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Read: A Guide to Quit Gaming for One Year


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  1. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Day 1 Miracle Morning Hello World I am tired waking up 1 hour earlier than I have to but I did it anyway!! I don't feel any better than before Yesterday I was doing some school next to it I had a game running on my phone... I could do what I want I couldn't get to finish the task how I wanted because I was constantly distracted by it. Usually I would delete the game immediately and try to subjugate the very thought Bout games. It's interesting what a game does to your performance. Anyways I'm struggling to bring up will to move on from games, as they will always be there on my Google account if I don't "draw a line in the Sand" to move on from it! See ya coming again tomorrow
  2. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Day 0 After about 2 months of letting myself struggling I decided to start miracle morning. Today is my second day. I have been gaming every 2 nights through the night and I don't want to live a separated life with 2 personas I have read Mindset by Dweck and some other self development books but never implemented it to real life. I want to change that. I want to commit to a life purpose to wake up every day. I am grateful for getting up this morning Yours Dirk
  3. dirkj3

    Octsober Country - Let's do this

    That's a good advice!! I ve been struggling with this as well
  4. dirkj3

    90 Day Detox

    Hello Eli Would you mind giving me some tips about how to deal with the inner resistance? I am on day 17 and I feel like that I simply resist making plans to boost myself out of the state of replacing games with porn and junk food. I know that I just gotta start but it isnt that easy to control all that little knobs and switchs that are now available for me and for anyone else going through this right now. Somehow my responses to high level of unfortable things like the exam today dragged me down a lot.. Thanks in advance! Dirk
  5. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Day 17 So far, I notice slight improvements in my diabetes treatment like my blood sugar isnt above 300mg dl for a longer period of time anymore I stopped gaming but I havent made any new habits because something inside doesnt want to spend more time on self development or any uncomfortable areas. it drags me down when I dont actively choose new activities other than eating ice cream in front of the computer or watch animations after the news. Today there was a chem test and I felt good in the beginning but the last 3 tasks in the last half an hour paralysed me, it was an slow ongoing process of thinking Thats fine that I didnt get this task completely right. I only learned the comfortable things not the uncomfortable being emersed in the actual process of rehearsing a process of a titration. Like what to calculate and the most important why Im doing that. Anyone reading this, I dont know how to change that...the negative thoughts played a part in the stress and kinda black out moment as well. I cant continue my way by living through life without taking real action into challenging myself or doing something more uncomfortable. Can some one please help me?
  6. dirkj3

    90 Day Detox

    You're doing a great job! !!
  7. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Day 14 Feeling weird right now I have noticed a lot of things about negative habits- I still struggle to keep a persistent agenda going especially because I dont have set priorities to time management yet. I say its 4 pm then I do 4 Pomodoros and then I take a walk then its supper then it kinda gets blury then its 9 to 9.30 I have school from 8 to 3 Pm and on weekends I struggle to deal with all that additional freetime You can not say it is 11 am screw it ill do some sport in the middle of a lesson...
  8. dirkj3

    what to do during eating

    I notice that as well I am also eating while watching the ingredients list or something else that keeps me distracted. Most of the time when I am distracted I eat junk food and dont even notice it.
  9. dirkj3

    Ending to a New Beginning (90 detox)

    I like podcasts where Jordan Harbinger is the host!! How did you episode 489 of his Arts of charm podcast channnel?
  10. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    I m not doing anything.. I have changed something in my planned routine but for some reason I do the same mistake again. I eat candy and watch youtube vids. It's soon supper and I still didn't do anything for school. Also I have seen a kinda attractive girl today and I sat next to her like kinda expecting she will fall in love or something in that direction. And Then the quote "the world owes you nothing" I an procrastinating on what needs to be done and unless I don't put the effort in it the reason why I am procrastinating will still be there. It is difficult to do something I am very uncomfortable with doing.. Day 9
  11. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Hello I did a full blown fast food binge it started all with eating chocolate and then I felt horny and I watched a porn video- after that i ate a lot of candy to make myself feel good again. Now like 3 hours after the relapse I can see that the preparation for the next day and setting a tight schedule to set oneself up for success is a real thing because when you are not intentional with what you do when cravings hit..... To be honest I didnt meditate for 2 days and I really miss that feeling of being refreshed after a meditation practice. Mindfulness when a trigger comes is as I believe crucial to exercise as well as self-forgiveness You gotta make some time for it because it is the only way out of comfort coping and other coping strategies. I felt horny by feeling a light feeling in my stomach. It didnt feel like a tightness in the chest area when I am angry or frustrated. It just feels weird My future for the week are: at least half an hour of really intentionally put meditation practices into daily life By the way I have put 8 cents in my habit and I am more than happy that I have gone beyond 7 days!! I was listening to some podcast lately it is called Art of 'Charm and one thing that I could take out of it is that : feel the urge to scratch and be curious about anything I also noticed that very often I am settling for less what I want. I have now specific goals.. I want to quit gaming but do I do with the time when I have no big dreams or goals that can motivate me longterm. Dirk
  12. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Hi I I dropped 6 cents in the habit bank! Yesterday was awesome but I feel apathy towards real life opportunities like I when I don't have a plan and go to the city with a lot of people around I kinda want to escape that. Also, I have seen so many young couples about my age or a little younger.. I was like...holy crab and I am still going to the event with my parents... See ya
  13. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    To be honest with you @JustTom I am doing school almost the whole time when u sm not meditating or doing some home workout.
  14. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Hello day 2 I put two cents in my habit bank- working with that system I can see constant measurable growth more clearly Yesterday i texted a good friend of mine from America about that. I am not stimulated by anything now.. I am also tired but there is an exam coming up (as always) and yeah When Cam said that we got to be intentional with the time does that mean that we are rotten if not all the days are going perfect or highly productive? Dirk