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  2. Splitstep

    Forging a New Path (Average_Guy)

    Yeeeee bro LESGEDDIT! You're doing great! God is so happy!!!!!
  3. Splitstep

    Daily journal of a nervous father

    Yeah bro, thanks for keeping us updated! Hang in there! God is with you and I can already see that He is working in you so much ❤️ Praying hard!
  4. Splitstep

    Gaming -> 1 On 1 Time With God

    @Mouxine @Average_Guy my brotherssss 😭 thank you for reading my posts 😭 and thank you for taking the time to encourage me 😭 Welcome, Average_Guy to a super loving, safe, wholesome community! I LOVE this place! Thanks, Mouxine once again for your wisdom! Mmmm that's some hard truth bro! Praying for you two UwU Day 55 (42|11) (22/02/19) Friday Slept in til 8am, still though 9 hours wasn't enough sadly. Need to get to bed at 9pm if I want 10 hours of sleep! Read Matthew 9, walked the dog before uni for a change which was v nice! We were both happy! Uni was meant to be from 10am-6pm today but my 5 hour lab was only 2 hours!!!!! I was honestly a zombie from 1pm onwards so I thank God so much for that because I honestly wouldn't have made it if it was til 6pm! Played some tennis with my mate, went back to my old club for the first time in YEARS and I was nervous going back because when I left my coach and I were not on the best terms, but he was SUPER nice!! AHHHH Thank God for answering my prayers and giving even more! For his first time, I was astounded! My friend serves were amazingly consistent and we have good rallies! I was speechless, never seen someone play that well for their first time! Honestly, I think gaming will not be a problem, especially while the study is on which is keeping me occupied. This week felt like a long one, super busy, lots of social activity which would've easily been way too much for my old, last year self, but now I've become more extroverted so it's not so bad, but still a bit draining. Looking back at this week, God has done so many small and big miracles, constantly there with me! Just WOW... 😍 Some of my brothers and sisters have just started their Student Leader Retreat so please pray for them, that they will get closer to one another and that God will be working in their hearts, thank you!
  5. Glad Pharmacist

    I'm glad

    Yesterday, I did most of the things I planned. Zero procrastination, a lot of work and some housework were done. Also, I attended to CGAA meeting. Today, I have an important exam. I hope I'll pass it. Wish me luck.
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  7. songphaicotam

    Should i get a gaming laptop ?

    For me. A gaming laptop for mantigames.
  8. songphaicotam

    Should we quit everything?

    Thanks for sharing.
  9. katsudo19

    Dealing with though times

    Are you hearing yourself? Your only thoughts it's about worrying about relapse. You don't love yourself enough. Because you don't do what's important to you because you point out only excuses. Look at the mirror bro. You are like man I know everything so why to try something? Don't be like that. I think you are great person which can create value in life. You have creative solutions for your problem but you are waiting for something. I wish you much strong as you can possess.
  10. lovedarkness001

    Gaming after 3 months

    I agree with it. I can't open the HAPPY WHEELS games on 88kgames from my ipad. Please help me.
  11. Tux

    Dealing with though times

    Thanks you for your quick reply, those are good tips. However, I've been working for years on loving myself unconditionally (to the point where I can observe myself relapsing without being judgemental about myself); also been following a morning routine for months, and also know about the growth and fixed mindset. That leaves B, I'll find some time to have a look at it. How would a vision stops me from relapsing ? I already have quite a lot of personal goals, like finishing my studies, doing some gardening, meeting more people (will be difficult this week). It might just very well be that I am just afraid of relapsing, not that I necessarily will. I've been game free for more than 7 months, and before that for more than a year, so gaming is clearly not what I am used to do.
  12. katsudo19


  13. katsudo19

    Dealing with though times

    You need vision. Who you want to be. This is crucial. If you don't have vision and you are bored or feel sadness, loneliness etc you will do what you are used to do. I will give you some tips: A. Love yourself unconditionally B. Check some great stuff on youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=impact+theory C. Morning routine D. Read. Recommended book MINDSET: THE NEW PSYCHOLOGY by Carol Dweck
  14. Hello game quitters, I have not posted here in a while, as I've been successfully dealing with the few cravings I had. I've been very busy and able to do a lot of things that I would not have been doing if I was still hooked on games. Last time I relapsed, I was about to have a lonely summer: it was me working in the day, seeing the same few people (at most 4 or 5 different persons), and coming back home alone. Pretty much nothing to do with others in the evening, as everyone else was away, college events where not happening as it was the summer... I mostly saw family, every few week-end and that was it. I managed to build myself a pretty busy life, however next week there are holidays. And even if I'll still be working during them, I'm afraid I'll just snap and binge on video-games, as it happened a few months ago, because of the loneliness. How can I "survive" this week ? What can I do differently ? I'll try to find things to do with other people but it's going to be though; despite that, what do you think one can do to get through such times ? Thanks you for reading.
  15. AndrewPekarsky

    The first journal of an 18 year old university student

    I've returned after a hiatus filled with unproductive binges and mental degradation. Seriously I assumed I would burn out after maybe a month, but this time around it only took me a week to lapse back into my old habits. Somehow it hasn't affected my schooling, but I can kind of feel my charisma fading. That's why I really need to keep up this journal, in fact, I'm going to post a daily plan every morning just to hold myself accountable for the rest of the day.
  16. Average_Guy

    JustTom's Journal 3

    Nice job hopping right back into it, that's never easy to do. Live and Learn! I also had a day where I almost relapsed a week ago and my dad helped keep me accountable so I just did absolutely nothing that day and was freaking miserable, but I got through it somehow and the next day was better. You're probably already doing this, but it helps to have people keep you accountable. Best of luck. Also, I think your journal posts are my favorite. Your posts are pretty funny and energetic, maybe it has something to do with your avatar.
  17. Average_Guy

    Journal to freedom

    I think your friends will understand if you explain to them that you aren't playing games. And from personal experience, you will feel better if you don't relapse. At one point I played a few games of Super Smash with my cousins, who had just come in town, and thought I wouldn't be affected. (it was day 3 of giving up gaming) I ended up playing for a couple hours and went home after that. I didn't continue to game after that, but I had a few urges I think. So I reset my streak to day 1. It's all up to you thought, it could be a fun way to have your 'last' gaming session with your friends before you quit. Good luck.
  18. Mario10001

    Journal to freedom

    I'm a 24 year old male. I'l treat this journal as a venting place where I go when I'm about to relapse, so no everyday posting. I will purposely never write any game's names because I don't wanna trigger someone's addiction. DAY 3 3 days ago I started with all this by deleting all my games. Yesterday when I was practiceing Freerunning with my friends I experienced a very powerfull drive to do a hard move/challenge which I have not had for over a year. I refused to give up, my friends eventualy had to go home and I stayed to practice that move, I didn't manage to do the exact jump that I wanted, but I did a lot of work towards getting there. So for a start, I'd say extremely amazing effects on my psyche 😄 ! Problem is that now I remembered that a week ago I agreed to go play at a video game tournament this saturday with my friends. They are so hyped up for that and I agreed to go(and play) and a part of fun for everyone is that I play because I'm good. Noticing amazing results from yesterday I relaxed too much and decided not to screw up that adventure and go play there since I would only be at day 5 by then. So now I started rationalizing: Since I'm gona play games and relapse at saturday, why not just go play other games now aswell. So I ALMOST installed back the most addictive game of my life which would of been much more hours wasted again before I would find the strength to delete it again. Going here to write this and remembering damage to my life and brain caused by it is what prevented me from doing that. Idk if it is right to relapse at saturday, but I would surely look as asshole if I did not. Maybe depending how I feel I will decide to just watch.
  19. Mario10001

    Restarting After Relapse

    I think you should definetely start training some sport or aerobic activity like the Taekwando you mentioned. Find the one where there are regular group sessions, so with time you build relationships with those people. You are killing 2 birds with one stone here, now you are guaranteed to train regulary because you know exactly when the practice is and you have friends who are used to seeing you there + you just became more social. It's important that you actualy like the activity that you join, so don't be afraid to go take first free session on multiple ones before you make your choice. Make sure those sessions leave you still enough time to build your online business, because that's most important.
  20. JustTom

    It's still ok to listen to videogame music?

    I think it can be okay for some people. I personally have a very deep addiction, but soundtracks don't trigger any cravings for me, even if I'm listening to tracks that I've listened to while gaming. That being said: this means clearly it's not a good idea in your case. There's a lot of mind-blowing music out there, the few gaming OST albums are not worth it.
  21. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 3

    Detox Day 1 | Got up: No | Pomodoros: 16 + gym It was almost hard to believe, but for the most of the day I felt okay! Like, normal! Which is a fantastic improvement. After work, I hopped into the gym and it felt soo good. I even talked to people around me a little bit and I had a moment where I genuinely laughed and smiled - haven't had that in weeks apart from some random chuckles from memes. It's so amazing getting from the head into the body, even if just for a few moments. After gym I 'wasted' 3 hours watching videos, but honestly I am more than happy with my mental progress. I do have to finish one thing for my supervisor so uhhh looks like I'm staying up till 5am and getting up at 8. Unlucky, but has to be done, so tomorrow will be a dangerous day to not relapse, so I will focus on not relapsing. I think the best plan is to push and workout after work again, which will just put me to sleep immediately after.
  22. JustTom

    Maintenance of the PhoenixKing

    May I ask where you're going with this? I haven't really been following your journal so far, but this sounds spicy 😄
  23. Yesterday
  24. Phoenixking

    Maintenance of the PhoenixKing

    22/02/19 - 1 am - Days without games & porn: 5 My last 'regular' day at work. I'm so happy the replacement is starting this Monday. I've already been thinking a lot about what I'll be wanting to do with my newfound extra time. Auditions, casting tapes, networking, ... My colleague isn't so happy that I'll only be seeing her properly one day a week anymore. But it's time to spread my wings and fly! I spent the better part of the evening clearing out my spare room. It was filled with unclassified paperwork, silly hats and stuff I use for dressing up or sketches, decorations, sports gear, stuff from moving, laundry, ... I organized everything and made some new space. Eventually I'll have to save up some money to buy furniture like a proper desk, some shelves and bookcases and stuff like that to store everything in. Right now it's in boxes on the ground. But my ambition is to turn it into a workspace. The landlord's coming Saturdaymorning. So now that this has been done, I only have to clean up my living room and give the whole place a bit of a scrub'n'rub. Elien will be coming over too. I have an improv show Saturday night and during the day a workshop about how to teach classes of improv. My first class I'll be teaching is in April. I don't really know if it's going to be making me any money, but the experience is more valuable at this point. I need to educate myself more and prove on my resume that I'm capable and experienced. Elien also pointed out that the volunteering she does for a phone center for people in need could be useful for me because I mentioned wanting to help or coach people and because they give great training. I did agree, but nuanced that I might need to look a bit closer. My only actual proven skills are acting, performing and speaking. Those will be my bread and butter for now. I'll have to pick 1 more aspect, only 1 more longterm goal to work on this year. Will it be starting a blog? Will it be training to be a coach? Will it be educating myself in social media or copywriting or content creation? I have to be focused because if my spectrum is too wide, results won't come fast enough and I'm not made of money. I think it's good that I take things so seriously, but we'll have to evaluate things every month at a time. I can still feel the nagging sensation in the back of my skull. My brain needing it's fix. I can feel it starving. It wants me to go on social media and lose time there, it wants me to binge on Netflix and YouTube, it wants me to find and watch porn or pornographic stuff. I can feel it being hungry for a quick fix. I've had a slight headache for days now... I hope it slows down soon. I've been having all sorts of cool ideas for my D&D-world. A town that's all about lavender, it's main export product, with a lavender festival and fields surrounding the city, guards with black and yellow outfits. A city far up north, built as a giant mountain fortress, taken over by demons, using people as slaves, a dark city with even darker secrets. A mystery surrounding the continent, something about an ancient druidic prophecy and several circles endeavouring to stop the end of the world as they know it. A whole area of the continent torn by war, so badly that their level of technological advances are slowed down by their thirst for combat. Themes like racism, family, hard choices and learning to embrace new people and daring to be vulnerable. I'm soooooo looking forward to this. I now have 2 groups I DM for and I'll be placing them on separate ends of a continent. They won't know it, but one day they might meet and the adventures of one group will influence the plot of the other and vice versa. I'll also make a huge map, effectively creating my own world in detail. Rivers, villages, hills, ... I fucking love making stories like this and then seeing the effects it has on my players. Recent highlight: The messy spare room got cleaned and is ready to be slowly transformed into my freelance workspace. Budget status: Got paid once more for my writing gig and for a poetry gig I did a while back. There's still one more payment due. I actually am saving money now! There's about 2000 on my savings account, together with the 370 I already have ready for Japan, means that with my next normal paycheck and maybe in combo with either the commercial or the extension of my writing gig, I'll both have enough money to splurge on Japan and not risk being broke when I get back and have a little extra to cover the risks of being a freelancer. I am so fucking relieved. Let's not hope something crazy were to happy like my car exploding or my breaking my leg. My one goal for tomorrow: Finish the cleaning and maybe try to write.
  25. JustTom

    Journey to my white coat

    I'm on this plan.
  26. Average_Guy

    Daily journal of a nervous father

    Hey Mouxine, I'm wishing you the best on your journey to enlightenment. To me it looks like you're becoming more patients, I'll be looking forward to see what other good things come from this.
  27. Mouxine

    Daily journal of a nervous father

    Day 15 No relapse but so much anger inside me because I pushed my limit yersterday. I didn't give myself a nap time and I played with my oldest daughter. I screamed way too much in the evening. Day 16 I almost made the same mistake but I didn't, I rested a bit. I was angry and bored in the evening. My wife is sick so it's even more difficult than usual. I thought of gaming during the time I was bored, but even when I was foreseeing me playing, it didn't feel appealing... I got a phone call for a job offer at 8 P.M mainly to sell religious books near the Cathedral of Chartres. I was so surprised to be on the top priority list, but it's too bad, I can"t accept it.
  28. Deku

    Journey to my white coat

    Yikes, that exam did not go well. From self correcting I know I got at least 5 or 6 out of the 70 multiple choice questions wrong. It's a bit frustrating because I could have and should have done a lot better, but my train of thought literally imploded on some of the more difficult questions. Ah well. I guess I can still be a scientist if the med school dreams don't pan out.
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