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Escalation, escalation, escalation...

Mannnnnnnn - I've got some work to do.

The girl came over tonight. It went okay, I did have fun. Unfortunately nothing sexual happened.

I'll just have a quick run through.

She knocked on my door, I let her in and gave her a hug. I gave her a quick tour of the house and then we went for a 10 minute walk to the shop to get some popcorn and beer and then a 10 minute walk back. We spent a large majority of that time just speaking about her gymnastic stuff, my local area and a bit of school life. I can get her to laugh, but i'm god awful at building sexual tension lol.

Once we got back, we were gonna watch the film straight away but instead I said we should sit outside for a bit whilst the sun was still out. So we did that and chatted for like another 10 minutes. We then went to watch the film and she sat in MY spot on the sofa. It's a 2 person love-seat type chair, which is PERFECT for couples to seat on :)

So... I was like hell nawh you sitting in my spot! So I playfully lifted her up and placed her on the other side and I sat in my spot. She leant up against me a bit partially due to my bodyweight causing her to fall into me aha. So yea at this point I was like great, got that physical touch in there already.

But this is kinda where it remained.

The film we watched was "White Chicks". LMAO I know it's a chick flick but I fucking love that movie and she had never watched it before. So I was like we are watching that.

Okay so this is kinda where I struggle a bit with films. I like to get fully immersed in films as i'm sure alot of guys do. Girls it seems... Just like to talk - THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME! :4_joy: Now usually when it's my Mum or Sister I just ignore them half the time or answer their stupid questions that they'd KNOW the ANSWER to if they just WATCHED THE DAMN MOVIE! So obviously she starts talking and making comments, so i'm trying my best to respond in a good way. And then occasionally making comments myself so i'm playing the same kinda game. Oh and lets not forget mimicking the lines of the funny parts ahaha.

So yea we're watching the film and all that - And i'm thinking, hm we should try and escalate a bit further. But for the love of me I didn't know how to go about it.

She's a very reserved girl, quite unsure of herself sometimes. Soooooo ye I wasn't really getting anything to play off. All I had was her lent up beside me and I had my arm behind ontop of the sofa with her head rested onto it. It was tough situation to navigate in my opinion. 

The frustrating thing is - I know at this point she is into me. But just going in for a kiss or something would seem very forced and unnatural. I felt like there was never a point where I could just go for it. You know that "You will know" moment. Nah, nothing bro.

Gah, I sense that if I did just go and force it at some point - She'd probably reciprocate anyways... But man, i'd much rather do it more smoothly and naturally. If I knew what I was doing then I probably could have created a situation where it was more likely to happen.

So here's what I did try in attempt to create a better situation:

1After the film finish, we decided we'd watch a horror movie. Mhm perfect eh, leap into each others arms... Turns out, I couldn't find a decent horror film to save my life. I hate horrors to be honest, especially that paranormal shit. But anyways I thought the jump scares would be funny and a good opportunity. I just randomly picked one. 15 minutes in, we found it pretty boring... There was no jump scares, it was just shitty suspense. So we stopped watching that...

So instead we played a video game... :o

There's this game on the app store that is really popular at the moment. Called "Granny". She played it a day or so ago and weirdly I randomly decided to look through the app store yesterday and I saw it too, and nearly downloaded it. But anyways she said I should play it.

Aight then. Btw Granny is a horror game on your phone. It's one of those, escape the house kinda games whilst a granny lerks around and when she finds you, jumps in your face like slender man. The graphics of her face are terrible, but funny/scary nonetheless. 

Oh no... I've played a video game! ALL IN THE NAME OF PHYSICAL INTIMACY.

So yea, I was playing it. Got scared outta my fucking mind and somehow end up with her legs across my lap as we both stare intensely at this screen. Each time we got jump-scared i'd try and touch her leg or some shit aha. We played that for a little while and I mean, there was alot more physical interaction with each other which was nice.

Can't remember what happened next but basically nothing else progressed from that. So then I showed her how shit I am at the splits and then got her to do it too. So ye we're both on the floor, talking a bit - showing pictures on each others phones. Just kinda chilling on the floor. At one point I remember, she was lying on her front and I just look and see her ass and i'm thinking to myself - Oh maynnnnnn:4_joy:

We have an arm wrestle in a last ditch attempt for me to try get something to happen.

And then it gets too late. It's like 12PM and that's the time her parents wanted her back. So I drove her home, which fuck is 30 minutes each way...


Now, I just want to make it clear - For anyone who is reading my journal. First, thank you for reading it :) - But yeah, when i'm interacting with this girl - I'm not constantly thinking about how I can get her into bed... I am genuinely enjoying the interaction and her company. Obviously i'd like to try and move it towards sex, but ya know at the end of the day... I just have to enjoy it for what it is. I can't purely blame myself for not taking it all the way, but then again - if I did have the skills and maybe courage, it could have happened tonight. But I won't let that stop me from enjoying the beautiful moment with this girl tonight.

It's only really once she's gone that I start reflecting on where I could have improved and potentially progressed further. But I should not let that take anything away from what tonight was. Because it was nice, and it was fun.

In fact I am simply happy that someone came to my house to spend time with... ME.

Do you understand how rare that is for me? From the ages of 14-20 I can probably count on my fingers the amount of times i've had a friend around my house... And i'm not even kidding. Even my best friend who I grew up with rarely ever came to my house. I seriously just never had people hang around with me at my house. And then the same the other way around, I never went to friends houses either.

6 whole fucking years i've lived in isolation and actually, probably more than that... It may not seem like much time to the older folk. But this was during my teens man. The time where you're suppose to be hanging around your friends houses all day, just chatting shit - Developing your social skills.

Anyways so yea - When people come around my house I never know what i'm supposed to do lol. I used to be like, oh I just play on my computer all day - wanna watch me play? You can have a go if you want... (Whilst secretly hoping they don't fuck my stats up too much).

To finish this off. By the time I got home, it was 1AM. I should have gone to bed but I saw the stars were shining brightly. So I grabbed a jumper and went into the garden. I pulled up a chair and star-gazed for a good 20 minutes. Looking at stars always makes me think about how insignificant everything really is... Nothing really matters at the end of the day. Everything dies, the universe will carry on without a fuck in the world. So why live in your sorrows? Go live a fulfilling life.

And you know, something magical happened. As I was thinking this - A shooting star flew past right in front of my eyes.

I don't think i've ever seen a shooting star before in my life - And it happened so fast, but it was beautiful. And had I gone to bed taking the "Normal" path of life instead of taking this weird venture into my garden, I would have missed this beautiful moment. And that is what I fear with living a mediocre, same thing every day life. You are missing all of these beautiful experiences.

This is why I simply must take the unconventional path.

- Brad



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@JustTom - Just watched that video. Awesome!

The group idea sounds good!

Ya - You know, I just want to explore right now. To find out what I resonate with - Because I haven't really a clue right now. And online businesses seem to be a great key to being able to do that. 

The hard truth is - I couldn't give a fuck about having an online business right now. I think I just see it as a means to an end. Owning an online business isn't the goal - Travel and exploration is. I simply see the online business world as a key to being able to make that happen.

Sure. In the future I would love to actually have an online business that is serving people REAL value. I'd love in the future to be able to share my story, to help other guys figure themselves out, to improve themselves. But first, I need to figure out what the fuck I really resonate with myself ahah. I don't want to be teaching people shit until i've walked the walk myself.

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Haha, I think i'm going a bit nuts!

I seriously am either going crazy or I just fucking love spending time with myself :4_joy:

Either way i'm loving it.

I've spent the majority of the last week going through a complete wordpress course. I figured, I enjoy building websites, I'm pretty decent at figuring that kinda stuff out too. So... Why not learn more about it and do it freelance style yo.

As you can imagine, I spent most of that time by myself either sitting in the garden or in the living room. So yea my social life has been on the low lately, but quite franky I don't give a fuck right now. I'm getting prepared for my future. I've not been completely alone though! I've been snap chatting that girl i've seen three times now. Pretty much all day. I've never really used snapchat before, so it's quite hilarious to just constantly comment on whatever is in their picture. So in a way, I still feel connected.

The course is going well, i'm learning alot about wordpress. It's an over the shoulder type course too which is perfect for my learning style. The plan is to build my Dad a really good looking website for his business and then start ranking it highly in his local area so that he can start getting some work! Once he starts getting the work in, i'm going to work with him for a bit and learn some woodworking whilst  also building up my cash pot and continuing to work online. I've just completed an SEO course so I feel alot more confident in regards to that too, I should have probably taken it after the website course but my thinking at that time was to apply it to his current website. But it looks shit so getting traffic to his website will be useless in my opinion till his website looks good. So i'm going to redesign that for him.

It has been really nice being able to see my Mum and Sister at random points through-out the day. So i've enjoyed that. At the same time however, I have to be conscious of not getting too distracted by them whilst I try to work.

I start doing some weird shit though when I get bored. When home alone, I start talking to myself, constantly being a commentator to my life as I go through it. We've got an exercise ball lying around so i'm constantly jumping on it and rolling around with it lol. And then I just lie on the ground for a little while thinking about how ridiculous i'm being right now and then just start laughing to myself.

Been doing alot of keepy uppies in the garden lately; with the football I stole from me cousin. Man, i'm getting gooood if I don't say so myself. I remember when I first start doing them and I just couldn't control the ball, and now I feel in complete control.

Martial arts is going well. The academy posted a video of me fighting of of the guys and I was kicking his ass, so that made me look good on social media :4_joy: If you wanna watch it, go to this link: The Giants of Total Combat Academy - Brad vs Mais

Oh, and if you fancy watching me get destroyed by that big guy who I've spoke about before. Watch this: Brad vs BIG BOI PAC
MAYNN, as I watch it again I can feel those motherfucking punches!


I got my first writing client!

Last night I checked one of the forums i'm part of and I noticed a writing job posting. I immediately sent her an email and was then given a job to do today! I completed it like 4 hours later and sent her it. She was amazed by how quick I did it for her. So i'm just waiting for her feedback. I had to write about Liquid Screed in Oxford lol. It only required 300 words and is going to be used as a geo page. Which basically helps you rank higher in local SEO. I'll only be getting paid £8 for it, but yolo - It's something and it's great experience to be working with clients. Definitely took me too long as well, probably just over an hour. But I mean it's my first time doing it and I wanted to make sure it was good so I could potentially get more work. I'll get better with time.


Things that i've had to improve on:

Since i've not been having to go into work. I spent the first 2 weeks being quite lazy. I woke up really late and wouldn't start doing anything till mid-day. And I honestly didn't have much of a clue for what I was to be doing. At the same time, when I did start working - I'd get distracted easily and start dicking around.

The past few days i've purposely been getting up alot earlier and setting myself a morning routine like I used to. Wake up on the alarm, shower, meditate, breakfast and read, work. I've been reading "The War of Art" - It's really awesome and has helped massively in inspiring me to take action rather than procrastinate. After reading this I need to go back to reading "Getting things done". I really love my kindle! It saves me so much time, money and hassle!

I do find that because i'm going through a course, it's alot easier to stay on track. Because I know exactly what I should be doing, i'm just watching the course and taking action as I go through it. When it's up to me to find work and do my own work, it's 10x harder to stay on track. So this is something that i've got to work on massively.

Anyways... I had a little celebratory disco to myself just before writing this forum post. I turned off all of the lights, set up a disco light video on my laptop, cranked the stereo up high whilst blasting dance music and then cracked open a beer. And just danced.

Was I being a loner? yup. Do I care? Nope.

When I do start getting cash coming into my pocket again, I am going to start going out to clubs and bars alot more often. But at the same time, I wanna be saving up for my travels. I've got a backpack, tent and other travel utilities to be buying. I can improve my social skills whilst travelling. I definitely act differently when i'm by myself compared to when i'm with my friends. I feel alot more free when i'm by myself, like there is no judgement. So if I go to a party by myself, I am myself more... It's probably weird to some, but I feel like when you go places with people who've known you your whole life, you feel shackeled to a certain extent. I'm trying to grow as a person, yet they try to pull you back down because that's where they think you belong. Shy Brad.

I do think travelling is going to allow me to (excuse the cliché) "Find myself". For example, when around my Mum and Sister  I fall into lazy habits because that's how i've always been around them, they do everything for me. When around my friends, i'm quiet because that's how i've always been around them. And to be honest, I don't think they are on the same wavelengh as me anymore. So I feel like a clean slate is exactly what I need.

To be independant. Then I will have no more negative influences. I can model myself around the books I read and the mentors I follow. RIght now, I have my parents micro-managing every decision I make. And it fucking sucks yo, I want to make the decisions and that's it, if I want to do it, i'm doing it and it won't have any affect on anyone else. Right now, I can't just pack up and go backpacking, because I need to help my Mom sort her life out first. I need to help my Dad fix his business. It would be plain wrong and a real dick move to just leave, in-fact my family would probably hate me... And I don't want that lol. Especially, I need to be careful with my Mum - She complains alot about her life, and she has said a couple of times now how she'd be better off dead - FUCK that man, my sister leaves for Uni this year and I want to go travelling. If we both leave and she's got that state of mind, I don't want to think about what she could do... We're all she has, we're what keep her sane, her happy.

Need to get her a boyfriend or something who can also pay the bills - That would be the perfect solution :4_joy:

Or... I just need to make a shit ton of money, pay off her debts, move her out to Bali or something - She can work within my business or work at a beach cafe or something. She always talks about how she'd love to live a simple life abroad. And she so could do that! If only she has the balls to go through with it.


What a weird mixture of a post lol.

In summary.

Broke as fuck, but loving life.

No real social life going on, but talking to a girl.

Working on building skills for freelancing.


To an outsider, I reckon I look like i've lost it.

To me, I feel in control. I'm on my path. I'm working towards my goals.

This is just showing to me that money and possessions is not happiness. I have nothing right now, not many friends, not much money. But because i'm now fully aligned with working towards my goal. I genuinely just feel good and happy most of the time.

Mental, it's weird but I look at my life like a story book sometimes. The start of the book, boy who loves sports and has friends. Discovers video games and life starts going downhill. Wakes up one day with no friends, a job he hates, no sex life and depressed as fuck. Gets a mentor, discovers that he holds the power to change everything if only he puts the effort in. Makes many attempts to break free from the 9-5 but keeps failing, eventually leading to him saying fuck it and just leaving anyways. And now i'm at the stage where it's all or nothing. OOoooohhh, this is the exciting part of the book!

And it's broken into different segments.


1. Health - Pretty good, but wants to get ripped as fuck.

2. Wealth - Broke, but can make way for the next month maybe.

3. Love - Nothing - Although discovered a girl who likes him

4. Happiness - Pretty good despite the circumstances lol.

And the book will continue to progress. You will get to see Brad become a greek statue like figure, flexible and supple as fuck. You will see Brad going through the failures, but constantly growing. You'll see him grow his wealth, saving his family and providing them a good life. You will see him travelling and making worldwide friends whilst having the most epic adventures. You will see Brad grow into a charismatic alpha male, the ultimate prize for women. All whilst spreading the love, the happiness and inspiring those around him. Eventually meeting an amazing women whom he battles through life with. Raising healthy children and teaching them the way to live a GOOD life. Restricting video game usage to ensure they don't make the same mistakes their father made. And then growing to be a cool ass grandpa with epic life stories to tell. And finally at his funeral... A room full to the brim of people he has inspired, loved and cherished many memories with.

The End.




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I thought it'd be a good idea to go and socialise last night. And whilst I was out I had an epiphany...

Now this has crossed my mind quite a lot in the past, but it really hit me today.

I am hanging around the wrong people.

These "friends" that i'm hanging out with. They're not my friends... They're just my best friends, friends. Whom I just tag along with. I don't even hang-out with my best friend anymore, so although we hold alot of old memories together we've got completely different views on life. And if we're not aligned anymore, that means all of his friends are completely out of line with me too.

I hate the term best friend actually. I only use it to comfort myself... Or do I just hate it because I feel like i'm no ones best friend. Probably. Mhm it comes down to being wanted again. Which honestly, is something that I crave. I want to know that i'm valuable to people, that I mean a lot to them, that I influence their lives in a positive way.

So anyways, yesterday...

I went to the pub and played pool with these guys. Of course I got into my competitive mindset again, constantly analysing where I went wrong with each shot. I have good games and bad games. Anyways i'm not going to rant on about my pool games, because quite franky - No one gives a fuck - But in short, I won some and I lost some...

After that, I drove us to the shop to get some food and beer. I really wanted to handbrake turn into the parking spot cause it was nice and wet, so I went for it :4_joy: I fucking nailed it! Everyone was like "YOOOOOO, that was sick!".

We then went and chilled at my friends house, but I soon realised that I was really bored... I wasn't talking, I was just sitting there. I wasn't even interested in what they were saying because it was just random shit. So I just ended up leaving after a little while, I didn't see the point in drinking alcohol just for the sake of getting pissed - Does not interest me one bit.

So I left his house feeling pretty deflated, like the whole time spent at the house was pointless - I enjoyed the pool games though. I genuinely do think I just need new friends to hang around with lol.


Today was pretty darn awesome though!

I started the day off by going to my Saturday fitness class and then we all planned to go to a cafe afterwards to get food and drinks. So after class I got a ride with Mais, my best training partner whom I also get along with really well. I went to his little flat and met his wife whilst he got changed. He's only 23 and he's married! But they seem like a really awesome couple. And damn they are both really good looking. Mais and I then walked to the cafe to meet the rest of our fitness group. We sat and talked for at least an hour and it was really nice.

I spoke to them about maybe trying to find a part-time job at a bar or something and then one of the guys told me about how his daughter just got a job and they're still hiring. I got his number and then he messaged me earlier to tell me about it. So that's something that I can apply for. Also the cafe we went to is apparently hiring, and it's a really cool cafe so I might apply for a job there too!

It got me thinking about riding my motorbike since if i'm going to be commuting into town then it's gonna be a really quick and easy way to get there. So, since it was nice and sunny...


And damn, I really enjoyed working on it. Top off, music blasting, working in the sun - Man it was beautiful.

I haven't fixed it all yet, but it's been fun taking it all apart and trying to figure out how to put it all back together. It makes me really want to get a cool ass workshop where I can work on all sorts of projects.

I'm now debating whether I want to sell the motorbike or just keep riding it through-out the summer haha. My issue is, I WANT SOMETHING FASTER!


So today I took a day off from working on my business and it's been nice. Gonna watch a film with my family now.

HOWEVER, one awesome thing. The women whom I wrote an article for really liked my work and has offered me 3 more articles to write in a very similar manner. All I need to do is re-word the same articles. So i'll get those done tomorrow!

That's all,




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If anyone reading my journal wants to know exactly what my dreams are.

Just watch this video, this is the lifestyle I want.

Digital Nomad - Bali Co-Living Spaces

And my favourite one being

Co Work Surf

I feel so emotional watching these videos, I want to live like that so bad.

And I get so annoyed at myself when I have moments where I feel uncapable of making it happen, when i'm too lazy and unsure of what I need to do to get there. I'm still a bit unsure but I think i'm kind of figuring it out. But I know that's where I want to be heading and I will keep persisting until I get there.


What have been doing lately?

So I wrote those 4 articles for the women I found off of one of my forums. And I should be getting paid £32 for it. Ya it's a little low but at least it's something. And actually, stupidly I accidentally sent her an invoice for £24! Luckily she was nice and told me that I was actually suppose to be paid £32 haha.

But for me, I don't think writing is where it's at. Website development has always been at the back of my mind so I think this is what I should pursue.

I've been going through a complete wordpress business course, it's quite a long one but i'm definitely learning some pretty cool stuff. And after I want to start learning about programming languages, and creating themes etc.

Frustratingly, I am a bit clueless about how to find clients. I know there are freelance websites but I think I get scared away by the vast amount of already established professionals, and then clients posting for work and me not having a clue if i'll be able to do it. It's a scary world. And I've got to just figure it out.

Last night, I had my first shift at work. I've got a job as a waiter back at the place where I used to pot wash and did a couple of bar shifts. However the pay is really quite low so I think I need to keep looking for a better place to work. Anyways, for now i'll be doing waiting shifts and hopefully get back on the bar too.

Work was good, I enjoyed being in a new environment. Getting to interact with people, being surrounded by music. But my god, it was hard work!


Working at Triumph Motorcycles, sitting at a desk all day - No one really monitoring what you're doing... Fuck me, it was so easy! I got so complacent there, I got lazy.

And this is what i'm loving! I'm being forced to actually start doing shit. I didn't get any training really, so I was thrown right into it! It's a venue type place that hosts weddings, balls, birthdays etc... And it was a uni ball yesterday of biology students or something like that. So luckily they weren't too judging of my terrible waiting service ahah.

But oh boy, not gonna lie... Pretty sure I was being checked out by some of the girls... And at one point, I was clearing a table and i'm not even kidding I heard one girl say to her friend "He can clear me right up". Brah I was stoked :4_joy:


It's weird, but i've adopted this dream like state in my head. As I was walking around, I just felt happy. Everything is new and exciting. It's part of my "Story" as I mentioned in a previous post. This mindset of thinking of my life as a story really helps me stay sane and happy. I'm enjoying reading my own book, because all exciting stories start from nothing and there comes a point in every book where everything the protagonist dreams of, starts coming true. You don't get the enjoyment in books from reading about the person winning, you actually get hooked in by their struggles. And so that's how I look at my life, i'm hooked - I'm excited to see what happens, nothing is set in place.

I finished at 1:15 AM. And my legs were dead as fuck. I'm back in again today at 6 until finish, so probably 1AM again. It's tough, the pay is shit, but I enjoy the challenge and it's ripped me out of that complacent mother fucker working a 9-5. it also motivates me even more to make my freelance stuff work.


Update on the girl situation too. That girl i've been chatting too asked me the other day randomly "Do you even like me?" and it basically all stemmed from the fact THAT...

I didn't kiss her when she came around my house.


I should have just gone for it! She would have responded well even though the timing never felt right. Anyways, I was straight up - Told her I do like her and how I thought it'd be forced if I just went and kissed you, things still seem to be pretty good between us.

Difficult thing is, she doesn't exactly live close. And I want to sell my car pretty soon! So uh... Dunno how that's gonna work... Also dunno how i'm gonna see my Dad without a car. But it costs too much man, I wanna try live off as little as I can right now so I can focus more time at home building up my skills rather than spending my time working for money. Still got my motorbike which is nearly fixed up now, the insurance on that is cheap and fuel is cheap - But the thing doesn't go over 60mph so I can't exactly drive to my Dad's on it. But I think that'll be a good mode of transport for now.

Minimize, minimize, minimize... That's all i'm about at the moment. I'm considering cancelling my gym membership, because i'm paying for that + my martial arts membership (WHICH HAS ITS OWN GYM, it's just alot further away than the gym)

But I guess I gotta make the sacrifices, paying for a gym just because it's close is just a convenience.

Ah boi, I just wanna start making some good money asap so I can go live in that co-working space - So I don't have to work as many hours. Instant gratification though, it's something i've been a culprit of massively. This is a long game bitch, why can't I get that through to my head!

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Okeeey, update time.

So... Last night I couldn't sleep.

4 whole motherfucking hours I tried to get to sleep.

You know what's annoying? I'd start to drift off and dream - Then i'd become conscious that I was dreaming and BOOM straight back to being wide awake! I even entered a semi-lucid state at one point... Where I had been teleported into the bathroom and into the shower, I began to fall asleep in the shower - I realised I was falling asleep in the shower and then tried to make my way to the bedroom yet my body was moving at a snails pace. I was thinking what the fuck is going on here? I reached the bathroom door and fell forward smashing my head into the wall and I felt the pain. It was at this point I realised, wait when the fuck did I even go to the bathroom? And then I awoke in my bed :o

Lucid Dreaming is some weirdddd shit - But oh man I wanna experience it more!

Anyways... Enough of that weird little dream. I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about things - My life, what direction i'm heading in and what exactly is my plan?

Why my brain decides it wanted to figure out my lifes plan as i'm trying to fall asleep, I don't know... 

I tried meditating in bed, I tried having some water, having a banana, taking a piss, having a wank... Nothing was working for me :4_joy:

So... I decided instead to get out my voice recorder on my phone and basically talk through the life plan I was creating whilst in bed.

I did actually fall asleep after doing this!

Anyways I want to summarise it in text too.

Brad's Current Life Plan

- Work part-time in a bar to pay the bills and also give the opportunity to build up my social skills/meet new people.

- Focus on learning web development through some of the highest rated udemy.com courses which are focused on the most in demand programming languages in 2018. Which will also have a wordpress development focus to them. To further my knowledge I can also use other learning resources. I will be building up my portfolio through projects I create through these courses. The aim is to get a good basic knowledge of these programming languages.

The course i'm currently taking is: The Complete Wordpress Website Business Course

The course I will take after that is: The Complete Web Developer in 2018

The above stage may take up to 3 months

After this point I'm hoping to have the skills to apply to a junior level web developer role at a local company - BUT I will ensure that the company will allow me to work remotely either immediately or in the near future. I'm willing to spend 3 months in an office to learn the way the company works and to get some possible mentorship.

Once I have achieved remote work with a web development role I will move to a digital nomad hub in Bali.

Preferably a place like Co Work Surf where I can start to live a more fulfilling life.

Why Bali? Well - A few reasons:

1. A developing country where the money I make in a first world currency can stretch ALOT further whilst providing a great standard of living.

2. I will be surrounded by like-minded people - Digital Nomads, Open-minded, adventurous, a love for adventure and travel.

3. Surf

I have come to realise that the people whom are currently closest to me are... Broke.

1. Mom is broke - Works a minimum wage job, struggling to pay the bills

2. Dad is broke - Failing business - I do want to help him make it work again.

3. Sister is broke - She's a student though and has a very bright future ahead of her.

4. Best friend is broke - Works a real crappy job, smokes weed all the time

I love these people in my life - But like you always hear, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So if I really do want to prosper, I need to get out to where my people are at!

So whilst in Bali, I will be living minimally and saving up my money whilst still allowing myself to have great experiences.

I will save up to £15,000 in savings and then look to make a down payment on my first house which I will house-hack or even straight up just rent out whilst continuing to travel.

And then my cash pot will continue to rise, I can take out equity on the first house and purchase a second. And then a third, a fourth. This is a long term thing that will create everlasting wealth for the future of the Hurst family. This is something I still need to learn alot more about, but the first focus will be getting to that £15,000 in savings.


Things are going to chop and change so this is a basic outline that i'm setting out for my life right now.

Build up skills --> Get remote work --> Move to Bali --> Save cash and live life to the fullest.

I have an interview at an Australian themed bar tomorrow at 3PM. I feel confident I will get the job - Interviews don't seem to phase me. I will obviously post if I get the job or not when I get the result.

As for my love life - Well this one is a little bit more unclear. We'll see what happens through my bar work and maybe the occasional night out. But the focus for me is to get myself financially straight first.

I am still speaking to that girl (Millie) - She still seems interested - I may ask her to come to my house again soon - This time I will be more forward and see what happens.

Millie and I may end up getting into a bf/gf relationship - Who knows. But i'm going to be completely transparent here - This is practise for me. I don't ever see myself getting serious with her. Thing is, I don't want to mess her around because i'm not like that. I have already laid my cards on the table and she's still around. She knows that I want to go off travelling and also she's going off to Uni. Sooo - Fuck it, let's just have fun until then. But I'm not going to stop talking to other girls if those opportunities arise. I'm too young and inexperienced to settle on the first girl that likes me lol.

I mean yo - I'm still a virgin so I don't know what i'm even talking about. All i'm saying is, I'm not settling right now. When opportunities come, I will try and go as far as I can within my ability.

So right now, my opportunity is with Millie - And I wanna see if I can lose my V.

Fuck there's part of me that feels like a cruel bastard, but why is it cruel - She needs the experience too!:4_joy:

So yeah - That's my life plan right now.


- Brad.



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Oh and I forgot to talk about today.

I woke up early to go and watch my sister at her rowing races. (Meaning I only got 3 hours sleep)

Mum nearly killed us both on the drive there :4_joy:

My sister won her first 2 races, which were her first ever wins!

We chilled out and sat by the lake all day, watching the races. It was a long old day! I got there at 8AM and we left at 6pm! God damn why did she have to win and get through to the finals which were at the end of the day! :P

Anyways it was a beautiful day and I spent quite a bit of time reading my book.

Being in that outdoors environment, with everyone so passionate about rowing made me really want to take up an outdoors sport like that. Something competitive, something that I can really get involved in and passionate about. I did think Triathlon. I've always been a good swimmer, i'm a decent runner and pretty good on a bike too.

The problem is - That don't fit into my life plan! D:

Maybe I should just take up swimming by itself - It's pretty low-cost. And I will get a sexy looking body too. And it'll get me well prepared for surfin'.

Wow what a shout, I never even thought about that until right now.


Finally, the women I wrote the articles for was really pleased with my work.

On Friday she emailed me telling me that one of her travel writers had let her down and the deadline for some pieces was on Sunday evening. She asked if i'd be confident in taking it on. 


But I thought to myself, fuck it - Let's give it a go.

She was willing to pay £13 for each article. Initially I thought great!

That is until it took me about 6 fucking hours to write it! JUST 500 words BRAD, 6 hours...

MAN IT WAS SO HARD. But I wanted to make sure I got it right!

Personally I still think it's not great but I can't waste any more time on it so I sent it her and i'm awaiting her response.

I've already developed a pretty good working relationship with her in a very short space of time which is pretty exciting for me.

And uh, that's it.

Time for bed, hopefully I can sleep tonight!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Okey, I need to descramble my head a little...


I'm a little lost in the direction to take.

I feel like I want to learn web design and coding (I've just learnt a bit of HTML and CSS) - However, I promised my Dad i'd help him with the whole online presence for his business. And this obviously requires alot of different things in terms of Digital Marketing. Which... Great is a good skill to learn and apply. But it will be time spent away from what I think will allow me to go digital nomad.

But as I have made the promise, I will help him and get the phone ringing for his business.

Now here is where my head gets a little more fucked... So... Obviously i'm doing this for my Dad - A small one-man band business owner. Your typical 40-50 year old who doesn't know much about how the internet works but is desperate to get his business online.

There are going to be hundreds more business owners just like my Dad. All I probably need to do is go onto yell.com and see who doesn't have a website and then either email/ring them and offer the same service that i've done for my Dad.

But here's the thing - I told my Dad about this idea and he said that he already gets alot of people emailing him about building a website and offering these marketing services... And he was saying to me that they won't just want a simple website building, they want YOU to get their phone ringing.

So... I can probably charge these businesses £100 to get a simple website up. But I just don't know if they're gonna just want a website. Obviously I need to try this - So I need to craft an email an send a bunch of emails out.

Like my Dad, they're gonna want a facebook page, instagram, youtube, getting ranked high on google, a google my business account and the big one - THE PHONE TO RING. Obviously I could provide these services - But I guess where i'm stopping myself is... Why would they pick me over a professional agency? What makes me different?

Either way I feel like this business opportunity has some good potential...  If I figure out a good system and can actually execute and get results.

Here is the problem. With me wanting to escape the country so badly and start my digital nomad journey - I kind of want a reliable path of making that happen. And I know that if I learn a to code websites etc, there are thousands of opportunities for me to get remote work.

With the digital marketing side of things... My head is quite unclear. I can't quite see how i'll make that happen. I know it's possible, I'm just a tad clueless at the moment on how to go about it.

So I guess what i'm struggling to decide is... Do I learn web development and join a company with the opportunity to go remote or do I do the digital marketing thing.

Now here is my where it gets more complicated for me. My heart is telling me to go web development and also partially my head too...

BUTTTTT. I know that if I want to go down the entrepreneur route at a later stage. The digital marketing side of things is going to help me MASSIVELY. So I feel like I should go that route to make things easier down the line... And also learning marketing and sales is where the real money is at and is what's going to enable me to really achieve financial freedom.

Gah... Too many things going on in my head at the moment. Let me list em

  • Need to sell car
  • Need to get motorbike on the road
  • Want to learn web development
  • Need to help Dad get his phone ringing by helping with his website and overall online presence
  • Got 8 articles to write - From the same women who i've been writing for - She seems to really like me!
  • Trying to help Martial Arts Owners with their online presence too
  • Want to contact other small business owners to offer to build their websites for £97
  • See if I can somehow maintain this longish-distance relationship with this girl I've been seeing.
  • Complete the online training for my bar work
  • Start working at the bar - And learn how it all works
  • Somehow pay all the bills this month
  • Continue going to my Martial arts classes

I definitely feel like i've taken too much on! Fuck my life ahah - Oh well, it's all part of the process - I asked for it, I made the jump and it's sink or swim - And I will make it through and emerge stronger than ever. Funny thing is, despite me kind of stressing about paying the bills this month and having so much to do - I also feel strangely kinda happy. Like, shit is happening in my life and this is all part of the process for me to achieve my dreams. I'm heading in the right direction I feel.

So I just want to go over a few of my points that I just mentioned.

First up - Writing

So I've been writing for this same women, and have written like 5 or 6 articles for her now. She likes my attitude and my will to learn so she offered me like 10 articles to write for the same client. All £8 per article for 300 words. And then one 500 word article for £14. I have already written 2 taking me roughly 50 minutes for each one.

Now I'm happy doing this writing firstly because it's money right... And it's online from my laptop! I'm getting experience working with a client, invoicing etc... I don't know if I see myself having a future in writing random ass articles and shit. But here's the thing, i've already built up a decent portfolio now... So I could probably go and apply for a bunch of other writing jobs too and make more money online.

But the real question for me is - Should I be learning copywriting...?

Going back to trying to figure out what I should do. I feel like I should just figure out the fastest/most probable way to work remotely and once I have moved to Canggu, Bali (That's where i'm heading) - Then I learn all about digital marketing, copywriting and building my own business...

Pah me heads fucked for what to do.


My vehicle situation

Car insurance is £105 a month - Simply cannot afford to keep paying that whilst working a part-time bar job. So I'm gonna sell it to my uncle for £100 (Yes i'm paying what the car is worth every fucking month...). My bike just needs a few more fixes and then it needs to get MOT'ed, insured and taxed and then it's ready to go. Will be alot cheaper to keep on the road.

Girl Situation

I'm still speaking to that girl (Millie). We met up for like the 4th time on Friday. We played crazy golf and then we watched a film around my house and then watched love island together too.

So after failing to go in for a kiss the last time she came around my house. I made it my mission to make sure I did it this time. And ladies and gentlemen - Mission was completed. I just went for a more playful approach, started to tickle her feet and basically had a bit of a play fight, she ended up on my lap. And I just went for it. Ayyy

Nothing escalated from there tbh, we watched the film and was still touchy and stuff - I think because my Mom and Sister were in the house it probably made her a bit uncomfortable going any further than kissing - Which I mean is fair enough, I kinda felt the same. At the end of the night her parents wanted her to come home, they're kinda controlling... And I wanted to try and kiss her again, so I went for it again aha. Cool - Took her home, got out the car and kissed her goodbye.

Progress has been made.

Last note: After her exams she is going out nightclubbing and has invited me along. It's near her town and obviously I would like to go, the distance is the only issue for me - So I said if I could stay around your house that would be great. She asked her parents and apparently I can stay around the night :OOOOOOO - But... I gotta sleep on the sofa. Hmm, we'll see about that xD


Got my introduction at the bar tomorrow. Then I gotta complete some online training and then I should start to be eased into working some shifts. I'm looking forward to it, I feel like it's going to help alot with my social skills and confidence. And I hear alot of girls chat up the barmen... So I mean woo.

So, finally... As I did kinda jump the gun with leaving work. This month is going to be very tight on money, and I honestly don't know if i'll manage to cover all the bills. But we'll see. I feel like after this month i'll be set.

I can improve my social skills, chat up women and earn cash to pay the bills working at the bar.

And in my free-time, learn the skills to go digital nomad - Once I decide what the fuck I should be doing...

Oh, and the place I want to go - One hundred percent the first place i'm going on my Digital Nomad journey is... Canggu in Bali. It seems like the perfect place for me. Great co-working spaces, it's based near the beach where you can go surfing, it's a younger environment and there's good nightlife. And obviously it's cheap.

I think that concludes my submission today.

I was hoping to gain some clarity, but quite frankly I still feel a bit miffed.

I feel like web development is what I should learn to go digital nomad. But I first need to fulfil my promise to help my dad with his business and learning the digital marketing side of things to help with that. The entrepreneur side of things can wait until i'm a digital nomad.

Oh and i'm currently reading The Millionaire Fastlane. It is an amazing book! I'm learning so god damn much. But I feel like it has also kinda fucked my thoughts on the path I originally wanted to take. Because it's "slowlane". But I know that it's only temporary "slowlane" until I am a digital nomad. Then I can focus on going "fastlane".

That's all.




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Jeez I feel so alone. No one wants to listen to me.

It's quite a depressing feeling.

Ha, I always resort to my journal when I feel like this.

At least when I write in my journal, I write it like someone is listening and then I can be my own reassuring voice...

Maybe i'm being over-dramatic, because people do listen to me - Like my sister and mum. 

I feel like I need someone in my real life who is rooting for me, who is trying to achieve the same thing.

I need a tribe.

I look at my instagram - And you see people who have their tribe. They have the same friends who they go and do stuff with - Whom also have their back through the tough times.

I don't have that shit. I wish I could say I am a lone-wolf and i'm happy that way. But truthfully, I want to find some close friends. People who are not my family who ACTUALLY listen to me.

I want to get over this feeling. I want to just forget about the people who have given up on me. It's bloody not easy. Especially when you have put so much effort into them.

Fuck it - Stop being a little bitch mate - Jesus i'm acting like a big ol' victim.

Friends will come in time brother, you're doing the right thing. You're just in the wrong place right now, surrounded by the wrong people. Your real friends are out there, they're waiting for you on the road. Go find them bro.

All you need to do is get your finances good to go, and we can go.

Just keep taking action - Stop getting distracted - Stop buying chocolate


Moving on.

Yesterday I had my first shift at the bar - Walkabouts.

Damn there is so much to take in! I felt like I was picking it up though.

I made sure to ask plenty of questions. The manager seemed to be pretty impressed with how I was getting on. I can pour a decent pint, I created first my first cocktail - Sex On Bondi Beach (They're an Aussi bar) and create good shots.

Now I need to learn how to speak with "Pub Lads". I feel like I just have to remove my filter - Even though half the time nothing does actually come to me head - I just laugh at their shit jokes.

I have my first finish shift Saturday night, from 10PM - 5AM. Jeez, it's going to be mental! It's going to be so fast paced, the music is going to be blaring and there will be so many people. I'm sure it's going to feel very overwhelming, but I will be fine.

This bar experience is good for me.

I feel like I should be learning a bit about game and social dynamics again.

You know what, I need to stop giving a fuck. It's time I start getting good with girls. I've already made myself very uncomfortable by quitting my job and then working at a bar, by taking on a bit of freelance writing without having a clue about the articles, by going on dates with a girl I met on a nightout, by going for a kiss when sober, by having a girl around my house, by going for a kiss whilst said girl was around my house!

And you know what, no matter how uncomfortable I felt in that moment - I always felt alot better by persisting through it, by acting despite my uncomfort. I need to get used to rejection. And it's time I stop being so scared about it, because it's preventing me from reaching my goals. And that goes for my business stuff too, being scared of rejection prevents you from taking actions.

So lets fucking do it.



Next week i'm going to be working with my Dad all week, and I should be getting £60 a day so should have £300 by the end of the week. That'll definitely get me through this month so I don't need to be stressing about finances now.

Web development is something I know I want to learn about, I think it's just the time that it will take me to learn it to a point where I can get paid for my services is putting me off. Because I guess i'm being impatient and I just want to travel as soon as possible!

If I really want to travel now, I should just find more writing clients and get paid for that! I just feel like I don't have the ability to do it for bigger clients. Of course i'm going to feel like that, i'm new to it - You just have to learn and practise bitch.

I'm going to write 2 more articles today, maybe 3. I should see if I can find more writing clients, it's just the freelancer sites are so overwhelming and it seems like there are so many other professionals who are alot better than you. And my cold emails never worked, but I should just keep emailing out because it doesn't happen immediately.


Okay plan of action for today.

- Write 2 articles for client

- Ring up gym to cancel membership

- Take food assessment test for Walkabouts

- Continue with web development training 

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On 6/15/2018 at 7:19 PM, Brad_Hurst said:

Jeez I feel so alone. No one wants to listen to me.

It's quite a depressing feeling.

Ha, I always resort to my journal when I feel like this.

At least when I write in my journal, I write it like someone is listening and then I can be my own reassuring voice...

Maybe i'm being over-dramatic, because people do listen to me - Like my sister and mum. 

I feel like I need someone in my real life who is rooting for me, who is trying to achieve the same thing.

I need a tribe.

I look at my instagram - And you see people who have their tribe. They have the same friends who they go and do stuff with - Whom also have their back through the tough times.

I don't have that shit. I wish I could say I am a lone-wolf and i'm happy that way. But truthfully, I want to find some close friends. People who are not my family who ACTUALLY listen to me.

I want to get over this feeling. I want to just forget about the people who have given up on me. It's bloody not easy. Especially when you have put so much effort into them.

Fuck it - Stop being a little bitch mate - Jesus i'm acting like a big ol' victim.

Friends will come in time brother, you're doing the right thing. You're just in the wrong place right now, surrounded by the wrong people. Your real friends are out there, they're waiting for you on the road. Go find them bro.

All you need to do is get your finances good to go, and we can go.

Just keep taking action - Stop getting distracted - Stop buying chocolate


Mate I have the same problems. This weekend has been really bad as I have realised that the majority of the people I interact with are work colleagues. I don't think I have my own 'tribe' or circle of friends outside of work, which I really need. Work friends are shit, all they ever want to do is talk about work and if you have heated debates then it impacts the workplace. I have tried many times to get or build a circle outside of work but it never seems to work. I always feel like I am on the outside looking in as by my age everyone has established their tribes and I'm just the outsider.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I don't understand...

I'm just going in big ol' fucking loops!

I know where I want to go. I want to get there badly. I'm sick of my current life situation. YET... I still find it difficult to be laser focused on things I need to do to get there!

What the fuck is wrong with me.

I feel so fucking confused. Yet at the same time I feel like I know what I need to do. Am I scared? Or am I just being too lazy, expecting everything to happen for me.

So I asked this question the other week in the location rebel forum, "What route should I be taking to get going on my location independant lifestyle?" I explained my situation and they all confirmed to me that if I want to start making money right away, I should be focusing on the writing - And the web development stuff can wait. And yeah, I agreed and actually felt like that "Yeah I should be doing that actually, you're right.".

My problem is... I can't seem to bring myself to finding work! It's like... I can't be bothered. It's so fucking frustrating because I know it's what I need to do if I want to improve my life, actually start making some money and then be able to start living the digital nomad dream.

It's almost like... I'm that fucking close to achieving my dream, i'm preventing myself from achieving it. It's like i'm scared of achieving my dream because i've dreamed about it for so long. What am I going to dream about anymore? Because once I'm out there, I won't need to dream about having that lifestyle anymore. I feel like my whole life purpose will have been reached and then i'll have to find a new goal to work towards. It sounds bloody ridiculous!

I've always been a big dreamer, I love to dream and fantasise. I dream about being a player and being really confident with women, having amazing sex and what not. I dream about living by the beach, travelling to cool places, going for a surf when I feel like it. I dream about having an awesome group of friends, who I go on great adventures with.

And I've been like that from a very young age. I used to daydream about the girls I fancied, I could imagine us having an amazing life together. I dreamed about being that action guy who does a bunch of cool shit.

The sad reality through-out my life however, is none of those dreams ever come true. They just always stay as fucking dreams... Dreams that I tell people i'm going to achieve - yet I never do.

And so... I feel like i'm preventing myself. I feel like I don't deserve it.

I feel like a fucking loser, that's what I feel like.


I just feel really bad because I've threw away this job to chase my dream, yet I feel like i'm barely doing anything to chase it!

I feel like I've made things 10x worse for myself financially. But the reality is, it's just me being lazy that's making it 10x worse.

I just can't seem to commit a day to finding writing work...

I'll happily go labour for my Dad for 5 days and work really hard. Which I did last week Monday-Friday. I then committed to finishing off the remaining articles for that women, even after a hard day of labouring. And then I was working in the bar on Saturday and Sunday. So... I did kinda work my ass off last week.

When I know what I need to do - I can work. And I can work hard...

Yet when I feel clueless, I struggle. I've learnt that I learn best when I can watch how someone else is doing something. That's why I love doing these over the shoulder courses. You can't really do that with writing, obviously you can read peoples writing and stuff but writing really is freestyle and it's completely up to you to create.

Right... It's clearly obvious what I need to do. I just need to sit down and do it. The web development stuff I have decided is going on hold. I will find myself more writing clients, and I will get paid to do it. I will make £500 next month through writing online. Just stop being a dickhead and being afraid of the uncertainty... Man you've written about fucking chimney sweeping, preventing rat invasions, liquid screed... You can write about fucking anything!



Okay let's write about something on the very bright side :)

So... After working from Monday - Sunday last week. I decided I'd take a day off, and it couldn't have been a better day to do so, the weather was absolutely beautiful.

Who did I spend the day with?


We decided to go for a walk and picnic.

I genuinely had such a lovely day. We walked alongside a canal, through a foresty path and then through a field and came up to a little farm village where we bought ice cream. We did a lap around and then decided to lay a blanket on a field nearish to the farm village.

We just bathed under the sun, ate our Sainsbury's meal deal (haha) and ate raspberries. We was pretty much always chatting and touching.

Alright - Here's where i'm going to mention... I'm taking on NoFap again, but a different style. Basically the basis is - No porn and can only masturbate on one selected day a week.

So... MAYN I dunno if it was the sun or just her outfit or the fact I ain't been fapping as much. But I was laying on that blanket and I was just looking at her like, dayummm she is banging :4_joy:

And so obviously I wanted to physically escalate things, so you know we're just kinda being playful and stuff and chilling out, she's got her legs rested on mine. I playfight her a little and we end up in a position where her arse is pressed against me and I tell you now... INSTANT BONER :4_joy:

Pretty sure I actually told her this position is getting me excited. And then I don't know what happened, I wasn't really thinking... I just went in for a kiss.

We had a good old smooch for I dunno, like 10 seconds or what not?

After that we kinda just resumed as normal and chilled out lol.

At some point I actually told her I was a virgin. And then she admitted she was too.

Well boom, I don't know how that one plays out now - But I guess it's all up to me to make all the moves.

We must have been laying on that blanket for like 4 hours or more. Proper lazy day but it was really nice.

But there's more to the story!

Dun dun dun....

I was to meet the parents.

I genuinely think I wasn't that nervous... Obviously I had a little bit of a nervous feeling but yeah I felt kinda chill.

Walked in, smelt the dogs feet because apparently they smell like popcorn (They kinda did tbf) and then spoke to her Mom. She was really nice and actually, she's somehow more crazy than my own mother! Surprisingly I was able to find some funny things to say. I met the Dad as well, he was quite quiet.

Then we just ended up chilling and watching TV for a few hours, sometimes alone but then the Mom would come in at times and then near the end of the night she came and sat with us, she made me dinner too!

When her Mom did ask me about my work situation and stuff, I just told her what my life ambitions were and I could see in the corner of my eye Millie looking up to me with wide eyes as if she was impressed with how I was handling her Mom haha.

Ngl I surprised myself how well I handled the parents, first time i've ever been in that situation!

Her Mom suggested at some point that if we wanted to watch tv alone (Millie and I, not the Mother and I:4_joy:) we could just watch it in her bedroom. That just suggested to me that she's obviously pretty comfortable with me being with her daughter. I'm kinda hoping now that maybe she will be alot more comfortable with me, and open to progress things further. It's obviously very new to us both, so it'd be cool if we could learn together aha.

So yeah I had a great day! A lovely day!


You know what though, I want to get this off my chest because I don't know if this is a sign of depression or what...

But I can have a really nice day like that - But then on the drive home i'll be like. I've missed out so much already. Like why the fuck couldn't I have days like that when I was younger. Why am I only realising now how beautiful girls really are, and actually interacting with them, touching them... Because it really is just a whole other level of life for me, something that is amazing and it makes me feel like shit that I've missed out on a significant amount of years where that kind of stuff could have been happening already.

Fuckin ay - I genuinely have grown to really hate video games - They have fucked me up so much, and I just don't know if I'm going to fully recover from the damage i've caused.


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8 hours ago, Brad_Hurst said:

It's like i'm scared of achieving my dream because i've dreamed about it for so long. What am I going to dream about anymore? Because once I'm out there, I won't need to dream about having that lifestyle anymore

This is very powerful. Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden talks about this extensively. This type of self-sabotage is a form of holding on to an old identity. Your ego does not want you to change, because it has lived comfortably so far, so it thinks the best way to maximize chances of survival is to stay the same. This shit can dig super deep and ruins so many lives, I also feel the same thing. Life's hard^^

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Time for an update, time to stop fucking around.

I'll be pretty honest - I've not been getting much done at home.

I distract myself way too easily. Either through watching youtube videos, or reading articles that I 'think' are useful but really are just distracting me. Or just simply deciding I wanna jerk off lol - Put plainly.

But I do have a few updates:

Bar Work: 

I'm starting to get into my stride at the bar now, my confidence is building. I've already had quite a few women who have flirted with me. I'm getting on really well with my Co-Workers too and have already been out for drinks with them twice. The bar is massive so it's been quite difficult to get used to everything, but i'm getting there - I just keep asking questions. Despite the long hours and really late nights (Sometimes getting home at 5AM) - I'm actually really enjoying the experience so far. I already feel myself getting more confident speaking with people.

I seem to have an innate ability to attract people to like me. I think it's my easy-going chill vibe along with almost always having a smile on my face.

Holy moly the World Cup has been a crazy experience though! I recorded the final penalty vs Columbia and the bar went wild! It's such a great atmosphere to work in, I love it haha.

- Rip didn't realise I'd get done for copyright by FiFA lol.

Social Life:

As I mentioned I've been out twice with my work colleagues (And enjoyed it 10x more than I ever did when going out with my Triumph Co-Workers). The first time we just went for a drink at a bar, but last night we went to a nightclub after our shift. Turns out there's a bit of Love Island going on at my work... Seems like there are a few relationships or sleeping togethers happening. And I've entered as the dark horse.

I may have accidentally 'stood on someones toes' last night and was passively told to back the fuck up :4_joy: I'll explain. Basically, as I always do - I dance when I'm in a club without a fuck in the world. I started to dance with one of the girls from my work, just casually ya know - Busting ma moves as I do... I only physically escalated in a dancy way, not sexually because that'd get awkward real quick if things didn't go well. Especially with other Co-Workers watching. Anyways, when we leave the club one of the guy co-workers starts talking to me when we're alone and starts off the conversation by asking if I did martial arts based off of my facebook profile and then said how he's a boxer and has already won a match by knockout. I thought to myself "Cool story bro", secretly knowing i'd knock his ass out if it came to it. Anyways he then told me that him and that girl were a 'thing' and again I thought 'cool story bro'. And yeah he was basically just telling me to back off, even though all I did was dance with the girl!

So... I later find out from another co-worker that they are not a thing, and he just thinks that... And in actual fact, the girl fancies me instead :4_joy:

I have to laugh at the whole thing, it's quite humorous. I'm only there to develop my social skills, have fun and be chill - I ain't gonna be causing no drama. If I end up hooking up with her, so be it.


So after that night-out I was reflecting and realised that I do actually really like Millie (The girl who I've been seeing), and I'm just enjoying the process of getting to know her more and do different things with her. It's quite exciting for me. Before I went to work that day, I spent a few hours with her.

It was a cute day - We first took her dog for a walk and then we went and grabbed lunch at a cool little restaurant. Afterwards we just walked around the town centre and went in various shops, we mainly went into gimmicky shops and I was just goofing around lol.

After we just went to a small park for a bit, where she challenged me to try handstand into a bridge (She's a gymnast). I was a bit nervous thinking I might break me neck or something, but I went for it and was successful! :D

The really nice thing for me though, was when we were walking she'd hold onto my arm as we were walking. And man, it's just that physical touch that makes me feel awesome!

She goes on holiday this week and when she comes back she should be coming to my Sister's birthday barbecue. And alcohol will be involved, and damn I know what she's like when she's been drinking so things may get saucy for me :) It'll be the first time we'll be interacting under the influence of alcohol since I first met her in the nightclub, and we know what happened there...

For me, we're still in the dating stage and there is no tag on anything. I'm still pretty open to experience with other women (I feel like I still need that). At the same time I'm happy to see where our relationship develops to, it certainly could be a girlfriend/boyfriend thing - It's just a bit difficult with her going off to uni in a few months and me with the plans to travel.

Digital Nomad Journey:

Okay here's where I've gotta get my shit sorted out.

I woke up the other day and felt super unmotivated. Whilst I was taking a shower I had the brilliant idea that I should get myself into an accountability group!

And so I wrote to the Location Rebel forum that I'm part of, looking to create a writers accountability group and to recruit some members.

Here's what I wrote below:


Hey there,

I skipped this part when I first started here at Location Rebel and only today did I wake up and see how foolish I’ve been.

Trying to take on this journey alone is tough, very tough! You have your good days where you feel indestructible, but it’s when you have the inevitable bad days that being alone on this journey sucks!

For me personally, I have no one in my life who is aligned with the direction I want to go. I’m surrounded by distractions and people who don’t care if I go after my goals or not. Even my family, they respect my vision - But they’re not spurring me on or anything…

I’m scared that one day I may get beaten down so much - I give up. I’ve got that fire in my belly to keep pushing, to keep fighting for my dreams - But what if the fire goes out? I’ve got no one who is going to reignite me, to pick me back up and tell me “KEEP FIGHTING”.

And so it was this morning that I had a bright flash of brilliance - I’ve gotta get accountable.

The kind of people who would suit this group

  • You’re in the beginning stages of your writing journey

  • Have already written for a few clients but would like to expand

  • Struggling to find writing work

  • Have a strong desire to travel

Essentially, anyone who is trying to build traction through writing so that they can begin living the digital nomad lifestyle.

The plan for the group

Obviously open for changes, but my initial thoughts are.

  • A skype call once a week - Set at the same time
  • Each call would start with a round robin
  • Every person would mention one success and one struggle that week
  • If there is a collective struggle amongst the group, that struggle would be the topic of the call.
  • The call will last around 30 minutes
  • I would expect people to be committed to attending the call.
  • A Whatsapp group can be set up to ask questions or share advice - Also easy to keep in contact with everyone
  • The group size would be around 2-4 people.

I truly do believe this will be a highly beneficial experience for all members involved and I’m quite excited to see what pans out! 

Drop a message below or PM me if you’re interested and then we can start working out the next steps!



Almost immediately - I had interest!

3 to be exact

I've now created a WhatsApp group for us to communicate and we've organised our first call for tonight! At 10PM. It's mid-day for them because they're American, and one is Brazilian.

After I finish this post, i'm going to create a word document outlining some questions we can answer to get to know each other better. The cool thing is, they should all be seeking the digital nomad lifestyle too.

I'm excited to see how it goes! I feel like I definitely need to create some notes for myself before the call else I'm probably gonna forget some things I'd like to mention, and I'm seen as the leader of the group so I wanna seem like I know somewhat what I'm doing. But at the end of the day, I've already been completely honest and said I'm new to this too and so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas, feel free to air them as all ears are open. I much prefer this leadership style - Allowing people to make suggestions and then collectively finding the best solution, with myself having the final confirmation.

In terms of actually finding writing work - I've been very lazy with it. And so this is something that I need to get my ass in gear with. I'm hoping the accountability group will help with this too.

To summarise how I'm currently feeling

Money is the biggest issue right now (As it is for alot of people) and my ability to take action on the things that are going to really get me the results I'm after. I've covered my bills nicely this month, but next month is uncertain whether I will or not. Hence why I need to get my arse in gear and start making some money online.

Relationships/Social Life is improving - I've been able to push boundaries recently and do many nerve-racking things... Like meeting Millie's parents, going for the kiss, simply just hanging out with a girl all day... Speak and attempt to joke with people at the bar. Even simply shouting out when England scored a goal felt a little nerve racking to me (even though everyone else was shouting).

Basically I feel like my financial situation is a bit stagnant at the moment but my social skills are slowly developing. And I know that it's only a matter of time now until I have my first sexual encounter... Something is going to spontaneously happen, I know it will.

Generally, I feel happy with my situation but frustrated with myself on how much I can procrastinate. I think it's time I start switching up my environment again and get to some coffee shops and libraries.

On a side note: I finally got the exhaust fixed on my car! So it is no longer a noisy racket and is nice and peaceful. I also gave it a good old clean the other day as I hadn't cleaned it in like 5 months! Ah yeah, and i'm keeping my car now because basically - If I cancel my insurance I have to pay off the rest of my premium upfront because I crashed it this year! Bummer... But in hindsight, I think the car does give me plenty of benefits - Like being able to see Millie for example, and just the freedom to go wherever the fuck I want, when I want, on my own schedule.

- Brad


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I had my first accountability call last night.

I definitely think this is going to be a good thing. Being in a skype call with 3 strangers certainly felt uncomfortable but I did my best to push past it and speak up and take charge when required.

I was the youngest in the call by far. Two of them were 27 and the other was 30. And I'm 20!

We got to know each other a little bit, the Brazilian women has a pretty deep and sad story but then also a strong drive to make this all work because of it. It's nice to know that we face some of the same struggles - One being over-researching things before starting. Infact this was huge!

I shared that i'll often read an article and then open 4 tabs from just that article and then have to read all of those too, preventing me from doing the actual work. And they all deeply related aha.

We all said ONE thing we'd have done by the next call and after the call I created a shared google document which has everyones ONE task.

My task:

  • Sign up to 3 freelancer sites
  • Apply for 10 gigs on each

(Yes that's two tasks... But perfectly reasonable :P)

So yeah, looking forward to seeing where this leads.

- Brad


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I'm actually buzzing, holy shit!

I just pulled the cutest girl in the world, fuck my life!

How it happened? I was working! Ahaahah

So I was working the England game today, which we lost boo... Anyways I served this girl and I thought to myself, dayummm she is so god damn pretty. There was good vibes the first time I served her. And then I did what I always do when I see a girl that I really fancy, I kept god damn looking at her secretly. Usually it never goes any further than that!

I served her again and this time we had a decent chat and I found out she had travelled to Australia and South East Asia during her gap year. So now I was thinking dayummm, not only is this girl super fit, but she travels as well! Then we didn't interact for a whilst the game was on, but as soon as the game finished we started talking again, and this time there was nice flirting going on. Her friend then asked if I was gonna come out when my shift finished so I was like hell yeah why not.

It was at this point I said we should exchange numbers. And this is where I thought I had done the BIGGEST fuck up in my entire fucking life! So she gave me HER phone and I put my number in and saved it. But I never texted myself or anything. They then left whilst I finished my shift and I thought to myself, OH FUCK... I haven't even got the girls number myself, FUCK my life I've just let one of the fittest girls I've ever seen go... I was even thinking to myself how I was gonna write this in my journal.

And then... A text pops through. MA GOD SHE TEXT ME AHAH, WOO I GOT CHO NUMBER NOW.

At this point I just thought it was absolutely unreal that I've just got a girls number by chatting to her at the bar. 100% SOBER.

My shift finished at 12PM and I immediately went over to the bar they were at.

Oh let me just add what I was wearing... I was wearing a plain white top with 2 footballs where my nipples were (It's a womens top, I wore it as a joke during the shift), it had a huge purple stain mark where strongbox darkfruits had been spilt all over me during the shift and I was wearing my backpack. The only thing going for me was my epic haircut, boy I fucking love this haircut.

When I went inside the bar, I just kinda chilled out next to the bar as I hadn't spotted her yet. And when I did spot her, I still acted super chill until she clocked onto me and came over. We then spoke at the bar for a good 20 minutes and I could literally feel my voice dying because I really needed a drink. I bought myself and her a drink and then we hit the dance floor.

Boyyyy, even though I wasn't drunk - I had no fucks given on the dance floor. I was actually dancing like a retard but she loved it lol. I honestly do think I've nailed dancefloor game ? Like I just seem to be so naturally smooth, I don't hesitate when we stop touching each other, I'll happily go dance by myself for a bit until she inevitable comes crawling back to me.

Mannn she teased me so god damn much. Gah it was just so fun.

Best part of the night, she asked me where I lived and I wouldn't tell her. So I said you'd have to work for the answer, so she tried kissing me and I just kept my lips stuck together. She then kept trying to kiss my lips and I stayed like a rock, she started kissing my neck and everything and I didn't give in. Fuckkkk the hottest thing i've ever god damn experienced, I literally stood there thinking. "I'm the fucking boss right now".

Thing is, it wasn't even her just being fit. Like she literally was everything I would look for in a girl. She's super sporty and competitive, she travels, she's brunette and pretty, good banter. 

Only problem? She lives in Loughborough, which is like a 30-40 minute drive away. WHYYYYYYYYYY, WHYYYYYYY. I need to live closer to the clubs man. Why do I keep meeting cool chicks who live so god damn far away!

So uh yeah, I didn't take her home or anything. But oh boy what a night. I just love how spontaneous bar work can be! :D

Ah yeah, the only bad thing... I'm still speaking and seeing that other girl, so it does make me feel like a player... But fuck it, we're not in a relationship.

Confidence is certainly growing I feel, I feel like my looks are 100% helping me to be honest. My chat is still pretty shit ngl. Most of my attraction comes through body language and touch. Hence why the dance floor is where i'm best.

My filters are slowly lowering, but even so when she asks me questions it does make me realise how little I do know about things haha. I just have to joke about how dumb I am sometimes, it's the only way I survive chat to be honest.

Anyways yeah I need to go sleep now because it's 4AM in the morning, I just had to write a post because MAYNN that was epic. I was not expecting that, and holy shit I just pulled one of the most naturally attractive girls I've ever seen in my life. Whhaaaat

- Brad

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GG Good game but why not take her home? "Where do you live?" = "yo lets go to your place and get some privacy?"

She was so down lol. You made her chase and basked in the validation but didn't close. Scared to fk it up? (i would know lol)

Still fantastic experience and i havent even been out since months lmao


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@thehondasc00py - Yeah I know, I literally should have just booked a taxi for my place or something... I worry that because it's like a 15 minute drive it'll get well awkward and she may even decline just based on the distance. My logistics are pretty shit ngl, I feel like if I lived closer to the bars and clubs i'd get so many results.

@Cam Adair - Good idea! Will start doing this haha.


Okay I fucked up. Yeah that girl I was seeing, Millie... I fucked it up ?

So I kinda went out last night for one of my co-workers birthday, and I ended up kissing 2 girls (My co-worker being one of them :O).

I didn't enjoy either of them to be quite honest, I don't know - I'm just bored of kissing random girls in clubs now? Jesus the first girl attacked me, it was grim. And then yeah I kinda got with my co-worker. Afterwards my Co-worker was making hints for me to go back to her place, and you know what? It's mad, I didn't feel like going - So I didn't. It wasn't even that I felt nervous or scared of fucking up or anything, I genuinely just didn't want to go.

Today, I told Millie about last night. Yeah as you can expect she didn't take it too well. I don't know why I told her, I value honesty so I just felt like I had to do it. I've got mixed feelings, I'm sad that our relationship is now probably over... She was coming over to my Sister's 18th birthday BBQ tomorrow, and she was going to stay round for the night. SO.... Probably one of the biggest opportunities to lose my virginity right there. She said she ain't coming no more, and this does sadden me because I was looking forward to seeing her. But it's weird, I don't feel terrible and maybe I feel a tad relieved? I think deep down, I know we're not fully compatible. I think the only reason why I was pursuing that relationship was because I was lonely and also because I had no experience with the whole dating thing ever before. Hence why I have been very open to meeting and kissing other girls.

Right now. There's obviously a bit of resentment but I strangely feel fine aswell. Maybe in a few days when i'm back to being really lonely, I'll regret it ? I am just hoping I can convince her to still come to the BBQ. I've got a day.

BOOM - So I hit up that girl I met on Wednesday. I sent her one message the next day, she replied. For some reason I didn't want to start a conversation, I felt like it would seem too pushy. I waited a day. This morning, as soon I realised I fucked up with Millie, I sent her another message saying "When do you wanna get your ass beat at crazy golf then? ?" she replied and basically said, "I wouldn't be so cocky cause it'll make it embarrassing when you lose, I'm going to Wales tomorrow so you might have to wait a bit". Ayy I mean that obviously means she does want to meet up! ?

Hey ho. Ma ass is finally starting to get into the game. Now I just gotta bone a chick to give my confidence a right ol' boost ??

Anyways, all this relationship stuff is distracting me. I guess this is the difficult thing when all areas of your life are pretty fucked up, which do you focus on? It's easy to say focus on the money, the career etc... But at the end of the day, social interaction and relationships is what we live off, so it's very difficult to neglect it. I feel like the balance is okay right now, I'm putting some effort into relationships and some effort into business.

I had my 2nd accountability call last night before I went out. It was nice to share some of the problems we were facing and speaking to them has given me more confidence in what I need to do. Basically I've been struggling a bit with applying to writing jobs because I feel like I didn't have any experience on the topics, but they told me that half the time you don't... You just google it as you go.

My task for this week is to apply to 5 writing jobs on ProBlogger using a method called the Crystal Ball Technique. Which basically is where I write a sample article that is very closely related to what the employer is looking for, to effectively show them what they are gonna get when they hire me. It will take extra time, but that extra effort should pay off.

Also, I wanna try get approved on Upwork. I keep getting denied and I think it's because there is already so many writers on there, so they are denying new applicants. What I think I need to do is basically lie and say i'm amazing at a skill that is in high demand on upwork, er lets say language translations? I'll just bullshit my way to get accepted, and then I can change my profile to writing once I've been approved.

- Brad

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I have a girlfriend...

Uh wut?

Brad has a girlfriend, how'd that happen then?

Yeah I don't even know, don't even know what I think right now haha.

So, I spoke to Millie yesterday and when I first met her she was certainly sad. I explained what had happened and where my head was at it with it all, and the problem seems to have been ironed out.

I managed to convince her to come to the BBQ, it took a bit of doing but I managed it. On the drive from hers back to my house I basically said, "So uh... I don't know what to call you when you meet my family, like do I call you my girlfriend or..?" She then asked "Are you asking for me to be your girlfriend?" And I replied "Uh... Yeah I guess so?" ? Fuck my life I certainly wasn't planning on that one.

It's mad that for the first time in my life, I have a girlfriend? I don't know how long it'll last, and if i'll enjoy it - But I'm certainly gonna get some experience out of it lol.

So let's just have a brief run over what happened at the BBQ.

So she met my family, they were very welcoming as I expected they would be. Also... They were very embarrassing as I expected. I'd just be chatting to her, i'd take a brief look around and I'd have me Mom staring at me smiling, or me Nan or me Grandad. Literallly... Bruh leave me to it ? I guess they are shocked tbh, they know that I've always been a shy, reserved kid who never ever had a girlfriend in his life. They'd constantly ask me as I was growing up, so have you got a girlfriend yet? My answer was always no. 

Obviously we both had some drinks, we was quite touchy whilst chatting with the family and stuff. Just simple stuff like caressing each others hands. I knew at this point, oh boy some saucy shit is going down tonight.

Near the end of the night, I unleashed my dance moves. Just had a good time really, got a few embarrassing videos of me dancing lol. Was fun.

Now people started to leave and it was nearing bed time, my time is coming...

Now I don't wanna share too much detail, but I mean I've shared some weird shit in here before and it's my god damn journal.

I will say right now, my dick did not get wet. But I did get a face full of POOOSAYY ??

Mayn her body is NICEEEEE.

But er yeah so I took my time with her, obviously we are both virgins so I wanted to be respectful. I really took the time to explore each part of her body. It was only me giving the pleasure, she's definitely unconfident with that sort of stuff so I need to guide her through it, even though I don't bloody know myself! I'm only going off of articles I've read and videos mayn. Which by the way, helped me 100 percent. She was enjoying it.

Unfortunately I didn't get to go all the way last night, she didn't feel comfortable saying this is our first night being boyfriend and girlfriend. And she was afraid it would hurt. She was fine with me licking dah pussy and a bit of finger action but wasn't ready for the dick mayn.

She said we will save it for next time. I just kind of respected what she said and pulled back.

Maybe I should have just gone and grabbed the condom, put it on and then slowly made her feel comfortable? She seemed fairly certain that she didn't want to go all the way tonight though. But it does make me wonder, maybe I could have convinced her?

Oh well, i'm sure i'm definitely going to get another opportunity. I mean we're bf/gf now so I hope so ?

Boyyy I could not sleep though, I had the biggest BLUE BALLS pain ever. Fuckkk.

God damn I really feel like I've overshared but at the end of the day, I feel comfortable sharing it and it is my journal. Maybe I should have a private one for the real raunchy shit aha.


Alright, that's post over. I'm in the DoBit society now. Still a virgin, but my time is coming baby.

And shit son I've been missing out.

- Brad



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Aw shiet this lad has come far

props for all the action taking, persistance and discomfort that has led you here.

be sure to give yourself some credit, remember where you came from, where you were at one year ago. I see it clear as day on this journal despite your occasional downs and frustrations, I see your evolution bright and strong, and it is inspiring, and serves as proof to all that this stuff, WORKS. So give yourself CREDIT. I know I do. 

I even felt the smallest twang of, well not quite jealousy, but a funny sort of "welp, he's done it. he officially overtook me in the social and relationship department xD".
But that is because you have been taking a lot of action and getting out there with persistance. It's all a matter of action taking. Nothing you achieved here was given to you. You earned it.

Fking keep it up,

Ya boi


On 7/15/2018 at 8:21 PM, Brad_Hurst said:

I'm in the DoBit society now. 

the fuck is that

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@thehondasc00py - Wow thanks man! I really love this post ❤️

It's made me feel super happy and grateful.

You're right, I do need to give myself more credit holy crap. I'm always looking at what's wrong in my life rather than what I have already achieved so far.

Haha, not gonna lie... I've definitely felt that competitive feeling with you in the social and relationship department ?

On 7/15/2018 at 7:21 PM, Brad_Hurst said:

I'm in the DoBit society now

It's a Love Island thing - Ya... I've been watching it

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I scored a Web Design Client yesterday!

But Brad... You're suppose to be focusing on writing!


Yeah so I was going through my Location Rebel forum and I noticed a post from someone looking for help with their first wordpress website. I just couldn't let the opportunity pass so I sent him an email saying I have some experience with Wordpress.

He said great, let's speak on Skype. This was a few days ago, and we organised the call for 3PM Yesterday.

I was shitting it.

Before the call, I tried to find some questions I could ask him to get more of an idea of what he wants because I had no bloody clue how to go about this call! He already said in the email that he loved my Freelance website (Even though it was really basic! I used a free wordpress theme mayn...)

I got on the call with him, he was an American dude... He spoke alot which was great for me! ?

He basically wants a website to attract athletes who come to him for meditation, liver optimisation and cooking advice.

And then the scary part...

He asked how much I wanted.

I was thinking in my head, "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WANT FOR THIS!", I originally thought before the call "Just ask for $100" but during the call I was like bro... Why not try ask for a bit more..?

So I said. "To get your basic website up, it'll be $150"

And he replied "OH WOW THAT'S AMAZING".

Fuck my life, I should have asked for more!

This is going to be an on-going project, and he's going to want some copywriting done in the future so I will get that task too and be able to ask for more $$$

Exciting stuff, now I just gotta deliver!


Going to a trampoline park with Millie tomorrow, should be good fun! She should be coming around after, although I just found out she's due to start her period soon rip. The fact she told me that though means she's definitely ready to go for it ?

- Brad


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I need to find something to do to chill out.

A hobby or something that I can just practise, like an instrument or some shit?

I'm a bit confused right now haha, I might just go meditate and see what I feel inspired to do.


I spent quite a long time doing that guys website today. It took longer than I would have liked and I've definitely still got some things to do with it. But you can have a look at my start here: http://ericsczuka.com

I need to find out some more information before I can do anymore.


Whilst I wait for that, I dunno I just kinda wanna chill out. All of my books are either self-help or just information filled books and I really cannot be bothered to read them. I don't want to watch TV and I can't be arsed to go do a workout lol.

Maybe I should just buy a good story book on my kindle?

Maybe I should just play a video game ? Cba to reinstall everything though...

Don't wanna sleep.

Should I just work? But I can't be arsed to work either.

Screw it I might just do some online training for my bar work ?

First imma go meditate and clear my head, it's a little fuzzy right now.



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Soooo.... I may have played a video game for the first time in 280 days ? ? ? 

Went and installed rocket league and played a few casual games the other day didn't I...

Probably only played for like 30 minutes which is like a GOD DAMN record yo.

Not gonna lie, I feel some slight urges to go play a couple of games right now lol. But that's only because i'm stressing out with my current writing task - I'm basically trying to create a resume for this writing job that I will apply for. Never made a resume in my life, we use CV's in the UK. Man it's the most boring thing in the world, urghhhhh.

Got my 3rd accountability call soon.



What an amazing past day and half jeeeeez.

So I spent the whole time hanging out with Millie and it's just been great.

First she turns up to my house on the back of her Dad's motorbike, so i'm just thinking...  - Fucking sick, holy moly. Then we went to a trampoline park for an hour and she's a gymnast so she's got some movesss man. She could do some spin flip shit.

But yeah the trampoline park was awesome fun, I was pulling off my backflips, frontflips and all that. Did some parkour and I completed a DOUBLE Front-Flip into a foam pit! I was so stoked haha! We had a gladiator battle too.

Nearly killed myself at one point, I mayyy have been showing off a little. I was getting some mad height on the trampolines and I was jumping from trampoline to trampoline... BUT, there are some high walls that seperate different areas in the park that you can jump up onto... Well I may have made a miss-judgement and ended up clipping my foot on the wall and went flying over it face first

Not gonna lie, I thought I was gonna die.

Thankfully I managed to grab the wall with one hand to slow my fall and I ended up on my arse. I was perfectly fine, but in doing so I broke one of the two bracelets I've been wearing since Australia ? 

After the trampoline park we went to a restaurant called Wagamamas. And... I had to eat my food with chopsticks. I swear I've like never used em in my life before! I was making a right fool outta myself! Ah well, food tasted pretty darn good. I always hated eating out at restaurants because I thought what a waste of money, I still kinda do... So I gotta be careful now that I've got a girlfriend, things could get quite expensive!

She borrowed my jumper on the way home, mayn she looked so damn cute in it aha. It was like a bloody dress on her!

Got home, chilled out and then bed time hit. We did some naughty things, but... Still ain't had my chance yet to go all the way, she was at 'that time of the month'. Anyways I hinted that she should return the favour from last time and she was like but i'm scared... Even though I'm new to it myself, I guided her through the process of jerking me off ? Dayummmm son, surprisingly I lasted fucking ages. I thought i'd blow my load in seconds.

Didn't get too much sleep, probably only 3 hours? A combination of it being too fucking hot in my room and also I kept getting 'distracted'.

We woke up and for some reason watched 3 episodes of Planet Earth 2 ? Took the dog for a walk and then went a played tennis in the park. She did surprisingly better that I thought she would ahah. Went for lunch at a pub (Told ya this shit gonna get expensive) and then I took her home.

To summarise, yeah it's been a pretty awesome couple of days!

Certainly am enjoying this relationship thing, it's so nice to have after being single my whole life. And after my lonely last several years!


Still need to make sure I maintain focus on making cash through my online ventures. Because my ass still wants to go off travelling yo!

- Brad.

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