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  1. Some Yahoo


    What can be more scary to a shut-in, introverted loner like us than speaking in public? Seriously. Maybe lion taming. I have on my screen the local ToastMasters website. They meet on Thursday. I want to go check it out, but realistically I fear it so much I will probably "forget" about it on the night. I'm hoping to divert this fear into excitement, and actually go. Someday I have to break out of this shell. https://www.toastmasters.org/ - main page http://mantecatoastmasters.org/ - local chapter to me, if you want to go see if I chicken out.
  2. Some Yahoo

    It gets easier...

    When I had my first relapse, it took about 3 weeks for me to feel the hatred of video game. I was actually playing the game when I leaned back in the chair and realized I am bored as Hell. These games are all incredibly boring! Jump on the rock, shoot the enemies, use the right sequence of attacks to make things dead. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Make it to the top of the hill. Repeat. No challenge: my lizard brain has the sequence down pat. This time I was not dumb enough to give them any money, but what I did was just as bad, perhaps worse. I gave them my time. You see, one can always make more money. But one can never make more time. It's all safely uninstalled now.
  3. Some Yahoo

    What I never Understood about Nihilism.

    The definition I had for it is everything is meaningless and by extension, anytime you think something has meaning, you are fooling yourself. I agree with you about value. Why is gold more valuable than silver? Because everyone kind of agrees that it does. People give these minerals value: by themselves they are neutral. The same holds true for pretty much everything. I spoke of nihilism in the same terms as Dr. Peterson (who knows a thing or two) as the belief that everything is meaningless. If I oversimplified, well that's just because I'm oversimple.
  4. This all applies to me. I'm not judging anyone else. Nihilism (the belief that life is meaningless) is almost like a religious faith. It's not a faith in yourself, or a loving God, or a family of Man that is worth striving for: Nihilism is nothing like that. I had always thought that goths and emos chose nihilism as a belief system to be dark and edgy, but that's not how it works. What happens is that your faith in everything you hold dear is systematically shattered until all you have left is this raw animal need to eat and sleep. Work hard? Why, will it matter that I turned in a 60 hour week? Get good grades? What, so I can go to some college and extend the meaningless of school for four more years? Be kind, caring, trustworthy, loyal? Why, so others can get the drop on me and eff me over before I see it coming? That's nihilism. And gaming is perfect for us. One major thing that gaming provides (even though it's FAKE) is a sense of meaning. You can be sitting in your room, your soul aching at your stupid trapped life, but a game will make you feel needed, wanted, valued. Just like the programmers designed it to. The thing I learned is that Nihilism is that dark, empty place that your soul flails against. Because it's wrong. Because you have meaning and purpose, it was designed in to your soul. Because it's only lies and poison that have led you here. But do you want to hear the GOOD news? It's also a lie that you are trapped. The human spirit cannot be trapped like that. Even slaves have a free spirit. You can walk away from the darkness at any time. And even if you trip and fall when you try it, you cannot be stopped. Put the controller down. Embrace responsibility. Be who you are. Watch this. I found it inspiring.
  5. Some Yahoo


    More on California: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn1fxChSbYk
  6. Some Yahoo


    California I may have oversold the California thing, because I had old data. We're still 47th when it comes to high costs, but there are other factors in our favor, like workforce skills, and access to resources. Yey, businesses and the middle class are leaving in droves. Medications Always work with your doctor, don't listen to idiot bloggers on the internet. My personal goal is to not live like a zombie on mind-altering drugs, but that's just my goal. Still working with my doctor on that though. Depression is nothing like a flu or a physical injury, so I don't follow your analogy there. However I can tell you that in my case the antidepressants don't take away depression. It's more like they help it be some small percentage more possible to fight the depression. There's way more than willpower at work here - it's like a computer program that has a bad line of code. There can be 900,000 likes of good code, but one error can cause the whole thing to malfunction. My goal is to unravel the false assumptions that have messed up my worldview and get set on a more productive track.
  7. Some Yahoo

    I'm Free.

    As I mentioned in other posts, I relapsed when my best friend died, I spent a couple weeks gaming. But at one point I was sitting there, playing the same old levels, skipping the same memorized dialog, performing the same attack and levelling strategies, and I realized I was making myself exhausted for - well, nothing. In other words, instead of taking 20 years to realize this was a giant waste of time, it only took a couple of weeks. That red line - the one where I realize This is stupid, what am I doing with my time? passed and I uninstalled it again. But this time instead of feeling loss, I felt freedom. Instead of wondering if I will make it, I find myself full of regret that I downloaded them at all. Slowly I find that I regain control of my own will. I am not trapped. Not anymore.
  8. Not sure if this is what you're going through, but it sure helped me. Jordan Peterson - How To Stop Being Lazy & Progress In Life
  9. Some Yahoo

    Some Yahoo's Sack of Wisdom

    Just looking through the sack of wisdom and finding some tiny, disgusting chunks of thought for your minds to consider. #1. If you want to know what a man thinks of his neighbors, look at his front yard. If you want to know what he thinks of himself, look at his garage and backyard. For millennials, exchange with: If you want to know what a man thinks of his you, look at his social media. If you want to know what he thinks of himself, look at his room.
  10. Some Yahoo

    Social media: do or don't?

    @JustTom Oh and as for posting here... I post here in the hopes that others might benefit. It's not just Social Media spew. Also, as I have said, I am 57 years old and it's unlikely that I'll be receiving any presidential appointments LOL.
  11. Some Yahoo

    Social media: do or don't?

    As for Instagram being harmless... 12 people who got fired over a single Instagram post - Business Insider Facebook... 25 Facebook Posts That Have Gotten People Fired | Complex Twitter... 'Guardians of the Galaxy 3' Director James Gunn Fired Over Tweets ... Rian Johnson Deletes 20,000 Tweets After James Gunn Firing – Variety 11 Tweets That Got People Fired From Their Jobs - EMGN crap, even SnapChat!
  12. Some Yahoo

    So I fell.

    When my best friend died last Memorial Day I fell into a foggy depression. I must admit that I reinstalled SWTOR and ran a couple of characters for a few weeks. I was online and watching general chat (I do not recommend this as you lose 1 IQ point for each minute you watch it). But I had to giggle when I saw an exchange that went something like this: So I was thinking of quitting gaming. Why? Well I might be getting a little too old to be doing this. How old are you? Like 26? Guys, I am 57 years old. That made me laugh. Since the service for my friend I am doing a lot better, but that exchange gave me a chuckle I will not soon forget.
  13. Some Yahoo

    Social media: do or don't?

    The thing I have against Social Media is that anything you say, any opinion you express, any post you like will be harvested and used against you forever. Imagine it's 2036 and you're about to get that appointment from the president as ambassador to the Moon, and some drunken shitpost you made this year gets resurrected and the whole thing falls through. Why do you think most people have reverted to posting dog pictures and reposting memes. Because anything real you put out there is GOING TO COME BACK TO BITE YOU.
  14. Some Yahoo

    Gaming is Why

    Gaming is why I have no real friends (real friends are the ones who will be at the hospital when you get in an accident). Gaming is why I have not written my novel. Gaming is why I never pursued my photography. Gaming is why I have strained relationships with my family. Gaming is why my bills get paid late. Gaming is why I have missed opportunities at work. Gaming is why people don't take me seriously. Gaming is why I can't hold conversations in public (I have nothing real going on in life). Gaming is why I never finished a class to get my skills up - and therefore lost out on job opportunities. Gaming is why I am a social outcast. Gaming is why I can't afford anything, Gaming is why I stayed too long at my parent's house. Gaming is why I am over 30 but act like I'm 15. Gaming is why I never commit to do fun things with people. Gaming is why I never give back to my community by volunteering. Gaming is why I have not read enough books. Gaming is why I am overweight. Gaming is why real life seems boring to me. Gaming is why I never put more than 30 minutes effort into doing anything. Gaming is why I don't seek and crave responsibility. Gaming is why I fail. I have learned to hate gaming. Respond with your gaming is why's
  15. Some Yahoo

    Life is not about an IMAGE

    Sadly, image (as you call it) is the one way we have of quickly finding people to be interested in, to date, or just hang out with. If it weren't for these superficial clues, you'd have to date every girl to find a girlfriend, you'd have to talk to every person to find friends. Image is just how you present yourself to the world. Maybe you can't judge a book by its cover, but there are a lot of books, and you can't read them all.