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  1. Entry 19.05 Day 598: No Useless Videos Day 595: Sticking to Food schedule Day 199: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 190: Being in bed before 23:15 Day 16: 8 pomodoros πŸ™‚ 3 Things I did well no matter how small -4 potential job places visit -Continuing process with 1 job place I want -Again got over sleepiness 1 Thing I could do better -Prioritize health - sleep 8 hrs, not 7 6 or 5
  2. Entry 18.05 (Written on 19.05) Day 597: No Useless Videos Day 594: Sticking to Food schedule Day 198: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 189: Being in bed before 23:15 Day 15: 8 pomodoros πŸ™‚ 3 Things I did well no matter how small -Planned the week -Cleaned two windows and dust on the table -Got over two energy falls(Sleepiness) 1 Thing I could do better -Move myself a bit faster especially during food prep so that I'd leave home earlier and come back earlier and wouldn't have to cut shower short
  3. It's surely only part of the story, but my way to cope with message overwhelm is that I first turned off my whatsapp notifications. So that I don't hear them or it doesn't vibrate and i don't have the phone flashing from it. Then I just set a habit of opening it only once a day along with any social media(Even if I accidentally open it because I need some data and see some messages I do not answer unless its related to a current task directly.) Also If I really need someone I do allow myself to call them. And if it was important enough to call them or physically do some action, then I may use messages as part of what I'm "currently doing", this takes effort to create like any other habit, but I think it's more useful than blocking anyone. In this case at least I'll have the opportunity to see and respond to what they have to say πŸ™‚ Hope this helps.
  4. Entry 17.05 Day 596: No Useless Videos Day 593: Sticking to Food schedule Day 197: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 188: Being in bed before 23:15 3 Things I did well no matter how small -8 pomdoros -7 hrs deliveries -didn't accept the last delivery in order to get back home in the agreed time with apartment mates 1 Thing I could do better -When feeling sleepy do visualization
  5. Entry 16.05 Day 595: No Useless Videos Day 5921: Sticking to Food schedule Day 196: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 187: Being in bed before 23:15 3 Things I did well no matter how small -Going to an interview -4 hrs of physical activity -8 pomodoros even though i got delayed in interview 1 Thing I could do better -Try avoid dozing off, or limit it more
  6. Entry 15.05 (Written on 16.05) Day 594: No Useless Videos Day 591: Sticking to Food schedule Day 195: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 186: Being in bed before 23:15 3 Things I did well no matter how small -about 22 hr fast -4 hrs of physical activity -cutting deliveries short so that I arrive to pickup the groceries from my apartment mate and get it to home on time. 1 Thing I could do better -Such a small thing - 5 minutes that I need to designate in the evening to journaling, and i do not do even that.... If I do not accomplish such a small thing how may I expect to accomplish the big ones? Get it done!
  7. Entry 14.05 (Written on 15.05) Day 593: No Useless Videos Day 590: Sticking to Food schedule Day 194: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 185: Being in bed before 23:15 3 Things I did well no matter how small -8 pomodoros and I would've finished the analysis post and started the video script, but it wouldn' allow me to add a form so I 've had to tinker with it. I do feel I'm making much more progress now with a sense of urgency, after the post of two days ago -4 hrs of physical activity -1.5 hrs job search 1 Thing I could do better -Still look for a way to journal in the evening. I did leave the time for it in this case but I decided to use it to masturbate. Which is also not so bad, I think it was the right choice. I haven't done that for a long time and it's a great practice for health, especially with the frequency I do it
  8. Wow, that was lightning speed of a read. Awesome! I don't think I actually wrote the exercises down, but because I re-listened to the book several times, when it came to difficult situations I changed y perspective, doing the best in the moment etc. Again way to go! Stay awesome!
  9. Entry 13.05 (Written on 14.05) Day 592: No Useless Videos Day 589: Sticking to Food schedule Day 193: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 184: Being in bed before 23:15 3 Things I did well no matter how small -8 pomodoros and i feel I've done some progress more than earlier -27 deliveries, 7 hours of deliveries coompensating for yesterday -a 1hr and 45 min workout compensating for yesterday' lack 1 Thing I could do better -Finish shower a tad bit earlier. ' cause I did start writing the journal yesterday but I only had about one minute left and I decided to watch messages during this one minute (Instead of thinking about 1 thing I could do better, 'cause I wrote all the rest already.
  10. Entry 12.05 (Written on 13.05) Day 591: No Useless Videos Day 588: Sticking to Food schedule Day 192: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 183: Being in bed before 23:15 3 Things I did well no matter how small -8 pomodoros once more which is cool as a basis Day 10, now lets see if I can nail the goal of tonight's post πŸ™‚ -No deliveries once I saw the app is closed -Writing the nightly post even though it was at the expense of two hours of sleep. It's a red flag that had to be raised. However, I probably shouldn't allow it to happen very often or I'll harm my sleep and as a result health and well being 1 Thing I could do better -Evening journal before sleep before whatsapp mail (Finish shower a tad bit earlier)
  11. So it is the middle of the night and I thought I'd just write sporadically to take the load off my thoughts. I have just woke up because I've peed myself. Physically it happened likely because I drank the usual amount of water I'm used to but did half the exercise ( I did the bare minimum of half an hour of main set (+about 15 minutes of warmup and cooldown together while usually I'm used to doing at least 55 minutes of main set + in the last week and a half at least 3 hours on the bike ) But why did I do so little? The courier app didn't work today because of a holiday (Day of remembering the fallen soldiers of Israel in the history of our conflicts) so in contrast to the last day when it happened (The holocaust day) where I decided to just keep riding for a few hours without deliveries, I decided to return home as soon as I saw the app doesn't work. Last time after I've been biking for 3 hours without deliveries I wrote an entry here that this is what I would rather do, return home once I discovered the app doesn't work, so that I ay instead do more deliveries the next day. And meanwhile do some activity I was supposed o do the next day which I may do even if the courier app doesn't work, So this is something I deserve a pat on the back about as of itself (Returning home) I decided to do about 3 hours of job search now, which I had scheduled for tomorrow and then tomorrow do 3 more hours of deliveries instead of the job search (Plus do a 30 minute jog to maintain some calory balance and do some heart activity) The trouble is that as you probably know momentum is a strong thing, and it was already evening. So I pooped and thus lost some time, then I dd do an hour of job search, and then... I don't know if it was really because of physical tiredness because I slept for 5-6 hours the last two days, or it was just because of trying to escape reality, but what happened is I dozed off for 2 hours. Thank god when I woke up I decided to do the minimal workout before the eventual 23:15 being in bed deadline. And i even managed to squeeze a 25 minute cold shower. But still I did allow myself to doze off as I often do. (By the way in the afternoon I dozed off for an hour too. I think some of it has to do with me seeing my apartment mate who is 53 years old doing that all the time. Another part though is because I do not see progress in my marketing efforts. I have now for a few WEEKS! been just blankly staring at my blog posts with barely any progress. I'm writing some text then erasing it, and researching every little assumption further and further, instead of writing a general outline, writing some Ideas and going to the next post. I end up with a huge amount of data which is probably not something anyone will read, and also confuses myself. But evenif they will read it and it is something interesting, still it is better to concentrate on one thing every post, this will help me gather momentum and get more things done, whereas when I have no commitment to post I just write and rewrite things forever, and really test less things and assumptions. Because the testing really only occurs when the content piece sees the world. You see the reason I'm really writing all this is that as I've been cleaning myself up and washing my underwear from the pee A very, very strong urge to play games was present, and I've been trying to understand why it happened. As I wrote in the diary of Dark a few days earlier, this aging urge is not something that just came today it is likely something that has been gathering up over some time and the current events are just sort of triggers to make this urge stronger. So I felt I must raise a red flag and change something before it's too late. Because eventually if this urge continues, again and again - It will win most likely. Self-discipline is not infinite. And as Benjamin Hardy's book title says "Willpower Doesn't Work" I must find a way to make my environment provide me with the necessary feelings and fulfillment of needs not to have this urge arise as it has been happening for quite some time for me now. And this is likely due to the fact that I'm stepping in one place. I mean lets be real here. My goal was to publish a blog post and video every week. I have not done so for almost 4 months now (some blog posts are published but I haven't finished the cycle that's what I mean) There's nothing more honest than that. Shouldn't lie to myself. It's great that I'm eating and staring blankly at the screen thinking how I should progress my blog and I call that "pomodoro time" even though I actually accomplish nothing. But it is NOT enough. I must come up with some sort of compensation system for results - Which is actually publishing the content, not just the amount I put in. Because Imagine what would happen if salesmen were paid only for calls they make. They could then make 1,000 calls in 3 months and make no sales. Who would benefit? Nobody... This time would be lost and in the end of the day the salesman didn't help the company or any of the clients by helping them reach a decision and use the product which may improve their lives. So it is with my marketing efforts. I do not want to be compensated for calls any longer. Of course the minimum of time devoted to it must remain that - This time still has to be devoted to it. Back to the salesman case - If he didn't make any calls of course he wouldn't make any sales... But the reward should be for the sales, not for the calls. Here's what I want to do: The current minimum of 8 pomodoros is cool and should remain that. I also want to continue writing about it in my general journal entries - documenting the length of the streak. BUT, on top of that I want to have an overall goal of a weekly content cycle. granted I will probably not nail it from the first time, and that's cool because I do not want to set goals that I'm 100 percent sure I will make, because then I'm not learning anything. Then I will have gathered some points if I complete it within one week, less points if I do it within two and even less if i do it within 3 Once more thinking out loud the trouble is that I have two god damn goals. One is moving abroad which requires me to do job search and earn more money while the other is becoming financially free which is for a little more long term. But It shouldn't hinder eachother. I may do both. It is just about feeling urgency. I do have an urgency in my "finding job" and moving abroad goal because I've set a mental deadline of 21.7 for the move. I don't even remember why any longer, but that's the date. Even though I am starting to doubt that date since I still haven't gathered the amount of money necessary for the move After a brief pause to look at my bank account and think how much more money I need, it seems possible that within two months I'll have the amount. The only question is whether there will be enough time to get a visa and find an accommodation and order flight tickets and find a solution for how to move my items abroad... That's what I want to focus on now. First stop is a meeting at the embassy to ask them if we may start the process to speed it up and within 2 months time when I'll have the full sum, finish it. After yet another pause I'm back after sending a mail to the embassy to ask them the same question, also would like to call them on their working schedule between 9 and 13 tomorrow (Hopefully they work despite the Mamory day.) Anyway, back to my marketing goals. I think I found a reward system that might suit me without any indulgences as a reward. HereΒ΄s the plan: If I publish both content types including the ads from end to end within 1 week, and it doesn't matter if it's flawed - I get 200 β‚ͺ (About 60$) into my "Helping my brother learn how to bike lessons" reward fund. (Just sent an e-mail to find out how much it will cost generally) If I do the same within two weeks - 100β‚ͺ If three weeks - 50β‚ͺ Anything after that gets no reward. Today I'm about half-way there in my current content piece. So let's say the current 1 week goal mark will be to finish all the content cycle by 16.05 mid-day. Starting 1 minute after that and till mid-day in 23.05 it's the two weeks reward 1 minute after that and till 30.05 mid-day it's the 3-week reward. 1 minute after that - none. I think that sums up my nightly rant. Gotta' go get some sleep
  12. U da best πŸ˜‰ Don't forget to let me know how it was, I'd love to hear that!!!
  13. Entry 11.05 (Written on 12.05) Day 590: No Useless Videos Day 587: Sticking to Food schedule Day 191: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 182: Being in bed before 23:15 3 Things I did well no matter how small -8 pomodoros! !! Day 9 and I placed it over 10 hours of deliveries and just barely did 7 instead -7 hours of deliveries thus completing 40 overall on the weekend despite celebrating brother's birthday and devoting to it something like 7 hours yesterday -Cleaning kitchen flor within 50 minutes or so 1 Thing I could do better -Write weekly schedule first, then look at jobs etc. if needed... it caused me to be about 20 minutes late from this task.. (The fact that I go a bit distrated
  14. Hey, regarding making friends not enemies, I'd suggest the book "The Little Book of Stoicism" By Jonas Salzgeber, I listened to it about 7 times or so. It has a pretty awesome way to look on relationships in my opinion, which allows you peace of mind. It says something to the gist of "To make mistakes is human, to forgive is godlike" and "Even if men do harm it is because that is the best way they know to act at the moment, and even then when they harm others its okay to forgive them, because even if they initially intended to do so, it still doesn't mean its not a mistake" "Because we men are made for each other, we are made to be a part of a whole, we are brothers, being angry at others or keeping grudge simply hurts ourselves, not the other person" "on the contrary if they're angry at us it hurts them, we do not have to react in the same way." all these are very rough outlines and "sketchy word illustrations" I'd really suggest the book πŸ™‚
  15. Entry 10.05 (Written on 11.05) Day 589: No Useless Videos Day 586: Sticking to Food schedule Day 190: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 181: Being in bed before 23:15 3 Things I did well no matter how small -8 pomodoros! !! (Day 😎 - Even though it was the first-time i did one of them after 18, still I completed all 8 so It counts πŸ˜‰ ) -The bare minimum of 3 hours of deliveries, despite going to brother's BDay celebration -Even though it took me 2 hours to decide what to buy my brother and find the place that sells it on a weekend (Friday in our country is weekend) eventually pulling the trigger and ordering it for another day, thus allowing myself to nail the goals of 8 pomodoros and 3 hrs deliveries and more than 3 hrs of quality time with the family 1 Thing I could do better -Having planned brother's gift in advance, It would have probably saved me some 1.5 precious hours plus the gift would have arrived he same day, instead of him having to wait about a week now.
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