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  1. Welcome @Apolyn, thank you for sharing your inner thoughts with us. I think everybody here can relate to the challenges that a gaming addiction causes. You recognised your problem with gaming wich is the first step towards a gaming free live. Now it’s important that you allow yourself to feel how you want too feel. Be your own best friend on your journey. As for quitting, the second step would be to slowly remove everything that reminds you of gaming. So deleting all websites, unsubscribing from gaming channels etc. Also eliminating the possibility to relapse is a good way (like selling your pc/console). however it’s important that you share your feelings in your journals. That gives us the opportunity to understand you better and to share better advice. good luck on your journey Alex! greetings, moonlight
  2. Hi @mutef, welcome to the game quitters forum. It’s good to hear that you have the strength to recognise your addiction. The first part of recovery is always recognition. Only you can decide if you want to quit videogames. as for quitting, I would recommend deleting all websites or distractions that could bring you to play again. I also recommend to write journals on this forum. There you can tell us how you feel and show your progress. It also gives us the opportunity to give you more personalised advice for your situation. Greetings, moonlight
  3. Hey @Pochatok, It’s going really good now thx for asking. I’m on day 55 without playing video games and the results are amazing so far! i noticed that I have become way more social on my workplace. My appearance got better and I started to aim for goals in my life. through my journey I also got a lot of cravings to play video games. But then I just reminded me of the reason I stopped playing: no progress in life. Back in the day I always woke up with the feeling that nothing changed. I was still the guy trapped in a underpayed position, the guy that couldn’t talk to people, the one that could aim for nothing but games. But since I stopped it feels like i restarted my life. Yesterday I got my promotion for a higher section at my company. I’m so incredibly happy now :) I hope it’s going good for you as well greetings, Moonlight
  4. Hello @Nerfa, Nice to hear that you found the strength to quit video games. Did you find other activities yet? greetings, Moonlight
  5. welcome @zlidaCaosgi, struggling with video game addiction can be a hard time. Just know that you are in the best place to heal. We all can relate to such things and provide support for each other. First I want you to know that however you may feel, its okay. Allow yourself to feel like you want to feel. As for quitting, selling or deleting accounts is a good way to start. Selling or hiding the equipment you have can also help. I would love to hear more from you in your daily journals. Those will help you to speak up your mind and telling us how you feel each day. It also gives us the opportunity to give more specific advise for you. Greetings, Moonlight
  6. @Jason70 definitely! In the beginning it was hard tbh. But after 19 days of not gaming you see everything different. The only thing I can truly say is that it just feels right.
  7. hey @Diudiu the hamster, I hope you are doing good so far! I think we can all completely relate to spending a lot of time for video games (any kind) so we understand the struggle you probably going through. As for quitting, I would recommend deleting the LOL account since this will make it harder for your to start again. If you have another opportunity to use the internet or to write some documents, selling or hiding the pc could help a lot. A workout could also help with potential stress you maybe experience. I would love to hear more from you in your journals! Greetings, Moonlight
  8. Hello to all, this is my first journal after 19 days of not gaming. In the first moments of quitting video games I immediately felt anxious and stressed. After a couple of days it got better and at some point I didn't feel any cravings anymore. Before I continue I first want to say thank you to @MuMuMelon, @Le North Dreamerand @Pochatok for a quick reply on my first message in the forum and giving me some advice on my thoughts. (as a backstory I played 8-10 hours a day) When I stopped I immediately deleted all of my accounts and sold my hole equipment on eBay (one of the best decisions in my life so far). Now, I only got a MacBook for some office tasks if I need it. At first I didn't know what to do with my time but soon I started to fill my day with some little activities. Most of the time I am reading some books. Im currently going for a run every 2nd day. Im really happy to see that I spend way more time with my family then before I stopped with gaming. As for some resting activities I like to chill on my bed and listen to some podcasts. I am really glad that I stopped with gaming. It just feels like I´m really starting live now. Im also very happy about the support you can get through the community in this forum! Thank you so much for reading! Greetings, Moonlight
  9. @MuMuMelon @Le North Dreamer thx u guys so much for replying!
  10. Hello I'm new here and just started to quit video games. Im momentarily feeling a lot anxious about my future with quitting games since they were always part of my life. But almost everybody I told that I'm gonna quit reacted confused. It seems like they don't agree in the benefits of quitting games. Does anybody have some thoughts about being anxious all the time? I could use some tips right now xD Greetings, Moonlight
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