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  1. Work can be nuts I have some struggles there myself but do my best to make it work. Congrats on your relationship I'm glad it's going well. And that's awesome you've been off games so long. Over 2 years.
  2. I've been getting a lot of steps in lately too. I did 20k one day. But my knees have been hurting from walking so much. I'm planning to take a few days off walking and then try again but don't go over 10k to prevent another injury. I really hope I can get my 10k pain free because I really enjoy walking. I can feel the endorphins and whatever else is getting released in my brain. I just feel happier and better. It's been like so good for overcoming feelings of depression I have sometimes. I'm planning to just start doing yoga everyday while I wait to see if my knees can recover. Good news is th
  3. Totally, watching shows with someone else makes it so much more enjoyable. I feel like I can watch for a lot longer. When I'm by myself I'm always getting up to exercise instead. Although that's probably a good thing. Yaeh I'll be off risperdal completely this sunday I'm hoping to see some sleep improvement. I may already be seeing weight loss, I think I'm down 5 lbs if the scale isn't malfunctioning. I hear organ meats are really healthy for you. I just never eat them, hehe. Yeah you're right about the job. I'll try not to worry too much about it. Virgo's can have a tendency to overthink and
  4. You're doing good, keep trying to quit and it will eventually come.
  5. Gamifying things is working for you and it's not gaming so I guess that's ok. I keep track of my steps and that motivates me a lot to keep walking. I've been walking a lot lately since I've been kinda anxious from work. It kind of like works well with anxiety it seems. I'm still not satisfied with my job even though it's better pay and earning hours. I want more money. But I think I made the right choice in staying and not getting a new job because this job is like a sure thing for the hours and that's 2 years to get licensed almost for sure then I'll have like 18 years making more money. So I
  6. Thank you. I'm sorry things didn't workout with your ex. That sounds pretty devastating. Doesn't sound like it'd be a good idea to let him back in. Keep on with your dreams, good luck. Sending you love right back.
  7. @RealworlderNo I haven't watched it yet. I was just gonna wait for it to come to crunchy roll and watch it all at once probably. My new friend likes it so maybe we'll just rewatch the whole thing together if she's down. Getting off the meds is going well so far. I just wish I could go faster but I'm at max speed. In three weeks I'll be off them completely. I'm a chicken and turkey person mostly. I'll usually only eat beef and pork when I go out. I'm hoping things get better once I'm off meds. Sleep, skin anxiety etc. That's good you're being more productive. I'm getting more hours at work too.
  8. Hey I've been alright. Sorry about your interview, but keep trying till you make it. I kind of gave up on finding a new job but my client wouldn't stop applying in our sessions. So it motivated me to keep applying and I eventually got a job. So keeping at it for a long time can help.
  9. @RealworlderThanks man. I dunno if we'll get along well or what'll happen but time will tell. We talked about Attack on Titan. It was kind of cool. Yeah I'm finally earning hours towards my license. It's a big victory but I'm already concerning myself with earning 26 hours a week and like if I'm gonna make it ok there. Getting off my meds and seeing if that helps with my skin and stress and sleep levels. I guess as soon as we take one step we're just wired to look ahead to the next one. Once I'm licensed and have a high paying job I think I'll feel like I made it though. Same with having a wif
  10. Hey welcome to the forums. I was addicted to D2 as well. But through this forum I've been able to stay off of games for over a year now. It's the longest streak I've had in my life since I started gaming when I was around 10. Now I'm 32. Things have been looking up for me for the most part in life. Doing better in my career, exercising, meditating having a spiritual practice. Even starting to meet people. Okay one person but that's a big deal for me as I only really talk to my mom and coworkers. Sounds like you're doing a good detox know that it just keeps getting better the longer you go.
  11. @Jason70Thanks. The new jobs more stressful but I guess it's worth it for all the benefits. The old job really didn't workout though. 1.75 years to go till I earn a license. Positive: I met a girl yesterday Well. I didn't get the best energy from her and probably caused a little acne which happens when I meet people often. But still I met a girl yesterday. Our parents set us up to meet. She was actually pretty nice and tried to like converse with me. She's cute. And we had a lot in common like a show and being introverts exercise meditating. I might try to hang out with her again. Ho
  12. Positive: It's my last day of work at my old job Yay, it's here. I finished my two weeks notice and I'm making the transition out. Today will be the last session I have with my old company and I'll put in my paperwork, shred the client information sheets and that'll be the last I do with this company. Thank God. They gave me a good job to get started in the field but they totally didn't help me get hours towards my license. And the new boss was so uncool and put a ban on my earning of hours. I might leave them like a 1 star review on indeed for screwing me over for so long and the boss be
  13. It all sounds good to me. Glad your new job is going well.
  14. @DaBestThanks. It is better pay. I hope I get that higher paying job and they're nice to me. Otherwise I don't really want to go to the Christian interview. The guy seemed kind of mean over emails to me. And they didn't sound like they're gonna get me hours very quickly. But we have an interview scheduled for monday so I'm kind of dreading having to tell them no cause I'm not sure if I want to go. Positive: I guess my old jobs are ending? Yesterday I said bye to two old clients. It was kind of sad. One seemed to not really care that I was leaving which hurt. But the other one really
  15. Hey welcome to the forums. Good job taking your first steps to quit this time around. It's always difficult but once you get some momentum it may become easier. Hope you find good things to replace gaming with. What're your hobbies?