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  1. Day 295 Habits: Positive: (Running:98, Workout:101, Russian:180, Daily learning:4) Negative: (No gaming:0, No gaming videos: 0, No sugar:55, No takeaway:40) Productive time: 06:14:00 Yesterday was okay, I wish I did more work though. But I progressing well with my project so that is great and the main thing, but I still haven't updated my CV I just keep procrastinating it, it is terrible. I need to force myself to sit down and to it. It is not as daunting as I think it is but I keep on procrastinating it. I run experiment with 12h incubation period so I had
  2. Waffles sound amazing, well any syrup is going to be basically just sugar. But unless consumed in excess and constantly it is not that bad. Well as long as you provide your clients with the same amount of time as before they should be fine. How much free time do you think you will gain by doing this? Good luck on your interviews!
  3. Day 294 Habits: Positive: (Running:98, Workout:101, Russian:180, Daily learning:4) Negative: (No gaming:0, No gaming videos: 0, No sugar:54, No takeaway:39) Productive time: 07:41:00 Productive time: 10:34:00 Last two days were pretty good in terms of productivity yet I still played quite a bit. I luckily I was still able to focus on my work and then game later but I still feel like I put too much time into it and when I am at home I was not able to control it. But I did go for a workout as well and got as much work done as on days that I did not play.
  4. It is important to find activities that you enjoy and relax you as well. I think I burned out a bit after last week. I am sorry to hear that the abilify didn't work so well. But even you have a shorter day, it is better for it to be stress free. As you said that's how it is with new things, that is always the risk haha. Also if you do not have too many reasons to move out I would say that it is not worth stressing about it too much and more so spending extra money on rent.
  5. Day 292 Habits: Positive: (Running:98, Workout:100, Russian:180, Daily learning:2) Negative: (No gaming:0, No gaming videos: 0, No sugar:52, No takeaway:37) Well I relapsed again. This time with lol unfortunately. It was on Saturday, I had a really productive week and everything was going perfect. I guess the issue that I run into was that things were going too well so I thought to myself why not and play again, I will for sure be able to control it. I did not do anything on the weekend and only a little bit on Monday and played for about 17h in total in
  6. I would definitely recommend it as that is something best to deal with as soon as possible. They should not have and spread diseases but it is still quite nasty problem. Thanks, that would be great to see both of us to achieve great things while avoiding gaming. There are still a lot of things that I would like to improve before the application but will see what I manage to achieve before I need to submit it. It always is a lot of effort. But then the easy way is never worth taking. Getting extra three hours might not seem much but that is 21 hours in a week which is almost another day s
  7. Day 287 Habits: Positive: (Running:97, Workout:98, Russian:178, Early morning:6) Negative: (No gaming:57, No gaming videos: 27, No sugar:47, No takeaway:32) Productive time: 10:18:00 I am not sure if I managed to reach 10 hours of productive time before but it felt great to do it today. I actually got over 10 yesterday as I was doing some russian after I wrote the journal but still. I really enjoy this style where I work out in the morning and then I am in the lab for most of the day and I once I am back home I can relax. Today was great overall though, wor
  8. Death note is truly a masterpiece. I got two coasters with it (black with Death Note in the specific font) from a friend for christmas which was very nice gift. They are pretty basic but I really like them, match with all the other black items in my room haha. I didn't know that, well good luck with the interviews. May something good come out of it. Hopefully I will manage to get the PhD, if not I will need to apply to some more. When my dog had fleas in the past the thing that helped the best was a special shampoo against them. Good to hear that the bomb worked though, must have been really a
  9. Day 286 Habits: Positive: (Running:96, Workout:97, Russian:178, Early morning:5) Negative: (No gaming:56, No gaming videos: 26, No sugar:46, No takeaway:31) Productive time: 09:21:00 So I did some changes, I decided to ditch alarm in the morning. When I wake up I wake up. On most of the days it does not matter and I can work in lab at any point of the day, this way I will have enough sleep and won't struggle as much to get up. Well it is something to try. On top of that I made morning as easy as possible, all I have to do is workout and I moved journaling t
  10. For sure, well you did plan it out all the way to retirement so that will take time. But it's a great thing to have such a long road planned out. Yeah I agree, that sounds like the best way to do it. I am hoping too, would be great to get a move on with the application, but I still need to do my CV and Cover letter so I need to start working on it. I see the process, well good luck with it. That is true, you just need to wait and you might get the thumbs up this time. Do you get fleas in the house usually in winter? That sucks man, I guess that the bomb should work. It is designed for th
  11. Day 284 Habits: Positive: (Running:96, Workout:96, Russian:176, Early morning:3) Negative: (No gaming:54, No gaming videos: 24, No sugar:44, No takeaway:29) Productive time: 05:22:00 It was pretty relaxing day. I have spend most of it reading but I also spend several hours learning Russian. It was good fun as at the end of the day the leaderboard was closing on Duolingo as it does every week. In the last half an hour it became a race between me and the #1 guy. He had a bit more points than I did but I managed to outrun him at the last moment and steal the #
  12. Having a clear idea for future is a great way to have something to work for. I realized that when I worked through the self authoring. It is good to use it as a compass to have a direction in which to move. But beware not to burn out too. No worries mate, whatever works for you. If you want to just reply here that is fine too. But we can post on both. Haha, that sounds good, although based on what is happening it might be hard to get petrol cars in few years but we shall see. Thanks, although I am still waiting for one referee to reply to my email if I can use him in my application, I am hopi
  13. Day 283 Habits: Positive: (Running:96, Workout:96, Russian:175, R programming:19, Early morning:2) Negative: (No gaming:53, No gaming videos: 23, No sugar:43, No takeaway:28) Productive time: 07:11:00 I still need to work a bit more on the mornings, I think that the main issue that I have is that it is way too cold and way too comfy in my bed so trying to force myself out and then going out for a workout is not easy. Of course, going to bed sooner will help too. Otherwise nothing too special yesterday, it was great to be fairly productive, had a nice walk a
  14. It is quite impressive how much further into the future you got things planned out. Although it might be less than what you expect as with more experience and once you get licensed you could make more money and thus reduce the overall time for it. But that is not a bad plan to have this kind of investment in mind with retirement. On top of that retiring when you are 60 is not bad, actually a lot sooner than lof of other people do I would say.
  15. Day 282 Habits: Positive: (Meditation:209, Running:96, Workout:95, Russian:174, R programming:18, Early morning:2) Negative: (No gaming:52, No gaming videos: 22, No sugar:42, No takeaway:27) Productive time: 05:12:00 So I started working on the PhD application so will see how that goes. Went for a run in a while which was great although I need to get back into it again as I felt my breathing was not as great as when I used to run a lot more but that was to be expected. I managed to wake up a bit earlier but I just make sure to go to bed early which I think