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  1. I feel motivated right now. Tired and need some sleep though. But I still feel motivated to stay sober.
  2. I've made ton of amentments, each time after relapse, I always fall back. But sometime it's still have to end.
  3. Being regular at writing here, it helps. I have to get this journal on my support list. To write whenever I feel the need to write.
  4. I see it helps me. I understood some things. Now it's just need to be continued.
  5. I made it. I made my 24 hours game-free and sober. Only 7 hours to make it 48.
  6. Only 6,5 hours to go. And this will be my one day at a time.
  7. I watch some of the videos on Game Quitters channel. They have many helpful information
  8. I need a better barrier of entry.