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  1. my implication was that the more technology decides things for you, the more passive you become. It wasnt so much a value judgment about people who use phones. Technology has to be dumb in that it should serve your goals, not control you.
  2. Matt, if we’d have a part in an election campaign, what sort of slogan would you come up with? I thought of “smartphone - dumb person. Smart person- dumb phone”
  3. Day 44: Self sabotaged by snacking. Snacking causes the need to get distracted by watching online sports (NBA league). New plan from Day 45 Day 45: No snacking, drinking sufficient water between meals. No more NBA league. No useless videos. Investing time in communication skills.
  4. Good statistics. Do you watch any useful videos on the internet, or are you going cold turkey on all internet videos?
  5. Interesting with how this ties in with short attention spans Matt. Short attention spans are programmed by the structure of internet. Internet is heavily geared towards advertising. Take a 10 year old kid that had no access to electronic media. If he is offended by someone, he will find it illogical to eat more food or play video games as a relief. In that case, he works without failure by looking at remedies and expressing his concerns. He needs a safe person to whom he can express his concern. He has got a longer attention span and a better awareness of the problem at that moment. You know how many of our things were neglected in the past? You see the chores that you are accustomed at avoiding and you suddenly do them CONTRARY to your habit, but by adding humour and communication into it. Suddenly you have "wasted" your day that you could have spent on day dreaming and resting. This "wasted day" repeated enough times will awaken you and make you aware of what you have to do in your life. It will embolden you and make you brave. Worked example: A person detects that the work structure is too stressful and unhealthy for him at this point in time. He knows it deteriorated over a span of a few months but he doesn't know how it happened. He may be lacking enough humour, rest, sport activities, charity and communication with family and peers. His work may be structured inefficiently with several functions that are redundant and bring no benefit to his organization. He may be ignorant of what really matters for his organization because his communication skills are underdeveloped. He is hard to understand for his team and it is difficult for him to understand what others are trying to say when they are addressing him. Because that person was wilfully ignorant and lazy about his important needs, performace severely fell after two months, but the person was fooled into thinking he wasn't putting enough effort in the job. He thinks he has to struggle "more" on the job. This has two effects: 1. It has a downward procyclical effect on awareness and attention span. He is going to increase stress on himself, shortening his attention span, becoming less aware and compensating with wasteful activities to stimulate absent mindedness. Absent mindedness will cut off awareness and morale on the job. 2. It will negatively affect physical health. Chronic untreated physical health problems will push the person to becoming complicit and make harmful habits more frequent. A warrior has to work towards long attention span analytics, carefully tracking how other people perceive him in the organization, how he treats himself throughout the day. Felt like he hasn't respected himself enough that day? He should put that scumbag habit in check.
  6. This is like a separate personal development portfolio research, I really have to try some things and attend interviews in order to see where my comparative advantage lies. I can choose new fields in legal advice (this is a model where you give limited advice online to people in need) or just try myself in completely new unfamiliar roles. This kind of probing can unlock immense potential but it requires discipline, to be in good health and a hunter mindset.
  7. Day 21: No useless social networks or websites Day 21: Investing time in communication skills. Target by day 90 - master a language (basic French) Improve fitness level - KPIs set Start online business - Financial Plan to be devised
  8. Are you doing it with a professional coach? I wanted to gain muscle mass in the past and I worked out so hard I couldn't fall asleep and caused immense pain in the abdomen. Later on I found a coach who helped me to slowly get to my goal without hurting myself.
  9. Video games and entertainment have a strong influence on slowing you down mentally and being unable to deal with unexpected situations. the greater the degree of control, the faster is the state of decay. Job with easy rewards accelerates the state of decay? Job with challenging problems irritates, but teaches the body to deal with pain of learning? Low energy reinforces the pull for high control activities. High control activities keep a person in a constant mental low. Modern economy is most taxing on the office jobs, the accountants and lawyers. They are exploited to a far greater extent than menial jobs. Interesting how casinos are needed by some to add some excitement in their lives. Casinos are an environment where lack of control and mental pressure are both present. What happens if you are frequently in limited control situations? You learn to deal with uncertainty and apply on the fly solutions. What if you no longer care about challenging work? Create pressure to find it. Mediocre goals are not worth pursuing. Cameron, would you be prepared to leave the virtual communication system and be fully self sufficient man, building your house in the wilderness and growing your own produce? The more automated the system is, the more vulnerable its members are. The less automated it is, and the greater the volatility in the system, the more powerful and self sufficient the members are. Need stimulates research. But better than that a great mission stimulates research.
  10. Welcome to game quitters, what field of work are you interested in? Number 3, I find great relaxation in repetitively kicking a soccer ball against a wall. There is a hobby tool on this website that offers a lot of different activities.
  11. Plus you are investing in long term health by skiing. Your general stamina, lungs, heart and eyes benefit from this. I remember a news report about a gaming club in China where one teenage was so frustrated with the mistakes of his teammates in a strategy game, that he literally grabbed the monitor in front of him and smashed it with his head. The picture of it was shocking, there was a huge hole in that monitor and the other players sat next to the guy were so busy with the match they couldn’t get up to check on the guy. You should have seen them, collapsed in their chairs like these lazy animals that live on trees.
  12. Remembering your NHL gaming time, you need that (1) competition and (2) group feeling as a motivator to continue going and improving. You should absolutely look for a competitive sport that you will enjoy. Im so happy you are getting married! You are the first Game Quitter whom I know who has had this success. Absolutely control your sleep. Don't go greedy, the initial losses will be overcompensated by long term increases in productivity. Food attracts us so much because it is marketed in such a predatory way. Remember that a lot of modern food is laboratory tested to be ridiculously tasty . The neat packaging adds to your cravings. I remembered James Clear’s guidance: make it less attractive make it more difficult to do OR make it impossible to do . What I did was count over a 6 month period how much money i would save if I cooked my food at home. Now the savings were an insane amount. I then considered what i could spend it on and will start tracking my savings on a monthly basis to create a stronger craving than wanting to eat at cafes. If I still want to eat, I will go for a fast cardio workout, break a sweat and that gives me the reward of being able to eat more. The best illustration about harmful habits for me is a type of plant I saw in a scientific magazine. This plant feeds on flies. Now the plants are destined to die from starvation, but because they resemble a type of food that the flies eat, many flies enter this plant and get sucked in. This is an excellent illustration of things such as cigarettes, alcohol, games and other harmful substances because they create an illusion that there is a benefit to be gained, whereas they take advantage of you and harm your health.
  13. Day 3: No useless social networks or websites. day 3: investing time in communication skill development. I had to watch a film episode about negotiating skills. I would book it as a violation of my Rule number 1 if it wasn’t directly relevant to my field of work.
  14. Day 2: No useless social networks or websites. day 2: investing time in communication skill development. Had my meals cooked from home for a change. Feel much more content as it is a money saver.
  15. Day 1: No useless social networks or websites day 1: investing time in communication skill development. Currently need to speak to my coach about increasing the weekly number of my training sessions.