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  1. Day 80: Meditated ~1/2 a crossword Uber Eats Home workout Caught up on some journaling Cleaned my room Uber Eats Youtube
  2. Day 79: Meditated Helped move/pack some things Uber Eats Watched a show Uber Eats Youtube
  3. Day 78: Meditated Visited with the brother, who came into town Uber Eats Watched a show
  4. Day 77: Meditated Crossword Uber Eats Watched a show Uber Eats Caught up on some journaling Watched a show
  5. Day 76: Meditated Crossword Laundry Uber Eats Youtube Uber Eats Youtube
  6. Day 75: Meditated Crossword Went for a walk Watched documentary series Walk More documentary Watched hockey
  7. Day 74: Went to physio Did a crossword Watched some shows / hockey
  8. Day 73: (I think my workout yesterday caused a shoulder injury so today + day 74 were slow, restful days) Meditated Helped move a few things Watched a few shows
  9. Day 72: Meditated Uber Eats Home Workout Some shows
  10. Day 71: Watched a video Meditated Uber Eats Physio exercises Watched a show
  11. Day 70: Home workout Crossword Uber Eats Went for a walk NYE dinner Watched hockey Uber Eats Youtube
  12. Day 69: Laundry Uber Eats Dinner Uber Eats Physio exercises Some youtube
  13. Day 68: Went to visit my brother and uncle out of town Went for a hike with them Came home Uber Eats Watched a few shows
  14. Day 67: Slept in Uber Eats Home workout Uber Eats Show
  15. Day 66: Slept in Watched a case study on youtube Home workout uber Eats A show
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