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  2. Done! Well yeah, it downloads the whole threads. Basically a tool which just converts HTML to PDF, so there is EVERY post in there. If you need it tweaked with only your posts/specific posts you most likely need to copy&paste and print-to-pdf.
  3. Hi all, I was trying to find a way to export threads to PDF, unfortunately there is no 'easy' way to do it (i.e. a plugin) and copy&paste can be annoying, especially when you have plenty of pages, I found a small command line tool which exports a whole thread to a single PDF file. It involves a little bit technical stuff, but I found that this is the best way to export a thread and I will guide you. To make it even easier, I wrote a script for Windows and Linux (I was going to write a full guide for all these things...). This script will do the following: Windows related: - Check what Windows version you are running (7, 8, 8.1, 10) - Check your current Architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) - Will download the needed tool for the correct architecture - Will execute the tool for install (You just need to click next) - Will add system variable path for easier execution Linux related: - After my script was almost done for Linux I realised its available from the repos... -.- sudo apt-get install xvfb libfontconfig wkhtmltopdf How to use wkhtmltopdf: Windows: Note: Download the wkHTMLtoPDF.bat from attachments, right click and execute as admin Linux: If you have any problems, drop me a PM and I will look via Teamviewer into it and set it up correctly for you. Have fun! wkHTMLtoPDF.bat
  4. Detox: 41/90 Wednesday 90 Days of Journal: 41/90 (older entries are gone forever, starting again) Time: 5:45 a.m. Sugar Free: Day 6 $1.00 per Day for Not Gaming: $41 total Long-term Goals ~ complete 90 Day Detox, 90 days of writing in my journal ~ continue living a life boldly, full of adventure, without relying on video games for fulfillment ~save money to buy a home closer to work by the end of next year 2019 ~ visit Peru and hike up to Machu Picchu some time in 2019 ~ maintain a ketogenic diet ~ nurture my relationships, romantic and platonic ~ plant my own garden in my new home ~ maintain a presentable outward appearance, nurture inner beauty Feelings: I feel pretty good, had about seven hours of sleep, woke up at 5;15 a.m. this morning. I'm looking forward to another productive day at work. I felt proud of myself yesterday for getting through teaching a large class at work. My colleague helped fill out some forms in the end, so it was a success. I felt less stress and supported. Short reflection: My dad's a simple man. He is intelligent, but I noticed that he lives life in a simple way. He spends copious amounts of time in his garden, doesn't spend money on needless things, recycles and reuses, and enjoys some time watching his favourite shows on television. He enjoys his simple life and I envy that. His favourite phrase is, "Everything adds up." I appreciate his perspective, because when I look back at my journal, I can see how every task I do adds up to become a greater goal: a development of habit and routine. This is important to me, because every task I complete, every goal I accomplish, is a stepping stone towards completing larger goals in my life. When I was a gamer, time felt like it had no meaning anymore. Five hours could easily feel like one hour. Whereas nowadays, I use every minute of my time because it is so precious and it is fleeting. I want quality of life and time spent wisely. This doesn't mean that I must cram so many activities into my day. No. It's about quality, staying in the present, enjoying resting times too. Daily accomplishments: (yesterday) - go to the gym after work today (45 minutes) completed - visit the library, do more reading, finish online module, work on the puzzle (2 hours) partial completion - prepare meals for today and tomorrow (1.5 hours max) completed - get to sleep by 9:00 p.m.went to sleep at 10:00 p.m. - turn off cell phone the entire day until I get home completed To-Do list: - go to the gym after work today (45 minutes upper body training, cardio) - finish two more learning modules at the library, work on the puzzle (2 hours) - turn off phone until I get home for supper - spend time with mom in the afternoon - continue with sewing project, finishing sewing sleeves and lining (1 hour) Gratefulness: - relaxing early mornings before work - time well spent - bullet proof coffee I'm wishing everyone a productive, game-free day or week. Stay strong, and if you fall, get back up again with a revised plan. Over and out! ~ Dani
  5. Day 43, Qi Gong morning: I liked this one, very easy and poetically energetic in it's movements. This morning I had feelings of not enough sleep because I stayed up merely 30 minutes longer. It resulted in me napping again for an hour - it seems every 30 minutes of sleep I miss out on, the forumula to catch up on is double that missed. Sleep is such a sensitive thing that has such a big impact if not respected. I also did not want to run but I just pushed myself 10% and by the time I'm mid-way through this Qi Qong practice I'm 100% excited to go run. Grateful for my perseverance, for when I can light up my consciousness. Felt pretty destroyed from yesterdays heavy-lifting, spent a lot of the day slowly considering my back for the future and using my legs to lift instead in aching pain, haha! It's mostly gone and I should feel better tomorrow. I checked my library account and I forgot to renew my book, I tried to and found out someone had held a reserve for it. So I walked down to the post office and sent the book back, it was the new one I was reading :( I guess I can re-read Six Pillars with more precision and to practice the exercises this time which is the plus side. Did gardening for 2 hours 45 minutes. I checked the weather and it shows to be raining on Friday afternoon so I aim to speed up tomorrow to get it done as fast as humanely possible. My sister and partner are leaving tomorrow morning to Australia for a wedding and coming back on Monday. My biggest issue right now is not having goals clearly defined. I will use this peaceful absence of others to figure this out I listened to a podcast by the Art of Charm on Comparing Ourselves with Others that I find quite important in this day and age of Social Media and want to share it with you. Btw most of AoC's content is gold, check out all their other stuff if this interests you.
  6. You'd likely still need to cut out other posts since it will only export a thread. I might be wrong.
  7. Day 8: It's jjjjjjjjournal time!! One full week in already, baby! (Edit: damn, would be a full 23 days already, if I didn't relapse for a week in the middle of it!) Feeling better every day, still lacking the vital means of stress management due to not being able to do gaming but I'll manage it somehow. No cravings today, which is a good sign :) Yesterday evening I decided to give a shot at trying to sleep around 10:30pm, which is actually super duper early for me. Managed to fall asleep almost instantly and to stay asleep through the night, but had some terrible nightmares... I am talking about sleep because it's a major thing for one's wellbeing - I couldn't take a good night's sleep for granted in many years. I had so much difficulties with sleep due to excessive gaming and stress caused by depression and such things. This morning I managed to get up at about 6.50 and I was feeling so much motivated to study, right away. Had my usual breakfast (which has become a habit now, YAY!) and headed for the university. Now I have already studied the whole morning and still have a couple of hours more to go - nevertheless I am not feeling stressed at all, which is awesome. One of the things that I need to be able to keep in moderation, is coffee. I quit drinking coffee like a month or two ago, switched into drinking green tea at first - consuming up to 8 cups a day. Not good :D Started having a slight nausea after a while and ultimately had some other stomach problems too so I needed to switch into drinking rooibos. Rooibos is actually good. I am still drinking it like a cup or two per day, but I got the same stomach problems from consuming it more... And I like to drink something all the time - I need to have the cup to satisfy my needs :D So now I have to manage with two cups of coffee a day, having one at around 8 o clock in the morning to kickstart the day and then having another one later, or to be more exact - right now. In the evening, I'm just planning to hit the gym and maybe look for some meditation guides, provided that I have time for that, before I need to crash onto a bed again! Gonna make this another productive day!
  8. Ahh cool, yeah a tutorial would probably be worthwhile :)
  9. It IS possible to download a whole thread (even with multiple pages) to a pdf. I took this thread as an example and downloaded it as a pdf. Unfortunately, its not an easy 'click-to-download' solution, its a bit more technical, but in the end not that hard to do. If you guys (and girls) want I can write a tutorial. test.pdf
  10. @info-gatherer You can follow that same rule in Spain actually. Despite not being the average southerner (I don't get recognized as one sometimes by the people itself, though the people from the north easily tell me apart apparently), south feels like home. I was about to write about this the other day and now I got the chance again. South of Europe is what I'd call home. With the poverty, crime, low education, close-mindedness and even being called a northerner, it still is home. Not in the sense of "ideal place for someone to settle", that one you can choose it. For me the term home works like family. You are born in it, and there are many things you don't like or conflict with you. It may even feel imposed on you sometimes. But at the end of the day, family is still family (not necessarily blood-related) and home is still home. You live with it. You may do with the place whatever you want or feel you need to do, take it or leave it, but it's always there, inside you. I would be much more 'comfortable' in a capital, with things to do, places to go and plenty of space in several meanings of the word to express myself, opportunities that I wouldn't have here (south of Spain, of Italy, Greece, etc). And I'm sure I'll be spending some time in cities. But I detest them man, on a spiritual level if that even exists. Here the atmosphere is relaxed, the people is warm, the climate is great, the food is to die for. It has charm, soul. And still works because there is something that passes as government, people still have jobs and routines and do their stuff, we are not in anarchy. So despite not being fully suited for the alternative, I'm still not an 'urban' person I guess. That said, cities in the north of Italy are a must go. I'll also check out your recommendations. I'm interested in Sardinia, not the usual destination, I'll try try to give it a look as well. True as death the transport thing holy shit. Also if we met, I'll probably have a weird mix of campanian-sicilian-spanish Italian accent lol. Just so you are informed.
  11. Day 51 (Day 1 NoNetflix & NoSugar) Earlier update as I have work later today. Today marks then start of a proper Netflix detox, I also decided that I will give this sugar thing a go, if I don’t I’m gonna end up relying on that to soothe any emotional turmoil that arises. I really need to be able to just sit with discomfort. What a world we live in that we must detox ourselves from the things that have come to make up the very fabric of our society. I’ve meditated, wrote in my gratitude journal, had a healthy breakfast and prepped my food for work. I plan to do a workout this morning and then play some guitar before heading off to work. I had a little sing yesterday too :) I had a meeting at work on Monday and it went a lot better than I had anticipated, I think that has gone a long way to allieviating the underlying sense of anxiety I’d been feeling. I don’t think I’d really acknowledged just how much those concerns were affecting me. Often if I mention my stress or worries to friends I will do it in a really casual and joking sort of way, as if it’s not a big deal, I think over the years this attitude has perhaps been assimilated into my self-honesty, preventing me from really appreciating the severity of certain issues in my mind. Food for thought.
  12. The date is happening :) Going out for drinks at a lounge type bar in her town. I'm pretty nervous haha - But excited too. I know just before picking her up, my anxiety level will be high as fuck but i'm just going to embrace it. Let go of it and just try my best to be chill, let loose. Fuckk, i'm actually quite scared haha Not gotta let any doubts rule me anymore, screw that - I've been doubting my ability for too long. I'm letting go. Whatever happens, happens. I've proved to myself that I can build attraction in nightclubs, I can kiss girls in nightclubs. I've proved to myself that I can keep a text conversation going. I've now proved to myself that a girl wants to go on a date with me. Now let's go prove to myself that I can actually go on a date. May this be the start to my dating life. - Brad
  13. A truly inspiring journey so far. Will definitely remind people of how hard this addiction is to overcome, but that there's always a way out of it too. Keep up the effort, it will be rewarded ;)
  14. Welcome! What an inspiring story, realized I was in a pretty much similar situation when I quit, having learned 4 languages, been a musician for some years, doing a lot of sports etc. but the gaming was still there to affect me and it stood in the way of my goals. It's nice that you realized the problem at the right time. I wish you luck with your journey and am hoping to hear more about it!
  15. Keep at it ! :) You're doing very well!
  16. Hey there, @Piotr Is this a lingering feeling lately? It seems you just had a nice time at the barbecue with friends. I think those are great times to look back upon. Happiness never stays in one place in life. It comes and goes, never consistent. It's unfortunate, but that's how life is, truly. Jann Arden, a famous Canadian singer, once stated "I'd rather be content, than be happy. At least contentment stays with you even though life can get unbearable." I never understood what she meant until recently. Happiness is fleeting. Now, your question about the longer feelings of emptiness.....I wonder if you feel other things are missing in life? You definitely have the social component already, as you described you felt happy around your friends at the barbecue. So, maybe you can ask yourself questions like, what am I missing in life? Do I lack something spiritual? This can be a Higher Power, or feeling content around nature, meditation, etc. Maybe explore that side of yourself. Do you miss having an activity that means something more to you? Sometimes it's about giving back to a community, or giving to a person, or a cause. Whether that's political, social activism, environmental issues, preservation of a species that is endangered, world wide issues like poverty, creative writing, expressing yourself through poetry or art or sculpture. Essentially, do you feel like you lack a purpose in life? And those are questions to ask yourself, as you are the expert and have the answers deep inside. I hope this helps.
  17. I completely respect your decision to leave. I hope you did gain a lot of positive feedback here. I admit, I am saddened to learn that you're going. There are not many females on this forum, and it's hard to lose another community member. Your insights have been invaluable. And if you decide to come back, you'd be welcomed with open arms. Sincerely, Dani
  18. I hope you're doing ok. :/ I can recommend one helpful thing to do, especially if you're going through some up and down emotions. Keep a consistent sleep regime. I really stress this because I know that lack of sleep or any major and prolonged disturbance in my sleep, will make me emotional. Sleep is a foundation to feel good and to regulate our bodies and mind. It also helps ease anxiety if you have a rested sleep. I just want to say that you're doing so well with your detox, and it's great you have a new job! I think you have a lot of things to do, and look forward to besides gaming. Take things slowly, don't over-load yourself with too many activities that it costs you energy, and sleep. That's the only unsolicited advice I can give. This applies to myself and everyone, really. It took me a while to figure out that I'm more of a morning person, and have more energy to do tasks earlier in the day than at night. It might be different for you, in that you could be a night-owl. So, it's just a matter of figuring yourself out, and having enough rest every day so that you feel good. Take care.
  19. Awesome! Glad you've gone through the most difficult part: going for the first time. Looks like you did it right, doing research beforehand and pushing yourself to improve your technique once in the water. Also, great to hear that you were happy with your shirtless image. Proud of you man. Here's a tip to help with your breathing: exhale while your head is underwater so you only have to worry about inhaling when you rotate your head above water. Doing both in that brief moment is miserable. Also, try experimenting with how many strokes until you breathe. When you breathe an odd number of strokes (three is a good starting point) you'll be gold, because each three stokes you'll breathe on the opposite direction which will keep you swimming straight. Odd to hear about the skin condition; could be an allergic reaction to the chlorine. As for the hair, if I understand correctly, similar things happened to me. Some of my buddies on the swim team would have green tinted hair for the chlorine, and for me it acted as a sort of hair gel making it one solid mass. Taking showers at the pool after swimming helped.
  20. @BigOlBeartic That corny song lyric mirrors similar sayings that have been passed down from warrior traditions for thousands of years. It still stands today. I appreciate your optimism and am glad you feel comfortable enough to be open with us all here. It means a lot. Electronic entertainment today: some anime at night My most valuable possession is a 2 cent gray Bic pen. Let me explain. One day when I went hiking I forgot to bring a pen to mark the path I would go down on my map. I was very frustrated, but was finally able to get one for free from a nearby gift shop. I told myself that this was a valuable reminder to stay focused in life. As time passed I put it in the medical bag I keep in the trunk of my dad's car to act as a reliable spare. This morning I retrieved it and put a piece of clear tape on it. On the tape I wrote in sharpie pen, "Nindo: Believe". Nindo is the Japanese word for one's creed among the shinobi. This creed would differ wildly from person to person, and I had an important one. My creed is to always believe in myself. The times I fail are when I lose sight of my inner strength and begin to feel like a frail and impulsive child again. I did a set of hill sprints this morning and then had a very productive class. I caught up on many online quizzes and studied some pharmacology. When I got home I continued to study, helped cook dinner, and texted/called friends I had been ignoring since last week. After doing all of that I started having urges to game and watch shows on my laptop. I tried to fight it using sheer willpower, but I knew I was going to lose. Reading, writing, and listening to music didn't help that much. I then desperately looked for my pen, but realized I misplaced it once I changed out of my school uniform. So I caved. I started watching a lot of anime again. And then I knew I couldn't afford to be doing this, so I redoubled my efforts and looked all through my house for that darn pen. I checked every place at least three times. I became so angry that in my head I shouted, "I'd rather die than lose this pen!" I walked a few steps over to the couch and picked up a blanket to have the pen fall out of it. I'm not a superstitious person, but I want to believe that the universe was looking out for me. A hint at a higher purpose. I'm keeping this pen in my lap even as I type. It is my reminder that I am strong.
  21. Day 54, It's been relatively smooth sailing. Gets easier as the days carry on. I've overall progressively more and more productive as time carries on. I had my cousin reach out recently, he's big in the competitive gaming scene. We were catching up, mostly game chat. I end up sharing an old video I saved (literally the only one I ever saved) of a game I played where I did a real cool thing. I was a small little smirk moment for me, but I've been too focused on moving forward to think about going back now. I'm motivated on getting to a place I want to be. I feel like I've woken up from a long, long slumber. Now awake to only want to catch up and make some cool stuff. See ya again in 6ish days.
  22. My pre-teen self hates to admit it but you’re totally right :) he’s great. I’ve been to Paris a couple times in the past few years, but I’ve never been to Peru (or Canada, or anywhere past that long large atlantic ocean). guess I should start saving my loonies XD It’s 2.20 am and I finished studying 2 minutes ago. I’ll wake up at 9. I’ve got 2 more days for re-reading a biography and an anthology of XIII century italian poems, let’s gooo please someone call the asylum, they need to make room for one more guest jk I’m trying
  23. Yesterday
  24. I like the idea but I think @stablish hasn't found a way to add that functionality. Maybe in the future.
  25. Well that’s not an easy question as it looks. I used to travel all over italy when I was a child, with my parents, but as a young adult I traveled mostly abroad. And, I never traveled that much in southern Italy (except islands: sicily and sardinia). I’ve been to Naples just once, for example. Public transport in south of Italy is just plain terrible, so the best choice would be to rent a car. Last year I’ve been to Salento (a sub-region of Apulia) and I really liked it. Check out Lecce and Gallipoli. It was the first time I could smell the sea again since when I started smoking. Also, the food is superb and cheap, and there’s a lot of art too if you like baroque architecture. The locals are simple folks and warmhearted, although too much interested in tourists’ money, and the great majority of them has low education. As a general rule, the more you venture into southern italy, the poorer the regions are (again, with the exception of islands, expecially sicily). Cultural differences are tangible: culturally speaking, I feel more at home in a european capital than in southern italy. Berlin is more similar to Tuscany (my region) than Tuscany is to the deep south. It’s a very different world, totally worth visiting, expecially if you have someone to show you around :) edit: p.s. I may visit naples in the summer, I’ll send you a PM if that happens
  26. Tuesday Gaming Day 31, NFNP Day 3 Extremely hard to make it to NFNP Day 3. But I'm here. Now that i'm at this point for some reason, my urges drastically reduced, hope it stays this way! Morning 0.5 H: Swimming So I went swimming! Mustered up a huge amount of effort to get my ass up at 5:20 to leave the house to swim. Some things I learned: -I need a swim cap. water in my ears! + my hair is literally dead. maybe from the chlorine or prolonged exposure to water. - -I'm not good at swimming: I spent the whole time trying to figure out how to breathe properly. The other swimmers made it look so easy. I kept telling myself, turn your head to breathe when you lift your arm for the next stroke. I watched some videos before I left which helped a little, but it was harder than it seemed. In the end, I told myself I wouldn't leave until I did these 2 tiny laps in a row while breathing ~ forget breathing correctly, just at least gasping for air instead of just stopping, breathing, then starting to swim again. lol. -After asking around, I got an e-mail to which to ask about swim lessons. I hope to learn proper techniques and stuff here. -I felt ok with my shirt off. Not too bad. When I came out of the pool, I actually looked good. -Gonna schedule an appointment with dermatologist before I go back though. Swimming made a skin problem I had flare up~ ever morning i get these sort of white flakes, (dry skin) under my eyebrows. Whenever i try to get them off, they take the hairs off too. Some friend has also commented about this. Swimming made it worse though. After I got out of the pool, the area of my eyebrow more towards the middle of my forehead was literally white with all that skin. Gross, i know. I shower every morning so don't judge me xD. Idk what causes this. Tired of feeling self conscious about this so I'm gonna see a derm about it, and then go back to swimming, hopefully with those lessons =)
  27. @Arch Exactly that! (Side note: as I type this my no screen time rule still seems to have vacated the premises...)
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