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  1. I live in a town of 15,000 people. I have really enjoyed it as well... But I am a minority in more than 4 ways. I want to move to a larger city so I won't be so alone. Also a larger city means I will have a lot more things to do. I have a workout routine already, I just lack the will to workout alone half the time. I always had a workout partner in highschool and she always kept me motivated and I in turn helped her stay motivated.
  2. Maybe you are right. I shouldn't expect myself to change everything all at once and especially not by doing dangerous things. Maybe I should just start slowly and change something doable but not too easy either.
  3. Thanks. 🙂 Sorry for not getting back to you for a bit. Things have been kinda all over the place. Hm, I don't watch any one youtube for tutorials, I tend to search for tutorials and just go with the one I like the best or find the most comprehensive. Thanks. ^^
  4. I had a friend in real life, two actually, but even they ditched me for games. I am going back to therapy myself, but idk how good mine is. Virtual hugs are always welcomed. ❤️
  5. I will try to get out more. I think this whole lack of friends thing is really bogging me down. I have barely been going to workouts lately. Also there aren't any active Yoga studios I can afford that I know of. There is only one, and its private and expensive. No workout places either. We have one at the apartment complex but I am usually there alone. That is why I have to start saving every dime to move. Small towns are nice, but I think I need larger ones, even if I hate to admit that. Also my Dad has been stressing me out too, saying he is gonna drop in randomly. I told him off for that. He lives 2 and a half hours away so *dropping in* is NOT a good idea. I don't like dogs so I hope I am not one. XD But I get what you are saying. I have been working constantly on myself for the past 2 years, I am really tired. Maybe I need a break.
  6. Feeling very low. Will be 4 months in 3 days but I feel... awful. I feel like I will never get to be the person I want to be. I am so accustomed to sitting here staring at a computer screen and the lack of friends has been very hard. I'm lonely and I feel dejected. I spent my entire life in my room, even as a kid. I dunno if anybody knew that. But that alone makes getting out SO much harder. I don't know how to live any other way, so I feel like a rabbit trying desperately to be a cat. I hope things improve... or who knows what will happen. My mom is also very very sick. SHe has a PICC line in and had a bad infection in her bones and had pneumonia. I am really worried for her, and honestly I am just sick of it all. I dunno why I am even trying anymore.
  7. So, I really wanted to game last night, but then I watched some videos on the environment, because I have had it on my mind a little and that really gave me motivation once again to keep going and reminded me WHY I am doing this. Also, today I started a petition for a cause I STRONGLY believe in. Here it is if you want to sign it: http://chng.it/W8RPfYbg
  8. No worries. I didn't give in. 😆 Also I sorta re-found my love of dolls.
  9. ^^ Thank you! I don't live there. 🙂 My sister does. I visited for Christmas. She lives in Grand Junction.
  10. God, I REALLY want to play a video game. I had to ask my friend to stop talking about the game she was playing because it's getting to me. Then I had a gaming dream, probably brought on by our convo.
  11. No worries. When I was gaming, I was constantly doing something. I have ADHD, and if I just sit here, I go a bit stir crazy. I think having so much to do, is great for me.
  12. So, little update. I have been sleeping soooo much, but I got groceries Friday *see reply before this post for details lol* and I am generally ok. I will be uploading my first youtube video today! It's just quick speedpaint... I just wanted to start doing SOMETHING that could help me with my boredom. Plus, I will definitely learn things from this experience. I am also working on a comic. I dunno when I will have a page ready, as I have to work on the calendar non stop next month, but soon! I just need to write down all the info first. OK OK! Now to the exciting bits! I have photos from my trip to Colorado! 😄 I will post them after this video gets done uploading. I can't do anything because my internet is garbage.
  13. Indeed. I had a laugh at myself yesterday, I was not having a great day, the cab forgot to pick me up, the evil lady was working at walmart taht day, and then I forgot the milk after i had already checked out and called a cab, so I SPRINTED to the milk, jogged to checkout, and luckly, a lady helped me self checkout quickly. I just laughed. It was a sucky day, but hey, it coulda been so much worse. I think my positivity comes n goes. Negative people definitely put a damper on it. But hey, you're absolutely right. I come from a place of self hatred, and I am trying to get past that. Thank you so much! 🙂 It is, and you're right again. It is abuse, and that is why I don't spend much time with him. Thank you, I really appreciate it. ^-^ ❤️
  14. Been bored lately. I REALLY wanted to play a game today and yesterday to stop the boredom. But, I have come up with a couple other ideas instead. I decided making a youtube channel would be fun. I could do speedpaints on it and maybe do some personal stuff like weight loss and some other hobby related stuff. I mean, better than being bored. Secondly, I took some suggestions from family and friends and have decided to do a calendar made up of drawings, a diff one for every month, also some drawings behind the calendar part itself, but very minimal like, dewdrops on leaves for spring, and snow for winter months. Summer, probably gonna do flowers and autumn, probably pumpkins or leaves. I might charge a small fee (around $3-$5 per person) for the calendars since it costs to print them, and a lot of people seem to want them. I am also going to start up a comic. This could be a great way to spend the cold months. I just wanna enjoy my spare time.
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