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  1. Hey it's good to see you persevering through the tough times. I am still catching up again on journals I had to disappear to prepare my classrooms for school. Teaching is rough this year. I apologise for not knowing what test your about to take but it sounds like you have a bout of testing anxiety. I have it and I see it a lot in my students as well at the high school level. Just prepare as good as you can and find practice test as well if they are available. They really help in the long run even if it's the same test you can always draw back and connect one question to another. If you need any other testing techniques or ideas let me know I can try to drum some up for you! Stay strong man! You got this!
  2. Man that's awesome! Keep it up you got this! Also quoted the DAMN because that is a lot of steps in one day
  3. Welcome to the forums @OptimisticMalcontent! This quote is one thing I wish I did when I first started. It was one of the most benefiting things I did for myself. So many stories I have missed out on and finishing a big book feels great.
  4. Tzen1

    Final Detox

    @RB1 hey it's great to see your not giving up on the fight! I hope your doing well and your staying safe during this crazy time. I looking forward to reading your future logs!
  5. Welcome @Toro! Stopping games is a huge step and your brain will thank you for it. Most people like to quit cold turkey (I did) but you have to go at your own pace. If you feel like weening down is the best course then do that, the end goal is what's important.
  6. I had a small revelation about this. But to me I feel like with games I never really escaped the stress but instead playing video games helped keep the lid on a full bottle that was about to explode. It sounds and looks like a luxury life but in the end it's all a lie we tell ourselves. Now without video games I feel like once I deal with my stress the bottle empties only to be slowly filled up again. You got this, stay strong and relax when you can. One step at a time.
  7. As a dessert guy I'm just gonna leave this link here as another one of my motivations for cast iron. We have made this twice and dear lord it's the best. I'm a crunchy person so my wife eats the gooey center and I love the cooked sides. https://www.justataste.com/ultimate-skillet-chocolate-chip-cookie-recipe also if you like watching YouTube Cowboy Kent Rollins is probably my favorite because growing up in the south (Texas) I relate to a lot of his food. But if your interested in cast iron he goes step by step on how to take care of and manage a cast iron pan. Once you get one going and take care of it they last forever and become more non stick along the way. I need to up my breakfast game I like doing egg on toast, homemade hash browns and some sausages. I want to learn how to make boudin kolaches they are so good. Man after playing one or two rounds of shogi I had to watch some videos over the game. I have chess down in my head but you have to take such a non traditional way of thinking when it comes to the game.
  8. What do you like to cook? I always like learning what other people like to make. One of my projects that kept me busy that I realized I didn't out in my journal was I worked on my cast iron pan a lot. Stripped it's original seasoning and started from scratch. Now it's non stick and I can cook eggs while they slide around. It was a good feeling to see. Are you learning shogi at all? I tried it out and man it's a lot longer of a game than normal chess but the concept it's really interesting.
  9. Hey man my thoughts go out to you and I hope you get to feeling better. Just stay frosty about gaming in the computer again I loved how you put it in your earlier post. You can do this no matter what comes your way!
  10. I second @BooksandTrees your doing awesome and you'll only feel better the more your write on here. Keep it up you got this!
  11. Welcome to the team! This place is awesome and has great support. What your feeling is completely normal when quitting gaming. I had a lot of the same stuff when I did my 90 days the anxiety panic attacks all of it. It's also DEFINITELY ok to be afraid. This is a change in your life but your taking the first step being here. You got this and welcome to the forums again.
  12. Tzen1

    Ikar's Diary

    Good luck on your exams! Also your new format looks great and organized!
  13. If it helps I listen to a sleep mediation at night that usually calms my mind down and helps me sleep better. His name is Jason Stephenson and he has lots of great meditation listening videos for sleeping. This is the one I use it's fantastic in my opinion. Also for house hunting motivation we spent a WHOLE YEAR looking at houses. It sucked being patient and staying in our apartment but it was worth the wait to find something in our price range. Stick with it the house or apartment your looking for will be found.
  14. Tzen1

    Ikar's Diary

    I have been thinking about doing an update post in a week or two. As a teacher we are nearing the end of the school year and everything is just crazy with remote learning, getting grades finalized, and prepping for graduations if we even do them.
  15. To build upon what @Alexanderle said it's also great that you have found a groove to your day. You have something you do at different points of the day from working on hockey, to your animations, or just relaxing to Hunter x Hunter. Also as for family I understand and I sometimes think family and complicated go hand in hand with each other.
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