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  1. Hah yeah bodybuilding.com I was honestly thinking of reading Jack Lelane's live young forever book. He was jacked and healthy at age 96 still training ❤️
  2. Ohh, I did some CBT workbook by harbinger, but it wasn't even all that popular I think it was good at teaching me about anxiety though. I also read CBT made simple which is more popular.
  3. I wish I had more energy. I just tend to get tired and recluse often. Most activities involving exposure to other people will tire me out and make me mad or stressed. Maybe it's my freeze trauma response causing me to feel unsafe around others. Reclusing and looking for connection in the safety of online relationships where I can run away easily. YEah maybe that's it. Maybe the solution is to just work with it. Drop in on meetups where I can very easily disappear to another meetup. Keep my distance from people I have to see normally in real life 🙂 I mean aside from my partner of course or other people who're in the inner circle. They need regular interaction. What I'm saying is I wanna cancel my hangout with my dentist. I'm in that fight or flight response mode right now wanting to run away from our hangout scheduled this Saturday. Very scary stuff. Ahhhhhhh 0_0 Okay I'll give it a try. But I'm pretty sure this isn't gonna go well for me and I'll end up feeling very tired and I should just cancel it now. Forget it. The last two hangs I did with people I felt the same way and it didn't go well and I was exhausted and eventually just stopped hanging with them anyways while having a good two weeks to recover from how draining that was for me. I mean maybe this persons fine as my dentist I don't know maybe I should just bail I'm scared . Also having two journals is different not sure if I'm into it
  4. I'm good on the gaming front indefinitely. I just have to remember to not be getting too absorbed with new friends that encourage me to game with them. Just let them know politely I don't play video games or I don't game. But I can chat with you about your games and support your doing it if it's your thing. Yeah. Om, otherwise. I guess that my cutting's not making any crazy progress. Which means I either have to fast, eat less, do cardio or all three. Hehe. Yoga doesn't really burn that many calories. But it dramatically increases my mind body connection which allows me to be conscious of when I'm full. Increasing my ability to moderate and eat less when I want to. I mean my diets been very clean. My SO came back from france with authentic french pastries so I kinda had to eat one haha. That's not something I would've done if she weren't here. I'll maybe have like 5g sugar from those macaron's every 2-3 days till they're gone. Still hoping that Halloween party goes well and all this cutting this month will have been well worth it. 🙂 Inspired by @FDRx7 I'm doing an A/B style upper body workout now so I can reduce exercises per workout while still hitting everything I want to hit. It looks like this: Upper A: Bench SS: Dip, Pull up Low Cable Row Curl Upper B: SS: Dip, Pull up Seated db press SS: curl, skull crusher Lower's the same both days just goblet squat db lunge db calf raise weighted back ext and plank. The planks have amazingly helped my core get way stronger and better. So I'm glad I met that PT who told me to swap sit up for plank. ❤️ Ugh I feel this routine's finally good and I'm thankful for it coming together. phew S2 Gratitude all around pew pew ❤️ I weighed in at 175lbs today which I think is just because the LAF scale's 5lbs lighter than my home scale. I wonder which one's more accurate but it's fine I'll just keep using the LAF scale till I get my home scale back later. Then I can compare. I'm hoping I can stay at 175lbs during this cutting cycle. Because losing muscle sucks hahaha. I'm getting stronger on all my lifts steadily so I figure I should be able to maintain at 175 lbs and actually do some minor lean bulking. Definitely will need cardio on tuesday saturday next week with my calorie restriction to make my goal happen. 7-9% bodyfat by Oct 31st.
  5. Alright after reading t nations disc I urge on cutting and bulking I've realized I should just screw getting lean for now and wear a shirt to the party hehe Typing on this tablet is hard and slow and h3avy agh I'll try to swipe type instead yeah typing on here is hard yeah thanks @FDRx7for the website recs
  6. Awe that's so awesome. Scooby did have some good videos I saw on just staying healthy. Thanks for the good reminder to just keep things controlled and slow with a good ROM. Are you at that point where you just feel like, you know enough to handle everything for the time being? I'm kind of feeling that way. The phys tp and yoga stuff I do is working well and I feel healthy overall. I kind of just read more or watch more stuff to learn random things. Like just to enjoy learning as the routine's going good. No need to learn new routines or exercises or whatever
  7. Good point with the de load and I'm glad you're doing well stamina wise. I think I tend to go pretty hard at each exercise plus I'm just transitioning from home gym to real gym the past month. So doing 5 is good for me right now and I like having energy for cardio/yoga after too. We got this 😄 Yea I'll have to keep track of de-load weeks. I'd prefer to do it preventative than just being forced to do it cause you're too tired. I'll probably de-load around the first week of November or something. It's a good reminder.
  8. How old are you if you don't mind my asking? This is a a lot of exercises per workout so you must be young or just have good endurance. I'm 35 and if I do as much as 7 exercises in a workout that day I can't be doing any yoga or cardio after usually
  9. Hi Vee. I'm so glad you found a club you want to explore more at it sounds really fun! 🙂 Is it social anxiety that keeps you in the house? I totally work with that myself and I find that the best thing to do is to choose something that matters to me to go out for. And to make it win win like no matter what I know I'll get something good out of the experience. That helps bolster my spirits and hopefully yours too. Good for us getting out there hehe. I'm going to a meetup on Sunday for the third time so that's awesome to be building up some consistency at this group. LMK how your club hangs go!
  10. Hah I'm back! They reset my password and I'm pretty sure it's working now. May it stay working 🙂 Being locked out a couple days was no fun! Glad to be back posting today Om, I gave my whole setup back to my mom. Who was happy to see me to get sushi. Man that sushi was incredible. The fatty salmon nigiri especially won me over. Omgosh it was amazing I wanna eat more but it's so fatty. Maybe when I'm bulking I'll go back 😄 That happy hour had 12$ gyu don and 7$ fatty salmon nigiri $4 cali rolls. Yep yep. I liked the salmon skin too but I'd go back and just get a gyu don and a fatty salmon. That should be good. I don't know if I can really eat all that uch right now and I've 90% decided that I'm gonna stay benching as it just seems to work for me so I shouldn't try something else out probably that could end up hurting me heh Just tryna be pragmatic and safe about my life now. Stay healthy get healtheir
  11. Hah that sounds nice. It snows where I live sometimes so being tan year round is not for everyone 🙂 Thank you! I do enjoy learning about wellness. I totally learned so much from youtube too. What was your main source of wisdom on training? Those are all good things makes me want some avocado. I'm totally gonna make some like chicken tacos this weekend with guac.
  12. This is super interesting how db bench works better to activate your chest. I'm glad you found some way to make it work for you and improved the excavatum so much. I've been benching forever and I have to do finger push ups before every set. But, hey it works so maybe just keep it going. A lot of people do nuts, like Rich Froning eats a lot of peanut butter as a snack. They are healthy sources of macros. I'm usually just drinking milk all the time. I've loved milk since I was a kid and make sure to have a gallon in the fridge at all times 🙂 Yay go USA lol. Good to see your morning routine's working. There was a fire alarm last night or I would've gotten to bed earlier. I got this tonight! Are you training at a gym or home gym? I find the energy at the gym is way more relaxing in the morning it's the whole reason why I started getting up earlier in the first place. I have insomnia so I have to do a lengthy sleep routine so I think 630am would be the earliest I could possibly get up. I'm on that lean mean veggies fruit and whole grains diet right now. I kind of like it, but it's also just so, not decadent? Lol. I think I miss strawberry cheesecake, fatty steak and buttered mashed potatoes. What're your comfort foods? 😛
  13. Yea maybe all the aliens aren't as friendly as they are in your book (o_O). I would like to get superpower enhancements via alien technology implants though please. Love the character development in your story. I really enjoy those books, they make me feel like I'm learning along with the characters
  14. That's such a serious nutrition plan woah! 😮 And I thought I ate like a monk when I'm cutting. I mean I'm about to eat brown rice sushi and tuna salad sandwich on whole wheat. Or PB and Fruit on whole wheat. Awe crap I already ate my banana woops. Well I mean no wonder you were getting lean and muscular on that diet. There's so little junk food it's all healthy carbs, fat and protein. This is my first time cycling cutting and bulking inspired by reading through a few fitness books this year. I have to say I'm really enjoying being intense about cutting for just a month right now. I actually love putting the chocolate away and looking to eat as clean as possible every meal. It's because I know it's not permanent. That next month I'll be happily eating pad thai again 😄 Running shirtless could be a lot of fun. I did it before, but I'm really not into running the elliptical is much more conducive to my goals. But if you wanna go for the shirtless jog go for it! You'll get a tan and cardio at the same time, what a deal. Speaking of which I'm gonna hit up the pool just to lay out and tan if I can. How does one get tan in the Fall season anyway? I guess I could try jogging shirtless on the field near my house. Or even just walking hey what're your diagnoses? I got two as well
  15. I'm not much of a habit tracker. Thanks for your support in doing what works for me. I kind of just keep pushing myself to get to bed on time and that's about it hehe. I think anything will work as long as you have a clear goal in mind and track progress in some fashion. I don't like the apt gym mostly because I feel uncomfortable when people are walking by looking through the glass door at me training. Also it's just a lot smaller with less equipment. I mostly went to the gym last night to use the roman chair to keep my low back healthy. The rest of the stuff is just like getting to do my hobby more fully. Nice job with your habits. I'm trying to get in bed to do my sleep routine by 915pm now. Sleeping's a challenge heh. What is it that keeps you up at night?
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