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  1. Thank you brother! Let me know what you want the new title to be and we can make that happen.
  2. Welcome! Happy you're here with us. This can be a turning point for you. Commit to the 90 days and focus on taking action! We've got your back.
  3. When it comes to introvert vs. extrovert it's more of a question about how you recharge and not about whether or not you're "social" or not. If being around people gives you more energy than you're probably more of an extrovert, whereas if you need to spend time alone to gain energy back, you're more of an introvert. Either way it doesn't matter, it's just good to know yourself more.
  4. Welcome Shaggy!
  5. Good job starting your journal!
  6. Hi

  7. Hi.

    Hi Dmitri! Good to see another Canadian on here. I agree with @Hitaru, powerful words. We're here to help.
  8. Sorry to hear that. You are not alone in this. <3
  9. Welcome David! Glad you're here with us.
  10. #TeamYoga
  11. Good to have you with us bro!
  12. NEW: Australian ProGamer opens up about why he decided to quit professional gaming: &nbsp;
  13. Thanks for sharing. It takes a lot of courage, but it will also inspire others to be honest with themselves as well. Glad you're back!
  14. Same. Powerful realization though.