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  1. Thanks everyone, Your experiences and your thoughts really helped me out. I quit LoL last monday, we'll see how it turns out 🙂
  2. Hi everyone, I've been playing League of Legends for years . During the latter I think I played for only one reason, climb the ladder and get a better rank. After a careful analysis I believe that the game itself does not bring me happiness but only the "satisfaction" of having obtained a higher rank, more lp, a victory. In short, I play for victory but not for fun. The other day I was permanently banned on the main account due to flame, this is another demonstration of how the game brought me more stress than fun. I would have no trouble continuing to play on other accounts I own but this event made me open my eyes to why I keep playing, but I can't make up my mind to quit LoL completely infact I can't understand if I'm thinking about quitting because I want it or just because of the ban. What I constantly think about is that even if I am a Master tier and I play for a competitive team in Italy, what can all this give me in the future? Thinking of going Pro at high levels and creating a career would be nothing but a child's dream, an illusion. On the other hand, all the time lost only for a rank a little higher will never come back. Now I finish, excuse me for the poem ahahaha, the fact is that after all these important words and thoughts I still can't make up my mind, this because I think that if quit I could regret it in the future even if I actually can't find a valid reason why this could happen. I don't know, the only thing I could regret is that I won't be good as I'am now, nothing more. I also don't want to quit videogames in general because it's simply one of my favourite hobbies. The reason why I'm thinking about quit lol is because, as I said, I feel like its not worth it. There were times when I tried other games, even for months I completely forgot LoLbecause I had so much fun with these games, and then I obviously fell for it again and came back to LoL. WHAT DO YOU THINK? 🙂
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