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  1. Mainstream online entertainment is a red flag for me personally and this is why. An online video game match is easy to get into, very little time in turns of preparation, set up. It also pairs me with an evenly matched opponent and delivers excitement much quicker. compare this with: 1. calling up friends and convincing them to play a sport. 2. Fixing a date and time, driving to the place, helping each other out. 3. Playing the game and realizing you have a lot of work to do to improve your fitness and skills. 4. Having to manage a fight and a disagreement within your team if it happens. my former opinion would be: “The first option is so much easier”. Now i realize that in going after complete experiences and getting tired, experiencing human interaction and closeness with friends is more valuable . Similarly, eating ready made feels tastier at first, but cooking food at home is better in the long run. I agree that learning cooking is not only good for your nutrition but an essential as a stress relief activity. Friends are important to be happy man, but there are different stages in life. At times we are closer to our families, other times work can make us really busy. I hope you correct your goals and become successful.
  2. @BooksandTrees , Yes , i spend surprisingly little time on fun activities. Its because i frequently feel tired, and or sick. The way around this is to find a fun sport to do right outside my house and do it with a passion. In the past I’d play 2 hours of football at least 3 times per week. If its not going to be video games, it has to be an obsession with sport.
  3. Week 10 I cannot manage without self accountability. I need to keep posting because I get cravings to dream of strategy video games when i get ill. I have to work the steps of recovery and participate in sport even when I’m ill. I will design a strategy board game and look for ways to add things I dislike. I.e. Having to manage disagreements with someone. My cravings for work are influenced by my past cravings for strategy games.
  4. @FDRx7 Good points. I consider these moments as a good time to better plan my goals and track my progress. Many times the looming relapse was left unchecked because I had failed to see it coming. Whatever it was, it had always to do with absent mindedness and refusing to interact with the world. I think that one of the best description of gamer’s mindset is absenteeism. There is a good job, but instead of targeting it in the manner of a hunter, a gamer will make a half hearted attempt and after failing compensate by dreaming about or playing games. This is the issue. You have to strive for good faith effort and get complete rewards in return. You won’t need gaming or internet bandaid in that case. With better planning and awareness I can better foresee what requires urgent attention. I used to be an aspiring athlete (soccer) and because the awareness and pathways to the goal were so good, it unlocked a lot of energy and interest in all other areas like friends, education and family.
  5. What is the grace period for your purchase? Depending on Ts and Cs, you may be able to exchange it. from this forum some people do well without external blockers or access limitations, but others need them. I know some members who got linux operating systems because they are not game friendly.
  6. Week 9: I was ill to attend basketball, so spent a lot of time listening to podcasts instead of reading books and revising which is a relapse. Over dependence on podcasts has made me lose focus and discipline. Last night I intentionally avoided podcasts and had healthy sleep for the first time in weeks. I’m grateful for all the team members encouraging self accountability on this forum.
  7. Computer work that is set against time limits can have a stronger toll on the health than physical work like building or repairing. It impacts the eyes, wrists, posture and sleep a lot. Spending 4-6 hours per day with a computer monitor that is designed to reduce strain on your eyes is ok. There are monitors with a very strong emission of glare and other more user friendly monitors (matte).
  8. If you are putting jazz music in this case isn't it essentially the same response as putting on a podcast? what would be the podcast, something useful for you or mostly irrelevant to you? Wouldn’t loneliness be solved by inviting close family or a trusted neighbour for a cup of tea or joining a sport group?
  9. Ask the most of people that have responsibilities in relation to you and deliver the best performance in all of your daily tasks.
  10. Welcome to Game quitters! What are you currently studying, or what is your profession? Can you report on your detox progress so far? Why do you feel the need to turn real life progress into a game?
  11. Weeks 7 and 8 showed a definite fall in discipline : missed my basketball training, revised insufficiently and dis a lot of hiking instead. I binged on GQ journals and a number of books. I essentially relapsed by reading an entire book within a day because I wanted to avoid staying focused on my primary daily goals. I watched some videos on the internet that as a whole lacked depth. My days are typically uniform and I am starting to think that some variety is going to be necessary. I am planning on making one of the weekly days a reflection day where I track progress, another day a sports day and three revision days.
  12. this is an earned victory my friend. Never let small setbacks upset you, it is all bluff remember. You have to stay alert in order not to miss an opportunity that may be coming your way.
  13. I would like to ask the community members to suggest the best thought patterns or statements that you have found for focusing on the important things and not going into denial. I can give an example: I will not log on to social media for diverting my attention away from work, I will read a book instead. I will do much more quality work and be healthier because I live without online distractions If somebody repeatedly disrupts my work, I will write down a plan for speaking to them and expressing my complaint.
  14. This is a warrior attitude, have you noticed opportunities and visualized them ? What could you achieve after one year if you keep being healthy this way? Are there any threats that can undermine you?
  15. Week 5 and 6 Our basketball training has been cancelled for the last several weeks and my morale went down. I could not focus on work very well and took some days off. i got out in the rain a few times and had a good solo basketball session. Hope to pass the exams in January.
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