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Read: A Guide to Quit Gaming for One Year

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  1. Always focus on doing what's best for you - and if someone doesn't understand that or isn't willing to respect it, they aren't really your friends. It's a harsh truth but something important to remember. This video can help too:
  2. Cam Adair

    Brad's Journal

    You want to make money online and travel the world and you're wasting time playing video games? 🧐
  3. Cam Adair

    Manhotelle's journal

    A journal will help a lot. And also thanks for getting a copy of Respawn - means a lot.
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    Welcome! I hope to visit Russia some day.
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    Giblet's Journal

    HE'S BACK!!
  6. Welcome Sini! Wonderful to have you join us here. Thanks for sharing your story, I know how challenging it can be to truly admit this all to yourself, but that's the most powerful first step - getting honest. A lot of what you've shared reminds me of why I still choose not to play, even 7+ years later. i would merely do the bare minimum in my life in order to maximize the amount of time I have to game, and I have bigger ambitions than that. I wrote about it here.
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    Hello, I'm Dernbu.

    Welcome Dernbu! I love Singapore!
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    Welcome Vojta! Grateful to have you join us. 🙂 Enjoyed my time in Prague and Brno.
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    My Gaming Addiction Story

    That's exactly why I don't play anymore. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson is a dope book to read also.
  10. Cam Adair

    Oh boy

    Hi! Welcome and great job starting your journal. Check out this story by Joe who was a father in a similar position, you may find it inspiring. For nostalgia watch this video.
  11. Cam Adair

    My Gaming Addiction Story

    Hi Matt! Welcome. I was completely touched by your story - thank you for sharing it. It's a powerful testimony and I know you are in the right place to truly transform your life for good. You might find value in this article I wrote: 2,454 Days Without Gaming: Why I Still Don’t Play (Even in Moderation)
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    Thanks for having me!

    Welcome Julie!
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    Brad's Journal

    Pack a clean shirt in your backpack when you go to work in case this sort of opportunity presents itself again.
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