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  1. Entry 29.11 (Written at 30.11) Day 72: No Useless Videos Day 70: Sticking to Food schedule Top Priority: None written. 3 things I did right today, no matter how small: -5 pomodoros. -1 hr run -avoiding eating rice at dinner because of meals not having a big break between them because I woke up late 1 thing I could do better -Wake up with alarm clock Woke up at 12 45 instead of the planned 08 30, exchanged the 3 hour workout for a 1 hour run to manage to do some pomodoros. Tomorrow's top priority: complete 3 hr workout for legs at 1°C or 33°F Not a temperature that's seen in Israel even at the coldest days.)
  2. It seems there are a lot of things you want to work on. I suggest focusing only on one thing right now which is probably focusing on the gaming(It seems your top priority from what I understand, correct me if I'm mistaken). It will require lots of willpower. So let the other things float. You may try to do them too, but not at the expense of your main objective. And don't beat yourself up if you don't get everything in order all together. Focus on your one top priority. Trying to accomplish everything all together is a recipe for frustration. One more thing. My suggestion is to focus on consistency in your posts, I wouldn't make them even close to the length of this one first post. Maybe try a week of very short posts and once you see you're handling that, you can try longer. But remember consistency over length (That's also what Cam says).
  3. Entry 28.11 (Written at 29.11) Day 71: No Useless Videos Day 69: Sticking to Food schedule Top Priority: Accomplished. Arrived before 13. 3 things I did right today, no matter how small: -7 pomodoros/ almost 8 but got distracted to re-hang some clothes in the clothes hanger. -Finding and purchasing nuts for the remainder of my stay, and buying chlorella to try it out as a source of B12 -1 hr run 1 thing I could do better -Look for jobs I could call more intensely so that I could make use of the fact that I'm now in madrid A nice day overall apart for the fact that I have yet again fell asleep without completing the evening routine, and that's why I also write this entry just now. I'm not writing a top priority, as it would be retro ( and kind of cheating ).
  4. Entry 27.11 (Written at 28.11) Day 70: No Useless Videos Day 68: Sticking to Food schedule Top Priority: Accomplished. 3 hrs chest workout. 3 things I did right today, no matter how small: -3 hrs chest workout. -2 hrs marketing and saying awake despite extreme sleepiness the same as yesterday. -Washing clothe again because of it getting wet in the rain 1 thing I could do better -Pay more attention to the clothes on the balcony, especially that I knew that rain was in the forecast. I got carried away with the cooking... And when I cook I do not hear anything apparently (air suction from stove, clothe washing machine, audiobook, are all causes for that) Cravings are intensifying.... I think that for one, I used to have a major goal of the flight to Spain in the last period and it kept me busy, but now that I'm here I have often avoided the reason that I am here, which is finding a job. I have not yet even physically gone to one employer. Moreover, there is an upcoming simplification of workouts. Instead of the usual 5 days of bike of 4,4,4,7,7 hours and 2 days of 5hr workout, I'm about to do 1,3,1,3,1,3,3 which is 15 hours instead of 36, and it feels like I'm slacking off.... Tomorrow's (Actually today's) top priority: Rabbies vaccination before 13:00
  5. Lol, I missed an "s". Send the source of all those questions
  6. Entry 26.11 (Written at 27.11) Day 69: No Useless Videos Day 67: Sticking to Food schedule Top Priority: Accomplished. 5 hrs double workout. 3 things I did right today, no matter how small: -5 hrs double workout. -2 hrs marketing and saying awake despite extreme sleepinesst. -Cleaning the house 1 thing I could do better -Go to nut shop (Will do on Monday together with the vaccination of rabbies, it's very close anyway) In this house that I rented there are only windows into the inside of a building ( like a patio ) which is surrounded by the building itself, therefor there's really not a lot of clean air and if someone smokes it goes directly down to my appartment which is on the bottom floor. Moreover the entrance to the apartment also smells like cigarretes. So I'm surrounded by cigarettes from both sides basically and coughing all the time. The questions I've been asking all apartment owners when looking for an apartment to avoid this were whether someone smokes in the apartment and whether the room has a window, but apparently it wasn't enough. In addition, on the day after I came to the apartment I washed all the sheets, but the next day the thick mattrass cover apparently has spread the smell of pee onto the clean linen again. The second issue appears that is on the way to resolve (the owner is talking about buying a new one The other 2 just seem insolvable... And I have signed a contract for a month clearly... So for now I'm coughing all day long apart for when I'm out for a workout. I think all the time that Is not essential to be in house I'll be outside. The problem is I still probably need to sleep eat and shower at home, which is like 12 hours. Anyone got any other solutions? Maybe an affordable purifier? Anything? Tomorrow's (Actually today's) top priority: 3 hr chest workout
  7. Comment on the Random thought part: I guess I wasn't nervous/excited for some time now. I try to accept that the outcome is out of my control, and therefore, there is no reason to be too excited about it. At the same time I concentrate on just doing my best with what I know, and it calms me down, also realizing that the feeling of anxiousness will do no good and only make you act more irrationally. The last time I remember being at a job interview though, which was more than 2 years ago, and I felt a bit excited/anxious, I tried to speak slower as you put it. I paid attention that If I don't know what to say, I keep silent. Instead of saying *uhm... like... eeeeehhh....* etc. (Edit):Addition: I thought this comment was on the last page.... Oh well, guess it will do anyway 😄
  8. Entry 25.11 (Written at 26.11) Day 68: No Useless Videos Day 66: Sticking to Food schedule Top Priority: Accomplished. 6 hrs project. 3 things I did right today, no matter how small: -6 hrs project. -quickly adapting in the morning for a 6 hour marketing day once realizing I missed the deadline for a 5 hr workout. -recognizing cravings and accepting that it is okay to have them 1 thing I could do better -Do 1 or a few pomodoros where I summarize more generally and not word by word to elaborate my comfort zone. Cravings are coming in droves. Probably because I allowed myself to do a 1hr run instead of a longer 5hr workout double workout. Let's wait and see if they continue. Maybe I should make some minor changes in schedule, so as to have less of them? Tomorrow's (Actually today's) top priority: 5 hr Double workout
  9. Could you end the source for those questions?
  10. Entry 24.11 (Written at 25.11) Day 67: No Useless Videos Day 65: Sticking to Food schedule Top Priority: Accomplished. 4 hrs project. 3 things I did right today, no matter how small: -4 hrs project. -deviating from schedule only by about an hour. -1 hr run 1 thing I could do better: Plan next day before dozing off!!! I've slipped and woke up very late, so instead of a double workout of 5 hts, I'll do a 1 hr run, but I'll attempt to do 6 hrs blog. Tomorrow's (Actually today's) top priority: 6 hrs project.
  11. Now that I love to hear! Work ethic of Schwarzenegger? Give me some of that 😄 Well, work-ethic is most usually the thing that makes a person extraordinary... Or at least the kind of extraordinary that I mean.... Because just being strong from birth, is not the kind of extraordinary I want to be, because I haven't earned it anyway. I want to be strong in the things that I can influence. And that is mostly work-ethic I guess... You mean that he's not extraordinary from birth, but from work ethic with your message, right?
  12. Yan

    Day 0

    I agree on building one habit at a time, but writing here once a day is relatively small effort, and this habit is key for the accomplishment of all the rest). It's not really something separate but something that comes to support the others... If you feel like it interferes with the other habits, maybe it's not the right path for you. But I strongly believe it shouldn't be the case...
  13. Entry 23.11 (Written at 24.11) Day 66: No Useless Videos Day 64: Sticking to Food schedule Top Priority: Accomplished. Double workout. (Replaced jumping pushups with regular pushups for the time being). 3 things I did right today, no matter how small: -1.5 hr marketing project (At the very least that) -managing to buy some nuts despite sliding a bit with the schedule, and doing it quite late. -Sleeping on the couch to solve the bad smell/ smoky air issue 1 thing I could do better: Pay attention never to slide from 2 hours project. Tomorrow's (Actually today's) top priority: 4 hrs project.
  14. Yan

    Go agane.

    You've got a life coach? That's some advanced stuff there.... Is this life coach in the place you want to be in life though? How much does he charge?
  15. Entry 22.11 (Written at 23.11) Day 65: No Useless Videos Day 63: Sticking to Food schedule Alright so it seems my entries are quite scattered lately, so I think one thing I could to to focus them is write one goal for the next day at the end of the post that is most important to me. 3 Things I did right today no matter how small: 1. Abs workout first thing in the morning! 2. 2 hours of marketing project(despite feeling sleepy) Thankfully I planned this clause yesterday during daily schedule planning and had written out what I will do when (not if) i feel tired after food and before working on the marketing projecy. It seems that this too is not obvious since this month there are 7 days where I didn't meet this norm already... But of course, even small wins must be given a nice word about. 3. finishing food earlier than 23:00 and not "borrowing" any food from tomorrow 1 Thng I could do better: Planned a bit more time for work out. Top Priority for tomorrow: Double workout Chest and Legs (Without jumping pushups) (may replace it with other exercise for chest)