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  1. That's fantastic! Best of luck on this next step for you. Be patient. The newfound time without school is off-putting at first. Don't ruminate on it.
  2. I haven't had any time to write recently. My wife had an emergency and almost died. I rushed her to the hospital. She gave birth brilliantly only 5 minutes after getting to the hospital. I apparently saved both their lives. They're both doing great now. She's healthy and dealing with the emotional trauma of what happened but she's so brave and doing great. My baby is doing great but will be in the hospital for a few weeks. But that's OK! We're both off of work for 4 months and spending each day at the hospital with him. I'm so happy they're ok. It's been very difficult going through all of these emotions. Some days are difficult and others are good. I'm so glad I've prepared my mind through therapy and quitting games. I feel like I'm very prepared to handle this adversity and come out with a good outlook. I'm very grateful that everyone is OK and for the care we're receiving at the hospital as well as from family. Time goes by very fast at the hospital. We do his cares and spend bonding time with him. We're trying to fit in little bits of time to read books or do small hobbies and they've helped restore us a bit. He should be home in 4 to 6 weeks. I might write less for a while just because of this but I promise I'll update you and share any successes I've found with dealing with stress and not relapsing. I think for me, the keys to success are sleep, nutrition, communicating My emotions and telling people how they can better help me, and finding joy in spending this time with my wife and child. If I eat poorly I lose any energy I had. If I don't communicate my pain or stress then I fester and get sick. My method for HALTED is getting me through this.
  3. Congratulations!! So you're done abs can get your degree now or is this for the semester?
  4. I wrote the rest of my chapter today. I also realized I have vertigo caused by screen time and the angle at which I tilt my head and eyes at the screen. Cleaned a bit more today and talked to family too.
  5. This week was really exhausting but not as bad as last week. I feel like I'm handling new work stress better and I didn't leave work brutally tired. So that was good. I also wrote a thousand words this week, spaced out over a few sessions. I ate better and exercised a little more. I had some good conversations with my wife about how I'm understood by her family as well. They like me, but I don't think they understand my past well enough to know the hardships I've been through. So we're working on that.
  6. It's all about trusting yourself. If you have a craving and you can trust yourself to understand why you're having it, then you might be able to find a solution at that moment. Each moment is different though.
  7. Today was exhausting but I got a lot done. Cleaned the house, visited family, wrote 1000 words, got my medicine, prepared for the storm, and read my book.
  8. I also felt ashamed of feeling tired. I woke up earlier today and did some exercise. This got me productive the rest of the day.
  9. This week's been so much better than last. I've written almost 2000 words, built the last of the furniture in my house that needed to be built, cleaned the whole house, read 60 pages of my new book, spent quality time with my wife, practiced good hygiene, meal prepped a ton, went shopping for essential things I'd been putting off, solved 3 big puzzles, and watched less TV overall. Work went well and I finished a few projects that had been lingering. I also exercised more in general. I'm glad I was able to turn things around after feeling down last weekend and earlier in the week. I needed that. Something that helped me is setting very small goals on activities and if I want to continue, I will.
  10. I really love these photos. Great eye and perspective. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I get frustrated that I sometimes crave video games and porn still after all of these years. It goes to show that this stuff never leaves your system. I've had to rely on my halted technique a lot over the past few weeks. My triggers were boredom and mood swings from all of the sugar I'd eaten from holiday candy. Like I crave sugar now. I had a mini meltdown tonight because I wanted to drive to the store to get huge cookies. I had to do the halted technique and calm down, have a snack, drink water, and get in a better state of mind. This road is a difficult one but we're stronger for trying. I also feel like I haven't written about cravings much in the past few years and maybe that makes me seem less relatable to anyone here in recovery. I've been away from gaming for over half a decade and I still get cravings. It's frustrating. But it's ok. It happens to all of us.
  12. I felt ashamed of my hygiene this week so I made sure to shower and clean today. It can be embarrassing.
  13. I had a really great week at work. Very busy but rewarding. This weekend has been great as well. We organized a few rooms to make them more functional. It just feels better now. I finished reading a book. Going to find a new one now. I also drew a sketch.
  14. You're welcome. I understand. I got made fun of in high school for playing video games and my heritage. I went to a school where most of the students were white and never experienced diversity. College was better because there were more people of culture and they had similar experiences that I had. Try to realize that people will be more kind and empathetic in college. They come from other parts of the world and there's some vulnerability on their end too. You don't have to tell them about being bullied. Just be who you want to be. This is your time to reinvent yourself. No shame in being bullied. That's the bullys problem, not yours. Fuck them. Also, good job deleting discord.
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