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Remigijus Journal


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Next time you want people to read your stuff, you should use paragraphs :^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^).

It's not hard to be a raper. Rappers rap. They write lyrics and then record them. Are you a rapper?

My journal my rules :P. And yes I can call myself a rapper, but when I look at other MCs and what they're doing it makes think that I'm just a former gamer who can flow a bit.

Here's the thing about pursuing your dreams. It has little to do with "rapping" and a lot more to do with emotional mastery. Pursuing your dreams is HARD, not because of the technical aspect but because it brings up a lot of fear, doubt, anxiety, etc. So you need to focus on mastering these emotions and learning to ride the wave. :)

I agree, but when you think of it that you're just another fish in the sea....

DAY-75 (2016-08-31)

August 31st - the last day of freedom. The summer has come to an end.I had high expectations for this 3month break. I was like : "Man, it's going to an awesome/super productive summer, I'll finally say goodbye to video games and it's going to be a peace of cake to do that :D" But it turns out, it wasn't. Just another summer spent in my comfort zone made out of procrastination but at least I got rid of gaming. I guess growth is a slow ass progress.

The funny thing is that at the end of each summer I get my shit together. For example at the end of my last summer break, it dawned on me that gaming is a problem in my life. Now, the summer ended again and I get more rhymes/songs done. I guess the thing that matters the most is that I've started to speak more openly with  people ( on the internet) what are my hobbies and what do I plan to do in my future. I was always afraid to do it since there's a sticker attached to my forehead which says " This dude is shy/awkward, rarely speak , doesn't stand out for himself"

  • Mood - Good
  • Cravings - 0/10
  • Productivity - 4/10
  • Time spent on YouTube -  0.00mins


Reading progress book-icon.thumb.png.56efd5517fadd6fd9b79

  1.  A Song Of Ice and Fire A Game Of Thrones - Finished
  2. A Song of Ice and Fire A Clash of Kings 108/757

 Books to Read book-icon.thumb.png.56efd5517fadd6fd9b79


  1.  A Song of Ice and Fire A Storm of Sword
  2.  A Song of Ice and Fire A Feast of Crows
  3.  A Song of Ice and Fire A Dance with Dragons
  4.  Think and Grow Rich

  Commitments for tomorrow:images.thumb.png.0723423d7c994f24cc4e8a7

  • No YouTube16x16-youtube.thumb.png.fb96041c28817fec
  • Make a life calendar
  • Rhyme more


Anyways sorry for a shitty post. Wrote a nice one yesterday but didn't finish it since I got a headache. Even worse, when I tried to finish it today I accidentally turned of my browser and lost all of my progress. I still feel salty...

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>sits on discord all day

>journal on page 52

nice :3

>sits on discord all day  -  WRONG! Only in the evening when I have dinner and only for  30mins or something. If I procrastinate a lot, it might be more than an hour. I'd post more often here, but summer ended (NOSHITSHERLOCK) and  my school started , so I have very little time. I was planning to post on friday anyways.

P.S  :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



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                                                                                                 DAY-83 (After Relapse)

As I have promised, I am  posting  here on friday, even if it's my birthday today ( The dedication is real). So yeah, school started again and blah blah. Recently it dawned on me that I've been suffering  from  social anxiety for  quite a while. It ruins my life and pisses me off that the same time. I blush  when I speak to females or get called out in class or when feel insecure ( pretty much all the time). I feel so awkward sometimes , like a martian lol . When I look at my classmates, you know the popular kids, and watch how they enjoy life and go to party's and all that other highschool crap. And I sit  here in my house , reading  books, writing rhymes  trying to get my shit together. But everything is for the future that I want to live! I'd rather spend 4hours rhyming/recording than partying ( unless if there was a 100% that I'll get laid or something).


Recently I've been watching some videos of Jim Rohn.  He's awesome.  Says a lot of motivating/useful stuff pretty much as every single motivational speaker does. But he points out things that I wouldn't think of. Anyways, I've set up my goals for the  next week/month/year (finally did it). Made my Life Calendar a few days ago , although I still have no idea how to colour the part where I gamed all the time.


Jim Rohn:





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Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday Rem!


More birthdays xD hope it's a good one


Happy birthday gamequitter! :D <cake>


What if you write you posts in a rhyme? :) 

happy birthday, mate! All the best!

To be honest I've had this idea for quite a while , and I'll do it in the future.


Happy Birthday! :)



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                                        ---DAY 100----

What's up, everyone! RemigijusFirst of his name, House of Procrastination, Pirate of the Internet, The  Stud is back!
Just hit 100 today ( to be honest it SOUNDS better than 90).
I'm busier than I ever was,  still trying to juggle rapping/reading with studying. I just realized how precious time is, and how vital it is to spend it towards developing skills. Seriously, the more time you waste, the more you realize how crucial it is ( at least that happened to me).
Anyways, the week was trash, wasn't very productive. The highlight of the week would be that I went to the bookstore and bought my first  Personal Development book (Think and Grow Rich).

Look at this baby:


I was standing like an idiot for 40 mins staring ant the psychology section looking for it. Just because  I was too anxious to ask for help. But when I was about to do it, I realized I was looking at the wrong section.... Oh stupid me.

My life Calendar:


( I know the quality is impressive, and I copied the original one just perfectly :) ).

I still have no idea how I should colour the part where I was regularly gaming.

Goals for this week:
1. Finish Reading  A Song of Ice and Fire  A Clash of Kings
2. Finish the lyrics for the GQ song ( more than 60% done). Yup GQ beef, it's imminent.
3. No fapping
4. No porn (2weeks without porn!)
5. No Youtube/Facebook/Discord/  
6. Decide where to put my GQ sticker. (VERY IMPORTANT!)

Damn, the last time I posted here was more than a week ago. I got slow ( BLAME SCHOOL).
Anyways, thanks for reading!

Leave a like; I need it.

It's my dopamine¹


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Hey'yo everyone!
Remigijus, First of his name, House of Procrastination, Pirate of the Internet, The Stud here.
This week was alright, although it could've been better. A lot more, in fact, succeeded with  "No Discord/Youtube/Facebook/  for a week." Although relapsed four times on "no fap." But I'll keep trying until I get it off my list. (THAT'S THE ATTITUDE).
Finished the lyrics for the GQ song, now all I have to do is to lay down the vocals. Finished reading A Song Of Ice and Fire " A Clash of Kings."

You can have a sneak peak here:



have fun analyzing my awful handwriting.


Not much to say. Typical me, head is full of thoughts, but when it comes to writing, I can barely write a sentence. Probably have to get rid of restrictions when writing, or just write anything that's in my head, because writing about weekly experiences is hella boring.

Goals for this week:
1. Record GQ song.
2. No porn /fap/gaming videos.
3. Read four chapters of Think and Grow Rich.
4. Freestyle for 15mins every day.
5. Write two 16 bar verses.
6. Post once on GQ. ( I'm doing it at the moment :0)

7. Decide where to put my GQ sticker (still have no idea where).

3 weeks withouth porn!

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DAY-177 (I Guess)


What's up, everyone! It's been awhile since my last post... 3months to be exact.

Recently I've done some digging on the internet and found out that events like Rap Battle contests, Freestyle Open Mics, HipHop Radio stations  exist here (where I live lol) although they happen rarely. Turns out I'm surrounded by opportunities If I only knew this earlier. I'm going to participate in a Rap Battle contest next year  where the winner gets invited onto a HipHop radio station for  an interview and to spit some bars. So that might open some doors for me. Thus I'm more motivated to rap.  Doing NoFap (around 35 days) and having cold showers (almost 2 months) every single day  helps a lot too. I feel less depressed, and just happier in general. Reading Think and Grow Rich ( it became my "bible") for the second time gives an insane boost in motivation. I especially like this quote from Napoleon Hill,-"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." I guess at this point gaming stopped being a thing lol.

Besides all of that, I'm doing great ( could be better tho).


After not being touched for more than two months
It's time to wipe off layers of dust

Off my daily journal and revive it
and bring it back home from the underworld

So I can start whining about procrastination
the only thing I can do without a lack of motivation

It goes without saying having writer's block
Is my second nature besides complaining a lot

But my biggest sin is to be bored and frenzy
be pissed of at things cuz I can't do 'em perfectly

Anyways thanks for listening see you in the next journal entry

I'm saving up cash for some decent recording equipment because the stuff  that I own  is  far beyond ghetto. Hahaha, to be honest, my mic is worth like 4$ + the condition of it ain't very nice.

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