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  1. Hello! The past two weeks have been fun. I've exercised a lot and had a good time with my friends. Today I've read, written and celebrated my friend's birthday. It was great to see people that are important and dear. It was also cool to go through everything that happened in Europe last summer. I think I'm going through a bit similar thoughts as I read from @Simon E's journal today. Even though gaming is, at this moment, quite far behind I still feel like writing about one's quest in life and reading others' stories somehow helps. Maybe I should look for a company like this in the "real world"
  2. Hello! This week has passed rather quickly. It has been filled with interesting activities and sports. The best moments of the week have been the times joking around with friends. As I am spending my week on the barracks there is a slight void when I get back home for a weekend. As I shift back to home, some of the habits and structures that used to be part of my weekends are no longer there. That's something to think about. Maybe I should focus on organizing or joining some kind of social meet every Saturday. I think that would solve the problem quite easily. Today I've been reading, cooking
  3. Hello! Another week, another adventure. The last seven days have been filled with plenty of education and sports. I caught a flu towards the end of the week and have been ill today. Maybe it's the arriving autumn, grey clouds and fallen leaves, or the flu that have made me feel blue. Additionally I've pondered some hard questions. There is always room to improve and facing these questions offer a chance to understand myself better. Sometimes the world feels darker than it actually is. Reading journals has been inspiring as always. GameQuitters going strong as usual. I feel like working in a g
  4. Hello! Checking in with the community. I've spent the last months in the military making new friends and learning new skills. It's been demanding both mentally and physically, but overall I'm doing fine and enjoying my time there. Since the daily schedule is rather fixed I have had to adapt to one with less freedom. Leaving my old life, hobbies and friends behind feels wistful at times, but that's life I guess. Still doing good: having a good time and enjoying life. Cheers, strength with quitting games and improving your lives! The best moment of today was meeting friends I haven't seen in a l
  5. Closure is a beautiful thing. Day 735 -- two years into the journey. My life is taking new turns. This new beginning inevitably means the closure of the previous one. My military service is starting tomorrow and I'll be spending the next year there. Afterwards I'm heading to Helsinki's Aalto-university. Now it is the time to give my journal a well deserved rest. During these two years of journaling I've grown towards being an adult. Scrolling through my old adolescent posts it's good to notice that life has worked out fine. Gaming feels distant in the past. I'm pretty sure that the old habits
  6. Hello! Today was a fun day. I visited a nearby island together with my friends and it was a lot of fun. The summer is beginning as usual: 5 degrees Celsius and a few hailstorms. After visiting the island I've been training Bjj and cleaning. The best moment of today was being with my friends and landing a new type of straight ankle lock. Today I'm grateful for: Finding some cool and not so touristy places to travel toMeeting my age group from school tomorrowReceiving a place to study in UniRock and rollGreat performances today
  7. Hello! Today has been a great day. I've been cleaning, playing volleyball and reflecting some goals and other thoughts. The best moments of today were moments when I felt the progression on volleyball: some nice blocks and plays. Writing my goals was also very enjoyable. Today I'm grateful for: A great essay my sister wrote - I didn't know she was that good with the wordsWriting my goals outSportsNaan bread – It's lovelyGoing on a nostalgic trip to a nearby island tomorrow
  8. Hello! Today has been a cool day. I've got a new haircut, visited an activity center nearby and trained Bjj. My hand is currently a bit injured so no rolling for now. I'm feeling a bit tired and blue for the time being. The rest of the week looks busy and I've plenty of work to clean the house before the celebration for schools' ending. The best moment of today was refreshing my old gymnastic memories on trampoline; I did a couple of doubles and some fast twist-flips. Heya! Well recently I've not been as consistent with the consistency regarding these journals. Otherwise I'm going pretty stea
  9. Hello! I'm back from Thailand. It was a great trip! Today I've been studying, playing some chess and resting. The best moment of today was hanging with my friend Teemu and getting a pleasant surprise regarding the upcoming year. Overall life is going well. I've got pretty steady assets and plans going forward. Now I'm feeling a bit bored; my mind wants to do, but my body is exhausted after yesterdays training. Maybe I'll refine my values to my new personal journal. I received good grades from the final exams and it seems like I could receive an automatic right to study at the university I'm ap
  10. Hello! I got sick yesterday so I missed a meet with an interesting person. Well that happens, feeling better now. Tomorrow I'm going to celebrate my friends birthday. The best moment of today was studying physics and getting physically better. I feel like I've recovered pretty well from the load of work, I'm kind of missing the steady training and work. That has to wait for a while though; I'm traveling to Thailand next saturday and probably leaving the studying back here. I'm feeling a bit tired so I'm going to take a good rest now. Good night, sleep tight fellow Gamequitters! Today I'm grat
  11. Hello! Today was a nice and laid back day. I studied some circuit calculations and played Catan with a Seafarers twist. The best moment of today was seeing my friends. The rest of the week is looking pretty busy. I have some volleyball, studying, important meetings,a hiking trip and a flight scheduled. Looking forward to it now that I've rested a bit. @Stercus accidit I've got to check out those sometime! Especially the minimalist podcast seems interesting. Today I'm grateful for: The Seafarers expansion for CatanA great nurse in our schoolInteresting conversations about humanistic questionsGo
  12. Hello! Today I've rested. I've read, eaten a horse and reflected with flow. The best moment of today was dining with my friends and laughing at bad google translate translations. I've been a bit bored, but that's nice for a change. I feel like I've built up some energy and motivation to do things. Yeah, life truly isn't that straight forward, or maybe it's us humans that aren't. Thank you for your advice! What kind of books are you reading atm? Today I'm grateful for: A beautiful sunset today, I should go take a walk with my friends some eveningFood; no explanations neededSpringtimeGetting be
  13. Hello! A bit of evening reflection. Today was a nice day. I worked for 6 hours took a nap and met my friends. The best moment of today was making new friends and hanging out with the old ones. I've gone through many kinds of feelings lately and still am. I haven't yet figured out completely what these feelings are about. I feel that I'm going to take it a bit easier; probably meaning that I'm going to ease on some of my planned routine and leave time for friends, enjoying life and taking a more harmonious approach. I once read a story about Dave Mustaine, Megadeth's guitarist, who even after
  14. Hello! Today was a nice day. I've studied, played volleyball and relaxed. The best moment of today was playing center. Today I'm grateful for: Adlibris and GoodreadsGuns n' RosesBeautiful weather todayGood foodThe Moomin Characters
  15. Hello! Today has been a good day. I'm feeling better regarding flu, so I've played volleyball and trained Muay Thai. It seems like sleeping in a too dry room increases the risk of catching a flu. Other than that I've been studying and managing some miscellaneous stuff. The best moment of today was playing volleyball. Teams were very equal and the games were solid. At the moment I'm feeling a slight dissatisfaction with my life. I don't really know what's up. Maybe it's the current changes that are happening, which bring about turbulence with the everyday rhythm. Maybe it has something to do wi