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  1. Doing well, did a lot of studying recently. Studying helps me keep my mind busy. I have had urges to play games recently but I haven't. I did think about playing scrabble on my phone but I think I want to keep board games to real life only. I might do a puzzle later, but all in all I am not doing too bad. I have been bored time to time but not too badly. My house is still a right mess, I did clean some of it but its just hard to get up the energy and motivation to do it. I really don't like chores but my apartment is horrible. I have to do something. Here are some practice Cherokee pages i did:
  2. Wow! You have a lot going for you, just reading all that inspires me to want to keep going in my own life. I am going to be working on good habits too so perhaps I will journal them too. Keep it up, you seem to be living your life to the fullest and that is truly wonderful to see. 🙂
  3. Great job focusing on the positives. ^^ My Girlfriend and I recently broke up but it was pretty calm and we still talk almost every day. We decided to look a the positives and the fact that we had a nice experience, and that is important. Just don't give up, she's out there somewhere. 😆
  4. It's been a month since I last gamed. I am not even gaming on my 3DS like last time. I have't even touched an app game. I am pretty proud of myself. I found an extension for Chrome that lets me put sticky notes on any page I want. I put motivational stickys all over my home page. I also have been using a couple of apps. One is called Fabulous and the other is an audio diary. I have been keeping audio notes on my progress and things I want to accomplish which is super handy since hearing my own voice talk about my dreams motivates me and makes me more determined to never go back. Fabulous is great for establishing a morning routine and getting better sleep. I also use tide when I am having a particularly hard time sleeping.
  5. Thanks for the support. Unfortunately the friends I speak of have been my friends both inside and outside of games for years and years. One I met before I started gaming 15 years ago. Now that I am not gaming though, those close friendships are being tested and some even disappearing. That is the main reason I am upset. People in the games themselves I don't care too much about, its just my really close knit relationships that I am sad about because they are sadly not doing well now.
  6. Went to see family for Halloween. Had a really good time. I did have some dreams about gaming and woke up a couple times thinking about what game I was going to play that day. I shook it off each time though. Right now I am feeling really lonely because all my friends game and we aren't talking like at all since I quit. I know they are a weak spot for me so I am going to just try to make new ones that are into other things. I still definitely feel lonely and a bit sad though.
  7. Trying to get a new morning routine down, I saw the post about it and I agree. This morning I hit snooze ONCE, because my eyes were glued shut. Then I got up, dressed, brushed my hair and teeth, took my med and had a sip of water, then walked around the outside of building once. *it was cold! 44F!!* Then I checked my email and this blog. Going to work out with my aunt at 1pm so I don't have too much time till then so I will probably do some study time. *I just started applying myself to my online classes again in months.* I am about to complete Orientation 2 and move on to the final orientation room, section 3.
  8. Hey. I haven't posted here in a while. Been too ashamed. Unfortunately I fell back into it. It's just such a familiar thing that I've done for years. It hasn't been as bad as it was back when I lived with mom, and I Have been doing some things outside of the house, but it's still so hard to separate myself from it. It's like a magnet and I'm a piece of iron. 2 and a half weeks ago I did the whole thing over again. Deleting everything, unsubscribing from gamers on YouTube and social media, etc. I even plan to delete all my passwords because I think I actually WANT to quit this time. In the past it was mostly out of necessity that I quit I don't think I really wanted it as much as I do now. Nothing prompted me to quit this time. No ultimatum, no threats of losing my home, no angry mom, I just did it. I really want this to be the last time. I'm so tired of this game, I want to live a better life and I am going to give it my best shot. I can't say if I will post here often or not, I have only told a few people because I don't want to put too much into telling people if I just fail again and everybody says "haha, we knew you couldn't do it." I know I can do it, I just need to take a step back and focus on me instead of focusing on other's perception of me. I shouldn't care what they think. Anyway, that's all. Peace. P.S. I am going to be volunteering for the weekly big dinner at the church just down the street starting soon, *don't have a date yet* so that is something I am rather happy about. I know the people who run it as I have been going to personal and professional development at that church every Monday for the past year and a half.
  9. So, I'm home from my holiday trip home and I'm doing good. I did some Geocaching with my brother and helped take care of all of their chickens and their cat. I had a lot of fun. Some not so good things happened and I had an argument with my dad, but it's a bit much to think about right now. I did play the sims 4 once while at their place because I got a bad cold and had nothing to do, but I was too sick to sit up long and the game ran horribly on their laptop anyway so I stopped playing it for the rest of my visit. Instead I spent most of the visit during my sickness watching movies while laying on the sofa.
  10. hahaha. I'm glad to meet another adventurer. Also great to meet another lover of puns. 🙂 I recently started Geocaching and that is opening up a whole new world to me.
  11. Everything is good. ^_^ I downloaded a flash game but deleted it immediately. I am seriously done and I can't let anything change my mind. I am feeling good about my decision.
  12. Still doing well, no games. I need to do some work on my apartment and my online classes so I might not check in daily now. 🙂
  13. Sunday: I have been very tired lately and my legs and hands are swollen all the time so I don't feel like doing much. The swelling just started last week and It's like constant water weight. it's hard to feel like doing anything when you feel so heavy and tired. If I had insurance I'd see a doctor but alas, I still don't.
  14. Thanks for the tips. I have been setting a few goals lately so I will continue with that. 🙂 I will definitely try to set aside some me time to think about things.
  15. Friday: I worked out lightly and did some walking around the complex. *all indoor* I did a few dishes but still have more to go. Today *Saturday* I am grateful for: Chores. Even though sometimes I feel I hate them, I am grateful for them today because doing chores means I am taking care of myself and I am healthy enough to do them. Didn't get much done. There was an event downstairs so I didn't do laundry. Will try to do it tomorrow while everybody is at church.
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