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Question of the week: What are you grateful for?

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    T-Shirt Ideas?

    What would you want a Game Quitters t-shirt to say?
  2. Cam Adair

    Detox for an unaware 15-year old ?

    Hi! Welcome to the forums. We have a parent section that will provide a lot more support for you on Facebook: http://gamequitte.rs/parentgroup If you have a 15 year old you still have the opportunity to set more boundaries and limits now. It gets significantly harder when he's over 18.
  3. Cam Adair

    ONE YEAR!!!!!!

  4. I’m traveling from the UK to Delaware USA Today. Still not sure what I’m doing this weekend. I have free time so I might go explore Philadelphia.
  5. Cam Adair

    Jay's Epic Journey

    I use Todoist
  6. Cam Adair

    Day one.

    Good job starting your journal - it will help a lot. Some friends will support you and others will not. The ones who support you are your true friends. You will also be able to make new friends through new activities like the gym, etc. Hang in there!
  7. Cam Adair

    New Day, New Life

    Great to have you join us here. I agree getting rid of it helps a lot.
  8. Cam Adair

    Hi there!

    You can surf there I think? That's all I need! 😄
  9. These are all good steps to take. Some days will be easier than others, either way focus on continuing to take positive action and over time you'll feel better and better.
  10. Yes I read all of the introduction posts. Unfortunately my schedule is very busy now and I try to pop in and say hi at least when people join. It's very difficult for me to interact in journals and so forth as I did for years before. To be honest, at this point it's up to the community itself to engage and be active with each other. Would love to encourage you to take a leadership role in getting the community more active on here. Or to share ways I can support you in being empowered to do that. Not trying to throw shade but you have 6 posts on the forum.
  11. Cam Adair

    Relapsed? Read this.

    Hey! Relapse happens. I even relapsed once after being away from games for 11 months straight. When I relapsed I ended up playing 16 hours a day for five months. WHOOPS! But what I want you to know is relapse doesn't have to be a bad thing, if you learn from it. Relapse actually teaches us a lot about why we game and by understanding that we can find solutions to move forward. The key is to get started again right away. Don't wait 5 months like I did, try and get back on track as quickly as possible. Here's a video I made to help you out: What To Do If You Relapse And Start Gaming Again Here to help. - Cam
  12. Hi Lukas! Welcome to the forums.
  13. Cam Adair

    Seeking More

    Hi Kendall, welcome.
  14. Cam Adair

    Hi there!

    Hi Rodrigo, welcome to the forums. I hope to visit Uruguay someday.
  15. Cam Adair

    For a new start

    Welcome to the forums.
  16. Cam Adair

    My Introduction

    Hey glad you found us here!
  17. Hey Mario! Welcome 🙂
  18. Cam Adair

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey welcome to the forums. You'll find a lot of like-minded people here.
  19. Cam Adair


    Hi Sebastian!
  20. Cam Adair

    My New Beginning

    Thank you!
  21. Cam Adair

    Restarting After Relapse

    What were you biggest lessons from your relapse?
  22. Cam Adair

    I'm glad

    Great name lol