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  1. Natalie, can you say if the fiction stories that you read actually help in self development ? Did you take away valuable tips from the characters in your stories?
  2. Welcome back James, I hope you are doing well. On point 1, acting under the circumstances of uncertainty is actually the greatest thing to have for your personal development because you get to do so many things that would otherwise be impossible. You can be creative with solutions, improvise to an extent like an actor, use uncertainty to your advantage and apply pressure on the other side to win them over. At least that is how it is in the legal profession. Of course, when money and your future goals are on the line, it isn’t “fun” to be acting in the face of uncertainty. But uncertainty is wh
  3. It actually dawned on me that as somebody based in a country where Czech is the native tongue, you don’t get to speak as much English personally as you’d like. Did this friend of yours speak about thr psychological side of teaching? I taught English for one semester at my University and as I had no prior instruction as a teacher, the atmosphere felt very relaxed and lacked the discipline of a school room. I used to attend an English speaking club in my city too and we had some interesting venues with native English speakers. It was a breath of fresh air for me, because I tend to think in
  4. Erik, for me television is an extension of the media. I feel that my stages of recovery are going faster because I am not watching films either. I watch some targeted educational videos on the internet. I think that if you watch an exciting action film, or listen to stimulating music, or even see a poster depicting the type of game that you enjoy playing, it activates the memories of video games that you played in the past and you experience a craving to play again. I don’t want to spend energy on resisting cravings because will power is very limited. My belief is in reformatting the hab
  5. @Phoenixking do you like the feeling of completing a ridiculous number of tasks in a day? I think that working on making your plans more balanced is a good sign of setting priorities. I think the clarity issue that you talk about in your latest posts is connected to getting tired and burnt out. By prioritizing, you will be able to perform with less stress of worry and at a higher quality level. It will be interesting to see if the need for games completely disappears then.
  6. Hello, may I ask if game creation causes a cycle of impulsive thinking after you are finished with that activity or you forget it and it serves as a healthy stimulating activity for you? in my case, after I got off the games I would work on game designs just on paper but it would induce uncontrolled impulsive thinking over the game. So i avoid this activity nowadays.
  7. Month 11 Ok I got employed and experienced a worsening in my quality because one very bad underdeveloped aspect or character got tested. one of my close friends said that I cycle between being a very understanding and nice person to totally withdrawn and oblivious. At this work I couldn’t believe it when two weeks in i was constructing a video game in my mind for the first time in many months. This is a traditional symptom for me when I cannot solve issues. I default to that state. My exercise routine is hard to do because now I have to commute long distances, so this much neede
  8. I want to put forward this reasoning that will bring back your fighting spirit. It has helped a few other members here, but Dabest and other members have mostly fleshed it out. First off, you are not starting over. You are still continuing from that time when you started on this forum and discussed your career aspirations. Every time you relapse, look at clues like an investigator does. If you examine the whole cycle, your thoughts, emotions and actions prior to going back to games you will hopefully detect that clue (I like to refer to it as the culprit). You can then makes simple change
  9. Books, Can you give some feedback about where this recent stress is coming from? from your last two posts it looks like you don’t know the source. Are you still attending therapy? I am always doubting as to how much discussion of an issue can help in overcoming it. Sometimes it can have a counterproductive effect. I think this is determined by the type of person that is listening and advising you. I think on a number of occasions I frustrated you in the way that I approached the issue, hope it wasn’t too bad. But over time you should develop skills in knowing how to discuss an
  10. Good stuff Martinof, how about the sport activities? They are natural replacements because they can combine any or all of the following: sense of challenge, progression and development, socializing (member of a team etc.). I am doing daily exercises and have increased the reps and quality on nearly all of my exercises. I get a clearer mind because physical fitness improves blood circulation and endurance. I was attending a boxing group before quarantine set in and I am looking forward to restarting training sessions as the virus epidemic is overcome.
  11. I want to say that you have helped me a lot in understanding my psychology and the reasons behind failures. When I saw how committed you were in continuing the search for solutions to a range of problems it made it more convincing that I have to fight the very core thinking patterns and intentions in me to change. Before the self-accountability that started with Game quitters forum in 2019, I tried to maintain old thinking patterns while looking for “on the go” fixes to daily failures. I think from rereading your posts and other members posts, that you’ve had successes because you kept co
  12. @Dirac I have the same question: how do you put pressure on yourself to go the extra mile when your brain is switching off and you just want to fall down on the couch and watch a series? The craving I think is to get distracted. That has been conditioned by internet and tv. Correct me if that is not the case with you. How did people get distracted before that. I guess personal communication and spending time in the nature? Can you give more examples Dirac? What would your grandparents do to get distracted after a long day’s work. If I will enploy Duhigg’s terminology, the cue for it
  13. Okay, from your post I can see that you want to be a part of a community to discuss a common subject of interest. Internet game forums served that purpose for you in the past. Another aspect is the anticipation of upcoming new game releases. That is one of the strongest magnets for any gamer. It elicits a lot of excitement from curiosity. These are your particular needs which still need to be accommodated. I firmly believe from the reading I have done, that you just have to find a healthy replacement activity that will meet these needs. The suitable replacement activity depends on your c
  14. Books, may it be that the anxiety is caused by the pressure of the exam? 12 hours revision is something I don’t think I have ever done. That would be hard for the brain to process. I’d revise 5-6 hours per day at most before my final exams. I can suggest cupping your hands at night and just addressing God by the attributes that you naturally perceive. Ask him for peace in your life and to cure you of any illness. If this gets emotional for you, so much for the better. Your sleep can improve I think.
  15. Welcome to game quitters Forum Martinof! Some questions to clarify: what emotions and thoughts did you experience in the past when you decided to go back to gaming? If you can acknowledge these emotions and thoughts you will be able to see how you have been misled a number of times. You are already a fighter because you chose to target a culprit that has been hidden for a long time. There are many cynical grown up people in developed countries who believe they can combine work and family with gaming 2-3 hours per day. They carry on and everything seems to be on track, until their attitude