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  1. Day 50. "So. Fucking. Busy." 13 pushups & 26 situps per day - Messed up my shoulder. I want to get back to exercising, but I have to wait for it to heal. UGH. I've finally healed. The first day I was okay, I got swept up in all of my shit that I had to do. Improv, podcast, work, administration... I don't work at the office anymore and yet somehow I'm more busy nowadays. It's a little bit taxing on the one hand. But on the other hand I really need to tire myself out during the day to be able to fall asleep. I notice I have a lot of energy and it really needs to be used up or I'll just stay up late and fuck up my sleep. For a freelancer, it's been a busy two months and it's not looking like it's going to get any quieter. So that's good! I've engaged a graphic designer to create a great resumé and personal brand for me. I'm going to try and become a full-time badass freelancer, but I'm also a little bit terrified. I have so many plans. I just hope this works out. I have a comedy night at the end of this month. My own creation. So that means I have now a monthly platform to test my own material. And another thing to put on the resumé. My improv teaching starts this week and will be a bi-weekly thing for 10 classes. Next week this time, I'll learn what the specialist tells me about my sanity and returning to the office, but it looks like the office doesn't really want me back. Fine by me. Depending on the situation I'll either quit and pick up a temp job to get some unemployment money, apply for a special stature of artist-freelancer or maybe start my own business. In any case, financially and in terms of life goals and my relationship, things are going like a racetrack. Fast and scary, but making it with leaps and bounds. My girl is a rock and a lifesaver. With a dual income household, we can manage more cool shit. But we have to move in together first. We might be better off in the long run because we'll be able to split the costs on almost everything (including my biggest costs: my insurance and my car). But we'll have to bite the bullet for a year first. Since both of us will have to pay a fine for breaking our renting contracts and moving away. I'm hoping to sway my landlord in some way and I still have a few tricks up my sleeve to sweeten the deal. My personal computer is still broken. I can do a lot with my phone and with my girl's computer, thank god. But not everything was backed up and my girl's pc is very slow. I need some power to do what I do. I might get a new one but since there's so many things going on at the same time, I'm just not sure if I can afford something like that. The relationship is going great. We both take things seriously, communicate well and listen to each other. We do tend to get stressed out, though. I allow myself to get absorbed into the 1000 projects and social media messages. She puts a lot of pressure on herself and needs a bit more of a backbone at work, she keeps underestimating herself and stressing out. But nobody is without flaws and it does seem to be a disease that a lot of millenials carry around. I've broken my record of being porn-free for 45 days. We're at 50 now! Games aren't really an issue. I sometimes miss it a little bit because it was a handy way to let off some steam. I'll be happy to return to Krav Maga soon. But my shoulder needs to heal first. I broke down a while back when I was totally bedridden and played a few mobile games. I took it seriously, though and confessed to my girl. I secretly kept playing them a few days longer. But after I healed, I returned to my busy and healthier lifestyle. Quitting porn was a good move. But I can often still feel my brain nagging me for a fix. It's véry difficult to resist. If anybody has a good NSFW-image blocker for my phone, I'd appreciate it. Right now, I'm trying to focus on getting my life into the next gear so an image or two every so often, is something I'm allowing. For now. I've learned that I should not be lenient towards little things like that. But I've also learned that you can't push yourself too hard because kicking a habit can be taxing in many ways. And I'm at a critical time in my life and I don't want to amp up the pressure. Recent highlight: My girl and I participated in an academic study that looked for couples who could resolve conflicts. It turned out that it was véry difficult for us two to find something to fight about. We seem to be very kind and understanding towards each other. Budget status: The freelancing is rather lucrative nowadays. It's good month and I hope to keep up the streak. Unfortunately, my budget file is on my busted computer. So once again, I can't continue. But using my 50 bucks per week rule, is really yielding results. My one goal for the next 24h: Do my gig well tonight and be as productive tomorrow as I am being today.
  2. Holy shit. For somebody who relapsed, you still accomplish a lot of crazy shit! 😮 And yes, you CAN get over the addiction. But it's kind of like losing a loved one. I once read a great metaphor for losing a partner or close loved one and it reminds me of overcoming addiction. You see, it's like getting shipwrecked. In the beginning, you're safe and sound on a big, nice, comfortable boat. But suddenly the storm sets in, the waves turn into huge fluid mountains that come crashing down and suddenly, the nice ship is torn in two, the pieces get torn asunder, dragged to the bottom of the ocean and every shred of what used to be a semblance of your life is turned to splinters. And there you are, in the middle of it. In the icy, cold, dark night, trying to stay afloat, clinging onto a piece of driftwood, trying not to go under. And it takes time. You have to hang on. The waves will come crashing into you systematically, over and over again. The storm doesn't let up soon. But you have to keep fighting. Maybe you'll let go and get swept away. Hopefully you find another piece of driftwood, maybe a bigger one this time, or a helping hand. And maybe this second or even if it's a third time around you learn to hang on better, and you keep fighting the waves, the darkness and the storm. And it will take a while, but after the 100th wave has hit, you notice it didn't hit as hard as the 99th one. And the 200th wave that tries to beat you off is even less. You might slip off again, you're only human and everything is wet and cold. It's still a struggle. But after wave 900 you notice that it's not so dark anymore and the water has dropped in level. After a gajillion waves, you'll be able to stand in the water, and it will still hit you, every so often. But after all that time it's only a couple of splashes on your knees or shins. You've had worse. So what I'm trying to say is that it doesn't really stop. But the way you deal with it and how strong you are and how much help you accept. That is something you have influence over.
  3. Day 42. "Down with some sickness" 13 pushups & 26 situps per day - Been sick for almost a week now. I look forward to returning to Krav Maga training. But I've been physically rather messed up too much to exercise. I've been rather sick since the middle of last week. It's still not cleared up fully, but at least there's no more fever. It's slowed me down, but I've let it. Dialing it down a bit and recovering is smarter than powering my way through it. Sadly, clinging to that type of self-care is not exactly my strong suit. My computer broke down AGAIN. The next year might be a bit erratic in terms of money. So if I do end up actually needing a new one, I hope I'll actually be able to afford one. My girlfriend and I are doing great. Living together is going well and we're looking into making things a bit more permanent. The main issue here would be that we both already have signed a contract, since we're both renting our places. I've lived here for a little over a year and she's only been in hers since March 2019. We've agreed that we need a new apartment that both of us feel good in and if we'd do things like that, it wouldn't feel like one of us is giving up their space for the other. I've been there. Moving to a new place that we've both picked and like together is a better move. But so that means we have to pay a pretty big fine. Mine is about 1500 bucks, her is about 2100 bucks. That's because we're moving out before the contract ends. We both know it sucks, but it's smarter that one of us take that hit, we both pay the fine together and we'll make up for that money in a couple of month because we'll be saving money by only having to pay for 1 apartment anymore. It's a little bit vague right now what our strategy is going to be. If one of the landlords is willing to let it slide if we provide him with somebody to take over the contract, we'd be okay. So time'll tell, I guess. I'm a bit scared of what will happen on the 18th. I might get to hear that I'm free and will never have to go back to the office again. Freelancing in combination with unemployment money will cover what I need. My career is looking a bit more promising but all of it still needs lots of work. And there's been a lightbulb. My physical therapist asked me for help. He had to make a speech at his friend's wedding and asked me to coach him, for money. I was actually looking forward to that. I've now realized I should start a practice as a business owner and start teaching people the difference between talking and speaking. How to speak with conviction, how to address a group or a business meeting or a bunch of shareholders. I would love to be able to coach people. I'm looking forward to getting some form of education and some help setting things up. I might go all in on the career thing and leave the office and temping shit behind if I can somehow make this work. I'm restarting my stand-up end of the month. I'm a bit rusty and rather nervous. But I saw an opportunity and I seized it. There's good money to be made if you can be funny. I was approached by a local coffee bar owner who wanted some entertainment. I sold him on the idea of doing an open mic night, once a month. I would arrange things for him and he'd fund it. This would give me a guaranteed spot every month to practice. There's been no porn for a while now and I'm very happy about that. We're almost to 45 days, which is personal record. In a new days, I'll be setting a new milestone, yay! However, as one milestone comes, another one falls. I was so cripplingly sick, unable to sleep and losing my perception of time. I couldn't sleep, couldn't read, couldn't do anything. Purgatory. Just locked in my living room with a busted up body. Time was moving sooooooo slowly... I installed a mobile game for my phone. I played it for a few hours until my girl came home, just to kill some time. I really wanted to fast forward time so badly, I was losing my shit. I thought I had it under control, that it was a one-time thing. I'm so happy actualy games are no longer an option due to the lack of hardware. I played the day after that and today again. All of them were crappy, silly things. I just wanted to feel some kind of challenge, some kind of competition. Tactics and such. I feel bad about it. I should really try and find something to patch that hole and come up with something that stimulates that side of my brain without games. Maybe Krav Maga will help me out again soon. When I'm all healed up, I'm going to go back to exercising. Recent highlight: I'm sooooo into this new podcast, a hearplay about some kind of zombie apocalypse. 'We're alive'. It's so good. Budget status: Since the computer is busted I can't divulge details. But I made rent this month and there's more coming in soon, if all goes well. And my 50 bucks per week budgetting is going well. That reminds me I should probably put the month easily. My one goal for the next 24h: If I'm sick, lie down and chill. If not, tackle problems as I usually do and enjoy life.
  4. I guess I had a bit of an itchy trigger finger there, sorry 😛 My main thing was that it's not because there's a biological link involved, you're obliged to maintain contact. Sometimes it's healthier for a family to get some space instead of trying to hash it out.
  5. Day 35. "A new brain" 13 pushups & 26 situps per day - I didn't do these as much this weekend. So incredulously busy. I have physical therapy today, though. So I'll catch up soon enough. It was an incredibly busy weekend. First off, my lemon tart with meringue topping failed. Horribly. The crust and filling were okay. But the meringue gave me a huge issue. First off, I wanted to make sure it would be scorched/browned properly. So I shelled out some cash to get a meringue burner. But it turns out that the one I bought, was empty. No fuel. I spent 6 hours finding fuel for it. Supermarkets told me they aren't allowed to carry them anymore and that I needed a DIY-store. I went from walking, to biking around to driving around. In the end, I went to the supermarket I got the burner from to get my money back, after I had gotten another one from another store. Turns out they sell the fuel anyway. 6 hours lost. Then whilst cooking, it turned out that meringue is fucking hard to make. I ended up wasting about a dozen eggs, duct taping my drill to the whisker, bothering my neighbour, burning the sugar, filling the apartment with a horrible stench and leaving the kitchen in an apocalyptic state for my girl to come home in, only to rush the pies into the oven and leave for my now woefully underprepared D&D-session. Shitty day. The rest of the weekend was fun. I had a gig and got paid handsomely. The day after was spent with friends in the sun, with great burgers. The night was spent doing karaoke with a live band accompanying the event (AMAZING!) and Sunday with friends again in the sun, paddleboarding and bbq'ing. My voice is shot and my legs hurt like hell. But a great weekend. My libido has gone up. My brain seems to be resetting in some way. I think it's because I haven't been using that many artificial stimulants anymore. My brain seems to be recovering and I assume it's returning to a more natural and healthy state. In 10 days, I'll have broken my personal record of 45 days without games or porn. I'm not going to lie, it still itches. But I'm getting better and better at dealing with triggers. Recent highlight: The paddleboarding was so much fun. Holy shit. Everybody kept fucking around with it and I had tears from laughter. Watching people fall will never bore me. Budget status: I was on my way to doing things properly. But it seems that paying everything by cash is not the right way. I should find some kind of budgetting app to help me save more money. I'm open to suggestions! My one goal for the next 24h: See the doctor, get paperwork, and get some other stuff done, like cleaning.
  6. I strongly disagree. It's true that a biological link cannot be severed. No matter how much pain, anguish of anger is involved, you simply can't deny the fact that you are related. But that does not mean in no way whatsoever that you are obliged to maintain contact. If something is toxic, beyond repair or has a severely bad influence on you, it doesn't matter who that person is to you. Weed out the bad apples. Mental health, self-care and self-respect are incredibly important. For example, my dad is an asshole beyond salvation, an alcoholic, compulsive liar and a thief who stole my life's savings. Sure, he's still my father. But hell will freeze over before I ever look to him for help. You shouldn't take weeding people out of your life lightly though. But by no means should you just ghost people if they make you feel bad. Look at relationships very closely and with a critical eye. Marie Kondo them! Do they spark joy? Is it a relationship that goes both ways? Symbiotic? Or is it something that only takes energy and doesn't give back? In my opinion, parents are not to be left out of that consideration, just because they share half of your genome.
  7. Day 29. "Pound Cake" 13 pushups & 26 situps per day - I hurt my foot, saw the physical therapist and it all worked out. He showed me, once again, that my foot is okay and that lots of it is in my head. Véry odd. I KNOW that it hurts and that I should be careful. And yet there I am, every time, doing the exercises with him in his practice. Such a mindfuck. I made the deadline. Like a true writer, I finished my second draft and then let go. I wandered the city, ran some errands, got some ideas and finished my third draft based on those musings. Now we play the waiting game. I spent the better part of the day cooking. Holy shit, I love cooking. Typical local dish with chicken broth and a bunch of veggies, cut julienne, and some cream. Meal prepped the hell out of it and now we have about 2 kilos of the stuff ready to munch. I also finished the dough for the lemon meringue pie that I'll be making tomorrow. It needs to rest for a night. I had a véry productive day. No series, no movies, no binging, no podcasts. Utter focus, all day long. It's wiped me out, though, but being as tired as I am right now makes sure that I'll sleep a lot better. Recent highlight: Finishing the third draft while searching frantically for just the right songs to accompany the story. It's for radio, so the music is super important. Ended up finding a bunch of Westworld-style jewels. Budget status: I may have gotten another gig on Thursday. It's like it's raining money all of a sudden! My one goal for the next 24h: Make that lemon cake! And also prep for the D&D-sesson of the evening. I have some story to write and I might go out and get my world map printed ^^
  8. I agree with you, man. Do it because you want to or because you enjoy and value the friendship and you want to give something back. All of your relationships should be bilateral, not unilateral.
  9. Day 28. "D-Day" 13 pushups & 26 situps per day - I did my reps yesterday and I think I may have hurt my foot a little bit... I am seeing my physical therapist in 2 days, so I'm sure I'll be fine. I've hurt it before and after a day or two it all resets again. I just have to make sure I do my reps today and not lose my momentum. Today has been quite productive. I'm trying to get into the habit of waking up when my girlfriend wakes up to leave for work. We had a breakfast date yesterdaymorning at 8, which gave us all of Sunday to do what we wanted. It turns out, sleeping 8 hours and waking up at a decent time really gives you a good feeling. It's like there's all these extra hours, all of a sudden. I might try to become more of a day-person than a night-person. The deadline is tomorrow. I've gotten some feedback so I can write my second draft in a minute. Then I'll rewrite it and send the producers my third draft and hope that we can tape it. I'm rather nervous. Making 8 more episodes would be wild but also incredibly challenging. I also have my improv classes in less than a month and I haven't prepped anything yet. Add to that that there's freelance gigs all over my planner and by the end of the month, I might get taken off of sickness leave and thus would be forced to either continue my part-time job, quit and still grind my teeth and stress out for 6 more weeks or would have to find something else asap. I'd like to fantasize that I'd make the bills by freelancing and focussing fully on it. But I've been doing that for 2 months now and progress is slow. I'm scared that one day I'll have to admit that maybe this lifestyle just isn't for me. Maybe I need some help getting started somehow? Recent highlight: Getting a meringue burner. I'm making a lemon cake this week. Crunchy bottom part, lemon cream in the middle and topped of with toasted meringue. Fuck I love cooking. Budget status: Saved my first money this week using my weekly allowance. And also, my checkings account was looking okay, so I stashed another 100 on my savings account. I'm slowly trying to build up my accounts again. My one goal for the next 24h: Get my second draft done. Do something else. Then get my third draft done and send it in.
  10. Your response is incredibly mature, holy shit. A lesser person would just feel hurt, get angry and start a fight or worse. It seems you can look at him with love and understanding, despite his toxicity.
  11. Day 27. "Business vs pleasure" 13 pushups & 26 situps per day - Been losing a bit of weight. Because of how busy I've been and how tired I've been and how late I arrived at home, I missed a day, the first one. And yesterday the second one because I was so tired. Today I'm writing like a maniac to get my deadline, so I might lose another day to that. I hope to reset this habit soon. I've been postponing the writing often. I usually search for whatever needs doing, chores, etc... I do those first, so I'm spending my time rather productively instead of scrolling my phone mindlessly. But it's still procrastination. My deadline is this Tuesday. I'm a little bit scared. Or stressed. But I'm sure it'll be fine. Recent highlight: Watching Chernobyl, in the middle of a blanket fort, with my girlfriend. Soooooo comfortable. I love my couch when it's pulled out all the way. Budget status: It's going to be a good month. Had a few last minute bookings. I'm making 1500 before taxes from my freelancing. If I could improve this 1 more step and keep it up, I could do this full time. We're very much not at that point yet. But this is a step in the right direction. My one goal for the next 24h: Write. Write like my life depends on it. Trigger some form of creative mania and lose myself in that madness and make an amazing product.
  12. Thanks man! The next 2 days will probably be quite stressful. But I'm sure I'll manage. I like what I do and am eager to make the best out of it. Nobody expects me to be a radio wizard on day 1. It's going to be in Dutch, though XD I've been told it will air live and then, because it's a radioplay like 'War Of The Worlds', it's going to be brought out like a podcast. So I'm sure you might be able to get it if you were so inclined.
  13. Day 23. "Why is this so hard? I tought I had this." 13 pushups & 26 situps per day - Body is coming along nicely. It hurts, sure. But my therapist says I should be proud that I'm kicking ass. I'll be able to return to Krav Maga in a few weeks. Writing the radio show is hard. Damn. I started doing more research and got hooked on Wolverine, The Long Night. What a podcast! Suddenly I realize that I'm in way over my head. I can write jokes and be funny, do some voices but I am suddenly very humbled by it all. But still, I'm willing to press on. I have 1 week left to finish everything. I feel like it's doable. All I have to do, is just keep plugging away at it. I hope... My sleep pattern is kind of fucked right now. It's messy and chaotic. Makes sense if you think about it. It's not easy as pie to switch from going to sleep at 4 am to doing so at 10 pm. Once again, just keep plugging away at it. I notice something had changed in my brain. I hunger less for porn or erotic images. It's waning. Slowly but surely. I'm still a ways off from 90 days, though. I might go 90 days without sugar or maybe without alcohol after this. We'll see. Either way, it seems that I'm really trying my best, failure after failure after succes, to become a better human. It's just that sometimes the road is steeper that I had thought and that can be a bummer. Recent highlight: Discovering the Wolverine podcast, holy shit. Budget status: My new resumé got me a gig this weekend. I'm readying my paperwork to reel some cash in. It's looking like it's going to be a healthy month. Unexpected nice surprise! My one goal for the next 24h: Write for at least another 10 minutes.
  14. Day 22. "Whatever you do, just don't ..." 13 pushups & 26 situps per day - Got new exercises from my physical therapist yesterday. My body stil aches. I hope that doing these daily will make me stronger and more fit. I can already notice a slight improvement here and there 🙂 I was up late again last night. I didn't really have anything major to do. I just didn't want to go to sleep. I feel like I was panicking, like I couldn't calm down. My belly ached, my head hurt and was ringing. It felt as if I was so oddly terrified of going to sleep. Fearful of not being able to blissfully lie down and calmly drift off. Which is kind of ironic because I was basically panicking that I couldn't be calm enough. I took a lot of effort, but I fell asleep after a while. It's now clear to me that I should probably keep a different rythm and being a night owl isn't all that great. I'm going to try and go to bed with my girlfriend now and wake up when she does too. It might make things better, or not. But it's worth a try. I still feel rather conflicted. It's hard to be kind to myself right now. It's like alot of joy was slorped up. I think it's my brain battering its cage, looking for a fix, angry that it can't get what it's been used to for years. I hope to turn this day around and pick myself up a little, but I'm afraid it's not going to be easy. I'm going to try not to binge any series or watch any anime. Doing my exercises and cleaning up a bit around the house are the first things on the list, those should help. And there's a cool podcast about Wolverine that I'm going to listen to. The radio programme is proressing. I just hope I'll be ready by the 20th. It seems that I'm going to have to make it a serious priority for now. Working on it daily would be good. I just hope I going to be able to muster up the energy and keep the flow going. Recent highlight: I played a wizard character at last night's D&D-session. I was filling in for somebody. Was lots of fun to be the host for 7 people. I like having guests. Budget status: Saved about 5 bucks last week so this week I have 55 to spend. I might cap this at about 100 or something and try to funnel everything above an allowance of 100 to my savings account. My one goal for the next 24h: write at least 10 minutes of my radio program. If need be, just 5 words and 9 minutes of staring at the screen.
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