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  2. New York Times: Video Game Addiction Tries to Move From Basement to Doctor’s Office
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  4. @dirkj3 spend time with friends! go out and talk with people and get to know other people in person better. Thats a fun way to replace games instead of porn/junk food. Things that are uncomfortable are just challenges to get through. It can feel depressing when things are hard, but instead of going to games or porn or tv or some sort of unhealthy thing, go relax by being with friends or doing something you enjoy (some sort of hobby besides games) :) Day 310! Eli
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  6. Glad to see you join us Mohammed! Just know that through your recovery we have your back! I think one thing you could do is find other things to do with any free time that you have. I don't know if boredom is what drives you to game (I could also be social, escape, achievement etc), but finding new ways to spend your time might work for you. I wish you the best Mohammad!
  7. Day 1 (06172018) I hope I don't keep coming back every month LOL But I haven't been writing in here because 1. I was lazy 2. Been busy, travelling and such 3. I wasn't able to detox. Yesterday, I tried to play League but it wouldn't work for some reason, thankfully. But I still watched streams and highlights and whatnot. So I'm going to count today as Day 1 and really start this process up once again. I'm going back to Korea for the summer and I really hope that this could be the game-changer, where I strive to rebuild all my habits once again. You got this. Expect me to see here every day!
  8. I went to the riverbed for meditation in the evening today. After only 10 minutes (I set myself a timer to help me not get distracted by looking at the clock how much time had past) I felt different. The forest around me sounded clearer……… the birds, the wind in the trees, some deers and even the midges sounded louder and clearer. No idea why but it reminded me of a song I recently heard :/ So, I guess I'm gonna stick to this - set myself a goal of getting up at 6 in the morning to go for a walk to the river and meditate. I don't really want to meditate at home - I like the connection to nature.
  9. Mate I have the same problems. This weekend has been really bad as I have realised that the majority of the people I interact with are work colleagues. I don't think I have my own 'tribe' or circle of friends outside of work, which I really need. Work friends are shit, all they ever want to do is talk about work and if you have heated debates then it impacts the workplace. I have tried many times to get or build a circle outside of work but it never seems to work. I always feel like I am on the outside looking in as by my age everyone has established their tribes and I'm just the outsider.
  10. That picture is fantastic! Putting it up on my wall.
  11. Congrats on the 90 days mate! Apologies I am a bit late to the party - hopefully you are feeling great! How is the Spanish going? Are you quite fluent by now? I have tried to pick it up several times in the past, so if you want to practice with a study partner I am keen!
  12. Studies are finished for the semester, so I am looking forward to prioritizing this journal over the next few weeks. The challenge will be to stay productive and attack my pile of chores and to do lists rather than just waste the next few weeks. I do need to work out how to manage the anxiety and stress over the assignment deadlines though. It really gripped and crippled me on several occasions this semester and I really did not enjoy it - it took the focus away from learning and personal development and more towards damage control/panic prevention etc. First step - sort out my hard drives and set up the backup script with @stablish help!
  13. Sorry I didn't respond before now @JustTom, I have been focusing really heavily on my studies over the last month. Didn't suffer from either depression or escapism. I got anxiety really bad because I never dealt with it for the last 5 years, so removing gaming really forced me to face that. Initially I was a little worried I wouldn't have anything to talk about with colleagues, but with the amount of podcasts I consume I seem to be relatively up to date with world affairs. Depression was around before I went on the detox as I thought I was wasting my life. Maybe it was not depression but more remorse or regret, but it had similar effects anyway. Because one of the drivers to go through the detox was to free up more time for studying and family, I made sure that time was used exactly for that rather than escaping through TV/movies/etc. I utilised Jocko Willink to help me embrace that mentality, and have several of his episodes saved as favourites on my phone that I replay often or get the urge to procrastinate. Not cravings per se now, more thoughts of nostalgia. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between the two, but Cam's videos really helped. I compared it to the nostalgia I have over old friends and being back at school etc, while they are great to think about the 'good old times', nothing I am going to do will bring those back. Same with the games, its great to think about but even if I fired up those old games, it is not going to recapture the feeling I had the first time I played them.
  14. Congrats mate! That's no small feat. Your personal development must be through the roof!
  15. Hi, My name is Philipp, I'm 21 years old, formerly had social anxiety --> turned it into just a bit more than normal shyness, formerly video game "addict" (I still don't agree on the term but for a lack of a better I'll use it) --> quit gaming for more than 100 days now, and MOST OF ALL I've no idea who I am or who I want to be. With quitting games checked on my bucket list, I decided to start a new Journal dedicated to the current path I'm on. I have no clue where it's taking me and I seriously don't know where I'd even want to go. So I guess it's more about finding out what I want from life than anything else. My life felt more and more like falling apart the last few weeks. A short time ago I stumbled upon a great video that helped me to look at this another way: So I started thinking about my current state of mind another way. I guess with the one big thing gone, that determined most of my life and even my most current career choice, my life is in a phase of change and I should adapt to it. Because as it is now, "working in the games industry" isn't even a bit of a motivator like it was a few months ago. I lost the one thing I aimed for, instead got a bunch of new friends, new interests and yeah a bunch of new questions about life in return. So, the next months I'll spend tying up the last few loose ends - meaning completing this semester's assignments and exams. And as soon as that's done, focus the three months of holidays to finding out if I'd rather drop out of university to chase a career as a craftsman or if I should focus education on animation or maybe even do something I haven't even considered yet. This means I'll have to regain confidence in trusting myself to make important decisions, something I've struggled for VERY long. I fear the responsibility that comes with making a decision. Also I'm afraid of uncertainty if it's the right one, which I know are just irrational thoughts, because most of the time, there's no right or wrong, but more of a "………. yeah, interesting choice - now deal with the consequences whatever they may be." Also a trainer suggested meditation in order to find my place in the world. So I'll give this a try too. As a sign of this new start and therefore personal growth here's a picture of the tattoo I got when finishing the 90 day challenge:
  16. Transcendency journal entry #18 Days gaming free: 0 Days procrastination free: 0 It supposed to be a transcendency year, but instead I've relapsed. Funny thing is, that I've managed to achieve all the planned tasks. Unfortunatelly, some spare time lead to relapse, which to someone unfamiliar with gaming addiction might seem like nothing, because it didn't had negative impact on my life. Still, I feel bad because of that time which is now gone, which could be used for something productive which brings result and not increase my kill counter. I crave to do things which give results, which are productive. The struggle starts again this week!
  17. Love this!
  18. Day 2: Another short entry, I keep forgetting to start writing these before its too late and I have to get to sleep to maintain my precious 8 hours. Speaking of sleep, I slept probably 9 and a half hours last night, which didn't feel so great. The mornings have been getting colder and colder where I live, and it's becoming a real struggle to get out of bed, especially when I don't have any concrete commitments that I need to get to. Unfortunately after sleeping in I decided to try and study at home rather than at the library, because I would get less hours at the library than usual before it closed. Of course I can't study at home apparently and ended up doing about half of what I intended to do, throwing my whole schedule further out of wack. I'm going to have to bust my ass a little tomorrow so I can avoid a panic attack before my next exam. Tomorrow: I'm gonna get rid of the snooze function on my alarm, and make it louder. Hopefully that works to get me awake, because moving my phone away from my bed is difficult without a cable adapter which I don't want to have to buy. I'll do what's necessary though. I'll go to the gym as well, then study at the library from 12ish to 6:30. Also definitely going to try my best to remember to start journalling a bit earlier so I can get some deeper reflection in and not the fairly surface level stuff I've written here.
  19. Thanks, I'm grateful this community exists! I don't have to blaze any trails, there are tracks right here for me to follow which makes things so much easier.
  20. Day 96, I didn't exercise or meditate today, I'm still not sure if its a good thing for me or not. After listening to Gary V so much lately, I'm leaning towards that its not but Gary's not a useful reference point for me to compare myself to. I'll raise it to everyday when I'm ready. I'm going to reschedule my Spanish learning from the late afternoon/evening to the mornings. Since it's one of the more important short term goals I want to achieve, I feel it deserves more attention where my mornings are able to give more. I talked to my oldest brother for accountability and he seemed to have a good week now that he is over his sickness. He helped remind me of where I was and where I'm now which lifted me up for the rest of the day ever-so-slighty; the power of positivity is truly magic. It can make a bad day an OK day, an OK day a good day, a good day into a great day or a great day into an amazing day. I came back to the city with all the food my mum gave me and noticed she baked a small cake and hid it in there. I didn't want to eat this cake so offered it to my house mates. They all seemed pretty chuffed and happy to eat something delicious on this Sunday night. Its nice to see how a communal sharing brightens peoples attitudes. Most of us are just in our rooms doing our own little things so rarely do several of us occupy the same space and see each other in peaceful, eye-to-eye terms, not that they're aggressive or anything just that the agenda changes from simply going to the kitchen to get food to "Oh look! We can be like a little bit of a family that can talk and share for the benefit of each other" Grateful for: mum's soup, my preservation, Sunday Accountability, my phone and paper notebook.
  21. 4TH DAY: I still experience craving and a little bit of boredom! Thanks to the software blocker, I cannot play! The craving stays for a couple of hours and then disappears. I went outside for a half hour to take some photos. I spent some time on to learn photography. I worked for about two hours on my thesis which is surely not enough! It is still difficult for me to be more productive!
  22. Days 65-66/90 | Travel Alright, today was a write off. I couldn't wake up for ages (recovering from the trip) and was sleepy and unproductive most of the day. And now it's super late because I was trying to finish up some urgent work. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day in that sense now that I've gotten some rest. Goal is to wake up before noon. Also, our clocks moved forward today, so my short-term bedtime goal is now midnight. Just making sure you guys don't think I decided to slack off :)
  23. I love that app, used it before too. I could never stay consistent with the pomodorro timer, unfortunately. But it's a great tool and if you're using it, great! Outdoor activities are the best. I do gardening on the roof and it helps me a lot to be out in the sun and enjoying the fresh air instead of being cooped up inside next to a computer screen.
  24. This is brilliant man. It seems like you're really drilling down to your core problems. You seem to have real clarity on what's causing you to struggle. You may have known it all along somewhere deep down, but now you're looking at it analytically and problem-solving. Compare it to where you were before you started this detox and journal. It's a huge step forward, isn't it?
  25. Day 2 (2/30) Today I am still afraid of: 1. the feeling of boredom 2. my crave for sensory stimulation (video game, youtube, television, junk food) 3. resistance against schoolwork 4. procrastination trap (e.g. the irrational & tempting thought that just watching youtube for 5 minute to relax a bit can eventually lead to wasting time on youtube for the whole morning/afternoon) no matter how hard I try to run away from these negative feeling, they always catch up eventually, and even be intensified. The only way to win this battle is to face my inner fear directly and, as early as possible! My goals today: 1. assessment report and treatment plan revise 2. write up new assessment report and treatment plan x 2 3. revise assessment protocol 4. write up the group plan if i can complete all of these , i will reward myself to go out running tonight*
  26. Day 92 Okay it's been 92 days so far. But I must say I'm kinda stuck on what I really want to do I still trying to find what I'm truly passionate about. I have a few hobbies and I've tried a few of them others I haven't tried yet like the DIY tech projects. I'm not even sure where to start with DIY tech projects. Like should I learn code and if so are there any free online coding courses to get me started? Besides I'm not entirely sure I want to do DIY projects I've never done them before but they do look fun. I guess my fear is that I'd get bored of it after I first start doing DIY projects. I could go back to gaming but it was hard enough overcoming that addiction and I'd rather not get sucked back into it just because I'm scared of doing something different. Granted it'd probably be easier to get into new hobbies if I didn't suffer from neophobia.
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  28. Day 59: Spent the day mostly by watching TV, eating and playing guitar. Got a friend of mine to hang out with me a couple of hours ago and we went to see the night-life in downtown. Realized it's not my thing that much anymore... Not feeling bad about that though. Or well, there is one thing: women. It seems to be hard to find any "company" these days in this country if you are not 1) using Tinder or 2) drunk at a bar. Neither of those is interesting anymore. How to turn this positive? Gotta think that at least I have time to study and develop myself now, huh? :D Tomorrow I am gonna watch a couple of episodes more of "Vikings" and then probably start learning a new language OR doing coding again to get prepped for the autumn - in case I don't get admitted for the med school. What an intresting turn of events indeed.
  29. Day #28 ***Social*** Friday I actually went to a major theater event with a favorite speaker of mine! Afterwards I went to a party. It was with old high school buddies but things went good. It's so hard to me to keep up with the flow of things. I was able to be patient and not make a fool of myself, which is all I really wanted to do. ***Work*** Weekends workweek woo. ***School*** Studying for final after work, We'll see how it goes. ***Added sugar addiction*** It's something I'll have to keep aiming at. Right now my grandparents that I live with surround themselves with it. SURROUND THEMSELVES. Thus I am surrounded by a substance which will steal so much of my potential away. Mother nature's razor is so close to my throat. I think she would feel bad about it, but if I don't carry my weight blood will rain down. -Speaking as a matter of degenerative disease and failure to reproduce, not suicide or anything. Calm yo'self- ***Gaming addiction*** So far so good. There's a new Ori game coming out 2019 after the detox is over and nothing is stopping me from playing it. IT'S ART OKAY. Will be cautious though. I don't think I have addiction as bad as other people simply because of my personality. Even when I was young I always dreamed of this day of reckoning. The day of purification. Of my sins. Of my addictions. So something in me is obsessed with balance. Keep on obsessing bro. ***Exercise*** NOPE ****************************************Factor analysis. By combining multiple factors new correlations and predictions could be made************************************ ***addiction & social*** Protective benefits noted immediately. Greater willpower and determination in goal seeking efforts. It looks to be like a multiplier to what's already there though. If I had no major goals or determination I doubt I would reap any social benefits in this domain.
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