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  1. Hayden

    One year

    Hi everyone! So it has been a year since I've played video games even though there has been a few ups and down I've stayed with it and everyday that goes by I feel great that I'm not wasting my time playing video games and using my time for other useful things. Now that I've quite playing I've made good use of my time looking for a job and studying for a qualification. But other then that it's all been good. I hope you all have a great day.
  2. Hayden

    Hi Everyone!!

    Hi I've just joined but I've started my 90 detox as of today I have been playing video games since I was young but now at 21 I hope to break my addiction and make my life better. I've uninstalling and deleting all of my games from my computer and I'm feeling a little stressed and depressed but I know it's for the good if I want to over come my gaming addiction and I hope that I will over come it and improve my life for the better.