afterwards.
  25. Catherine17

    Begin again

    @Julietthank you so much for your kind words! I appreciate your support. Fortunately, I feel much better now.
  26. James Good

    Juliet's Journal

    Maybe you just need to stay away from cars 🤣 Thankfully no-one was injured, though. Car accidents are super rough, even minor ones. I found with my 90-day detox, the first 2 weeks and the last 2 weeks were the hardest. It's when you're thinking of gaming the most. But, you did the right thing. Just push it away and focus on something else. What I liked to do at weekends was to make sure I had something planned every day, taking up pretty much all of my time. Also, the more stuff to get me out of the house the better. Keep it up!
  27. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Aside from all the studying 🤣 You'll notice that as you start improving your life in other ways, you'll naturally start finding other people to become friends with. It takes time but it's amazing when you get there! I've still never been skiing, I really need to try it one day. Do you go on a practice slope or out into the mountains? Also, what kind of volunteer work do you do? Sounds like a great weekend! Keep it up 😄 Hey! Yeah, it's definitely a bit of extra work, but I owe a lot to this community and it's a great way for me to give back and helps others through the same journey that I struggled with in the past! Congrats on completing your goals. Great way to build momentum early on in the year! I hope the half marathon goes well for you! I did one a few years back, didn't pace myself properly, and hated every single minute of it. Never again 🤣 Yo, that looks beautiful! I'm jealous 😄 Exactly the same here, haha! I'm halfway through the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, and I'm currently reading Deep Work by Cal Newport. Fantasy/self-improvement is such a great combination of relaxation/escape and productivity.
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