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  2. Day 295 Habits: Positive: (Running:98, Workout:101, Russian:180, Daily learning:4) Negative: (No gaming:0, No gaming videos: 0, No sugar:55, No takeaway:40) Productive time: 06:14:00 Yesterday was okay, I wish I did more work though. But I progressing well with my project so that is great and the main thing, but I still haven't updated my CV I just keep procrastinating it, it is terrible. I need to force myself to sit down and to it. It is not as daunting as I think it is but I keep on procrastinating it. I run experiment with 12h incubation period so I had
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  4. Overall good day. Got up late, again, but basically par for the course this week. I was not in bed as long as yesterday. Decided to work from home in the morning. Wasn't super-productive but I had no billable work so, eh? Went to work after lunch and found out I was going to get put on another project in the meantime, which is exciting since it's a cool project from what I've heard. I start on that tomorrow. It was funny though because the initial ask is something I haven't done before and is a little outside my skillset. Instantly, I was tired, cranky, and wanting to reach for my p
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  6. Waffles sound amazing, well any syrup is going to be basically just sugar. But unless consumed in excess and constantly it is not that bad. Well as long as you provide your clients with the same amount of time as before they should be fine. How much free time do you think you will gain by doing this? Good luck on your interviews!
  7. Finished day 9 > 81 days to go Entry: Feeling super tired so I am gonna make it super brief as well. Lack of motivation continues, I have trouble getting up in the morning, definitely way passed the time that I should already be up and running. I also get very easily annoyed which result in backfire at the one person I wouldnt like it happening to - my girlfriend. As she had a bad day too today I was really struggling to give her effective support.. At work I am also doing bare minimum atm. I am really looking forward to some turning point but I suspect it's not gonna come soon.
  8. Day 294 Habits: Positive: (Running:98, Workout:101, Russian:180, Daily learning:4) Negative: (No gaming:0, No gaming videos: 0, No sugar:54, No takeaway:39) Productive time: 07:41:00 Productive time: 10:34:00 Last two days were pretty good in terms of productivity yet I still played quite a bit. I luckily I was still able to focus on my work and then game later but I still feel like I put too much time into it and when I am at home I was not able to control it. But I did go for a workout as well and got as much work done as on days that I did not play.
  9. Have a good sleep, dude.
  10. End of day 2. No games today. Instead, I did a little bit of housework, reading, some weights, watched a series on Netflix, gave my car some attention, studied some Red Hat Certification and did some modelling on Blender. Feels good. Symptoms today included a strong feeling of restlessness and unease. My mind constantly brings up old games that I enjoyed in the past, and I have been mulling over never playing anything again, including all the new games I'm going to be missing out on. I have either plain ignored these thoughts or countered them by reminding myself that nobody gets a
  11. Hi Ale! Welcome to gamequitters community! Studying becoming a boredom has been a long-time problem for me so I would recommend every 20 minutes take a small break and every 60 minutes (3x20mins) switch to a new activity. Quitting Youtube and gaming has helped me achieve my goals in studying and etc. and I hope it might benefit you too as not everyone functions the same way. Although Youtube and gaming has distracted me entirely, I still watch Youtube in moderation when I am done with work and sometimes play small games with my friends with I have the time. Good luck! monke
  12. Day 56. Doing great so far. I completed all my school assignments but that one group mate pissed me off. Last night we were working on a project and she told me she cannot do the project because she did not listen in class and has other homework to do. Welp, I will hope for the best of my project then. Hope it gets an A.
  13. Ikar

    Ikar's Diary

    Day 638: I studied, visited my family and then my grandma and played desktops in the evening. Day 639: I had English classes, washed the dishes, had the uni exam and spent the evening together with the Spanish girl. Day 640: I had English classes, I relaxed, did some minor things around, talked to a friend and played desktops, but went to bed very early. Day 641: I had English classes (8 hours) and played desktops in the evening. Day 642: I had English classes, wrote this and went shopping, walk with a friend. --- I'm starting to have mor
  14. Hey ale, welcome to GameQuitters! I think you're having the right mindset over here, I agree with most of the things you've said. One thing I would recommend you think more about is how exactly you stop using Youtube. For me, I realized that since I will still use it daily for watching all kinds of things anyways (music, art tutorials, etc.), I disabled search and watch history (and deleted them as well) so that most of my recommendations are directly from my subscriptions. Not sure how much you use YouTube, but I recommend to think more about it as well! About making studying
  15. Hey Lampshade, I hope you keep posting here! Stay committed, shit happens all the time, especially when you live in a pandemic. If you feel comfortable sharing the issues, please do! Some people could offer valuable feedback at any moment, you know 🙂 Hm, that's interesting! For me, gaming has almost always been the symptom. Like, I do not think I would be addicted to games in the first place if not for some underlying tendencies of my character. I hope that gaming becoming a symptom will help you deal with addiction more easily though! Keep it up cuz I'm still reading thi
  16. Day 62 No Games: 24. I am too tired to be playing. This week has been incredibly exhausting and sleep-deprived. Somewhat productive, as I missed one of my job meetings 😞 I did well in classes and stayed on top of most of my work, but was quite forgetful. Good thing today: I got extra cuddles! Other than that, I am ready to die in bed Po
  17. @Bird By BirdI see. I'd prefer not to hate people if I can help it. I feel like it makes me in a bad mood. But I understand that it's part of our experience. Sometimes it can't be helped much. Positive: waffles today So eating waffles was good. Mom made them for me. I ate a bunch of syrup with them which was also nice. Syrup is so addictive though. It's a little too good. Especially the ones with HFC in it. The day starts late today. But I realized I can start the session like 5-10 minutes early and end a little early to squeeze out a tiny bit more free time for myself at the end of
  18. Day 2 Still committed. Pissed off about it, but still committed. This latest round isn't even really about the game. I don't know how naturally addictive MTGO actually is. Definitely less so relative to other games that I've struggled. There are no daylies to do or anything like that. It's just an easy form of entertainment that holds my attention away from the other things that I am easily distracted from. Maybe I'm at the point where my problems are less external than they used to be, and this isn't really the place to go through them. Regardless, I'm going to try to keep thi
  19. Hi everyone, I'm Ale. I recently decided to stop gaming, even if I did very little. I started playing Sea of Thieves and that was really messing up my dopamine reward sistem. Like I costantly thought about gaming and what I could do next in the game, and activities like studying became a boredom. I also decided to stop using youtube. It was a waste of time and I was messing up my brain. Now the qjuestion is: will my effort make studying more fun? I can't really do a dopamine detox because I still live with my family, but I really hope cutting out these activities will help
  20. Day 2 Feeling fine. It's always short those feelings. Anyways, the patterns I see is that school days are almost pause days, in which not much progress is made into defeating this addiction. In addition, it often leads me tired at the weekend which is where the addiction continues. I realize that I need to accept this. Just need to remind myself my path, how important it is to me.
  21. I was on fire today. Start wasn't the best. I was really tired from the past few days and slept in an extra hour. Started work from home, and was productive and motivated. Had an awesome meditation session. Went to work after lunch, killed it there too. Got home, went to gym, and then hung out with a friend online afterwards. Oh, and most importantly, I did a much better job not reaching for my phone at work today. The only time I did that was when I was bored in the middle of a meeting while my camera was off. In retrospect though, that's still building a bad habit so I shouldn't ha
  22. Haha, we're in the same boat then. I got a therapist around when that time happened, and it was the best decision I ever made. I can't tell you how many times I came to realize something by just talking out loud during a session, or having him call me out on my bs. It's been really useful to tease out thought patterns and cognitive biases that keep me stuck in the negative thought loops. Also, therapy can be a lot of work and you might not get to the mushy crying stuff or the deeper understanding of yourself right way. And if it's really not working, you can always try going to another therapi
  23. Last week
  24. Finished day 8 > 82 days to go Entry: 2nd week has started of gaming content ban I set for myself. At the same time it is getting tough at my new work, I am getting more responsibilities and are to be expected of more things to fulfill. I can feel in away as if the more I get on my plate the more I wanna quit right away.. How ironic is that in comparison to gaming addiction? I would leave this question to dwell on more.. How likely we are to give up the things that would improve our lives longterm at first hardship and how unlikely we are to do so when we are gaming..? Anyway some
  25. Hey Rich, welcome to Gamequitters! Congrats on making it this far already- it will get better from here. About trepidation: yes, you will most likely fail at first. Very few people who join this forum manage to hit 90 days on the first try. I've been trying to quit for many years now, and only now am past the three week mark. The purpose is not to succeed here, the purpose is to try. Over time you will be able to get closer and closer to 90 days, and that process of failing and trying again is the most important thing here. Don't be afraid of failure and/or struggle when trying to qu
  26. Day 1 Alright, I'm back. I really didn't want to do this but getting back to more responsibilities with work has shown that I have to. I started off alright, but the trend over the past week or so has not been good. Magic: The Gathering Online has been the problem. My success with quitting other games was largely due to each one taking a full day or so to reinstall thanks to my poo-poo internet. MTGO is like 300mb. So I'm experiencing the uninstall-re-install cycle that I've read other people struggle with. It's an enjoyable game and a damn shame to quit if I'm being honest. Unf
  27. Day 55! today can be divided by 11 and 5. ~61% through, I have a D- on my detox so far. Just watched the inauguration and wish the new presidential cabinet good luck. Doing great so far. Haven't watched a single gaming video for a month. Not very productive, bad time management.
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