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  1. If you can use "game elements" to see real progress on your life, I don't see a problem. Most of exercise apps use some sort of "gamification" because, well, it gets people to exercise. However, if you feel triggered while making use of those apps, that's your signal to stop with them. I'm with Bugg on this: it's better to stay clear from these reward based systems while on detox. I used Habitica for a few months, one year ago. While I think it helps, the game elements (leveling up, boss fights, gear and skin customization, etc) quickly became a distraction. The good thing is the soc
  2. Hey, I loved those books! I had six of them when I was younger and they got me in to tabletop RPG, which is awesome.! As for your question, I wouldn't read them during the detox. Grab a fantasy book of you want to dive in a fantasy world. A few of the fighting fantasy book have been made in to mobile apps. Same experience of the book, but the book keeping is automatic. I got one of them. Although it was great to revisit the forest of doom, it felt A LOT like gaming. You will notice it as soon as you get a bad ending. Go through the detox without them. Show yourself you can
  3. 'It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.' - Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club Welcome to the forums, Yann!
  4. Keep that streak going!
  5. Good luck on your speech! Also, you're closing in on your first week! Congratulations!
  6. Hang in there, mate! You've got a bad deal of cards to play with. Play it over. There will be a next round.
  7. I hope your dad joins the family, but if he doesn't, have fun anyway!
  8. Hey, Mario! If you don't mind, I'll join with my thoughts. I conciously decided to put my face out from the start for basically two reasons: Accountability - I felt if I hid under a fake avatar, I'd not be as commited to the detox. I saw that as another escape. This was the main reason I put this picture on my profile and had my first and last name on it. I was ashamed of myself, but I was tired of running away. If I tried to hide this side of myself (as I had been doing for the last two years, lying to my wife and immediate friends about how I spent my free time), it would eve
  9. Let him have his own experience. He must have his own wake up call. If you can be supportive without being dragged into his world, do it. He can't do it alone, and he will need your help when he wakes up for life, but only when he does it. Meanwhile, be an example of what's possible outside the fantasy world that is gaming. Best luck!
  10. I remember you, Daniel! Nice to see you back on track!
  11. For a moment, I thought you hated taking breaks between training sessions! "This dude is a machine!"
  12. Hi guys, it's been a while! Today I've decided to share my recent news with you. I think my last journal entry was six months ago. Things have changed a little bit since then. I haven't gamed since then except for a two-week period in May, when I played Action Quake just for the nostalgia. My brother said that there were still people playing it, and this game was a big part of our teens, so I installed to play with him. This was different though, I didn't play everyday, and the longest was for about 3 hours. After two weeks, the nostalgia was gone and we both stopped it. I'm back working at th
  13. When I started posting here, It was very hard to open up. It will make you stronger, as it made me stronger. Welcome!
  14. Love that quote! Welcome in and good luck!