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  1. Day #1 Gratitude journal Today i am blessed to be alive and be 24 with so much living left to be done. boredom and stress tend to be my triggers towards escaping and over indulging..lol. I am grateful for my wonderful family and the love thats there. I am grateful to have everything thats available to me and to have all the peace that i have. I am grateful for water and a simple breath that takes in life each moment.. One amazing thing that happened/I did today I decided to be the hero and own up to my relapse. I reconnected with a-lot of people. Getti
  2. 1/30 went out with friends and had a dfay with them. Epic Toaday got a job afterwards head to school sign up. Make scedual today and Yah. Join the community. get into boys and girls club be a role model.and have FUN:)
  3. How long are you running so far? Because if you're starting your path with running, marathon in 3 months is not possible for anyone and may even cause serious injuries. However, if you're running for some time so far, that might be an interesting idea. Can you elaborate on that? Greetings, Mad Pharmacist Hay Fam, That dates the tough mudder 5 mile run/obstacles. Im doing the pre-training now for the marathon, (the books called the non runners marathon running guide) week 1 no better time than now, I read some off this book and got up to 14 miles and neglected the nu
  4. Keep it up Bro Fam, hell yah man, i respect how your challenging yourself. I get how you feel 1000%, been in your shoes many times..mmmm..im sure ill be in your shoes... soon..but i do plan smash its fun.. Keep up with the action taking your getting results,love the goals. new actions new results. Do you have a plan on how your going to get a sexual partner because you already know:)
  5. Make it a daily habit. You don't have to write a lot, but posting daily will become a foundational habit for you to build your life upon. Daily journaling helps to build positive momentum in your life. Consistency is more important than quantity. You don't have to write a novel every time, a paragraph is more than enough! You get what you give. Getting involved in the community by reading others journals and sharing any thoughts or feedback will encourage others to read and interact with yours. I recommend to pick three journals and reply to those. Game Quitters is a community. Par
  6. on page 60 of packet you really need to read this shit guys, haha IT HELPS ALL OF IT , so im on the mindset part, i know i need to find a job ive done everything cleaned up house decluttered slowly feeling human again who i am comming back to me, my brain does hurt on the back side like an ace i can feel it healing each day., tomorrow will be Detox day 6 ;), these last 3 to 4 days i get up and run right away at 4:30 get back 5:15 take a cold ass shower, my focus is way off but getting better each day i day dream hard,i have a timer now to get my SAVERS done Mediation, affirmations,Visualizatio
  7. Day 2 Detox Did some damage control with my friends,they want to party in SF it seems everyone is doing great and build themselves up,am share some shame, I believe ill be toxic i know human but i loving yourself and taking care of the needs is priority ill reward myself afterwards, Delayed gratification is important. I really want to conquer this procrastination so being proud off myself after i take action is something ill implement maybe get chocolate to reinforce the behavior if first step if needed. Im not going to be around people during my low- i feel like a zombie emotionally mt b
  8. Nice bro, have you tried meditation yet? Its powerful and it actually grows the front part of your brain which is self control/willpower. 5-10 minutes a day. lol i go to yoga/ mediation chants. They normally just helpful in all my experiences i go to yoga and give out free hugs to everyone . If the spiritual side makes you feel werid i feel you i know,It just makes it more powerful-see the core of it the roots instead of the thousands of leaves, and youll be to busy doing yoga they normally help out with the posses so you dont hurt yourself and with my experience every teachers been cool. Seri
  9. You can do it! I feel you brother. What are you doing to change you states? you know like walks,park,bike ride, meet up friends.
  10. Thanks Cam, Taking some new actions deleting steam accounts. I believe this will help with this detox breakthrough.
  11. No better time then now. This time when playing there was a acceptance less shame and guilt. i was studying myself in way. I was in no fucks mode. Meaning i didnt really love myself for not follwoing my purpose limiting my love, I think having a gratitude rock really helped me out emotionally over the months. Really recommend you find one=D Not much to say, watching the modules, again off the games. Reflecting: takign action, doing is the direction staying humble while listening to cam just going to get it done . this is run 3 then keep getting back up try again. Detox begins 1/25/2018.
  12. Hay fam day DAY 30 FUCK YAH, Fapped 3 times last night had a girl over i have a lot of girls in my circle and the female energy made me lose my shit my standards are so high and i wont settle for less at the same time its my mindset,i know i can smash but am really looking for that one i accepte belong with and can create a deep intimacy with my ability to sexual gratfiy a women is on point and im sure i can be better but smash her for hours and make her squirt for the first time is easy=P i spent alot of time in highschool learning about my girlfreinds bodies So, no fapping for at all DONE, i
  13. DAY 21 FUCK YAH LOL. i feel great lots of free time these last 3 days, making the most of that time, sterring awway from weed, i think i love the idea of all the money i can make, Deep down sales will go with my purpose, plus my strenths are my energy and psotive attuite am a hands on learner. took a test tactical learner. Coach Believer Empathizer Brainstormer Self-Believer Perfect sales coach witch my own team, thats my 2 year goal geting hired at build.com will be my 3 month goal. i will TAKE ACTION NOW!~
  14. DETOX DAY (20)Hay fam things are great i write in a actually journal now, watching cams videos now comming back to take it all in, been doing my SAVERS everday, Mediation, affirmation, visualization,reading ,excersie, and journal ling, things are great, working, days off figuring all this stuff out, Focusing on my human needs not wants, been listening to audio books while trimming, tony robbins,million mind,7 habits, learning growing might be getting job with a despencery and help them thrive maybe not and work for build.com i know i want to do sales and i love marijuana. maybe the idea of mak