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  1. giblets

    Hey there

    All the best mate! You have definitely come to the right place to find high quality support to discover the better you!
  2. giblets

    Shame and the 39 Year Old Man

    Oh man, you had me at 386. Those memories... Welcome mate! It sounds like we are driven by the same things. You have the right reasons and the intent, so you've got this!
  3. giblets

    Ninety Days Worth the Pain

    Hi Lea! Glad to see another Aussie on the forums. Our numbers were greater a while back, so time for us to retake the forum :) Glad to see you have started your journey with the right intention! I look forward to following your progress, and if you want to chat to someone who has gone through the detox, I am always here to help and in the same timezone :)
  4. giblets

    Bob's Journey

    Hi Bob! After reading how your 2018 was, the following quote comes to mind - "The best time to plant a tree was 18 years ago, the next best time is now." The best thing I can say is learn from this experience! History is doomed to repeat itself if we don't learn from it.
  5. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    While running yesterday I started reflecting on the folly of 'digital achievements'. I am not sure why it got brought on, maybe because I had @Cam Adair's recent FB comments about not seeing instant rewards/feedback in life. I used to be a massive achievement hunter - like unless there was an achievement in doing something, I wasn't interested in doing it. I would, however, happily waste 4+ hours chasing some rare rabbit or some other rubbish. Why? I could have all the digital achievements in the world and they mean nothing as soon as I step out the door. All those achievements I did get, what are they doing for me now? How are they advancing me? Spoiler alert - they're not. Its interesting that we get so suckered into chasing them and think that they are the big all and end all, whereas they are just pixels. The other side of that is there is many achievements that do have instant feedback in life, rather than the 'delayed' that people were talking about, like doing the dishes (achievement: clear bench), finishing a puzzle (achievement: cool picture), going for a walk (achievement: visiting a new place), or not buying that beer (achievement: extra money). Maybe because nothing flashes in front of you eyes, nothing lights up, no little DISSSHHHHHH sound, that we don't it as enticing. Or we simply EXPECT that to happen anyway without any effort. Spoiler alert - nothing happens without our effort.
  6. I have seen Atomic Habits a few times, would you recommend buying it? I am trying to form stretching & meditation into my daily routine and I can't get it to stick. I've also succumbed to the snooze button 😴
  7. Happy to talk via PMs, but the main thing I can say right now is don't try to fight the emotions - it just makes it worse and they 'dig in'. They most likely feel quite strong now because you haven't been dealing with them, rather you have used escapism to pretend they are not there, and therefore not established the skills of emotion regulation. It may mean a lot of jargon type words, but the more you can work on your self awareness of them, the better you will get at recognising them, and steering the negative ones (frustration, anger, anxiety, depression) into directions that can be productive/less impactful. Don't dwell on how many hours you have spent - they are gone. What matters is how you'll spend your next hour.
  8. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    So I'm suffering a post-degree crisis, not knowing what to study or whether I should study at all. I am concerned that I will end up not continuing any personal development this year without it. I have topped out in the industry I work in for the moment due to my grades, so I have been looking at languages - though there doesn't seem to be many offerings down under that I can do online/by distance. Feeling a little lost.
  9. giblets

    MJ's Journal

    Salt tablets is an easy solution as they are compact - I have started taking BCAA during my training and flat coke before the long ones. Seems to be fighting off cramping for now!
  10. giblets

    My Journal - Joe

    I know them feels. I totally underestimated how much effort 2 kids would be - I thought after number 1 the routine is already established, so the hard part is done, right? Bzzzt, wrong! Some days are more challenging than others - you just need to find your outlet to reset. For me it's running a few miles, it's a great re-balancer. It can be a bit hard to do that though if you're the primary care giver and don't have someone who will be able to share the load at short notice. As for the masters - you can do this buddy. It will generally involve having less sleep though - which seems to be the main solution for anyone saying they don't have time to achieve everything they want to, they're not willing to give up their sleep.
  11. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    Merry Christmas from Down Under!!! I know I haven't been very active on here lately, but I couldn't resist an obligatory Christmas/reflective post. Reasons I haven't been very active lately is because I have switched to journalling in a bullet/dot journal by hand, as its a bit more convenient to do it on the go. As a result I have been writing a lot more, but in shorter bursts about a wider variety of topics rather than one big hit. It kind of solves the issue of what I felt like spending far too much time in the morning in front of a computer when instead I wanted to focus upon establishing a good morning routine. Secondly is my focus has been elsewhere rather than personal development, mainly family and training. I do enjoy getting my daily email updates of the forum though and it looks like you are mainly doing relatively well. Anyway, I had a cracker of a day, and I hope those of you on the other side of the dateline have a great day tomorrow - I intend to be spending the majority of it watching the Boxing Day test!
  12. giblets

    Jay's Epic Journey

    15 minutes... thats 13 minutes longer than I ever did 🤣
  13. giblets

    Jay's Epic Journey

    Lucky you won't get hungry.
  14. giblets

    My Drawing Journal

    That's some really good work mate, I'm impressed!
  15. giblets

    Jay's Epic Journey

    How is life in Canada eh now that marijuana is legalized?