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  1. Day 19) I had a few moments of low-energy throughout the day, and really wanted to just watch youtube videos. At least the things I watched were programming related rather than gaming, but still was a drop in productivity. I'm not going to beat myself up about it - I've been doing pretty well lately. Got up at 6am as we moved off daylight savings the night before, and went straight out for my walk, followed by a good 1.5 hours of work on my course. Work was productive in the sense that I hashed out some new ideas with colleagues, but didn't manage to get too much coding done. Went cl
  2. Day 17 & 18) Just arrived home after a weekend away visiting family. Had a great time and spend 90% of the time socializing and spending time with everyone. Although I didn't have a huge amount of time for anything else, I did manage to keep up with my daily 'slight edges', so kept my 30 crunches/push-ups going and 10 pages of reading per day. Wasn't able to go on my morning walk really but that's no problem. I will pick it back up tomorrow morning. After a weekend of lots of eating I've decided that I also need to try to incorporate some small dietary improvements into my daily
  3. I absolutely loved it honestly. I read it in about 12 days, which is very fast for me. Even passed it on to my father, who I think could greatly benefit from it. I always hesitate to say that something is 'lifechanging' until enough time has passed to know for sure, but I'm really trying to apply the principles to my life. I am expecting to look back in a few months time and conclude that this book had a profound impact on my personal philosophy. Have you read it too?
  4. Amazing! It was great to have some real, actionable points that I could write down and be mindful of. Great stuff. Looking forward to getting to the new podcast soon! Day 16) I finished reading The Slight Edge and moved onto my next read: Think and Grow Rich, written by Napoleon Hill in 1937. It was mentioned many times in The Slight Edge, and I think its pretty highly regarded as a classic. I kind of got hooked into it this morning and ended up reading 25% of the book before I even started work - its pretty amazing. I would say that its age shows, but theres certainly something I ca
  5. I just listened to it! Is that you bro? ? A really relateable story, and some excellent advice especially around journalling and taking note of goals and personal values! Must seem like ages ago to you though.. over 2 years ago!
  6. Day 15) Went for my regular daily walk at 7am - was very dark this morning, but cool and refreshing. This has become a really positive part of my day over the past couple of weeks, and I really look forward to getting up on a morning as a result. After a few hours of really productive work, I walked into town with my xbox and a bag full of games, and sold them all in the tech exchange store. The extra cash comes in handy for baby stuff, plus I hadn't really played it for over a year (I'm a PC gamer). I'm keeping up with my small daily habits, and its feeling like minimal effort
  7. I think you're absolutely right, in fact the same has actually happened to me before! I'm definitely trying to be mindful of this and its very easy to get ahead of oneself - so its really beneficial to have someone remind me of this! ?
  8. Day 14) Two weeks. And what a difference it has made! Cutting gaming out of my life may have been the catalyst for the changes I've made recently, but it has evolved into something more. With a focus on 'action' and the new periods of free time I have during the day, I feel like I'm slowly moving towards the right track. A few things I've done instead of gaming: I read an entire book. This book was called The Slight Edge, and you can probably categorise it as a member of the 'self-development' genre. Through it, I am trying to learn how to make small, daily changes and build th
  9. Nice work my friend. I particularly appreciate this sentiment, I've been reading a lot about personal trajectory and this seems like a really positive conclusion. There's no standing still - if you're standing still, you're going backwards. There's a Chinese proverb (there always is!) that goes something like: "Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still" For me, I think that's key to building a positive personal philosophy. Keep it up!
  10. Day 13) Woke up at 6:30 after another early night. I read quite a lot before sleeping, and feel well rested this morning. Once again, my first thought was to remember a few things that I'm grateful for, and before long I was up, showered and out the door for my morning walk. I set off at 7am (a little earlier than usual) so it really was dark. Weather was cold but dry, and I listened to the GQ podcast episode #11 on moving from being a 'Consumer' to being a 'Producer'. This was very poignant for me, as I've thought about this many times in the past. I struggle to create (other than my job
  11. Day 12) Monday. Today has been one of my most positive days so far! I had an early night on Sunday as a result of the long drive, so woke up bright and early at 6:15. I read in The Slight Edge about thinking on things you're grateful for as soon as you wake up, as being a strategy to start the day in a positive mind-frame. I thought I would forget this piece of advice to be honest, but I found myself thinking about this as soon as I woke, which was refreshing. I made a mental note of these things, then got up, showered and went straight out for my morning walk. I've found that I'm re
  12. Day 11) Sunday consisted of a long drive back home from visiting family, so my 'daily routine' task list showed a grand total of 57% actions complete - obviously not great, but I feel fine about it as it was a very busy day. I didn't eat very well as we were on the road, and didn't even get chance to write (though I did read ~15 pages in the morning when I woke up). Not much else to say about the day really as when I got home, I just wanted to sleep! Gaming didn't cross my mind, but I'm feeling that is becoming a more common occurrence as I occupy my time with more productive things!
  13. Thank you for the encouragement and advice, I can definitely say that I'm working a little harder! The difference is that I'm trying to fill me life with other things, and it's going ok so far ? I actually haven't installed those apps, I didn't do much research in things that physically block games - I will have a look at them this evening, I can see how they would certainly be helpful! I'm onto episode #10 of the original series, so not too far off 14! I'll be sure to write my thoughts when I get there ? Haha - its certainly 'different', plenty of laugh out loud moments though!
  14. Thanks mate - its really an inspiration to see how active you are on these forums helping people who just need the extra little push. I really appreciate the sentiment! Day 9) Today I spend ~15 minutes in the morning preparing a sort of 'daily checklist/diary' template in Notion that I can just replicate every day, outlining a few things every day: - Steps in my morning routine - Some daily 'slight edges', i.e. small and mundane things I can do each day, that I'm hoping will compound over time - Daily tasks and intentions, if I have anything extra to accomplish - Things I
  15. Day 8*) Today I got up at 7am and went for a walk, listening to the Game Quitters podcast. I'm happy with my current morning routine, though it is still quite a lot of effort to get up and out so early. Once I'm out, though, it feels great. Work was busy so I spent the rest of the day coding, without much downtime. To be honest, I felt quite bored all day, and without video games to fall back on I got a bit cranky. Trying to put effort into not getting so annoyed by interruption/disruption to my routines (though this has always been a struggle for me!) I started reading a book c