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Question of the week: What are you grateful for?


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    Good luck You have opened my eyes my friend.
  2. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    relapsed yesterday night after that porn relapse , Now I dwell on gaming to feel good after that relapse How can I change my attitude to being a game quite to an absolute retard so fast Is it my attitude to relapse? I thing I should have gone to bed earlier.(around 10pm not 12pm with chips and dip..
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  4. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Tbh. I don't have a specific goal.I want to face life in all its forms face especially the uncomfortable moments. The issue is I slack taking time for myself, building up habits, focussing on the important subjects. Before games I have reacted up to 100% to the day Now Sometimes when I am in the mood I am working but on the wrong things that take a lot if time and have little effect on success. Sometime I get up later and then I'm like you have fucked up the early morning having no time to do your gratitude list, not experiencing morning silence and calmness. Then the day has started pretty wasted and its a lot more difficult to get back on track with regaining purpose of the day. I guess I should use discipline to get up early writing a schedule prior to the day and focus on the most important steps that are listed for that day. Could someone tell me what I could optimise?
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    They are very strong I also had a dream about it yesterday.
  6. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Hello I dont want to game because they add more soup into my pain soup of discomfort.
  7. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Hello Doing great no to little desire to play games.
  8. dirkj3

    Dear Diary...

    That's awesome! I came to the same recognition that it is good to be at first stable with yourself and loving yourself.
  9. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Hey I am prepping for my exams that will start end of April. 68 days left to push into 4 mayor subjects. I am typing one subject that includes 2 years of material. Pushed in 4000 words of pure typing with decent speed and decend accuracy. That's a mistake. Today I have 4 hours available which I want to put 2 h in typing and 2 in repeating Never have repeated anything corious how this will work out. Whether I can actually achieve that.
  10. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    No I AM a little better. I am on my day 1 I miss games and we are having exams in 69 days . I want to take the approach to make good habits easy and bad ones more difficult. I don't know how but that doesn't matter this time. I 'll start with putting my class folders on my desk wh3n I come home from school.
  11. dirkj3

    I'm done. For good!

    It is also important to start small and don't beat yourself up if you don't succeed immediately.(I even have to learn that for myself after coming out of a gaming binge...) You are definitely at the right place and I can already see yo u succeeding!!
  12. dirkj3

    Super Saiyan Journal

    I Can recommend going to a book store and get "atomic Habit" by James Clear and start with making the Cues visible through a habit scoreboard. I'm still getting all of my habits together.
  13. dirkj3

    Ninety Days Worth the Pain

    I am doing the same.!
  14. dirkj3

    Every day is a new day

    I think when we quit gaming our other bad habits become stronger. I feel the same. As I quit games I got more and more temptation to pmo and grocery shopping or binge eating after some uncomfortable subject in school. I don't like to face that cravings/emotions are getting stronger get more and more unpredictable. I don't know how to deal with that yet.. I used to say what the hell just numb out to not go on your parents nerves.