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  1. Spoko, brachu, pogadamy o tym dzisiaj wieczorem
  2. You're welcome Alex! Can't wait to see your next entry! Btw. I started interesting journey right now - 39 days until finishing the last exam. So, each day I have an opportunity to go into different coffee shop or place to study. We'll see how many of them I'll discover in my city! Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
  3. Sure, sometimes setting a milestone of 24 hours really helps. If you already have 4x24 hours, then you can get next 24 hours, and then next 24 hours and so on. One day a the time Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
  4. All right, you helped me understand it better. I agree with them. Hope your 15 days of NoFap will help you and give you benefits. I'm sure you'll feel much better after that, just like these videos show: Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
  5. Great job! Just keep it up to see the difference after consistent writing. Emotions are very important to write about them. Because they come and go, and sometimes thanks to emotional journal you can see a pattern that leads you to some behaviours you don't want to be led!
  6. Awesome! With dopamine I think that it's a longer story. 90 days is just a beginning when you just HAVE TO quit games and anything related to. Then you'll reevaluate and decide what to do next - most people decide to continue their journey called life without playing them. However, the choice is yours. Gonna check your journal out! Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
  7. Jak tam? Nic nie wiem co siÄ™ u Ciebie dzieje
  8. Hola Jose! Como estas? I mean, you're going to make a smart choices, as I see, whatever happens. I think that the whole attitude depends mostly on the person. Each work, even if you're passionate about it, becomes just a work when time passes. However, it depends on you how you'll answer to that what Army will give you in the futere. Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
  9. Hey, Alex! Looks like you have a lot of work to do with group projects! Remember when we talk about you having a holiday and me having exams? I was a bit jealous for that, frankly. Now the roles are switched, however. You have work to do, and I have 6 weeks left until finishing exams. Anyways, it's good to see you're doing well. How are you doing with the whole TrumpZone project by the way? Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
  10. Hello Reno! 15 days are good. At least better then no NoFap. However I'm curious about what you said - you're married. So, isn't your wife against you jacking off instead of having sex with her? I mean, come on, you have a wife, so why do you even want to masturbate? Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
  11. Hello there, buddy! How are you doing with implementing Respawn? I said implementing intentionally because it's not about just reading it. It's about taking these action steps @Cam Adair has written for you. I hope that you'll start writing your daily journal. Even ONE SENTENCE daily can make a huge difference like "I feel pretty good today, because I wake up early and done important things first!" Trust me, this will give you a brief history of your detox after finishing! Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
  12. Hello Dylan! It's nice to see someone in a similar age to mine I hope you're still doing well, even when 2 days just passed it's important to be aware of possible dangers at the beggining of the detox. If we add all this hours, seems like you spent 9000 hours on gaming. It's almost a mastery. However, what else are you going to do with next upcoming 9000 hours to become master of? Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
  13. Oh, that's super awesome to hear you're doing well! Also, seems like you're kinda like early bird! That's because you wrote this post on 6 A.M in our time zone! Btw. I also had dreams about me gaming during detox and also had cravings so strong after this that I barely resist them. However, the most important thing is to realise that this kind of dreams are not you. Not anymore. This is just your brain lacking of dopamine. You've heard about it? This is how it looks chemically: It's a cathecholamine (same group as adrenaline and noradrenaline). As an activity I suggest you to make research on the Internet about it. and mechanisms. About journal: I really suggest you to start it ASAP. Just go ahead, you don't have to write your whole story there, because you already did it here! You can just type "Hello, GameQuitters, I'm Krzysztof and this is my journal. I'm feeling pretty good right now." And that's it! You'll realise one day how big different this little activity can make! Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
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