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  1. Hi guys, My name is Pavol and I am gaming for 20 plus years mostly online games and im addicted to porn and masturbation too. I decide that I need to change my life and that I want to quit all the things that are destoying me.So about month and half ago I quit playing computer games, quit porn and masturbation quit using sugar. Start exercising more and trying to do other things. After one week I met a girl in ball hockey witch I like and she comes for a 4 day date to my place. But it went not so well and she dont feel any chemistry there so she dont want to meet again. This was just a cherry on top of the cake. I feel really depressed and wanting to commit a suicide and dont know what to do. My perents never showed me love or appreciation at all and I got a feeling there is nothing to live for anymore. I dont want to go back to gaming nor masturbation nor porn , I rather die. I cant even go and play ice hockey with I like as I got knee dislocation injury and cant play yet.