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  1. Hey @The Chosen One, I feel you! Last week (and this one too, honestly) (and the week before last week too, ehh) I have been receiving a lot of bad news that just keep piling up. Although I do not know the impact of your bad news and the current state of life, I do think that I have felt very similar to what you are feeling quite recently. I'm sorry that you are going through this, and hope that things will get better soon! What helped me get past this series of unfortunate events was to simply force myself to keep trying- I got rejected from 10 out 10 places I applied for (so far,
  2. Hi Ted, welcome to GameQuitters! I think it is super amazing that your parents and family in general are supportive of you, and hope that this forum will a place of support and care for you too! Best of luck getting rid of gaming addiction, looking forward to reading more of your journal entries. Po
  3. Alright, it has been quite awhile! I apologize for not posting for so long. All is well, actually. Day 110. So close to 111 hehe. It's been a very busy time lately. Not that I do not have any time for leisure or whatever, but it has been mostly limited to watch-tv-show-while-eating kind of thing. I have been doing a lot of academic and professional work, as well as spending more quality time with my partner. Overall, life has been getting better, especially compared to where I was a week ago. A few drawbacks, though: I have relapsed with porn, twice last week. Doing well righ
  4. Ohhh, that sounds so awesome to me! Glad you were able to have this conversation! I kind of disconnected from my friends that had some serious chemistry with gaming (not due to games, just life in general), but I also hope to meet them here someday. Hope you keep it up 🙂
  5. Your existence is not a mistake! Every time you quit, no matter for how long or how little, you are doing so many amazing things! Over the last couple of weeks, I've been looking forward to every single journal entry of yours. You made a difference in my life, and likely in the life of many others here and your own life too. I know that it hurts a lot, but you have to endure! Don't give up, and it will get better in the long run, it always does. Think of how many more years of life there are ahead of you, and how exciting they could be. Even if you do not get into a university next year,
  6. Day 103 Yesterday was a day of <recent> past choices catching up to me. And the vaccine side effects, too. Missed two both personally and professionally important events that I was looking forward to attending because I had trouble focusing and keeping my mind together; but also, I have been too focused on academics and jobs lately. Yes, I am acing those, but it takes a lot of my time and focus, and so I end up forgetting about other important things. And, turns out that I missed a friend's BD that I was totally unaware of. Sux big time man. So right now, I am feeling do
  7. Day 101. Got the covid vaccine. Glad I won't get COVID but jeez the side effects are pretty tough on me. Headache, weakness and dizziness, and light fever. Not that bad, I know, but I was hoping to be enjoying the vaccine a bit more lol. Staying good on no gaming, spent less time watching/researching game stuff today than usual, cuz it seems like nothing interesting is happening. Now, how do I make those things less interesting when they happen? *Will answer in the next entry*
  8. Day 99. Could say that I am approaching a milestone, but at this point it is just routine lol. Will celebrate at 111 days, how about that? Small reflection on gaming: Definitely watching more game-related stuff than usual today and this past week overall. Understand what has caused it- lots of game-related news and feeling nostalgic, but not having the will to stop doing those activities. However, I do need to. Games begin to occupy my brain more once again, and I do not want to go through the urges. I really should be reading more, and learning art, music, and all that stuff. Have t
  9. OH my, that's so awesome, I'm super happy for you! Keep at it then ;)
  10. Hi! I know that entry is kind of old, but just wanted to mention something I find important. Rather than simply going to a gym every now and then, where a bunch of people always made me feel weak/insecure about my physical appearance(there's always someone more buff), I took a break from going to gyms, and spent some time figuring out how my body functions and what kind of workouts will result in most muscle gain. For me, it turned out that since I am pretty much an ectomorph, and so I stopped doing weights completely and developed my own exercise routine, a mix of calisthenics
  11. Hey! Since you're drawing, I recommend to try out ArtProf- its an awesome, totally free community of professional artists making tons and tons of art tutorials every week (YouTube), providing individual critique and assistance on Discord, and even more resources on their website. Look them up! I'm doing lots of art too at the moment, and ArtProf has helped me tremendously. It is very much one-of-a-kind community of artists that is usually impossible to find for the price of free. Po
  12. Hi, I get those too a couple times a year! I stopped trying to make myself feel better by gaming when such moments would occur because I figured out that it doesn't really help. What helped me was to try and surround myself with people whom I can share this with and who can help me just make it through the day (my partner lol). Even if they don't make me feel better, they help me not feel much worse. What also helped was trying to re-think what I would/should do if such a "mini-depression" would happen again. I would force myself to do some exercise, to just get outside, or even sim
  13. Day 96. Small reflection on gaming: Today has been tough! Had a lot of urges to relapse, particularly due to watching quite a bit of gameplay which is both dis- and encouraging. Hope to stay clean over the weekend. So far one way to deal with this was just to start doing something else. There are a lot of other activities that I, once am focused on, prefer to gaming. So right now I will go paint. After doing HW 😠 Short Reflection on mental health from today: I think I am watching too much of my TV show- Mr Robot -again. Really enjoy it, all of its aspects truly speak to m
  14. Hmmm. Although you're going to be graduating soon and going to a university probably, have you thought of doing some sports, even casually? Seems like you enjoy very much working in a team, and thinking in the moment. I think that finding a community-based activity with a similar way of thinking/participation would be helpful, although it is difficult due to COVID grrrr. Must mention, I do still think that nothing truly replaces gaming for me- my favorite games were such unique experiences... But, over time, I just begin to value different experiences more- instead of spending hour
  15. Oh yes, I totally know that feeling haha! Quit piano multiple times myself because of time constraints, and every time I sit down to the keys, it feels like my fingers are ramen nooooodles.