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  1. Day 1 I've just started going through Respawn, joined the gamequitter's forum. I'm feeling a bit worried about leaving games behind, but excited about using my time better and living in the real world more. I'm currently on a short vacation and have quite a lot of free time, so I've started to learn some basic cooking (as I currently I barely know how to boil an egg) to prepare dinner for when my wife gets back from work. I'm also looking into starting some body-weight exercise program at the same time. I remember buying some books related to that from HumbleBundle soome time ago ...
  2. Hi all, I'm a 27 year old guy from Cluj Napoca, Romania. I've been going out and back into gaming multiple times recently and decided to start Respawn hoping this will help me break the spell. I'm not gaming 15 hours a day or anything like that, but my free time is limited as I have a full time job. I want to make the most of my free time to help me learn meaningful skills, improve my health, spend more quality time with my wife and open up to the outside world more. I'm feeling excited and worried at the same time. I'm worried about possible relapsed and feeling like I'm missing out by giving up to games, but excited about the other opportunities the world has to offer. Ok, let's to this! ?