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  1. Welcome back Ed! It's always nice to see some old faces to pop up in the forum haha ? P.S That's a rad picture right there! Did you take it yourself?
  2. Welcome to the forum friend! You've came to the right place ?
  3. The reboot process is different for everyone and it depends on how well the person keeps himself from things that remind him of gaming. For me personally, it took about 60 days 'till I stopped having cravings and gaming basically disappeared from my daily thought process. The 90 days isn't some magical number, I think it's the average of when the brain usually starts rewiring itself. But once again, it's different for everyone. Whether you'll lose attraction to video games forever or not, it solely depends on you ?
  4. Remigjus


    I used to have this issue to lol. Even to this day I still sometimes find myself eating near digital devices. As Cam stated above, just be present with yourself, enjoy the taste of the meal. For me eating is the part of the day where I get lots of ideas haha ?
  5. Haha I might finally do it this time
  6. It's DAY 730 so you know what it means TWO FUCKING YEARS (without video games) Another year has passed since I‘ve decided to put and end to my one decade lasting gaming addiction. These past two years have granted the opportunity for my mind to think freely which I‘m really grateful for, although this opened a gateway for a ton of existensialism related questions that I have trouble finding answers to. I have a fair share of problems, well maybe not problems but really hard decisions that require urgent solving that have been tearing me apart for the past 4
  7. Man, I have a fucking burning sensation in my chest. It feels like I am literally being eaten out from the inside. This is the feeling of uncertainty. My life is a crossroad right now, I wish I could say that I am wandering, but I’m not. I have no clue what to do with my life at the moment. I think I’ve hit the period of identity crisis. WOW, how many times am I going to use the word “I” in this entry. Things ain’t going well for me, I mean, they are not going at all. It’s my fault and I am just venting out. You see I am like one month away from graduating high school and I still ain’t
  8. @Cam Adair what encouraged you to quit coffee?
  9. Wooot Cam started a Journal Didn't see that coming It's about time you stopped drinking that coffee
  10. Commitment is what I insanely lack. Like what the fuck. How sick in the head I must be not to take action knowing that this dormant state will cause lots of trouble for me. This lack of determination is killing me. I used to think that my situation is very unique, no one feels and is in the same situation as I am. Boyy I was wrong. It turns out that the the simple ingredient that I'm missing is just as you've said leaving all the bullshit behind and finally committing to move forward. It's taking the first step or something like that. But for some reason I can't, it's like I don't care or so
  11. Man, I think I'm in the same boat as you are ( or somewhat simillar). The past 5 months were kinda shit for me. Lots of procrastination, relapsed a bunch of times on NoFap, social media still bugs me. Depressive thoughts pop up from time to time. What's worse, that I've lost the burning desire to accomplish my music dream. I feel kinda empty from the inside. Time runs so fast... Yesterday went by so quick that it seems like it was just today... Like I'm just pointlessly existing on this earth. I feel so fucking stuck. Like a month ago I've started to binge watch this speed run channel. Afte
  12. Hey @Plokmn!! Glad to see that you've set up your journal, it will surely help a lot in the future ( just make sure to write here daily). I want to congratulate you that you've decided to open a new chapter in your life. A new begining, a start of an adventure. You seem to have a plan, wich might be handy in the future ( but you have to stick to it). The only advice I can give you is to take one day at a time!! That's the golden rule Have it always in mind.
  13. I know how you're feeling right now ( I'm talking about the driving test). I've got my drivers licence like three weeks ago so I still know how it feels to fail the test and wait more than a month to take it again. It's a pain in the ass, especially when you do some stupid shit. Like wtf. I failed to fully stop near a stop line once... I was so pissed than I wanted to stop the car and just leave it lol. The best part is that it wasn't even a real test, it was a mock test... ( In Lithuania you have to pass the mock test in order to take the real one). It took me 4 attempts to pass the mock tes
  14. Sounds like a plan! I should probably do something like that in my journal.