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  2. Hey Jacob, I fully believe in you, man. Your story sounds rough, but it doesn’t define you. Gaming doesn’t define you, and the regret of having lost so much time doesn’t define you. It’s never too late to start over, and I bet that you will have decades ahead of you to build a happy, purposeful, and fulfilling life. Wishing you well.
  3. Hey Greyson, I want you to know that I support you. I’m also an artist, actually a choir director, and I’m familiar with the detrimental effects that gaming can have on one’s craft. But I know that you, like so many of us, can learn to cope in new ways and continue to grow without gaming. I’m not going to pretend I know what it’s like to be in your shoes, because I don’t. At the end of the day, we’re all just people trying to figure out our place in the world, and my take is that we only have one shot at it. So why not make it the best shot possible? Anyways, I hope you found this encouraging. I’m wishing you the best of luck, man.
  4. Hey everyone, my name is Jonny and I’m deciding to quit gaming for good. Well, honestly, this is my third attempt at quitting. I had first quit in 2017 with the help of Respawn, and life was awesome! I felt like I had a lot of forward momentum and things were looking up. Then I broke my wrist. On top of that, i went through an excruciating series of surgeries. My life was seemingly pulled out from under me. So, to cope and pass time, I started gaming again. In that instance, I gamed for about 3 months, then stopped. I decided I wanted to try again at building healthy, productive skills outside of gaming. I stopped again for about a year, then relapsed earlier this year. On reflecting, I think I got back into gaming to cope with stress as well as create a sense of purpose. The irony is that I feel the most depressed, lonely, and helpless that I ever have in my life. I’m desperately looking to pull back this crutch so that I can sort my life once again. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to build community as a young adult. I dived pretty hard into my career, only to find years later that I have very few significant connections, which is heartbreaking. Anyways, thanks for reading!
  5. I rebounded tonight. I finished two of the three components I struggled with last week. I am taking tomorrow off and will return Monday in a better mood ready to go. I feel like I can sleep easier tonight. I'm going to consult my therapist about buying electronic drums. A beginner set of drums is around 500. I don't want to get real drums because they're fucking loud and I don't want to disturb my neighbors. I watched a video of a guy playing the drums with headphones on and you could barely hear the drums. It was like he was hitting a hardcover book. I also thought about passive income methods. I think i want to try making inanimate objects in blender and sell them for $1. People use these for props in games, animations, and stills. It will help me practice, build my own library, and make some cash. My second idea is I'm an expert draftsman with civil engineering so I was thinking of making tutorials for cad. I also wanted to make some study tutorials for structural engineering. I'm very good at both as I'm almost licensed and have a master's degree in it with several years of experience. I enjoy teaching and if it can help me bring in a few hundred dollars per year then that's a few weeks of groceries covered.
  6. It's strange reading about you talking to people when I haven't talked to someone in person in about 3 weeks lol. Sounds productive though.
  7. Day 732. What a number. I would have thought that i would celebrate the 2 years. But because of covid crisis its still not possible to go out and meet people. Last week has been kind of very rough for me and i think too for other people trying to stay off gaming. Literally caught in your home its hard to find anything beside cleaning and tv you can do. I really watch a lot of tv nowadays and i could barely pull myself from ordering a ps4 the other day. Still would be better than PC though cause i wont play online but still a way into the wrong direction. Cause Corona will end and so will my isolation. I cant really understand how i did this when i was still gaming. Not leaving the house. Not having social contacts in real life. Not moving. Day after day. Now iam really suffering from it and all i want is to socialise and even go to the gym. You realize the things you had when they are gone. Still i think thats also a good point. Its also a time to think. About what you really want from life and who you are. Who am I? Beside a mixture of always sleepy and hungry, i dont know .. ; P Maybe i will find out. Theres still 3 weeks left of the no contact orders the government did.
  8. That's a good attitude. Along the way you might find a solution to the sleep. You haven't needed 12 hours of sleep your whole life I'm assuming so I don't think this will last forever. Screw the bible group. You already have a firm belief in God and practice. I think you should find a fun group or activity that lets you be aggressive. I suggest a recreational sport or music or something. Sometimes when I'm in groups I'm ready to snap at people because I want to take my frustrations out on them. There are healthier ways.
  9. It's okay to think about your future, but remember to come back to the present. “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.”
  10. Day 122 NF 91 Np 76 Med 62 Positive post: I walked for an hour, finished a book on christian dating and talked to a friend on zoom. I am doing the best I can do live a good life and be a good person. It's not easy. I am really trying though. I'm cutting out the Bible study group, shows that make me feel dark and this bible study podcast too. They all made me feel dark and I didn't like it. I was kind of getting snippy with people. That's one of my telltale signs that something I'm doing isn't working for me. Even though I live a life of mediocrity. It has some semblance of peace. That peace is worth defending even if it means not going on dating apps right now and not having more than one friend who lives in another country. Even if I work at a job where I'm not making that much money and still am not earning residency hours yet. I'm also not yet able to sleep less than 12 hours a night so even if they offered them to me I wouldn't be able to work full time. They don't know that yet though and hopefully my body is someday able to function with 10.5 hours of sleep a day so I can fit the full time hours into my day. Like @BooksandTrees said, working and sleeping isn't that bad of a life. It could be better, but it could always be a lot worse too. I could have no friends instead of one. I could have no job, be earning less money, have no relationship with my parents etc etc. I'm just going to do a gratitude list for all the good things I have in my life because I have a lot going for me even if it's not the perfect life. I smiled on my walk because the rural neighborhood makes me feel good when I go. I'd like to live in a more spaced out place like that. I accomplished finishing a 9 hour audiobook. I am grateful for my friend, my parents, job, money, hours I've accrued toward licensure, weight I can lift, drawings, kindle, bible, and prayer. God bless Erik
  11. Yesterday
  12. Hi Y'all, My name is Greyson and I am addicted to video games. I'm trying very hard to quit, and have set up tools to be able to, but I keep getting this compulsion to do it. I have Tourette's and OCD which make it even harder for me to quit video games, for I fixate on them a lot because of my OCD, and then my fixation becomes too much to bear so I play it. It's ruining my relationships with my family, and I don't really have many close friends. I know that if I continue playing video games, I'll fail out of college and that is the only thing going for me for I am a superb video editor and film score composer, but what's going to keep me from succeeding in life is the one thing that is making my life out of control, and that is video games. I want to take back control of my life, and although it will be extremely hard for me to not play video games, I know I have to quit for I don't want to ruin my relationship with my family or lose control of my life. I'm 20 and going to arts school to be in the film industry, and I am a super brilliant, creative person when it comes to working on films and doing homework for school, but I just can't stop gaming, and it has come to a point where I've hit rock bottom and I need help getting back up. I hope all of you can understand, and I hope I can do my best to quit and restart my life!
  13. Thomas, it is never too late. Well done for making the first step. We are here for you.
  14. I am Freddie and I don’t want to be a videogames addict. After giving in yesterday, on the 3rd day, I played in the afternoon after lunch and though I did have fun, I played longer than I wanted to in the name of progress that is, the point beyond boredom. Desperate times, and I decided on the Malcolm X approach: ‘by any means necessary’ - although I didn’t delete my PSN account the PS3 has been put in a cupboard (not the one in the kitchen) and the TV back in its box. But next on my mind: donate the games, or leave them at the parents’? Not that this was the time to do it, given what’s going on in this world, and I should apologise, but I went ahead with the latter. I'll try to write more tomorrow as I'm tired and want to get back to my book. Also wanted to say that I think this is the best time to do the 90 day detox and I hope to give myself unto music. :)
  15. well if it is hard to establish a morning routine, maybe start with something that is easy. A morning routine does not need to start early. Doing a couple of things right at a later time is also great. Maybe establish some grooming, regular shaving or not checking emails at first. Or spending your first time for mindfulness, meditation, yoga or a good healthy delicious meal. I don't know, what you might like. 🙂
  16. @Marek I am the same regarding work! @Icandothis Thank you so much for your support! Day 10: Sorry for not posting the last 2 days, I promise I haven't played a single game and I spent nights drawing and editing videos but also having some existential crisis. Basically stopping video games put me in a place where I'm really considering my future as an artist and a military, how can I deal with both at the same time? I've never drawn this much since I quit gaming and the more I draw the more I'm getting in touch with that child I was who had this dream of drawing as a career. I'm looking up a lot of content regarding professional concept artists and comic book artists. I'm wondering why I'm not pursuing it right now. All my life people told me it's because the art field is hard and I'd lack money if I didn't have a job to live. So right now I'm trying to make a long term plan that includes improving at art while growing an online community to promote my work. At the same time I'm thinking to keep my job as a military until my employment contract is over, which will be in 6 years from now. My head is boiling with thoughts and the coronavirus doesn't make it any easier, when you witness how the world is changing and what's happening you're kind of forced to think about your life a lot. I can't help it and video games aren't here anymore for me to escape. I believe the truth is that I've always wanted a carrier in art but I'm too afraid to lack money and I know very well how a lack of money can be stressful. So yeah sorry if all this doesn't make any sense I'm just thinking a lot about my future right now. In the meantime I modified my workout a bit in order to seperate muscle groups, rest times should be much better now. Anyway thanks for reading and take care everyone! See you tomorrow, Laurie
  17. Ikar

    Ikar's Diary

    Day 342: I did a bit of Forex, read, did Duolingo and then cycled to my friend who lives some 15 kilometers away. We mostly chilled, talked to each other and took a walk in the forest. I was a bit peeved, because he spent a lot of time on his phone chatting with his girlfriend, but he noticed that and he told me that I have a bad luck of coming to visit him when he's having more a intense period (pun intended) with her. He seems to be stalwart and knowing what he's doing though. We agreed that there needs to be a degree of discipline in relationships that needs to be upheld. I think things would've gone very differently for me if I knew that two years ago. Day 343: I slept over at my friend's. Afterwards, he drove me to pick up my car from the paint shop. It definitely looks better now. I then helped my dad to bring a new TV to my parents' house. Afterwards, I drove to pick up my business cards, banners and then drove to my parents' to visit them after two weeks. It was nice to see them again. I also managed to sell my old bike today. I got home in the evening, had a webinar about geographic information systems and I just chilled for the rest of the day.
  18. Gus

    My Daily Journal

    28/03/2020 Bad cravings today. Gf left to Amsterdam yesterday, think not having her around to interact with made things worse. Need to develop a good routine and keep to it, especially as I am now furloughed from my work. Want to make the most of this grace period I have been given that I can.
  19. I definitely feel attraction towards real women more than porn now. It's nice. I might just buy the drums. We will see.
  20. Great! I got myself to ejaculate weekly. It also helps that you'll re-adjust to normal-world women around you as porn fades away from your mind. I'd say just do it. I don't even know how would I "practice" writing myself. I just write and if somebody doesn't like it, I'm happy my writing caught their attention for a while. At the moment, I probably write on the GQ forums the most.
  21. Detox(73) ???(0) Yeah, problem is I still don't really have anything passionate about what I do. This means that I will be stuck in a loop of exhausting myself for awhile. Still, I feel like I need to fight to establish something as basic as a early morning sleep schedule. I just have such an issue forcing myself awake early. I know some people who could stay up late and still pull through waking up early but I'm not there yet. It's frustrating. In other news, I managed to wake up early once... haha. Now I woke up at 2!!!!. Blegh. #feelsbadman
  22. Just take it day by day until you can do week to week. Enjoy the process and be ready to learn. You're in the right spot!
  23. I have recently stopped my old journal, because I feel that I have nothing more to add to this kind of format. Gathering knowledge within the topic of fitness, health, self improvement and addiction was always something that fascinated me. And now, especially during my journey and time here at gamequitters, this became more and more advanced. Now, I want to start a new topic, where I start collecting all kinds of ideas, which I think are valuable. The reason I want to share this, is that first, I like to right it down somewhere. But if I only do it for me, I feel that it is kinda lost in nowhere. Sharing it might be valuable for me to learn new perspectives and it might also help other people to gather new ideas. I like the people here at gamequitters. I give me the feeling not to be alone on my way of improvement. Giving something makes me happy. I also received a lot of good ideas here, so this mutual back and forth is very rewarding. My idea is to do it in this format: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heading Brief description to understand the point; similar like a scientific abstract. In depth exploration of the topic //Source of the information, where I found it// -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a scientific as possible to make sure that it is not just heresay. If someone wants to add something himself, like a cool idea, it would be awesome to do it in a similar fashion. If nobody reads this or cares about it. That is perfectly fine. That I still have source of all my ideas and insights. I sometimes feel lost and confused, because I don't write it down. Maybe today or tomorrow, I will write something down. I will do that, whenever I want. Not like daily. Maybe sometimes, I will have daily ideas, but maybe sometimes, I will not add anything for a week.
  24. I understand your addiction. And I have an idea: Instead of now focusing on "not gaming" and focusing on trying to get away, you can now have the chance to focus on something else. The world is your playground: Do you want to get healthy? Focus on your diet? Learn something new? Try out new things? The only idea of everything is that you use your time and energy on something that actually helps you. Gaming per se is nothing negative. Hating it certainly helped me to change my life, but it is all about your perspective. An advice that helped me: For more than 3/4 of a year, I only focused on my diet and getting ripped. It was all I cared about. I became obsessive about it. It is now even more than that. I am a working out machine. This new passion and power I was able to transform into fighting procrastination and eventually gaming. So instead of now trying to get rid of something, focus on adding something valuable and new. Start taking care of yourself, like you are a good friend of yourself. You are not pathetic, you are wonderful. You have needs, which you want to fulfill. You have goals. So far, gaming was sufficient to do that for you. Now, it is not anymore. This is your time to explore new facets of life. And don't be afraid of failing. You will fail! But that is good. You are a looser. So was I. We were loosers not because we were gaming, but because we let something let us to be controlled. And this will stop now. From now on. You will become a winner. You will take control!!! I am glad that you are here. The gamequitters are awesome people and helped me a lot.
  25. Hi, I'm extremely irritable. I stopped playing all video games yesterday and I don't know what to do. I feel alone. I'm bored and sad and angry and all I can think about is playing. It doesn't matter what the game is anymore. I don't care. I never got into playing games online so I never made any online friends. It was just me in my room. I am now 33 years old and I have spent the majority of my life (since I was 8 years old) playing video games. I feel like a loser. People around me don't understand my addiction to video games. I have attempted to stop playing for years but I always go back. I feel like it's not possible for me. It makes me sad to think about all the time I have given, to something I have come to hate more than anything. Still, I want to play. I feel pathetic. But I still I want to play. Thomas (Colorado)
  26. JPAO

    Im back

    Day 2-3, Havent broken any of my rules yet, and have been spending more time with my brothers and parents. I find this statement to be very truthful, and its the type of pain that takes some time to burn through. My issue was the slow but sure dissolving of my time being dedicated towards gaming, and the resulting depression (which started as unnoticeable, but over the past months has grown out of hand). Last time I had quit until September, when I switched careers due to a lay off and had more free time on my hands. Im hoping to get back into work shortly here, and hope that correcting my sleep schedule during these other times will help once demand returns! Thanks for commenting and welcoming me back @BooksandTrees and @Captain_Pilz always great to be reminded how welcoming it is 🙂 John
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