Join me at Permission to Think Freely touring Canada and the U.S. this May and June!

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  1. Hello Pierre :)
  2. Welcome Wouter!
  3. Welcome! Hope to visit Croatia someday.
  4. Welcome Chase!
  5. Welcome Valerie! Wonderful to have you here with us. Podcasts You may also like Quiet by Susan Cain. Her TEDx talk is here:
  6. Hey everyone! I'm going on tour again for Permission to Think Freely this May and June. The show is spoken word meets the power of art and transformation. It's thought-provoking, with real world applicability. It's a spiritual, lyrical, philosophical, and scientific journey that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. 5/23: Calgary 5/26: Vancouver 5/31: Ottawa 6/2: Montreal 6/7: Toronto 6/12: NYC 6/14: Denver 6/16: LA Early bird tickets are live now. Bring a friend for a night neither of you will never forget.
  7. Do it. I dare you.
  8. Me!

    Hi Bria! Glad you were able to find help. I'm sure you will find the forum community beneficial as well.
  9. Hi Dmitry! What is the thing we can help you with the most right now? Any questions on top of your mind?
  10. Welcome! This summer is going to be a great one for you.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. It's something we will keep in mind in the future.
  12. i edit using imovie on my mac. basic software is all you need.
  13. Good job starting your journal - it will help you a lot!