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  1. Im doing much better, but I was suddenly attacked by a fit of anger. This came from a memory of not being honest with myself in my school years. I played violent video games and didn't follow advice to stop it. Then my teacher once remarked that i didn’t trust myself. Most unpleasant in my eyes are persons that tacitly accept harm directed at them or someone else, because they are too timid to challenge it. I feel very insecure when I’m discussing important issues with people. Couple of days back, my employer said he needs me to continue working, but can’t afford to pay. I stated tha
  2. so I’m in this new kind of a game. I enjoy working against a tight schedule. I get super nervous but feel great when all the targets have been hit. A colleague remarked that she can feel my nerves. I sort of become alive when i have to figure out a way or an algorithm for the best way to execute something. my other activities were neglected. I am not reading books anymore, not doing physical exercise, not tracking my diet. This is unsustainable. Discipline is seriously falling apart from feeling unwell. I get back home tired and cannot do any of my other activities.
  3. Ok, can you invest all of your spare time in health related activity? I mean exercising every day (oiling the groove type) and working out on certain days? I find that absence of intermediate results causes me to drop exercise, but monitoring progress encourages me to review my system and implement changes.
  4. Welcome to the forum, I always find that people who are undertaking the self accountability approach have more guts than people who rely on illusory hopes. Can you please share more about your work/field of research and interests?
  5. In case you were tracking your progress, How much have you improved in your teaching, exercise and overall fitness level? Are you able to do at least 5 hours of exercise activity per week? Also, how much more productive have your plans become Ikar?
  6. Is the stress coming from work? Often I wonder if a lot of the customary things in the workplace are down to people’s perceptions. Many things can be time wasters at work, but seldom is anything done to change that. One of the greatest ideas i’ve seen is to have a fitness gym at the workplace, so that the employees could work out straight after finishing work and come back recharged the next day. I can vouch that even if the last hour of the working day is dedicated to exercise, the output of the workforce will definitely grow.
  7. Welcome to the community Emily. This journal is exactly for introducing yourself to us. Can you share more about yourself. What about your goals? Are you a university student?
  8. why would you have a lot of spare time after graduating Brian? Typically, The higher the qualification the more responsibility you will get in your field of work.
  9. I wanted to complete a lot of work today and that got me stressed and drove down my productivity. My manager was annoyed at this. She’s got a very cool approach to work. The exhaustion may also be a cumulative effect from combining work , professional studying and many hours of driving. A colleague of mine resigned from his position to work at another place. I seem to have a stronger attachment. I think I am way too complicit with current circumstances and not engaged enough in checking other opportunities. May this obstacle be overcome soon. my physical state is an issue
  10. Great stuff Brian, I’m surprised you are losing weight from eating bad food. Typically fast food (what I think you were referring to) has a lot of fat and oil and tends to increase weight. I suggest replacing with healthy fat like lamb meat. I noticed a recurring theme in multiple journals. There is this down time when some of the discipline goes down followed by a necessary increase in activity, as if you are trying to catch up on the things that you haven’t been keeping up like exercise and proper eating. I think in fact this can fuel the habit of alternating between two states. Bo
  11. How is your exercise routine going?Are you doing stretching and running and how many times per week? I’m in quite a dilemma. My results for the year are unsatisfactory, I’ve now read some articles that talk about pitfalls in overtraining or the wrong techniques that cause you to waste effort. I just need to monitor my technique, but filming myself takes more time. so I want to start swimming and doing targeted back exercise with a coach, just need to allocate funds for that.
  12. Do you mean to say that you have discovered a sustained method of performing your work without feeling tested or challenged? Or is it a different kind of boredom, where the work is hard and challenging, but you aren’t getting enough in the way of new experiences? I wish you to reformat your habit. What about your journey into health related activities? Have you read books on that? Do you want to be more fit than you are? Or are you already well developed physically?
  13. Agreed, this is in fact not settling for scraps. I always come back to the fact that gamers are “low maintenance” kind of guys. being out with a woman can be unnerving but at that exact moment be yourself. Even If you aren’t liked, you will be liked for accepting yourself as you are. Edit: I also mean to say think about the qualities that give you self esteem and confidence. Bad habits and traits should be tackled and not be accepted. @Books, but why are you meeting that woman in the first place? What is the intention?
  14. Wishing you to get well. I think reviewing the progress on your goal makes you perceive that goal a lot more as something real and track where you are. I do this by adding reps to various workout routines, reading books and articles about fitness. if i’ve got doubts as to whether a workout will work and my plan is too ambiguous, I will not follow through on it. About motivation when living alone. In my teens my coach wanted me to become a professional boxer. The training discipline that he instilled stayed with me even after i stopped training as a boxer. For example, I’d go to