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  1. Hi Leo, I removed all games from pc and smartphone, stored my ps4 at my parents home. I have also found some activities to fill my needs: - Cooking - Learning Mandarin (quite challenging) - Learning how to code - Signed in Netflix (Watch some series to relax, something i stopped doing as gaming took more time in my life) I haven't felt the urges so much since starting these activities, but before it was really hard. As a tennis fan i'm also keeping up with the US Open. Thanks for the support and if you have any other ideas please share.
  2. I'm 32 and decided to quit gaming forever. I've been gaming since I've known myself and it has always been a big part of my life. I've played anything from CS to FIFA and I always consider that this was my hobby and had no impact in my personal life. But i've been wrong and now i can see how it took me to a very dark path creating distance between me and others isolating myself and hurting my family life. I've had a daughter 4 months ago, and i now realize how much i need to change. So i've decided to quit cold turkey for 3 days now and i now this is the decision that can really improve my life. I just hope that i have the courage and will to keep on the right path. There is a beautiful world out there and i'm eager to take on it.
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