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  1. Going strong! Committed to 30 days Porn Free, and going to bed at 1am. Set up my Internet to switch off at 1am, made up a really complicated password and threw it away (found out about a service that emails you something in the future, so I get the password emailed every week and then I just send it off again unless I need to make any changes, GAMECHANGER!) So now just continue on as usual and GET IN BED BY 1AM
  2. My little moderation experiment is going very well. I slipped off hard for 2 days but got my shit back together and installed some parental controls. Now it's fantastic.
  3. Cam be like: "bitch the only check you getting is a reality check" ?
  4. Back to hardcore holistic development of mind, body, spirit for the next 2 weeks.
  5. Promptly deleted WoW because I noticed it getting out of hand yesterday with me taking time off meditation, and generally wasting time on repetitive content. Will only start again when the new expansion actually releases and there's new enjoyable content to play in an efficient manner.
  6. Another fantastic day, I sat down to meditate in my little garden treehouse and oh man I just went so deep. An hour uninterrupted concentration on awareness itself. Fantastic. Was looking forward to my free day off work but was called in to take an emergency shift, but I said ok no problem. I dont mind too much, got some unonditional wellbeing flowing nicely. Relax time now.
  7. Aw shiet this lad has come far props for all the action taking, persistance and discomfort that has led you here. be sure to give yourself some credit, remember where you came from, where you were at one year ago. I see it clear as day on this journal despite your occasional downs and frustrations, I see your evolution bright and strong, and it is inspiring, and serves as proof to all that this stuff, WORKS. So give yourself CREDIT. I know I do. I even felt the smallest twang of, well not quite jealousy, but a funny sort of "welp, he's done it. he officially overtook me in the social and relationship department xD". But that is because you have been taking a lot of action and getting out there with persistance. It's all a matter of action taking. Nothing you achieved here was given to you. You earned it. Fking keep it up, sincerely, Ya boi the fuck is that
  8. What a wonderful, wonderful 2 days it's been. They felt so rich and holistic. I've got piano practice and body movement in the morning, training that brain, skill and coordination and mobilising and stretching my body so I feel fantastic, then I've got meditation where I just drop into a state of just Being, just the pure joy of Being, then more piano, maybe some handstands and pushups and then I've already achieved so much. Then eventually off to work where I move my body even more, get shit done and exhaust myself. Come home, take the dog for a walk in the sunset breeze, and go for another meditation, just feeling happy, still and blissful. Then another round of piano, and finish the day off with a treat of kicking back to some WoW (I AM testing moderation. Messing around a bit with the new expansion, until I head off to either university or the bootcamp.) Meditation is brought to daily life in the form of being mindful of my drives and urges. Fantasizing about something I desire, watch the one desiring. Having an urge to play WoW (has not happened yet but probably will eventually), observe who's desiring. Before I indulge the drives, watch the drives, watch the driven, and integrate. Integrate, and include. Integrate, include and transcend. Awareness alone is curative. The law of development is to integrate and include, and thus transcend. Own your humanity. It is also a rockhard, solid iron, unbreakable rule of no gaming after waking up. Never ever, ever, EVER. It's simple, and it's just not done. Gaming is pushed off until either after work, or afternoon at the LEAST. That's just the conditions. It's that way or no way. Or else this whole endeavour of integral development, rich life crumbles. This life requires solid habits for integral, consistent development and gaming as a cherry on top treat in second seat (bars). Waking up and going straight to the computer: May go ahead and install some child protection for extra countermeasures. But I'm very confident this will work out decently enough. Let's see how it goes. What I mean with integral/holistic development: With me it's currently something like brain and musical, spiritual, and body development. Throw in some world-benefitting career development, social skill development, and some travel here and there, and you've got an extraordinary life fully aligned with rocket-charged evolution. development.svg
  9. Going well, never better, I've been seriously detoxing the past month taking this plant medicine I was described and got sick twice! but now feeling better than ever. Just worked out, gotten into Ido Portal's movement Movement which is fantastic. Training handstands which is a goal of mine. Discovered a new book Integrated Meditation which I'm ploughing through which is fantastic and has managed to get me passionate and engaged in personal development again, showing me some blindspots of mine. This approach has integrated all the different western and eastern models of human development, so the western ones like Jung's Shadow Subconscious, Clare Graves' Spiral Dynamics, and eastern Enlightenment models from stuff like Tantra, Advaita, Buddhism, into one huge awesome framework. The current exercises are applying mindfulness to where you are at on the Spiral Dynamics model and I realized I still have a lot of early red power drives and fantasies that I am applying mindfulness to and untying. I'm also practicing a lot of piano: And I have not watched any movies since last entry. Did watch porn once though. Honestly it's so enjoyable every now and then and I can't find enough reason atm to cut it completely as I'm not interested in going after sex at all currently where I am now. So I'm loose on that but I won't let it get to more than once a week.
  10. The best meditation resource and teacher is Shinzen Young who has built a very encompassing and integrative framework for applying mindfulness. https://unifiedmindfulness.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/expandcontract The most integrative and holistic approach I have come across is Ken Wilber's Integral Practice. I'm currently working through his book "Integrative Meditation", which takes the same skill of eastern mindfulness but applies it to western psychological developmental models. It's a little more complicated, I would start with Shinzen. So, for meditation and all that comes with it specifically, Shinzen Young can't be beat. Then, for more on psychological development and tons of other aspects of human life, Ken Wilber. Once thoroughly acquainted with meditation and it's 3 skills of concentration, equanimity and clarity, the absolute most awesome technique is simply becoming aware of being aware. Aware of the simple experience of being alive. Awareness of awareness itself and resting in that. But this is a little more advanced and it is advised to train concentration etc on more stimulating phenomena first, such as the breath, sounds, thoughts, etc (Shinzen has the most developed and accesible system for this).
  11. GG Good game but why not take her home? "Where do you live?" = "yo lets go to your place and get some privacy?" She was so down lol. You made her chase and basked in the validation but didn't close. Scared to fk it up? (i would know lol) Still fantastic experience and i havent even been out since months lmao
  12. Also full disclosure, I've been watching WoW vids this past week, getting hyped for the new expac and kinda wanting to play again
  13. Also making it a conscious goal to imrove relations to my family again. Was really great last month but ive felt myself getting all irritable and quiet the past week. Definitely stuff to investigate there.
  14. Makes me excited getting back into personal development. I will admit I kind of went through a time where I felt all enlightened and above and beyond personal development. "Bah! These self help peasants! There's no self to improve! Just surrender!" hahaha no but I spiritually bypassed a bit and it feels good to have a canvas (me) to work on again. Strengthen my integrity, my word, my discipline, clean out addictions, or I'm not really gonna be going anywhere.
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