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  1. For me just that feeling of craving always in the back of my mind bothering me and what not is not worth it. Is it worth it for you? You decide. As for your learning of geography and what not... I get it that it's a fun way to learn. But there are other fun ways to learn that don't generate that bad feeling. And I'd argue that these ways are more effective. I'd suggest "Geography! Now" on YouTube as a starting point. Then there's Simple History, Extra credits history and many others for history. Good luck
  2. This is an incredible commitment to journaling. Amazing work so for. I think you should tap yourself on the back. Just keep yourself busy and don't let gaming even have time to cross your mind. And tell yourself that gameplay are just the same thing. They both waste valuable time.
  3. Man thanks for posting this. It keeps me motivated to keep going. I quit since August and I think that makes it 6 months. I'd love to get to your level and beyond. Awesome way of writing too. Please keep sharing your story
  4. Amazing list creationlist. Please post some more unique ideas like these if you gave any. Thanks
  5. Hey Karolis! I did read it all and I completely understand your frustration... I can see why you think that life is not worth living, and that you're so far behind... But the truth is that those thoughts mostly come out of your depression. You have to separate yourself and what you tell yourself (force positive thoughts upon yourself) and what your depression is telling you. And obviously you should seek a counselor and even consider taking medication, because it seems to me you have a chemical imbalance due to all the screen time. (meds have really helped me at some point, just to allow myself to pick myself up and not beat myself up all the time). But IMPORTANTLY your gaming years might seem like a waste, but they are not a complete waste. Your English is excellent, you developed some skills there, maybe team work, maybe just having fun with others... Etc. It's a long process but those are transferable skills to other parts over time. Team work principles are the same in video games and at the office. Like how not to be toxic and focus on team goals... Plus you have a job and what not in your life... So you have a platform to build up firm there. Don't give up on life. You had a rough start, but the awareness you have now will take you far in life. Some people drink their whole life away, because they lack that awareness. Please seek out a counselor and visit your general practitioner about your depression ASAP. Will you be able to do that? Cheers and good luck, Leo B
  6. This is so powerful Reza! It goes to show that all the stats and high levels that most players strive for, it's not worth it. So we'd better take if from you who made it, but still isn't fulfilled by it. On the contrary. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your detox. Keep Us updated Leo B
  7. I can see why you think life sucks, but you are at the right place to make it better. Keep on keeping on with the detox and you will eventually come to love your life. Just enjoy the journey of getting there and please get some. Counseling. Any update for us?
  8. Great to have you here. I was personally not addicted for a while as well, but just playing randomly really took me away from planning, and thinking about my goals in general. I congratulate you for not letting gaming escalate into an addiction in your life. P. S. I am working in international business (with a focus on supply chain and logistics), feel free to message me and we can connect on LinkedIn.
  9. Hey there. I think you know why you're here. And you know you want your life to improve. So listen to your inner voice. Just try it for 90 days and then you can decide for yourself if you want to go back and how much... But just a detox is good in general. It'll give you some time to amaze your self with your abilities, your interests, with the world, with the small beauties of life. How many other reasons can you see for taking a 90 day detox?
  10. Hey man. Congratulations on your daughter and I'm happy you took this commitment to be there for her - truly be there for her. Kids are a great catalyst for change and I'm happy it helped you though. I think you can do this long term (even if you might relapse) and we're here to support each other. What mechanisms would you like to put in place to ensure you keep yourself on track for at least 90 days?
  11. It's great to see such strong commitment from you and I also find it quite inspiring! Thanks for sharing your story with us! It sounds like your wife is helping you through this which is great! :) What Respawn exercises did you find most helpful? :)
  12. Hey man. I see you're on the fence and undecided, and I get it why... It's so much fun to play, brings so much satisfaction and in general it's what you're good at. But like you said you won't make it to pro... And that's probably for the best (considering the amount of sacrifices you would make). So why not quit now and develop some real work skills that might one day get you hired? Or pick up a hobby that will make you truly happy and more peaceful? Now you will need to spend some time to combat your anger and your raging that became engrained in your brain, whether you like it or not. Just try the 90 day detox and see if you're feeling better after it. ;) What do you think?
  13. Hi fellow game quitters, After playing a large part of my childhood, I then quit video games in high school and throughout university cause I had some hard work ahead of me and some clear goals I wanted to achieve. But after I graduated and started my own businesses, I started playing, as a reward for making it this far and achieving my goals. But the more I played, the more I wanted to play, and the more I got better, the more time I would spend online learning tips and tricks and watching guides. All my free time (and sometimes even my work time when there was not much happening) , was engulfed by video games. The addict in me came back to the surface. I started playing less and less, and generally keeping track of how much I played (using the Habits app). 30 days ago I went cold turkey and I'm much better because of it. I just realised that games are made to keep me hooked in and I love playing them. So I'm just off gaming completely for at least 90 days and beyond. (I'm starting a new job next week so wish me luck) Has anyone here got addicted again even after long periods of staying off games?
  14. Hey Pavlov! I'm so sorry to hear you're going through such a hard time. I think quitting so many things at one time is especially difficult. Because you were getting endorphins from so many places and now they all stopped. So naturally your brain is lacking the feel good chemicals. Please don't commit suicide. You don't know all the great things that will happen in your life once your life will improve (slowly but constantly). Please make sure to see a counselor or psychiatrist. Begin by going to your general practitioner doctor and ask for a reference. Or else get a counselor on www.betterhelp.com . I have used them and they are very good and certified. Man you're going through hell right now... Just don't let it swallow you up. You have to run out of that bad place as fast as you can. We're here to help you. Please write again if your thoughts get worse or if you're making concrete plans. You can do this! Leo B
  15. Hey man. I feel you. I've also been struggling with finding a new gf after moving to a new country. It's a very big journey that you've set yourself on and I think there's plenty of personal development involved with attracting the right partner. I suggest you read books related to being a "Pick up artist" (PUA) and start applying step by step as they suggest. DON'T SKIP STEPS. Apply the knowledge. Otherwise you'll just be a walking library. That being said... The knowledge from. PUA is just meant to increase your confidence and thicken your skin to rejection (which you should consider sooo normal). But don't use this info to turn yourself into a "player" or become a jerk. Just to better yourself. Then once you do this you will eventually meet someone in your social settings. At the gym, at the dance classes... Wherever you go out and hang. I met my current girlfriend using this strategy (at the gym where we train). Above all, don't despair and don't lose hope. It's ok to experience loneliness and pain. Look you wouldn't be here asking how to improve otherwise. I know, because I do it way less now. So just use that energy and drive to BECOME a better version of yourself. Then girls will want to hang out with you and be your partners in life. Best of luck! Leo B
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