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  1. Yeah that's a really good quote Reza, it gets me every time since putting yourself out there sometimes is very difficult, but most of the times is just because you're not used to it (speaking of myself lol). I agree. And I don't take it in the bad way, after all when we are trying to find a partner we are just putting ourselves on the market, and the best "product" will have more success. Thanks for the replies guys, I will get a lot better, just the beginning is hard!
  2. So I'm 28 right now, and it's been a long time that I don't get in a relationship (5 years or so). I thought that by moving to Canada things would change, I mean, myself basically. But I feel like it's getting worse with time, to the point that I feel lonely but I don't have the WILL to get into a relationship or to approach girls.. The last girl that I approached with the intention of getting a date? I can't remember. The last time I kissed a girl was last year was in this big festival in Brazil, 3 days of partying and free booze, with around 10k people. Everyone on that party was there
  3. Hahah yes!! this is one of my favorite shows, can't wait for new season ❤️
  4. Hey Reza, welcome to the forum! And your english is pretty good! If you wish to improve your english listening/speaking, I recommend doing English classes in a school where they only speak English the moment you enter there. I did that back in Brazil and it improved 100%. You said you stopped gaming for 2 years and things were still the same. That's really possible, since the issue might not be exactly the games, but the procrastination maybe. Like for exemple, you quit gaming, but then you just stay at home watching videos/streams/netflix or mindless browsing the internet. That's almo
  5. Hey Caleb, I feel your struggle. One of the reasons why you have a hard time sticking to these healthy hobbies is mostly because of the games, because games drain all our energy since they are so intense, and because of that it makes enjoying other activities (like reading, doing sports, meeting people, etc) REALLY difficult. But if you quit gaming (for good) you will start to notice in a few weeks that these types of activities will start feeling good again, and you will also have less excuses to not stick to them. I know it's really hard to give up on all your games, but trust
  6. MAN, I FUCKING LOVE this video!! I have watched it dozens of times hahahaha
  7. Thanks Neman! I'm definitely gonna start a journal, didn't start yet because "procrastination" basically lol. I'm gonna follow yours as well.
  8. That's awesome! I also just purchased the Respawn, and lately I was doing the same, but with TFT instead. I just sent a request to delete my LOL account and also gave away my steam account with lots of games to a friend. Wish us good luck!
  9. So a little introduction, I'm 28 years old, and I've been gaming since I was 5 or 6 (SNES). Man that's crazy, I thought I started around 13 or something but damn it's been so long. But actually I haven't always been too much addicted. I think my real addiction started when I was around 14, playing Tibia and Lineage II. I've tried quitting gaming before and I did for a few months, but it was too easy for me to relapse since I didn't have any other hobby. And man, I can't count how many times I have tried to quit, and that's been since one of the first Cam's videos. My last gami
  10. Yeah, 25. Congrats on the 90 days. For work, You can do it! I had to put out 100's of applications/resumes before I got a couple interviews. Work is a win-win, social + financial. After watching the video on Dopamine / Brain Chemistry before/after 90 days, i'm excited to return to baseline. I already did some interviews and no success yet, and sometimes I think: maybe I should work on a different area just for the experience? Which video is that?
  11. Holy damn, that sounds like me mate. Are you also 25? That's even more scaring. I didn't even introduce myself here in the forum, but I've already done the 90 detox and stuff, and it really is a good thing. The only difference between you and me is getting a job, I'm still struggling with that. Congrats man!