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  1. That is good to hear, I think that therapy can be super helpful. That is a good suggestion on her part. If it is stressing you this much you might just need some time off to relax and then get back with a strong start. Take care mate.
  2. Day 13 Habits: Positive: (Lab_work:8, Russian:13, R programming:13, Excel:9, Workout:9, Stretching:9) Gaming free:13 Productive time: 08:29:00 Get out of bed time: 07:30 I will keep this one brief, pretty average day yesterday. I really enjoyed the warm sunny weather though. It was super lovely outside and overall a good day. The phone should be on it's way so I am super excited for that. It will be such a massive improvement compared to the phone that I currently have. It still might take few more days in the mail but hopefully soon. Can't wa
  3. That is good to hear! Stay safe! I am sorry but I am not sure what else would help. I think this would be something to discuss with a professional and find some solutions to mitigate it. I am sure there is a way to improve it. That's great to hear, just give it some more time and I am sure you will be able to get back to walking and exercise in no time.
  4. Day 12 Habits: Positive: (Lab_work:7, Russian:12, R programming:12, Excel:8, Workout:8, Stretching:8) Gaming free:11 Productive time: 03:29:00 Get out of bed time: 08:30 Another day fighting battles with Facebook. Well will see, there might be some progress this week. Overall a nice and relaxing day though, I have not done too much but I was not planning on it so I do not mind that at all. I got up fairly early too which was nice as well. I ended up spending bunch of time with a friend and we watched some Kevin Hart specials which is always a
  5. Whatever works mate, if I lay down when I meditate I tend to fall asleep haha. Sitting makes it easier to focus a bit better imo. It is great to hear that there is no damage on your shoulder and knee. I think that for the cartilage the best thing to do would be physical therapy and some mild stretching and of course rest untill things get better. My shoulder is super sore today too haha. Odd thing is that only one of the two. I agree with Books, you need to get better at not being at the complete control of the DE, even though it might be hard, you have to learn how to fight it. Moreover
  6. Day 11 Habits: Positive: (Lab_work:7, Russian:11, R programming:11, Excel:7, Workout:8, Stretching:8) Gaming free:11 Productive time: 06:15:00 Get out of bed time: 11:30 I got up way too late but I was pretty tired so I decided to catch up a bit on sleep. I made a delicious BBQ dish, beef short rib. I was surprised how well it turned out as I did not follow the recipe and I never cooked it before but it turned out perfectly. I was a bit worried because I bought it quite randomly too but now I know that I will get it some time again. Otherwise
  7. Day 10 Habits: Positive: (Lab_work:7, Russian:10, R programming:10, Excel:7, Workout:7, Stretching:7) Gaming free:10 Productive time: 08:15:00 Get out of bed time: 06:30 Yesterday was pretty good day, well if I take out the whole Facebook thing. I spent a lot of time dealing with that and I guess I just need to wait. The most disturbing thing is that I am not sure if someone hacked it or not. I know that someone logged into it, I can see it in the information, however I do not know if they got access to anything. I got email that there was a t
  8. Day 9 Habits: Positive: (Lab_work:6, Russian:9, R programming:9, Excel:7, Workout:7, Stretching:7) Gaming free:9 Productive time: 06:15:00 Get out of bed time: 06:50 Thursday was ok but not the greatest. I spent quite a lot of time procrastinating as it was the deadline for the another PhD that I was applying to. However I do not think I will get it, it is much more biochemistry focused that I am not so good at but I do not mind it that much, looking at how much chemistry they expected it might not be the best fit for me. Besides that I manage
  9. Day 8 Habits: Positive: (Lab_work:5, Russian:8, R programming:8, Excel:6, Workout:6, Stretching:6) Gaming free:8 Productive time: 04:14:00 Get out of bed time: 06:50 Yesterday was bit rough. I ended up spending a lot of time searching for phones because I am in process of getting a new one and struggle to pick the best option for my budget. I had one that I was about to buy but then the price for it ended up being more than expected which was super annoying but I have few more days to decide. But even though it cut down on my productivity I go
  10. Day 7 Habits: Positive: (Lab_work:5, Russian:7, R programming:7, Excel:6, Workout:5, Stretching:5) Gaming free:7 Productive time: 10:14:00 Get out of bed time: 06:50 Yesterday was great, got up early, got all stuff done and then had free time in the evening. Only thing I want to work on is to be a bit faster with my morning routine as I tend to get sidetracked but I love being able to finish work and then have just free time later in the day. I went to bed around 22:30 which was super early. But I think I was quite tired because of early wake
  11. Fair enough. Stay with landscapes, it is the best of both worlds then as you can maintain your streak but also be able to continue drawing which you enjoyed. That is a long time to meditate. Good job on that. As Jason mentioned I do not think it is that important to go for super long, but it might be worth trying how long can you meditate at one go. Although it would be good to be careful with that so you do not burnout on meditation.
  12. You can always draw male or other characters without any clear gender and that might help. I am sorry to hear that. Stay strong!
  13. Day 6 Habits: Positive: (Lab_work:4, Russian:6, R programming:6, Excel:5, Workout:4, Stretching:4) Gaming free:6 Productive time: 05:21:00 Get out of bed time: 07:00 Overall a good day, I was not as productive as I might have wanted to be but I got most of the priority items done so thats good. I ended up submitting a ticket to Riot to delete my account. I think that is one of the main issues why I kept relapsing that I have not deleted this account yet. When I deleted my old acc back in march last year it was a huge change. I need to cut the
  14. I see. Well you are very close to it. That's great to see you reach 1h goal. If you enjoy it I would say stick with it, you can always draw non-arousing characters. That's a pitty, well maybe sometime in the future. If not then there are shows that you can enjoy so sticking with them is not that bad. That is sometimes the issue, that one injury kinda leads to another, especially if it stops our movement, however, it still might be best to consult with your doctor. Also good job resisting the thoughts.
  15. Day 6 Habits: Positive: (Lab_work:4, Russian:6, R programming:6, Excel:5, Workout:4, Stretching:4) Gaming free:6 Productive time: 02:55:00 Get out of bed time: 09:25 Sunday was a chill day, and that's what I planned for it so I am happy about it. I made a load of bone broth, but I think I put in too many bones so it's super concentrated. I froze most of it so looking forward to using it in the future. I am really interested to see how it will taste if I put it into other recipes. It should make the flavor much richer. Besides that I spent some