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  1. Hey Deku, I'm sorry about what happened that blows big time. We are all thinking about you and sending good vibes. I know you can bounce back from this! But take some time to rest, relax, and energize for your next goal! We believe in you!
  2. I don't know if you live in a big area but one date idea that is fun is something I call adventure dates. Next time your in a city if you see a store or anything that you or your girlfriend are interested in just go inside. Even if you don't buy anything it's cool to see what shops have to offer! Also same thing for food makes you try new things. It can lead to some fun days!
  3. Well dang, yeah you really got to find a good group of people who click together. I'm doing well, still haven't played games but funny enough I think my first game I'm going back to is switch fit haha. I like the concept of working out and having fun also,gyms are expensive as you found out.
  4. Hey man I hope your doing well. One thing that's nearby for me is a card shop. On certain nights however, they host a board game night. It may not be the best hobby but if you can find a group near you it might be a cheaper hobby?
  5. Another thing I like to add is putting my deodorant on first thing in the morning as well. It gives me a sense that I'm getting ready to start the day and not to lay back down. It's odd but it works for me. Almost one month in! Keep it up! Also make sure to celebrate yourself even a little. I went out and got myself either comfort food (chicken strips and white gravey, yum!) or even like a small desert at 30 days.
  6. You know it sounds like you could combine some of these. If you did get into animation and drawing it would be cool to make your own superhero story. With animation if you put enough practice into it I have always seen it as a limitless dump of your own imagination. Whatever your thinking, as long as you have a vision of it, you would be able to create it and bring it to life. I think that's freeing in a way. As for reading my first book that got me into reading during my detox was the kingkiller chronicles. It's a fantasy book but it's been extremely good and a great story to it.
  7. Tzen1

    Tzen's Journal

    @BooksandTrees thanks man! Now, it is time. Day 90 out of 90 After going into this with a goal to make a change in my life. To improve myself and to untangle this behavior. My honest first thought when quitting that stuck with me all the way to the end was who am I without video games? This was the big question to tackle during my 90 days; and honestly I don't think an answer like that can be found within 90 days. So, like other people have said, I don't feel as if my journey ends here. But now I have the tools in my pocket to make finding the answers a little bit easier. Well how did I succeed? The honest answer, I got lucky at the beginning of my 90 days. 1. Working on the house we bought showed me a hobby I didn't see coming, home repair. My first hard project was fixing the stopper on the fridge ice machine. Taking off the whole front panel, disconnecting the wires, and readjusting the stopper to seal was an amazing feeling when I finished. So finding a hobby is definitely a priority while on this detox. 2. My biggest regret at the beginning of this detox was not reading sooner. Going from games to a book was like going from your favorite junkfood to your least favorite vegetable. START READING AND STICK WITH IT! It doesn't matter what you read, find something that Interest you and get a physical copy of it to read. At nights this was such a game changer I regretted so much not doing it week 1. 3. I'll keep these next points short now. Find time for yourself, somewhere quiet. It was very hard and still is a little difficult for me to accept that video games don't define you. Spend time reflecting and sitting with the boredom. 4. Find your motivator. If it's for someone, make a picture of them and make sure you can see them everywhere you go. Mine was my wife and I made her my home screen. Every time I opened my phone I remind myself who I am doing it for. If it is for yourself then why? Find the reason why you want to quit and stare it down everyday. 5. Lastly, try new things. This piggy backs off of hobbies but it's the old saying you won't know until you try. Once you try, that experience is with you forever and knowing you tried something new, something out of your comfort zone is a huge win no matter how bad or good the experience was. I want to say one last congratulations to @30_yrs_of_gaming and @TTT for finishing there 90 days as well this week. @Cam Adair the program you have made is amazing and hopefully seeing three people in one week reach 90 days gives you more strength to keep fighting the good fight for us. Thank you again. My plan for the future is to start gaming in moderation starting in October. I still have a big test at the the end of September that needs to be taken care of first. I still plan on hanging around here I feel like this is one community that will be hard to let go. For those of you going through the detox right now don't give up you can do this and I believe in you. For those of you thinking of taking the plunge I say jump in head first like the rest of us. There is a great community here ready to help out. Take care everyone, I'll still be around. -Cheers Tzen
  8. Tzen1

    90 days

    While it may not seem special right now. Still completing the 90 day detox is a big step in the right direction and should be celebrated even a little. Congratulations @TTT I know your on another path right now but you can do this. One step at a time.
  9. My condolences to you and your family.
  10. Gift cards are never lame for baby stuff. As someone who has had friends have babies as well as going to be attempting soon to have a kid of their own baby stuff is expensive! The worst part is once the baby grows out of it, well, either donate it or save it for the next kid. While getting knocked down is tough you always get stronger on the way back up you got this and I can't wait to see what your future holds!
  11. Tzen1

    Tzen's Journal

    Days 85- 89 If someone were to tell me that it was possible to put down a controller for 90 days and miss out on everything gaming has to offer for 3 months I would have thought they were crazy. Here I stand on day 89, one day left in this detox, without picking up a controller. This has been an eye-opening journey to show me that there is more than a screen in front of your face. While moving into a house built in the '80s that had some work needed to be done it brought to light a new hobby of learning how to renovate a house. It's crazy how fast these three months went, how much time in the outside world is missed due to looking at a monitor. Tomorrow I will have a longer post about my journey. I liked the tip @BooksandTrees gave to @30_yrs_of_gaming about how to end on a good note for the journal and I plan on doing something similar. It's funny, in my first week of posting I said that I wasn't big into social media type aspects (liking, commenting, etc), I'm glad I turned out to be wrong. This website is a helpful community and once you start reading other journals you quickly learn that you're not alone. So my first tip for anyone new to this community is start reading other journals. When you put a like down it has more meaning than just saying "oh I like your post" it means, at least to me, that I read your journal or post and you're not alone; It was comforting. Once you get familiar with the forums start adding comments and keep the positive train rolling. 90 days is possible! You can do it! -Cheers Tzen
  12. Tzen1

    Tzen's Journal

    Days 82- 84 Cravings have finally gone down for the media side and I feel like I'm getting back to normal again. No work on the house this weekend as the wife came down with a cold or sinus infection. We will see on Monday but being sick is no fun no matter who you are. Got to see one of my best friends on Friday and catch up a bit which was nice. The best part, I was able to take about some games with him and no cravings what so ever arose. It felt good to not want to play games all the time. To no want to crave the latest and greatest or worry about what's coming out. I'm more interested in house renovations at the moment and have a book already planned for my next read over the matter. @30_yrs_of_gaming and @TTTshout out to these two guys for almost finishing their 90. You guys got this and I'll see y'all at the finish line soon. It's the final week for me so it's time to buckle down and finish strong. -Cheers Tzen
  13. Just a couple more days! Once you reach your 90 I'll be right behind you. Finish strong brother!
  14. Hey I hope everything is going good and your school year is getting better. Been awhile since your last update so I hope everything is alright.
  15. Tzen1

    Tzen's Journal

    I have a friend who is reading my journal right now. Shout out to him for reminding me to fill out today's entry. I didn't realize how many days went by already without an update! Days 78 - 81 (writing on day 82) With sub jobs starting to become a little more frequent work has slowly started to come in. I'm grateful for being able to start earning something to help out with our income but it's still not where I want to be. I used to use gaming as an escape right now trying not to think about not being able to teach for another year. I had the grip come back to me these past few days as I was craving 100 percent, not playing games, but just reading updates over Monster Hunter news. It got to the point that I would type it in on Google and YouTube that I would have to stop my self before clicking a video or a news article. It probably was my closest call yet to ruining my streak. So it's been really tough these past few days. I almost felt guilty about just typing the words on the search bar. Other than that though its been good with plenty of work to be done around the house and studying to do. T-minus 9 days. -Cheers Tzen
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