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  1. Congrats on 4 days so far. Finish 90 days first for sure and then re-evaluate.
  2. So sorry to hear about this but wishing you all the best and you are always welcome here.
  3. Sending everyone lots of love! Day 7 of quarantine for me here in Thailand.
  4. Good job on two weeks - that's a great start!
  5. Revealing member emails is not something we would do. We are working on trying to improve the community aspect though.
  6. The first question I would have is what's your diet like? Write down everything you ate/drank for the next 3 days and post it here.
  7. Hey Jordan, from a study we did we found people who took 90 days off gaming saw a 2x improvement to their overall quality of life, evaluated across 12 areas including mental health, physical health, focus, time management, relationships, etc. You can see a full list here. Ultimately you have to consider your own reasons for taking a break from gaming. 90 days isn't a lot of time in the grand scheme of life and if you haven't spent time away from gaming before (or for a long time) it can be beneficial to experience something new. If you're curious of the difference between a hobby and a problem we have a breakdown here. I will also link a video I have discussing the benefits:
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