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    Yeah no prob.
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    Hello Game Quitters, today I'd want to talk to you about a serious topic about a game called 'Fortnite' Fortnite is game where you can play on solo or work with a group on people. The objective is to be the last one standing similar to the 'Hunger Games' and if you want I mean by the game. If you don't know what the game looks like. Look it up or watching a couple of videos of the game. I play 'Fornite' but not a lot because I'd don't want to get to distracted by it and I'd want to invest my time in other activities, projects, and priorities. In this subject, I'd want to talk serious issues of people playing the game and how behavior can change and how addictive the game be for people that want to play more and more. I'd seen articles and news report, on how people keep playing the game whenever they're home, school at the mall, etc. Some schools have banned the game because students don't focus on the academics. So what are your thoughts about this game? How is this affecting people's lives? Share your thoughts about it.
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    No prob, I'm excited to be here to be a part of a big community to help make a big difference.
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    Hello Game Quitters community. My name is Jimuel Napa and I'm 16 years old. I'm so excited to join the Game Quitters, thanks to Cam for making me this account. The reason why I join the Game Quitters community is I have a very good knowledge of digital addiction and how technology can take our lives and escape from reality. I'd have a good knowledge of video games addiction and how it takes our lives. I'm excited to talk to you peeps about serious topics of video games and it's an honor. About me, even though I play video games. I'm a pianist and dancer and music is my passion during my free time. I'd love going to the movies and I'm a big movie guy. I'm also a person that is enjoyable and being supportive.