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  1. Cam Adair

    hi! I'm new here

    Hey Brent! Welcome. Flight simulator should be ok but I would just be very cautious with it and if it's increasing cravings you want to be aware of that. For streams etc I recommend against it during the initial 90 days:
  2. Cam Adair

    Aus 25 1st serious try

  3. Cam Adair

    Xiryts Journal

  4. Cam Adair

    Turning my life around

    Welcome Pete!
  5. Cam Adair

    Just 1 more game! Ex SC2 addict....

    Cravings come and go. I still get them from time to time. The key is to learn how to dance with them. 🙂
  6. Cam Adair

    Just 1 more game! Ex SC2 addict....

    Welcome to the forum!
  7. Cam Adair

    List of podcast interviews w/ Cam

    Dad Edge Alliance Q&A: Video Game, Porn, and Social Media Addiction with Cam Adair    
  8. Cam Adair

    List of podcast interviews w/ Cam

    Good Dad Project: Parents’ Guide to Video Game Addiction with Cam Adair
  9. Cam Adair

    Journey to a better me

    What tends to happen for your relapses?
  10. Cam Adair

    365 days Free-Gaming

    so proud of you bro! Hope to meet in Colombia someday.
  11. Cam Adair

    My story

    Thanks for sharing 🙂Insightful for me.
  12. Cam Adair

    Hello! It's me!

    Welcome 🙂
  13. Cam Adair

    My story

    Hi Sean, welcome to the forums. Curious how you feel gaming drove you to a depressive state? How did that unfold for you?
  14. Cam Adair

    Keeping myself occupied

    +1 that's a great book
  15. Cam Adair

    Time to quit again

    Hey! Welcome to the forums. You'll find a lot of likeminded people here, especially those who relate to the challenges you've experienced in college. We've got your back.