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  1. Hey ale, welcome to GameQuitters! I think you're having the right mindset over here, I agree with most of the things you've said. One thing I would recommend you think more about is how exactly you stop using Youtube. For me, I realized that since I will still use it daily for watching all kinds of things anyways (music, art tutorials, etc.), I disabled search and watch history (and deleted them as well) so that most of my recommendations are directly from my subscriptions. Not sure how much you use YouTube, but I recommend to think more about it as well! About making studying
  2. Hey Lampshade, I hope you keep posting here! Stay committed, shit happens all the time, especially when you live in a pandemic. If you feel comfortable sharing the issues, please do! Some people could offer valuable feedback at any moment, you know šŸ™‚ Hm, that's interesting! For me, gaming has almost always been the symptom. Like, I do not think I would be addicted to games in the first place if not for some underlying tendencies of my character. I hope that gaming becoming a symptom will help you deal with addiction more easily though! Keep it up cuz I'm still reading thi
  3. Day 62 No Games: 24. I am too tired to be playing. This week has been incredibly exhausting and sleep-deprived. Somewhat productive, as I missed one of my job meetings šŸ˜ž I did well in classes and stayed on top of most of my work, but was quite forgetful. Good thing today: I got extra cuddles! Other than that, I am ready to die in bed Po
  4. Hey Rich, welcome to Gamequitters! Congrats on making it this far already- it will get better from here. About trepidation: yes, you will most likely fail at first. Very few people who join this forum manage to hit 90 days on the first try. I've been trying to quit for many years now, and only now am past the three week mark. The purpose is not to succeed here, the purpose is to try. Over time you will be able to get closer and closer to 90 days, and that process of failing and trying again is the most important thing here. Don't be afraid of failure and/or struggle when trying to qu
  5. Day 61 No games: 23. Today was easy given how busy I was. I honestly felt like collapsing at some times. Nonetheless, I am very happy with how today went. Resetting porn count! Damn it, I should really prioritize this as my top personal issue right now because it is. Yes, I have been very stressed out, but I still have so many other wonderful things to do but porn. Other than that, very productive day. Still forgetting to do some things now and then, but I'm mostly on top of my game. Gonna go do some more HW and then will head out for the night. Cheers! Po
  6. Thank you @A New Man! A catch-up for Day 60 No Games: 22. Onto the one month mark babyyyy. I have stronger urges than usual, as I have been visiting gaming-related communities again. I think it's because of how busy I've been lately; that is quite stressful. Other than that, it was a beautiful day. I really tried to do something good on MLK day, and feel like I accomplished a lot of important things. And, got most of my HW done. Just some reading left for one of the classes. So, today should be pretty chill! Good thing from today: Jazz Jam. I didn't play my best, like alway
  7. Day 59! No Games: 21. Three weeks free! Kind of want to reinstall my favorite game for tonight, but also I've got plenty on my to-do list yet. I think I'll keep working for some more time. I've decided to keep the porn tracker off this journal, unless I am resetting it. This is gamequitters after all. It's been a good day. Minimal distractions, did lots of things for myself and for others, caught up on most homework. I think I'll just read for the rest of the day. And workout as well- my body feels very sore from lack of exercise haha. I think tomorrow might be tough in terms o
  8. I try to journal slightly earlier than the very end of my day- Either 2-3 hours before I am actually asleep, whenever I am catching a break during that time, or when I have just a couple things left to do before falling asleep. Like, if I have cleaning up and showering left, I'd do it right before or in-between these two. Also, it helps to give more value to journaling. Try to make it more meaningful- for me it is a time to self-reflect, feel good about what happened during the day, and get excited for tomorrow. I suggest you try different formats until you find one that actually makes yo
  9. Oh, it's "Chernobyl: The History of a Nuclear Catastrophe". A bit plain in terms of how it's written, but the topic itself is very interesting to me. Next up, I have "Heavy, An American Memoir", and "A Little Life". I have been trying to read challenging, different-from-what-I-would-usually-prefer kind of books. What about you?
  10. Day 58 No games: 20... yay almost three weeks! And it's really easy hehe No Porn: 0... however, I feel like this is the last time for at least this month I'll be resetting this. I honestly do not enjoy porn anymore at all. I've began to see so much past it, and also see how ugly it really is. I've been appreciating my gf more, treating her nicer. Hugs feel very good. And I also am very annoyed at how I perceive people who dress attractively- as if they want me to stare at them, or make a comment about how pretty they look. Nope, not at all. And I want to get these thoughts out of my
  11. Hey, glad to see you're still posting here almost daily even though it's been like yearssss. It is very nice and inspiring to read your entries from time to time. It's like, life as it is šŸ™‚ You don't try to make things seem bright or dark, you describe them as they are, and that reminds me to be honest with myself, and others, too. Thank you! Po
  12. Hey! Day 57 it is No Games: 19. Have an urge to play right now cuz I'm stressed, but nonononono not today! No Porn: 4. Have had whatsoever no urges, I honestly just don't want to watch it. Very surprising to be feeling this way, but also that's quite helpful heh Today has been very productive, I did sooo much stuff and I'm pretty tired. Worked for 4-6 hours, gotta catch up on homework and stretch out a bit before I shall decompose for the night. Oh, my grandmother has passed away yesterday morning. It is expected, but still sad. What's upsetting to me is that I am not feeli
  13. I think I've relapsed 5-10 times since joining, but since I've been at school since January, I have not relapsed in 3-ish weeks. What would lead me to relapse, as I recently have figured out, is high amounts of stress/excitement. Whenever something bad would happen, I had the urge to quit reality and dissolve myself in gaming. But, feeling very good/joyful would trigger an urge to play as well. What helped me: figuring out what causes me to relapse was big. It is very difficult to resist the urge to game for me, so instead I tried to prevent the urge for showing up. Finding different str
  14. Day 55 No Games: 17. Some urges today, but I'm keeping myself busy as always. I do enjoy a lot of what I am doing right now, but I need to find a stress-relieving activity soon, or gaming will come back since it is the only stress-reliving thing I have right now. No Porn: 2. Yay. Some urges today, but I've been to busy and too invested in feminism history to get cozy here. Today has been an overall good day. Lots of social media- I'll block twitter right now- but also so many things done. I actually felt pretty happy for a lot of today šŸ™‚ Thought of the day: I really hate my
  15. Oo Damn, happy Birthday! Doesn't feel any different from that point tbh. I honestly think that I am still 18 (+2). Anyways, congrats on making it this far!!!