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  1. I feel the same way with Diablo II. I still crave playing and sometimes fantasize about a life playing it and being okay with doing that. But I know I'd just turn into a hardcore addict that plays nonstop all the time to the detriment of his exercise, job, relationships and life in general. I wish I could play a few hours a day too but it's not possible. With my job the way it is I can't spend any time doing free time stuff anyways. I have about 1 hour a day of free time when I get home that I have to use to feed myself and maybe get one episode of a show in if I'm lucky. So I couldn't even ga
  2. @BooksandTrees Yeah God could use his powers to miraculously cure me but it's probably not gonna hap\pen @dasvira i see sulphur soap and mud mascara Positive: rugs still good Yep, gotta love my rug. It's still good. KEeping my feet warm and eyes please with it's rugged beauty. Pun intended. Looks like I'm gonna be working more in the days to come. Mom's on my case to get more hours in at my job. Yeah. She somehow knows how much I'm working without asking. I guess she does see me at home when I'm not working. I just gotta get a new intensive in home job so I can transfer my clie
  3. @DaBest THanks man. I have done well with some things. I'll keep trying @BooksandTrees Sure I can lookout but nothings gonna fix my tv disorder or my acne probably. Positive: job interviews are still coming in I got another interview today but it was not enough money. That's fine. I'm still glad I'm getting more inquiries. I haven't even applied for a while either. I smiled at my socks I accomplished calling back a job I am grateful for socks, job, interviews, hope, chances at a better future, new tv, mom, living room, fireplace and binder God bless
  4. Ya don't forget about GQ. We all like reading your posts.
  5. @BooksandTreesThanks. You're right about life never being perfect. There are a ton of things that I'd like to have God fix in my life, but for whatever reason those things are just going to remain as they are. I can't do anymore for them than I have already. Maybe in the afterlife all those problems will be solved. Till then I'll just keep working with life as it is the best I can. That's all we can do is our best to get through each day. I feel like I'm more settled into my life than I was in my earlier posts. I'm kind of just doing the same things now and not spending all my time searching
  6. Good job resisting the urge to give in to gaming. It's all part of staying game free.
  7. Hey good luck and welcome to the forums. Finding things to do it part of the process.
  8. I get cravings too. I just keep enduring and coming back to my breath to try and mindfulness away the thoughts of gaming. Or distract myself by watching tv or doing anything else. Maybe those will work for you too. Maybe you have some other way to stay off the games. Something has been working so far.
  9. I haven't watched my shows that much so far. I'm almost through the flash for the second time though. My tv is 70" Vizio I'll get it weds after my session. I was just thinking about how my addiction destroyed my motivation to do well in school. I had only brief glimpses of desire to do well in school. I had no consistency because I was always busy being addicted to games or substances. I guess insurance is more in the US. I paid 650 my mom was paying 900 but then called and somehow got it reduced. I tried to do that but I don't think it's going to work out for me. I think I'm stuck paying 650.
  10. @Lampshade Thank you very much. I'm glad I made it this far. @Pochatok Thank you. I will do my best to enjoy it. Positive: Well. It's my first days after the 1 year mark. Gonna try to live it up in my game free paradise I've made for myself. I plan to exercise, clean and meditate today. But I'm also trying to watch tv and once I get going with the tv it's kind of hard to stop. So I think I'll just set a timer for four pm and try to do all that stuff then. I'm kind of happily amazed at how I'm still so into watching the flash even though it's my second time through. My client wen
  11. Positive: I'm 1 year free of video games. Yes that's right. I have not played games for a year now. It's pretty amazing. I don't have much time so maybe tomorrow I'll put up a post where I tag everyone and say, happy 1 year celebration everyone. It's a party. We did it. We made it to one year. That's a huge accomplishment. I never thought I'd make it this far. Whatever I'll just make it this post I have 4 minutes left. Big thanks and shout out to everyone who has helped me on my path to gaming sobriety on here : @Cam Adair @Marek @Icandothis @BooksandTrees @Phoenixking @chiliflavor @cepo
  12. Yeah don't smoke. It's not good for you. Good for you resisting the urge. I have to resist masturbating and it's really difficult lately. I just don't have the willpower to not do it lately. I dunno hopefully that improves. I play the supportive role too, but haven't been able to find a good therapist. So whatever. I'm kind of over looking for one. Hopefully yours goes better.
  13. Sorry about not being able to see your family for xgiving. That's lame. I've had xgiving by myself before too and just ate at boston market. It was a kind of sad xgiving. I hope yours goes well. At least you're calling your parents. Good luck with the golf sorry about your instructor or whoever being too repetitive. That sort of thing might be worth asking them to change. I have to ask my clients to change more often than I'd like as they repetitively do things that're bothersome.
  14. Yay chill days are the best. They always go by so fast somehow. I guess because there's nothing terribly uncomfortable to deal with. I'm trying to watch the flash supergirl and dcs legends 50 times over each before I die. I think I can do it. It's tragic supergirl is ending, but what're u gonna do. Just got to roll with the punches. Due to my TVD I think I'm eventually going to be an old man watching old shows from decades ago on repeat. There are worse things to become. It's better than being old and addicted to marijuana and video games I'd say. At least I'm not an addict. Yeah less screen t
  15. @Lampshade Thanks so much. I do enjoy this rug a lot. I never knew I could like a rug before this. I've been watching tv with no rug just hardwood floors and didn't know until my mom put this rug in that it's awesome to have a rug around. Keeps my feet warm and looks great. Good luck in your rug search I hope you find a good one. Positive: 3 days off yeah. Wonderful awesome stupendous. Three days off this week. I'm gonna watch so much tv, eat food and pie. My mom got this double crust apple pie from costco for xgiving. I'm pretty excited to eat a lot of food and pie then go home and