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  1. Day 38: Slept in Did some laundry Saw my brother and his gf who came into town Watched a few shows Did some Uber Eats Watched some boxing (Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.)
  2. Day 37: Met my dad for lunch. Did Uber Eats Did my physio exercises Hung out with my nephew for a bit Did more Uber Eats Ate a burrito Thankful for: burritos
  3. Day 36: Went to hot yoga for the first time in a few years. I was reminded of how beneficial it is, and the euphoric feeling after a class. I was definitely rusty but I am keen on improving ! Did some Uber Eats x2 Thankful for: Hot yoga
  4. This is more so toying with a thought than asking a question but here it is: Last night I had 2 very contrasting dreams. One was totally unrelated to gaming, but the second one was about me relapsing. In the dream I woke up early on a Saturday and rushed downstairs to my computer to start playing TFT(The game I was struggling the most with before I quit) . I played for what seemed like a few hours all the while knowing in my head that I was in the midst of a relapse. This did not stop me, but once I finally decided to take a break, I felt my world crashing down on me. It felt like th
  5. Day 35: Uber Eats Did my physio exercises + a mini workout Uber Eats Treated myself to some sushi and watched a few youtube videos in the evening Thankful for: sushi
  6. Day 34: Went to the gym upon waking up Did some Uber Eats Watched a few shows Did some more Uber Eats Watched a few more shows Thankful for: My hair (sorry baldies)
  7. Day 33: Went to physio appointment Did some Uber Eats deliveries Cleaned my room Did some laundry Read my book Did more Uber Eats Watched a few videos and hit the sack Thankful for: [repeat] my father
  8. Day 32: A lazy, restful (I suppose) day. I came to grips with the fact that the 3 dates I went on with said female would not progress to anything further. I was definitely more keen than she was to keep seeing each other so there was a bit of a sting! I tell myself time and time again that I will avoid this pattern, however it seems to find me eventually. The first part of my day today wasn't the most productive and I was quite honestly ruminative and mopey. I was, however, able to shake this about halfway through the day with some insightful videos. They sparked my thinking to shift
  9. Day 31: Got my car detailed Caught up on some journaling Did some painting for my parents Did my physio exercises Went on a third date with a girl - we ended up doing an escape room. I had never tried one before and it was quite fun ! Thankful for: Warm beverages
  10. Day 30: WOW! 30 DAYS! THIS THING IS SO HEAVY! THERE'S SO MANY PEOPLE TO THANK AND I DIDN'T WRITE ANYTHING DOWN! Wow. Where did the time go? It feels like just yesterday it was day 1 and I was looking up at my ceiling pondering my near future. I'm going to switch up the style of my journal today. Here are my accomplishments/takeaways from just 1 month into this journey: Firstly, I cut out a few things / detached myself from a few things at the start of my journey that have definitely eased the process : Coffee - I was abusing coffee and had been for a while. It wasn't as
  11. Day 29: Caught up on some journaling Moved a few more things Did some Uber Eats deliveries Went to the gym... New COVID restrictions are annoying AF... basically half the space / machines have been shut down, making it very hard to use what you want and navigate through your workout smoothly. Did my physio exercises Did more Uber Eats deliveries Watched a few shows + finished my journal Thankful for: Trance music
  12. That's pretty neat. The trombone ! Cool instrument. No I don't play anything, but I've been curious about learning how to produce my own music - perhaps a future hobby of mine! Break a leg for your performance!
  13. Welcome, sir ! I wish you the best on your journey. You are more than capable, and you are in good hands. What are you performing tomorrow by the way? Do you play an instrument?
  14. Day 28: [Happy 4 weeks, me!] Caught up on some journaling Moved a few more things Did some Uber Eats deliveries... The app ended up not working for a few hours which was a bit of a stressor / inconvenience but eventually got sorted. Watched a few shows Did a workout Did some more Uber Eats deliveries Ate + watched a few videos before bed Thankful for: My friend Martin
  15. Day 27: Caught up on some journaling Met with my dad for lunch Watched a few shows Went on date #2 with a girl. So far, so good. To anyone reading - I am open to third date suggestions ! Did some Uber Eats deliveries A few youtube videos to wind down in the PM Thankful for: My mom and stepdad Alex