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  1. I played an old board game. I decided to play to escape, and it was not doing the trick, so I went for my friday training session. This felt much better. I haven't secured a job that was my goal yet. Will continue searching
  2. Week 15, 16 My attitude to work got worse and I’ve got a need to escape. One of my peak performances was a part time coffee shop position, when I was most committed and happy about what I was doing. I haven’t noticed that anybody else is invested in this workplace. Its like everybody is here just for some exposure, call it an internship or what you may. I seem the only one wanting to establish a strategy for growth. Nobody is bothered in thinking through a project, just their direct line of duty. I can better understand these projects, but have much less energy than I did a year ago. I saw a homeless man on the street jokingly tell a young woman to give him shelter as a start to their romantic relationship.
  3. System trap elaborated the new management turns down requests for new stationery equipment because it is expensive, but this team organized a very extravagant celebration of our successfully completed project. Following on from this, they are likely to increase expenditure on recreational activities. Would a monthly party make us more productive? I am more in favour of jogging at the end of each working day.
  4. This is another stage in becoming stronger as a man, wishing your family well.
  5. Week 14, I no longer want to change my routine, Im quite happy with it at work and at home. But chronic fear of dismissal for the last two years has had a toll on my morale. I got anxious over three dismissals at my workplace so far. One of them is a very talented professional. I just do all of my things in a very dejected way, so its the mind I have got to fix. I was a happier guy when I was in competition with folks in another department, but now since they were replaced, I just don't get the same kind of thrill from showing better results than the new group.
  6. When you say you want to do more in life, do you want to do more on your own or for other members of your group to take part in your work? It demoralizes me to have to work without having a connection with guys whom I could lead or who could lead me. What if we can change ourselves, our families and then communities through our struggle? We won’t have to adapt to no society then.
  7. Ok, so there is this protest being voiced at work over a dismissal of a long time employee. I am not familiar with the situation very well and dont want to take part in any deliberations with the manager. They are following a dispute resolution framework. Im just thinking if I was laid off for whatever reason now, it would be really hard to find a new place because I’ve grown used to my old place. It also seems that working many years in the same job limits what you can do in the future except in circumstances where you are exposed to growth.
  8. Week 13 Got burned out with a new work assignment this week and decided to relax by listening to a podcast. Later on I switched on a radio and fell asleep to a random talk show. I don't know if it is good to fall asleep with background noise like that.
  9. The streak continued today, but on top of it I ate less food. I feel hungry but I will go ahead and try this for a week. I joined a book club which is another great way to forget about my work
  10. I spent today without any phone or TV use, I visited a friend and had a brief conversation with him.
  11. you trust yourself by overriding desires. I want to get to that level of control Because in a situation of stress I want to watch shows and this gets out of control. By journaling and working out more, i get more ability to do the harder things.
  12. Week 11 And 12 I attended all of my basketball training sessions. The game got better and Im hoping I will get better at falling cause when it gets competitive, it becomes a wrestling contest. Work got easier, but I need to learn a new program to work with. I feel like Im below my expected level at work but doing well in sport. I should become a professional basketball player and participate in amateur leagues.
  13. Welcome to Game quitters Can you share about your interests outside of gaming? What sports or school subjects are you interested in?
  14. Patrick welcome back! Do you sometimes feel you lack a healthy pressure release to feel relieved? I thought about preventing rumination and found out that it either has to be a challenging job or an academic project, or a difficult team to beat in training. When I was at uni, I was afraid of losing at soccer, so much so that all the worrying about other issues didn't carry any weight. Why do we have to frequently worry of all the things that can go wrong? This kind of knowledge just takes us out. I think believing in your power of action and consistency can prove that things that appear to be out of control are not worth thinking over.
  15. You stated that you strive for perfection. I think that this trait carried over into your journaling: you started this new journal to be perfect because the old was tainted with a relapse. This attitude may present problems if you only view relapses as a bad thing (which you don’t). Relapses carry important information and analyzing them to better understand the self repeating cycle can give a strategic picture to enable you to break out of that cycle. Your record is very good and is certainly not lost by that controlled relapse. booksandtrees presented a good topic for identifying a reason for a relapse. The acronym HALTED enabled me to stop just in time and reflect why I want to play a game. Then at some point, we get the idea that living without these mind blockers (internet, games) makes us healthier and more aware but may also make us sad because we understand our value and weaknesses and that there is a lot of work ahead. I say to myself to fight the sadness with patience, consistency , brave action and persevere to do good for my community and find supporters.
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