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  2. Last night went well for the most part. I worked out again. However, I did go back on my laptop to lookup a workout that I wanted to do, since I forgot some details. That was basically the extent of it though. No big deal there. Today was a mixed bag. I was very anxious at work, and whenever I was feeling anxious, I wanted to reach for my phone. I had to meditate a lot at work today to keep my focus. I got a better hold on it towards the end of the day, though. I think the time away from the computer is exacerbating things since I naturally tend to think about all the stuff that I've put
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  4. Second the daily journal, thanks for starting it already! It is not super helpful on its own, but it is the seed from which a lot of much more beneficial things will grow from. Keep it up! I recommend to watch and read more about why one should quit gaming. There is plenty of books, videos, and articles that will help you understand why you play games and why/how you should quit them. Watching one video of @James Goodper day over the last week has helped me a great deal. About poor grades: I do not know how strong the relationship with you and your gf is, but I recommend telling. Ac
  5. Haha, totally the same case! My GF actually encouraged me to keep gaming for awhile until I explained what "addiction" really means in my case. @MoonlightI recommend very much that you start a daily journal on here. It is a good way to self-reflect, to develop a continuous habit, and to keep everyone else in this community updated on how you are doing. Seeing more of who you are and what you do would help others give you more specific, personal, and valuable advice. I believe that most of the people you talked to disagree not only because they don't see the benefits, but also becaus
  6. Oh yes, those are the best kind of hugs ever 🙂 so glad you had the courage to ask! Love how much you describe your feelings, your writing has a very nice flow to it! On the topic of coldturkey vs. moderating it down: ColdTurkey will only work if you have enough activities planned out to keep you occupied. If without gaming your day is suddenly completely empty, it will be very, very difficult. I began with moderation, slowly replacing gaming with new hobbies and activities, until I had my day so filled with things-to-do that I could go ColdTurkey. What I do: Sit down for 10-30minute
  7. Thank you very much for the support, @royal panda! I wish you the best!
  8. Day 1: I'm not really sure how to begin. I'm just sitting here in my chair staring at my screen wondering: "Well uh.. should I just toss the computer out?" I guess I can start with a positive to get this moving. Today, my girlfriend and I went out together and honestly, I didn't enjoy myself at first. The craving was there. Just kept looking at my phone, ready to get home and be...not bored. But I caught myself, and turned my attention to her. I found myself frustrated for no reason that she was trying to look for shoes and I decided to ask: "Hey babe, can I have a hug?
  9. I'm honestly tripping on my words when I say thank you so much. I've been trying to do everything at once and all it does is lead to burnout and relapse and I think structure is what I need for sure. For sure I can give that daily journal a shot. Hopefully that can at least keep me focused on whats next. Honestly, being 100% transparent here, some of those tips seem next to impossible but I will give it my all. Giving up friends of 8 years or more seems like something I can't do but I know for sure I can manage it. I've begun distancing myself from half of them so far, usuall
  10. @MuMuMelon @Le North Dreamer thx u guys so much for replying!
  11. What did you paint @Alejandro? Do you use acrylics..? Hehe I paint to so I am very curious : >
  12. So much me too... I think that it is easy to convince yourself that you can moderate when you can't. The people who can actually moderate gaming rarely get to the point where they need to join GQ heh. I am just too convinced at this point that the idea of "I used to be addicted but now I can moderate" is a convenient truth to get myself back into gaming. Maybe once I am clean for many years, and my brain has rewired itself enough to not view gaming as an addiction, I will be able to moderate... Agree, I also try to get GQ stuff done early in the morning 😄
  13. I always thought I was shy and quiet and reserved, so I began to believe that I liked "doing my own thing" as well. I've learned through many different humbling trials, that I like "doing my own thing" only in specific situations. Some days I like to cook and clean by myself, I like to take the day to be in my own space...but one or two days is usually more than enough. I used to hate presentations and being singled out...now I enjoy moments where I can teach a group of people how to do a wrestling move, or to instruct people in certain subjects that I have strengths in. I think I learn well w
  14. Put that into the suggestions forum, maybe the devs could help you get more attention to that forum! I'm so happy you figured that out! I was on a similar route, doing 10+ hours/week of exercises I didn't enjoy. Took me awhile to discover what I actually enjoy, but it feels so much better, right? I also prefer calisthenics heh. Jeez, reading the last few entries of your journal literally melted my heart, especially this part. I'm so glad you are able to do better socially, I also had a very similar issue- I could never say "no" when people would ask me for help, even if that ca
  15. Look at you go! Day 40 already... It feels so good to have momentum, doesn't it? Also, finishing homework as it is assigned has an odd satisfaction to it, without gaming you will probably be able to appreciate that habit more. Yea, I can 100% relate to this...I've talked in my posts, especially in the beginning (and the other detoxes I've attempted) about how I felt like I was always living two lives. My interactions with my family and friends were so strained and felt like obligations rather than real connections. It is incredible the stark difference between everything in my life (ev
  16. I think that moderation works somewhat well for me: I never play more than 1.5 hours per day, but also have trouble playing less than that. As soon as a game becomes exciting, I lose track of time until I hit that 1.5 hour mark, which is still too much gaming per day for me. Currently, I am able to moderate myself, but not enough. Just quitting altogether seems easier tbh. Thank you for sharing your opinion on this 🙂
  17. Day 12! Yesterday went well, I am continuing to read a lot of stuff about all the bad things going in the porn industry, and that is helping me watch less and less. Have been watching some of @James Good's videos to help me stay away from gaming as well 🙂 Showerthought: I have a habit of "doing my own thing". Sometimes it helps me be more original and innovative, but most of the time it slows down my learning speed. Gotta tune that habit down. Things that brought me joy yesterday: Reading Drawing Cats and Siblings Practicing Trombone Talking to
  18. I have less and less urges to play as the days go by but I still have this thought pop into my head a lot. I always feel like it would be amazing to make it work for me. I've seen people like the actor who plays Geralt in the Netflix Witcher series talk about how they love to game as well, and I think "well he's successful, in shape, and probably has a busy life but still plays, why can't I?" I've begun to truly realize that gaming just plain doesn't work for me. It feels like there is an inner framework that would allow me to play video games before (when I was growing up and first playing) b
  19. I do digital for more serious projects, and ink+pencil, sometimes markers for sketching. I use Procreate and Krita. Do you do art?
  20. Good luck with optimizing your sleep schedule, and thank you for sharing what causes it. Hope that you will be able to resolve the issues out eventually. 🧡
  21. Yep, and it would've felt like almost nothing got pregoressed in game. I remember that a lot with Civ. I'd spend like 4 hours just getting to the point where the game actually starts. Crazy is right! This has been it for me. It's just not possible. I've thought it through an embarassing amount and tried my hardest to make it possible but still work towards goals in a way that makes me feel satisfied. I've tried parental timers, waking up at 5am to play, all kinds of things. Never works out. It's hard accepting your weaknesses, but there it is. Dec. 1 Wow it's December
  22. Day 40: Did some painting Did some Uber Eats More painting Mini workout More Uber Eats Watched some Youtube and hit the sack Thankful for: Hockey
  23. Day 72 I have two possible jobs that I am applying for right now where I have contacts that have pushed me along in the hiring process. My god, for anyone who is in college, take the time to explore companies for internships if you want to work after you graduate. I did two research projects which definitely helps my resume as an entry level chemist but without these connections I would be screwed (and might still be). I just want to get into a company that's worth working for before I head to grad school in a couple years. Without an internship or knowledge of companies I'd like to work
  24. I feel the same way with Diablo II. I still crave playing and sometimes fantasize about a life playing it and being okay with doing that. But I know I'd just turn into a hardcore addict that plays nonstop all the time to the detriment of his exercise, job, relationships and life in general. I wish I could play a few hours a day too but it's not possible. With my job the way it is I can't spend any time doing free time stuff anyways. I have about 1 hour a day of free time when I get home that I have to use to feed myself and maybe get one episode of a show in if I'm lucky. So I couldn't even ga
  25. @BooksandTrees Yeah God could use his powers to miraculously cure me but it's probably not gonna hap\pen @dasvira i see sulphur soap and mud mascara Positive: rugs still good Yep, gotta love my rug. It's still good. KEeping my feet warm and eyes please with it's rugged beauty. Pun intended. Looks like I'm gonna be working more in the days to come. Mom's on my case to get more hours in at my job. Yeah. She somehow knows how much I'm working without asking. I guess she does see me at home when I'm not working. I just gotta get a new intensive in home job so I can transfer my clie
  26. I am extremely grateful for your vulnerability. I can tell you for sure you are in the right place. A lot of us here have gone through something similar and we have all overcome. I am certain you can too. This forum is a safe place to relate your troubles. As for advice, the journey to recovery starts with you. Start with what you say you want to do. Look your past self in the face and say "You are not who I want to be." Then from there, define specific goals as to where you want to be in the future. What you want as a career, even where you want to be with y
  27. Day 53/90 detox 29/11/2020 Sunday Play games / watch game related videos? No Workout? Yes (Pull) Study? No Duolingo? Yes Reading/podcast? Yes Meditate? Yes Sleep before 11:30pm? No (3:00am) This diary entry was written on Sunday. I attended a local public speaking club for the first time today, thought it was a great experience and want to continue to come back! Day 54/90 detox 30/11/2020 Monday Play games / watch game related videos? No Workout? No Study? No Duolingo? Yes Reading/podcast? Yes Meditate? No Sleep before 11:30pm? No (2:30 am) This d
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