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  1. Piotr

    [PL] Jestem Niezłomny!

    Hej, wielu z nas udało się z tym wygrać więc uda i tobie! Po prostu się nie poddawaj pomimo upadków.
  2. Piotr

    90 Days: No Coffee

    Wooot! Party is coming!
  3. Piotr

    [Legendary?] Mad Pharmacist

    No computer, only studying. Good luck.
  4. Piotr

    If I Ever Get Around To Living

    Taking responsibility for your actions is an evidence of maturity. Sometimes I thought I was completely unprepared for an exam. But then I've got very easy questions. If I wouldn't show up, I would waste such a good chance to pass. This thought me to always show up.
  5. Piotr

    Piotr journal

    Transcendency journal entry #20 Days gaming free: 3 Days procrastination free: 3 PM free: 3 I went to the gym today. Received my training plan and diet. I was a bit stressed(anxious) about how will my first training go, but my trainer was very kind and explained every move to me. This way anxiety quickly turned into feeling of positive excitment. I'm getting my physical activity and nutrition into a completely new(higher) level - something completely opposite to what I would done when I was gaming. I'm really proud of that, despite the feeling of... missing gaming(which I'm not proud to feel; ashamed in fact).
  6. WHO gaming disorder publication is our success! We're getting heard and recognized, it's really pleasing to see that. Don't really bother about distance breaking up your relationship. I've been in same situation where distance rose, but when it came back to normal all this showed to me that this bond is really strong. I know that relationship requires presence, but if it can't survive distance, what about tougher situations?
  7. Piotr

    Journal (10/2017 - xx/xxxx)

    Congratulations on your certification and studying! I really like your goals, they are so simple yet so "game changing"(pun intended). Good luck on them!
  8. Piotr

    If I Ever Get Around To Living

    Just don't give up @IfIEverGetAroundToLiving we all started just like you and most of succeded! Just don't give up. WARNING: Amazing life awaits you! ;)
  9. Piotr

    Piotr journal

    Transcendency journal entry #19 Days gaming free: 2 Days procrastination free: 2 Yesterday I've went to the gym and signed up for three trainings a week. I've also talked with personal trainer which will make a training plan and diet for me. I hope that this will increase my commitment into my personal development. Today, nothing much happened. I had to stay additional hour in my work. Spent some time with my gf and now I'm trying to get my tasks done. Just one of many boring days in my life. WARNING: Don't read following spoiler if you feel prone to cravings or relapse.
  10. Piotr

    [Legendary?] Mad Pharmacist

    Hi Pharmacist, it's good to hear that despite some relapses, you're still fighting. Keep in mind though, that it's not only about quitting video games, it's about choosing wisely what to do with your life, so plan your day, do new things and get better at old ones. Games although very appealing, are nothing compared to real life. Remember that.
  11. Piotr

    Piotr journal

    Transcendency journal entry #18 Days gaming free: 0 Days procrastination free: 0 It supposed to be a transcendency year, but instead I've relapsed. Funny thing is, that I've managed to achieve all the planned tasks. Unfortunatelly, some spare time lead to relapse, which to someone unfamiliar with gaming addiction might seem like nothing, because it didn't had negative impact on my life. Still, I feel bad because of that time which is now gone, which could be used for something productive which brings result and not increase my kill counter. I crave to do things which give results, which are productive. The struggle starts again this week!
  12. Piotr

    90 Days: No Coffee

    Love this!
  13. Piotr

    Piotr journal

    Transcendency journal entry #17 Shit. My journal got really dusty... Going strong with studying, getting new diet to gain few kilos and new training plan. Having some plans which I hope I will insert into my life in near future(around month from now). Lets fight for better life!
  14. Piotr

    90 Days: No Coffee

    Good to hear! Just don't give up CoffeQuitter!
  15. Piotr

    [Legendary?] Mad Pharmacist

    Where are the next days? :P That's what I'm struggling with, too. Let's make a deal, that both of us sets urges aside and do what we have to do, right now. For better life! My friend.