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  1. Oh, that's what it's for... =] I ended up downloading Steam and then Rainbow6 (60GB) which then downloaded Uplay and now I hate it again... I did kill time just fine though :3
  2. Hi, I never see anyone in chat so I thought I'll just make a new topic... So are you ALSO killing time until the midnight so you can go to bed? What are your thoughts on this situation? Petras
  3. I've been holding LTC for a while now.... Waiting for the next pump (hopefully) to get out >.<
  4. Hi.... Last time I played something until now was June 16th, but since then (as many others) I was just browsing and watching YouTube and Netflix... So last weekend I was sick of doing THAT, so I reinstalled Win10 (turns out it wasn't the last day for me, since I already had them before) and downloaded Steam... I don't even feel like I relapsed, I just got back to the old "boredom killer", but all I got was rage and anger (anyone played Evolve recently..?) and now I'm back to BORED.... I work full time and whole week am looking forward to the weekend, but then it comes and it's the good ol' depressed boredom times... I tried exercising- boring and there still (i'm 30 by the way) is no "feel-good" part for me. Went out a few times with my cousin and his friends- boring and expensive. Any suggestions? Thanks, Petras.