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  1. Hey everyone, My name Tanner, though on the internet I generally go by Audley. When I first came across Game Quitters, I will admit I was skeptical. I have been going back and forth for the past month about quitting. Generally thinking about it for about 5 minutes before going back to gaming. But somehow I end up back on Game Quitters thinking "What if?". I know I have a problem. Even thinking about quitting gaming or leaving my computer causes me a great amount of anxiety. I have been gaming since I was young, but now it's my comfort zone. Like a warm blanket or something. I have spent literally thousands of dollars on games, PC parts, DLC, subscriptions, etc. Not to mention countless hours doing nothing but sitting in front of my computer; neglecting important things in my life. And I think to myself: "What do I have to show for it?". Sure it was fun in the moment, but now I'm just left with a bitter taste in my mouth. About the 5th or so time I visited the Game Quitters website, I knew without a doubt I had an issue that was consuming my life. I actually sent an email to Cam himself because I was almost angry because I misunderstood the point of Game Quitters and Respawn. I thought it was a scam and just another way of taking advantage of people with an issue. However, upon investigation and watching the YouTube videos that Cam has uploaded... well, I have learned he is sincere in both his actions and his intentions. So Cam if you are reading this please know I am sorry for the unwarranted email that probably came off a little more harsh than I meant it. I wasn't upset with Game Quitters - I was upset with myself. Now I want to move forward. Today is the day I take action. I am strongly considering purchasing Respawn when I get paid next. I really want to move forward in my life, and do something else. Thanks for listening everyone. Cheers
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