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  1. I read my gf's acc chats today, there was nothing wrong in it but sometimes it hurts that she talks to other boys about her problems sometimes. She's not like that tho(don't get her wrong). I think I should give her some space tho. She's going thru a hard time with her exams getting delayed and it's her drop year. I think I should just discard my feeling and thoughts as it might distract her. But sometimes such instances bother me and disturb me. I have stopped being fully vulnerable to her and i know it's not good for a relationship. What I hope is she should be good after her exams and then maybe I can talk this out with her.or maybe I'm just demanding lots of stuff from her. I self doubt myself a lot. I guess I'll send the text anyways since the exams are two months away. Bye good night
  2. It indeed is important to drink water a lot. I start my day with an apple and one bottle water. (I forget drinking water the whole day lol). I need to work on sleeping early. I sleep late and it's not healthy for me. Great work. Keep going
  3. Ok brother will look it up. Thanks for replying
  4. You are strong brother and doing a great job pushing even after you are exhausted.
  5. You are doing great brother and hope you reach great success on your podcast adventure.
  6. Today is day 1 of my game addiction. I have lots of other work to do. I hope I finish them all , hopefully keeping me distracted from games .I have to quit fapping also but i think I should take one step at a time, quit games for a week first and then I can take another step. I have to go to my dad's flat , do work for a friend, my college has some study work to do but its okay even if I dont do it since college is online and in exams everyone copies. I guess I will resume college studies once college starts offline. I also have a project to do today and I hope I finish it today( im becoming over-optimistic i think). Starting the day with an apple and bottle of water, here goes nothing 🙂 Thanks for reading and open to the support of this awesome forum 🙂
  7. Okay brother thanks a lot 🙏. Will take your suggestions into consideration. Could you suggest any good arts or animation tutorials channel?
  8. Today is june 14 and I decide to quit gaming completely. I will uninstall the game , its related screenshots . I want to leave discord servers associated with gaming but my friends are there. Anyone have any tips to deal with this problem? Also, I watch gameplay videos on youtube and want to quit it also. I cant do that now cause I love those videos. Maybe take one step at a time by quitting games. The game I play is tanki online. its a very old game and its going dead anyway. Thanks for reading this and Im open up for any conversation too. 🙂
  9. The same happens to me. I get demotivated seeing someone succeed. But I read it somewhere, the only competition you have is yourself and if you keep looking at everyone's success story you will never be able to create your own. Thats why lets focus on ourselves and do the best
  10. yes buddy, you are not alone. You will come out stronger . We are here with you
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