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  1. So yeah. Very long time since Ive written on this forum - 60 days.. Life happened and a bachelor needed finishing and stuff. Jobs had to be applied to. Stress, Stress, Stress. Finished it all with the grade B in my bachelor. Very great I think. But no more education for me. Now I am finally here with a bachelors degree, a full-time job and still no games played. So grateful. Days without games: 107 Grateful for (3 things)? That I am finally done with my education that I have a job already My girlfriend for getting me through
  2. My days right now... Busy busy busy. Really looking forward to the end of this semester when I am done with school. I am so very tired of going to school now. I've spent almost 7 years in the University, another 4 in College and another 12 in other forms of school. So I've pretty much spent my entire life in the school... Now I just want to pass all subjects and get on with my life! Days without games: 47 ! Grateful for (3 things)? - Soon done with school - my friends - my girlfriend What went well since last post? - I have not gamed
  3. That would probably be an idea yeah. But it wasn't on social media or reddit that I found the news actually. it was just a standard newspaper which makes it even harder ... Nevertheless, reddit is a source yes. But blocking the subreddits works wonders for me actually. The days just rush past right now to no end. I don't really remember what I was doing all of the days since I last wrote. It has just been a mix of eating, homework, school, assignments, more eating and sleep. And then the occasional "hygge" session with my girlfriend. I really feel like this will continu
  4. So these past like 14 days I've been so extremely busy. Had a gigantic assignment from school which I ended up spending close to 100 hours on, all in the span of 8 days... So I've been extremely stressed and haven't had the energy to journal at all. All I could think or dream about was that assignment. Thankfully I finished it friday afternoon... Yesterday we held 1 year anniversary for our relationship, me and my girlfriend. Was a super great day which I had planned and she loved it. I also read the news about the new Diablo IV coming out, and I had a talk with my girlfriend about
  5. Thursday was a busy day with lots of work on the Bachelors I'm working on these months. We reached a huge milestone which means that we can move forward to second part now. Had a GREAT time with my girlfriend in the evening. Very cozy and happy evening. Friday was just school upon school upon school which ended with me coming home, to a girlfriend wanting to do something, so we ended up playing board games at a café with "brother in law" because my sister wasn't home. We played from 20-01 so that was a long night, but fun. Saturday went with drilling over 30 holes in the apartment fo
  6. Jesus christ, I did not know that happened, since I'm using an extension for black theme. Thanks for the headsup is it black=?
  7. Have you tried with the barriers that cam talks about? Like for example, installing Cold Turkey to block applications and websites, or Stay Focused on the phone to block access to Google Play Store for example, and then have someone else put a password on the blockers. For me personally, I think that this is a huge help, because 1. I don't have to decide whether I want to game or not, because I can't unless I try really hard, 2. Usually I have had relapses in the past because I've failed my resolve just ever so slightly, and if I just had a little barrier more, then I probably wouldn't ha
  8. Sounds like you have a blast quitting video games ? I had a thought: Do you have any strategies set in place for when you do get urges to play again?
  9. Good on you for starting a new journal ? I've been where you are as well, just being ultra hyper productive, which in the end is exhausting when starting motivation quiets down a little. So to you: Good luck to you with the slow and steady. That's atleast my strategy for now as well.
  10. Oh boy are you getting busy. it's so nice to see you take off like a rocket on this journey ? Just be sure to be able to cut down on some activities when it gets a little harder to not game, when your motivation has quieted down a little. Maybe it won't happen for you, I don't know. But for me it has happened a few times, where I overloaded on activities in the start and then sort of lost track and motivation with all the new stuff I had to do. Starting with a few things at a time and working those into my schedule fully and then continue with other things, has been the only way that I've
  11. @liam thanks for your kind words. I do think that most of us could learn from some Chinese proverb ? Jokes aside, I think working a positive philosophy as you mentioned is very important to keep moving. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These last few days have been great. Monday went with tons of studying and then had a great evening with my girlfriend, where we had full focus on each other. Tuesd
  12. I think you could get some value out of checking out some of Cam's videos, like for example: Or: That way you can get some pointers on whether or not you're cheating or not from Cam himself, and a way to stop if you're interested ? Anyways. Good seeing you here
  13. So these couple of days has been kinda busy with birthdays and me still trying to turn my sleeping rythm from holiday and not enough sleep cause games, and coffee at the wrong hours (8pm for example). But I went to the GA (Gamblers Anonymous) meeting today and I had a blast. It was really great going down there and getting to talk with some people some of who shares the same problems with me, and some who have other problems than me but just talking about it. I met a guy that I started the addiction treatment with and he's been doing great, having been free of gambling for over a YEAR - holy s