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  1. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Hello 1. If you want to make the recovery as difficult as possible give yourself no rewards and be hard on yourself....That's exactly what I have been doing. 2. I am scared to ask for help and I ordered something wrong and I was afraid of the consequences of quickly correcting myself to order something else. 3.I fantasize a lot being around people in bigger crowds lioke going through town. Something I have never noticed before. 4.This morning was nice I felt confide t with no interest in giving a s***about what others think over my beard. 5.I am proud that I haven't been playing games for ower a week now!!
  2. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Day 8 or 9 I went to a gym yesterday night. it felt good and I am planning to go there the next time. I am still shy and am rather not asking people for help as this will show me that I don't know something. I keep my phone in the kitchen and I almost got my phone in my room. I feel like I am replacing gaming with junk food. I plan to read and write a journal but then I don't get to any of this. Next exams are coming. I feel like I don't want quit games I kinda gave up that there is a better real life.
  3. dirkj3

    Every day is a new day

    I can feel with you I'm 22 now and today a classmate turned 18 I was kinda sad looking at myself and I didn't change any of my behavior since I'm 18. That's what i dont like about games. I asked about how her party went and I shared how excited I could have been if I turn now 18.
  4. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Can i use a normal digital clock? I played only on my phone?
  5. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Ok thank you very much!
  6. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    Day6 Relapsed PMO during night time. Have any advice what to do when you aren't tired?
  7. dirkj3

    90 Day Detox

    Congratz I'm proud of you staying strong! How do you remind yourself of knowing that games were toxic in your life? By the way, I am on day 4
  8. dirkj3

    Every day is a new day

    Keep that work up !!! 4 weeks already!!
  9. dirkj3

    Every day is a new day

    Keep it up. What are you studying exactly?@Silverlining
  10. dirkj3

    Day 6!

    I quit playing games because I can be more happy and funny when I'm not sleep deprived due to gaming.
  11. dirkj3

    Every day is a new day

    That lookes awesome!!
  12. dirkj3

    Every day is a new day

    It not my first try, too. I want to do it. This week was so rough and games made it even worse. I need a honest opinion about how hard quitting can be. Is going through withdrawals of the hardest kind worse than being in a chronic lower intense but slowly and surely increasing stress levels coming from gaming?
  13. That's so true I catch myself constantly checking my phone just on getting a little dopamine shot. 1 distraction kills 10 minutes of momentum.
  14. dirkj3

    Every day is a new day

    Thats the most important step!!
  15. dirkj3

    Super Saiyan Journal

    I feel the same right know. Tomorrow there is a chemistry Lab(I don't like it) and I am still not off gaming. I don't know how to have the desire to stop playing video games on a practical way. Theoretically it would be to limit phone usage but on a practical level I hesitate to just go without it for 10MIN...