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  1. myfitnesspal usually has some good recipe suggestions. You can even tune what you want in a meal, protein, carbs, fat, etc. I also had this feeling today. An inner voice that tells me that I'll get into more trouble going outdoors, etc. than I would playing games. I find this thought quite overwhelming, almost like I want to set myself up for failure to fortify that belief. What understanding did you find that helped you re-align ?
  2. Yeah, I am thinking it must be a discipline thing, not having a sense of center. I sometimes try meditation like the one described in this youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxJ0N2vq2GM
  3. Day 2 Each urge to play games I can describe as wanting to escape from what I'm doing. Whether it's checking my phone, e-mail, facebook, news, walking around, eating something, or even sleeping. Constant nerves, a sense of discontent with whatever I'm doing. Yesterday, I watched people play games like chess or some moba's on twitch which was a definite trigger to want to play. I even noticed my good friends playing a new game that I'd recommended and it was an internal struggle to not pop into comms, download the game, and play with them. I am realizing that if I have no substitute for playing games, I won't succeed. List of possible replacements: Chess (Still a game, but perhaps less intensive than video games), Biking, Recreational Tennis, Rock Climbing, Lockpicking, Drawing, Reading, Coding, Guitar, Cooking and meal prep, Martial Arts, Weight lifting. Growing an indoor plant, Buy a fish to take care of, Learn Russian language, Get back into Forex market, Re-read Tony Robbins' Awaken the Giant, DIY engineering with MAKE magazine
  4. Anger is a tricky emotion, it can sometimes stem from fear, sadness, or something else. Recognize the emotions, sit with them and find out more about them. The feeling you have when your game was interrupted unexpectedly, it is a real feeling and also an omen. You are in control, how do you let yourself feel so strongly about it? What do you gain from a game of FIFA 2020 versus what do you gain from doing something else?
  5. @gargamel Our friendship was formed through video games. Although we've shared lots of personal experiences over the years, these guys, I don't know what their goals are, they are stagnant like I am and that's what we could confide in, spending lots of time playing games, ignoring the outside world. I think I will tell them I'm taking a break.
  6. A nerve-racking feeling, a mix of excitement and fear, I've felt this before when trying something new or giving up something I cherish. I don't know what to do today without video games, but I have a guitar, a book, and my mind is in a good place. There are a lot of things I want to accomplish in this life. Mark Rudov once said, exaggerating, "Happiness is a bi-product of achievement. Anyone who says they're unhappy is their own fault." I've lived 29 years and have little to say for myself in terms of achievement. When people ask, "What do you like to do?" I feel guilt when saying I enjoy video games, like it's a frowned-upon thing, something to be mocked or felt pity for. I'm going to keep good spirits and try to make recognize when feeling urges to play, what's behind those urges?
  7. Hi everyone, I am Jake residing in east coast USA. I like to play guitar, tennis, lift weights, read, and more but don't do those things often because playing video games often requires less thinking and physical exertion. A dream brought me here -- An old friend approached and furiously explained, "Listen, you're not getting anywhere playing video games." I know I'd struggle to do it alone like in past attempts, this is the first google result that popped up. My goal is: Find alternative and meaningful hobbies to replace video games, make new friends(I always tell myself that I'm all friended up, that I already have the greatest friends online across the country), seek new purpose, and spend more time advancing my career. Some of my concerns involve my online friends... They're the type to only interact when playing a game together. How do I maintain friendship with them, and if I do, what do I say when they invite me to play with them? I appreciate this site's mission
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