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  2. Just saw it in the news that a special large gamepad was designed weighing 30 kilograms and 1.5 metres in height. The aim is to develop the player’s muscles as he is struggling to press the buttons on it. It looks like an ordinary gamepad, only much larger (about the size of a large flat screen tv) The idea is that you can’t really get hooked. You just tire yourself out after about half an hour of playing.
  3. Thanks Jason, my drawing skills are improving thanks to some classes I'm taking on Skillshare. For years I had about a 3rd grade skill level at drawing, but I think I am up somewhere around 4th or 5th now. Still getting used to drawing on my laptop though, and I think I have been using entirely too low resolution. Next image will be 4x this resolution. I find that I balk at authority - because, HEY I'm American - even my own better angels. My typical relapse looks like this: Me: Damn I miss gaming. Angel: You know better than this... Me: (starts the download) yeah I'
  4. Day 65 Days w/o gaming: 65 Day satisfactory level: 6/10 Refining my schedules for the day. Still fighting for a better life 💪. Best Jason
  5. It's been an awful lot of time; every time I tried to come back I wrote some kind of preliminary text and then dropped it. I'm going to try the bullet form since there's a lot that's been going in my life and I was already under the impression I've been neglecting and leaving a lot of stuff uncovered since probably mid 2017, when my posts began to be more (intermittent?). I mean, I have no obligation, but it's always comforting to look back. I also have a small handwritten diary. I write there from time to time: small pieces, usually in some sort of prose, and it helps me getting out of a
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  7. Ok so today was also suboptimal. I was planning my whole day around this 3-4 hour lab slot in the afternoon. I had a lecture in the morning and went right to university afterwards only to find out the lab time for today was canceled and nobody told me. This pissed me of a little because I even asked in the group chat but apparently no one noticed. So I went home again and basically lost 2 hours of my day for nothing. Atleast I had lunch with a friend and rode my bike a little. The main problem was that I am not dealing too well with sudden changes like that in my plan because I feel like as so
  8. Ikar

    Ikar's Diary

    2-year anniversary here. Happy anniversary Martin! 😄 I've done a lot of work over the course of the last two years. I've started some habits, jobs and relationships and quit others. I've definitely picked up a lot of wisdom and common sense too! --- Day 729: I visited my family, researched finances a bit and did a few minor things. Day 730: I had English classes, worked on the thesis, talked to the Spanish girl and played desktops in the evening. Day 731: I had English classes, worked on the thesis, shopped and went for a walk. Day 732: I had E
  9. Day 2 of 90 Ironically today my plans where ruined by the weather, unlike yesterday , it rained a lot and i couldn´t get to the library , ended up not working that much and ony attended classes, also didn´t got up as early as i wanted unfortunately.On the plus side didn´t touch video games which is a plus. I am not really feeling like writing so i guess this entry will be pretty small, unlike many others here this first two days are no being easy at all, hope things get better.
  10. I think that you will never delay a task if you are taking care of your needs and your mind has returned to a good work/rest pattern. Discipline starts to falter when you are sacrificing too much of your health to get something done. That is why habits like internet browsing and video games develop: because they can distract you and give a temporary escape. They then create an unhealthy cycle of its own. Worked example: I was in the office feeling tired and unable to focus. It was just enough for me to log on to game quitters for mental energy and focus to come out of reserves. This
  11. Hi, I also live in Germany and my Story (so far) sounds very similar. I have also lived my life as a passenger and just managed to get through everything with above average grades while procrastinating a lot. No one knows about my problems. Honestly I have also failed to quit multiple times. Currently I‘m also in a bit of stress because my finals are in 2 weeks and I can‘t motivate myself really. The only thing that helps me currently is going for short walks and doing short workouts. Also listening to music instead of gaming is a good alternative. No reason to be ashamed, we all shar
  12. Hola mi amigos. *Day four enters from left of stage* Today has been extremely good for me. in the morning my sister and I played Unstable Unicorns while waiting for my stepdad to take us to school, she won. the when we got to school I was overjoyed since I got back my History, English and Spanish grades and they were very high (the English was around 75% and it was marked on a GCSE or year11 grading scheme) and me Andy friends have fully arranged when and where we will meet up. However it was extremely funny when at break a seagull pool on my blazer (part of my school uniform) though stud
  13. Hi. Im really sorry to hear about your attempts of the ninety day detox but if it makes you feel better I tried twice and failed as well. I know the feeling of doing things you know you shouldn't to continue gaming and then drowning out the feeling with more gaming. I just want to let you know that you are not alone and though I'm new too game quitters seems to be working already and the community and Cam will always be there for you if you are going to relapse or simply need to vent Best of luck in you journey.
  14. Hello everyone, I'm in my mid-twenties I live in Germany and I've been gaming ever since I was a kid. I procrastinated everything until the very last minute with gaming and last semester even last-minute didn't get me going. Nobody knows how big this problem is because most of the time in my past I managed to get the stuff done just in time. I got through school with above average grades and even through my entire bachelor's degree. I think I could have gone on like that for even longer. What changed is that I moved for my masters degree and those friends that always got me going are far awa
  15. Positive: It seems the Reiki is actually working or did work the other day. Yeah I was meditating on the Reiki the other day and it actually went kind of well and my body seemed to be healthier. And I guess my energy too. I went to PT yesterday and that went pretty well. They fixed up my crutches so it's less strain on my shoulder and pushed me to do some uncomfortable stuff that will make my knee heal up even if it means a small amount of soreness. I feel happpy and optimistic from working on it and seeing improvement. I'm working to be more positive and jump over my hurdles. It's workin
  16. taichi


    feeling considerably better after cooking and eating with my sister.
  17. taichi


    ok wow I need to write I tried to meditate for 20mins yesterday and the day before, and both times came out of it feeling quite tense and hyperactive. I had a compulsive wank this afternoon and right now I am feeling out of control. I played a game (I have been playing games quite liberally the last five months or so) in the weekend, a fighting one with online matchmaking. The competition was making my heart pound harder and harder after each new round, the emotional residue of which adds to how tense I am in random idle moments. There is a lot more I would like to write down he
  18. Day 64 Days w/o gaming: 64 Day satisfactory level: 7/10 Day could of been better. Still got a lot of things done. I'm happy knowing that I have been fighting hard for a good life. Best Jason
  19. Last week
  20. Hey @The Chosen One, I feel you! Last week (and this one too, honestly) (and the week before last week too, ehh) I have been receiving a lot of bad news that just keep piling up. Although I do not know the impact of your bad news and the current state of life, I do think that I have felt very similar to what you are feeling quite recently. I'm sorry that you are going through this, and hope that things will get better soon! What helped me get past this series of unfortunate events was to simply force myself to keep trying- I got rejected from 10 out 10 places I applied for (so far,
  21. Day Thirty-two Not much to report. Been a busy past few days. Moving out and new semester has gotten me super busy. Good changes though, keeps me away from indulging too much. Tired on most evenings, sticking to books and shows for now.
  22. So today was actually not thaaat great. I was productive most of the time but I also slacked off a little here and there. Tuesday is a bit of a difficult day because my lectures are close together so I only have about 2 hours between them, makes it a little hard to squeeze something in there along lunch. Because of that I just watched some youtube after lunch for like an 40minutes which is too long and a bit of a time waste, but I am still struggling a little to find something useful that I can do in 40minutes. I think summarizing a lecture would have made sense I think I will do that from now
  23. dirkj3


    No I don´t I just use my time watching Youtube that leads me to having very little time and everything falls short. I think just quitting is not gonna solve my problems...I thought that might as well start gaming again because im just replacing video games with YT.. Thank you very much though.
  24. How much do you actually revise then? From morning till night? I suggest monitoring the amount of material memorized in two different approaches. You can already look back to how much you’ve revised using the old method. So now you’ve got to allocate an hour or more in the day to strength building. It has to be cardio or a sport of some sort because that improves blood circulation and metabolism. Also its good to preplan what you will revise in a day and plan to do the most important thing first. At the end of the day check how much you’ve revised. If you track that, my bet is y
  25. Week 2 I made it another week. It's now two weeks since I last gamed. 🥳 The beginning of last week, I didn't get much done. I thought about returning to video games a lot. I didn't get much sleep, finish much work, or do much. I watched seasons 5 and 6 of Futurama. I was binge watching, so I cut my self off by temporarily misplacing my tablet on Thursday. Later in the week, I started getting better sleep, and waking up earlier in the morning (7 - 8am). I also got more done, and read a bunch of random articles online. As courses are online, it's easy to underestimate how muc
  26. Note: I'm not a native English speaker, so sorry about any typo or syntax nonsense! I remembered the first game i played, Counter Strike 1.6, i must had been 7 at the time.Playing games as always been a huge part of my life, and until recently i never looked at it as a problem.Going through school i never had problems with grades even though i would spend hours and hours a day playing ,i was always good at school especially in physics(my favorite hobby other than gaming). Things in my life took a huge turning point two years ago when i entered college.My naive self at the time, having e
  27. Buenos dias. Day 3 I am very thankful for how kind everyone has been and really means a lot to me that I am not alone in this journey. Today has been really good. I woke up refreshed and ready to go to school and found out some of my test results. I am planning to meet a few of my friends at the local Wildlife park and we are going to play games and chill. over all my life has started to regain some colour since quitting games and I now appreciate the beauty of the world around me. Best of wishes in all your journeys-Ted A huge thank you to Po and TheNewMe2.0 for their ki
  28. Thank you Po for the well wishes, I will let my parents know that you support their decision.
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