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  1. It has been a while, since I last have written in this journal and on gamequitters overall. I was not really feeling like writing anything and this has not changed. I am in great shape. Possibly the greatest shape of my life: My apartment is in order, I am never procrastinating and doing the stuff I want. I am deeply immersed in my future profession of psychology, working out and my diet is quite fine. My social life will be the last major thing to address. This is something, that was the case, when I joined gamequitters and is still a fact right now. But I am sure that this forum cannot help
  2. I feel that gaming is really not a problem for you. You are a little bit annoyed with the situation lately, so that is fine. It is ok to relax here and then. Even playing games. But if it fulfills you to stop it than go for it. Regarding the moderation stuff: Just keep looking out, what is thre right thing for you to do, what fulfills you and how you get benefit yourself and others. I think moderation is inevitably a byproduct. But I am just in the middle of figuring that out. That is part of the problem. She is taking care of other people more than herself. But that is not the wa
  3. @Wonderer Listen. I will not say you to stop gaming, because gaming does not need to be the enemy. The problem is that certain institutions would have no purpose without an enemy. Where would feminists be without an evil patriarchial system? Where would gamequitters be, if games are not a problem? Where would be nofap, if porn would not be the problem? The thing is: They are not the problem: It is about the person, who acts out. And I think that generally speaking, if I do something, which makes me miserable to some extend than it is time to change something. For instance, when I would play ha
  4. @Wonderer You have written quite a lot and I think it would deserve a detailled answer. But I am a bit tired right now, so I only focus on the important things. But I am glad to discuss this further. You are fixable. I assume that everyone is fixable. But only, when someone is ready to fix himself as well. I think therapy for instance rarely works, if someone is not in the mood to get help. So it is up to you. But lets get to the important stuff. What you are saying up there is that life is pointless, because we have not yet found ways to do something in order to live e
  5. I think that someone is depressive, because she feels that she is not in control of her life. It took me so many years and so many tries to figure out, how to get in control of this messy lifethat is quite insane. Maybe it is not her health or exercising, where she should start. The only thing that works, is starting with something that you are actually capable to do. And then you get confidence through that and maybe build it up. Just the simple decision to not drink coca cola anymore could change a whole life. As I am interested in moderation right now: Can you elaborate that? ^^
  6. That is the crux: I do absolutely agree with both of you. When I get asked by younger students about statistic stuff, which they can't figure out, I get annoyed quite often: The things, they ask me, because they think I am better at this crap than they are (which is true xD), I have figured out with obsessively checking literature etc. So they could easily figure out all of that by themselves, by just google it. Which is a bit crappy: Why are they not doing that? Jordan Peterson says in a talk about the IQ score that there are 10 percent of people in our society, who have nothing to do. N
  7. What @Amphibian220 says certainly has a lot of truth to it. Regarding the proposed stages, I would see myself now at the fifth stage and beyond. So, the idea of suppressed emotions is very much a psychoanalytic idea. Freud even said that there is psychological barrier in us that actively suppressed the emotions, which seems to be only an old theory with todays standards. But with my current focus on problems as such, suppressed emotions could very well be conceptualized as problems, we have not dealt with. Instead, we started to play games, which are just a different kind of "problem" or chal
  8. There is a continuity I think that is worth looking into: What makes you feel burned out: Is it a very high expectation of yourself, which keeps you working 24/7 or is it the absence of relaxing activities? Why? It does not seem like that for me: You seem to be a generous, nice and helpful person, who is just chasing for a certain amount of accomplishment and wants a good life. I am wondering, why are you talking shit about unproductive people?
  9. It really sounds, like you getting your life together. And I agree that talking about quitting can cause relapse. Just like counting the number of days in your journal and forcing yourself to not do something. Bu I think you are starting to see, what it is about instead. Keep it up.
  10. Why does the lion hunt animals? Why does the tree grow? Everyone has a mission. But only we, the human species became self conscious and started to think about it. The tree does not decide to stop growing, because it is anxious that its growing to fast might make smaller trees angry due to its large shadow. It just grows. So then, there are problems (or missions?) everywhere. Whatever you do, there will always be new problems. Ultimately, your mission is to be a problem solver. Something bothers you? Then adress it! Think about, how you can make your life just a little bit better. After solvin
  11. @noMoreProcrastination good to hear pal. Keep going. I have a question: I see that your goal right now is to eliminate time wasters, which makes a lot of sense. But why? What are you trying to accomplish, what are your goals for your life?
  12. @Amphibian220 Can you name some peer reviewed literature to look into this cleanliness aspect? Or is that your introspection? I generally liked to look at it from the perspective of control, where the massive chaos in the outside world is like a gigantic monster. Gaming is the perfect medium to gain the illusion of control. You can always restart. You can create a new character, if you feel incapable of creating your own personal real life character. It is easier to let your character train in gta then going to the gym by yourself. Speaking to people via discord is easier, when not being good
  13. @BgK I highly agree with you that once you "achieved" something, it will give you tremendous control and a feeling of confidence. Jordan Peterson speaks of the idea to clean your room. Once you have done something like that, you now understood that you are more capable than you thought. And then you slowly build it up. I was for months only focusing on my diet and avoiding sweets. That gave me confidence. And just like that, I actively decided to stop gaming a couple of months later. It was no problem at all. But if you don't feel that something is meaningful, you will not do it. Period! Then
  14. First of all, welcome. I watched the ted talk years ago and I just briefly looked into the article. My take: There is no evidence of such a little gratification monkey insight you. Obviously, this is meant more as a metaphor. But still then, the author makes the assumption that the brains of procrastinators are just a little bit different. You can call it little monkey, your brain or the dark monster insight of you: But even if it is just purely meant as a fictuous metaphor, it all boils down to the same concept: The creation of a wonderful excuse, why you procrastinate! It is not your respons