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  1. Hello Could you please tell me why I'm still gaming though the consequences of gaming are notable? In my case it's 5am and I'm sleep deprived it is negatively affecting my work in general. Thanks for reading!
  2. Way to go!!! I like the meditation goal you have there!!
  3. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Day 3 of no games Day 6 no PMo Hello fellow quitters, I have found time to write today. I have been spending 4 days in Vienna and right after that started the practical internship as a pharmacy assistant. The first 2 days were very intense learning wise Regarding cravings: I had a dream about games and sex a couple of days earlier I have fortunately very little free time so I experienced no cravings though I was frustrated about no reason. I had been standing outside where 2 weeks before I had been eating Cherries and was wondering where the time went, which is kinda depressing especially the difference between being in a no brain doing what I want to a place where. I have to be concentrating and learning as much as in a pharmacy. I am fed up with not getting what i instant gratification is promising me to give. Though I'm still in a mode of oh the future self of me will work this out or the future self is going to clean up for me or that other pharmacy assistant are helping me out all the time... I see that some things are predictable and some are not. Update: Ate some high fat food during lunch break which made my throat hurt. I feel more alert even without high caffeinated drinks in the morning.
  4. Why is it getting more painful to cut back?
  5. Hello I went to a toastmaster meeting like 2 years ago. The problem is that I can only speak when I absolutely have to. Probably it wasn't the best step to start after being alone for a long time.
  6. Mine neither I am having an exam on Monday and I procrastinated to study for it. Like all exams
  7. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    D ay 2 of 10 Ffrustrated about the gap o f me and my potential..
  8. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Day 1 (1/100) friday Feeling tired made my bed and brushed my teeth this morning. Putting all my stuff together that I need for school.
  9. I felt extremely angry and constantly seeking immediate gratification to fill the void. As well as being slightly depressive and extremely bored without the constant stimulation.
  10. Hi I had the same questions because I have also been experiencing the same.
  11. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Hello It's been awhile Tomorrow I'll have my next big exam and I'm improving on time mangement and getting my morning routine together. Setting priorities before learning is a very hard thing to get into at least for the beginning. I noticed that I pull my eyebrows and cannot sleep well the last 2 weeks. Btw it's my day 4 on no pmo and games. Whereas games had been more like a after habit of a pmo relapse. I am feeling weird and had some headache today. Almost relapsed and went outside to have got up at 10(Wanted to get up at 5.30 as usual. Thanks for reading!
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    Good luck You have opened my eyes my friend.
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