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Question of the week: What are you grateful for?


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  1. Jimuel

    Who’s playing in moderation?

    @RyanTheLion Awesome. That’s brilliant that you get to choose the games you have a lot of control over while you are with friends. However, Mario games are the really good by the way.
  2. Jimuel

    Who’s playing in moderation?

    @Undsoweiter @Stevec2283 @James Good Thanks for sharing! Anyone else.
  3. Jimuel

    Who’s playing in moderation?

    @cammyhammy Thanks for sharing ur experience. I know for some people who tried moderation and it never works for them. To u all, I’m sorry u can’t play games in moderation. But I’m glad all of are changing your lives and committing into something better. To you, all I’m wish the best of you in detox.
  4. Jimuel

    Who’s playing in moderation?

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  5. Jimuel

    Am I addicted?

    @PhinxxAsk yourself, is it have a negative or positive impact on your life? If u have an addicted, I recommended the 90-day detox and then re-evaluate whether you want to play again or not. Realize what the negative area is and it can help you shift the relationship to gaming. Ask yourself this, is it affecting your relationship with your family? Are you not doing a good job a work and all you thinking about is games? What is the consequence? Good luck on your detox and if your struggle let me, Cam or other people know and we can help you out. Two things, I strongly advised is don't self-justify in your 90-day detox and fall into a relapse because it can make your situation a lot worse. However, after you take a break from games avoid mindless web browsing because it's very easy to fall into one addiction to another. Try and stay off the internet, find different activities to replace with during your pastime.
  6. Jimuel

    No friends

    Try and find things your passionate about thinking about what your goals and dreams are and what you want to create in this world. Even though you don't know what they are just yet. Don't worry, they will come to you. Watch this video:
  7. Jimuel

    Who’s playing in moderation?

    @Dschurd Thanks for sharing! Anyone else!
  8. Jimuel

    Who’s playing in moderation?

    @zeke365 @GCepeda Thanks for sharing your experiences. Zeke, inspiring quote. Yeah, not everyone can moderate.
  9. Jimuel

    Who’s playing in moderation?

    @killua145 True, that no one can moderate multiplayer games. I do play multiplayer games, once a week every once a while. I mostly player singer player stuff. Thanks for sharing & yeah AC Origins & Odyssey, God Of War and Battlefield are all great games I played. I totally get how your reward system and instant gratification make you want to spend more hours leveling up and get all this cool stuff. Be more self-aware of this stuff if this becomes a problem to you.
  10. Jimuel

    20th time quitter

    @Mouxine Thanks for sharing us your problem. If you need help on your journey, we're here for you. Start your 90-day detox today! It's your chance to change your life for a better game.
  11. Jimuel

    Who’s playing in moderation?

    My gaming routine: Like always, in moderation. I play 1-2 times a week on the weekends but I also find other activities to fulfill those needs that gaming fulfills. I dance, play piano, exercise and other productive things. Note: If your someone, that doesn't want to give up multiplayer games but wants to moderate. Try playing multiplayer games, once a week. This may not be for everyone, but this is my recommendation. Anyone else that wants to share about their gaming routine?
  12. Jimuel

    Who’s playing in moderation?

    @GColls Awesome to hear! Keep following your dreams.
  13. Hey everyone, Jimbo here! Haven’t posted anything in a while. I want to hear from you all, who’s playing in moderation after the 90-day detox? How many hours are you gaming now? What’s your relationship with gaming now & what boundaries did you set so you don’t snowball into excessive gaming again? Love to hear from you all!
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    Yeah no prob.
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    Hello Game Quitters, today I'd want to talk to you about a serious topic about a game called 'Fortnite' Fortnite is game where you can play on solo or work with a group on people. The objective is to be the last one standing similar to the 'Hunger Games' and if you want I mean by the game. If you don't know what the game looks like. Look it up or watching a couple of videos of the game. I play 'Fornite' but not a lot because I'd don't want to get to distracted by it and I'd want to invest my time in other activities, projects, and priorities. In this subject, I'd want to talk serious issues of people playing the game and how behavior can change and how addictive the game be for people that want to play more and more. I'd seen articles and news report, on how people keep playing the game whenever they're home, school at the mall, etc. Some schools have banned the game because students don't focus on the academics. So what are your thoughts about this game? How is this affecting people's lives? Share your thoughts about it.