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  1. Good point of view
  2. Thank you @giblets for your reply. That's very interesting what you've posted, although polyphasic sleep might be a little hard to implement in my current lifestyle. I found too, that getting up earlier is good for productivity, still it's hard to reconcile this with full time job. For me it's somehow hard to get past less than 7 hours of sleep. Around 11pm I'm getting so sleepy that any work is pointless, especially mind-work. Maybe it has to be this way? Or maybe it just requires a different approach?
  3. Hello GameQuitters! We all have moments in our lifes, where we have much to do and 24hours, is not enough for one day. Often the solution to this is to sleep less; than doctor-advised 8 hours. What do you choose in such situations? Do you prefer to be rested or get the job done? What criteria you're taking into account to choose which solution is best for you? Greetings, Piotr.
  4. Transcendency journal entry #16 Need help. Feeling depressive. Although I don't game, I'm social, doing productive things, achieving goals; it all gives like a very short feeling of fullfillness and happiness. After which comes much longer feeling of emptiness. I feel like my mind is broken. What should I do? Please give me a word of advice.
  5. Hi @Hitaru, how are things going?
  6. Love this!
  7. Hi @Natelovesboardgames! It's great to read that you're doing okay. Don't worry about that idealizing we all do that, because we really want things which are best for us. Although confrontation with reality can sometimes be hard, it's better to think what good things you can get from those not-imagined aspects of others. Like you said, just love people. Peace!
  8. Transcendency journal entry #15 Goal for the weekend: being social - ACHIEVED. I've had a great time with people from my study group. We were barbecuing over the lake, drinking beer and laughing with great music in the background. No game could give such a good feeling like this. I was thinking about some aspects of my life which needs a change. I know that quitting games is only a beggining of a larger story. Improvement must continue - it's an ongoing process. I know that things are going right way, but still I'm a bit anxious how things will go. Have you had a minute to think about what you need to change? Reply here.
  9. Goal for today: win the day.
  10. Wisely said @Some Yahoo! I forgot that best moments in my life started with turning off the computer!
  11. Transcendency journal entry #14 Snapping out after a confusion. Doing things that are worth to be done(worth my lifetime). Going strong!
  12. Hi, do you know any other forums/communities which are good after quitting games? Two years ago I've decided to quit and now I really feel I can live with out it. I've read some personal development sites but none of them caught my eye as good environment for future thrive. I'm looking into something which will help to grow in fields like: being social, creating a value, starting own business, being a leader, creating something new(being creative) etc. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
  13. Transcendency journal entry #13 Feeling down. How can someones, one sentence make me feel useless. This shouldn't work this way.
  14. Transcendency journal entry #12 Wikipedia: I desire an active role in world transformation.
  15. Transcendency journal entry #11 Although my addictions are frequently giving me cravings, I'm glad that I make right decisions - not even starting activities with negative impact.