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  1. I struggled with cravings today but they were less than the past week. I decided to paint instead and I'm very happy with what I painted.
  2. I suggest finding a therapist to help diagnose why you're trying to use games as a coping mechanism. Are you escaping from something? I encourage you to take notes every time you're craving games and trying to figure out what is triggering them. It might put a puzzle together for you. Some things that relax me instead of gaming are puzzles, exercise, reading, music, drawing, painting, singing, rock climbing, and writing.
  3. I think I was upset because all of the people I went to school with are getting their licenses for engineering and I have failed twice. It really bothers me.
  4. I feel better now. I had a wonderful conversation with my girlfriend and feel happier.
  5. Yeah. I agree. I had an issue with anxiety about my relationship and wanted to escape for a few hours and instantly my mind went to crave video games. But I was able to get into a new room and environment and clear my mind. I discovered I was tired. Cravings disappeared once I went to bed.
  6. It turns out I was really tired. I just went to a quiet room and did nothing and suddenly got very tired and went to bed and didn't relapse or anything. I find being tired can cause cravings.
  7. I really miss video games recently. I'm not sure what it is.
  8. I feel kind of feverish for some reason and I don't know why. It concerns me with all the covid stuff. But I haven't really left the house much so maybe it's a digestive thing or an infection from something. Terrible. Hopefully it's nothing.
  9. Tomorrow I'll be 138 weeks free from gaming. It's frustrating sometimes. I feel like I've come a long way and sometimes the mind tricks me into wanting to play again. It goes to show you that even at 2.5 years without gaming you still face cravings. It's just a matter of control at this point. I remind myself of the unhappiness that gaming brought me and the stability I have now and it helps offset the cravings. Work is going well. I'm enjoying it a lot more now than I was last week after changing some things that I had in mind. I'm also meditating after work a bit and just laying with my
  10. You too. Maybe you can set reminders on your phone every 2 hours to drink water if you forget?
  11. Welcome to the forums. I think most people's goals on here are to quit porn and masturbation along with gaming and social media. I definitely think it's important to do one at a time. I have a post somewhere in the celebration forums for 500 days without gaming and explain how I did it. That might be beneficial to you.
  12. I feel better today after a good night's sleep and a nice breakfast. I also started today off by drinking a glass of water. I think it's important to do that and just get your system functioning nicely.
  13. Thanks. We will see next month!
  14. I really miss video games tonight. I'd love to casually zone out and play. But I go to bed in 1 hour. I'm just tired. This is how I handle the craving.