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  1. giblets

    Jay's Epic Journey

    15 minutes... thats 13 minutes longer than I ever did 🤣
  2. giblets

    Jay's Epic Journey

    Lucky you won't get hungry.
  3. giblets

    My Drawing Journal

    That's some really good work mate, I'm impressed!
  4. giblets

    Jay's Epic Journey

    How is life in Canada eh now that marijuana is legalized?
  5. giblets

    Rualani's Journal

    What were you trying to do on linux that was a waste of time?
  6. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    Where the heck did you find time to game, man? Too much to do.
  7. giblets

    The Hobby Corner

    Running. It was hard at first and I wanted to do anything but running - but I had told too many people that I wanted to do a marathon so couldn't back out. Tried a few other hobbies but found I was simply using them to replace games - ie to satisfy escapism. I think that is the hardest thing about finding a new hobby - is they can't simply just replace gaming, you need to change your intent too.
  8. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    Lurk lurk.
  9. giblets

    MJ's Journal

    3 hours... well I'm out. My PB is 4h11 which I got on the weekend. I think I could easily go sub 4h10 if I work out how to deal with cramping, which has been my crisis in the last two marathons. I'm going to try and try something new to combat it in the next two weeks and run a virtual marathon for the Chicago medal in the last weekend of October.
  10. Powerful topic @stablish and one I reflect on a lot with my son and trying to set him up for the most success. I think we do have an element of influence on our children - and that is why you see cycles of poverty or success - trailer park rednecks having trailer park redneck kids and nobel prize winning laurets having phD earning kids. There is a large element of their own doing as well - you see the trailer park kid who succeeds in life as a doctor or the child of a billionaire that smokes pot all day. I have tried to take the approach of he is going to do what he is going to do, but it is my job to maximise his opportunities, or simply, creating the environment for him to succeed. Whether he grasps that environment or the opportunity is over to him, that's his job. In your case - your father set the environment of limited internet. You perhaps saw this as a different opportunity than he expected ?
  11. giblets

    Hi all

    GameQuitters Episode 14. Two handsome charismatic young men talk about how they got through the 90 day detox.
  12. Can you put a price on happiness? I understand your frustration. I finished my university degree and promptly never entered the associated industry as the 9 to 5 office job did not appeal to me at all. I don't think you should focus on the wage part right now, I would focus on if you're miserable in your job you should not be there. We spend far too much time working for it to be making us unhappy. If you're going to be earning so little in your new job that you would be unhappy, you might find that you've jumped out of the pan and into the fire, though. If you're going to be doing a job you enjoy or love, you might find yourself energised at the end of the day to have a side hustle. It might give you the capacity or the compassion to start up a side project to earn some extra cash.
  13. giblets

    MJ's Journal

    What do you have to do to qualify for the Boston Marathon? I thought it was a ballot? The Boston Marathon is on my to do list! I am about to line up for marathon #10 in Melbourne next weekend. Hoping I can get a personal best of 4 hours (the first one took me 5 hours). For your injuries etc - you're never going to have a "perfect" preparation or feel "perfect" before a run. If you wait until you have that perfect preparation, you're never going to do a marathon. So many of my mates keep putting off doing a marathon because they are waiting for the perfect time. It's never going to arrive. Don't be concerned if you carry a bit of soreness or tiredness in your training plan. Remember you want to wear out your legs anyway to get used to being tired. It's if you have sharp pains for a couple of runs in a row that you might have damaged something, go see a sports doctor rather than self-diagnosing and ask the question "if I keep running, will I do any damage?"
  14. giblets

    hi! I'm new here

    No. Initially it might help, as instead of smashing a 3-4 hour gaming session you might spend 30-60 minutes watching a video. Seems legit right? You've saved 2-3 hours! Next thing you know, you'll be watching 3-4 hours of gaming, so you have substituted one vice for another, which defeats the whole purpose of why you are here! It is better to address the underlying issue of why it is a problem for you. What is causing you to want to escape? It might be painful or difficult at first, but dig deep and work out what it is. By addressing the underlying issue you will get much better results than just dealing with the symptoms, ie the escapism. For me it was anxiety - there isn't any anxiety in gaming (well, apart from the 'what if I don't do everything?' synthetic anxiety), so that is what I would do when I would feel anxious or faced with a situation where I traditionally got anxious (I felt like that last time, so if I just avoid the issue, I will be ok, right?). While this made me feel great in the short term, it meant in the long term it got worse because I was not addressing it, and suddenly it was invading many aspects of my life. For sure mate! We have the accountability partner, which is the same thing (I think). My boy @Moe Smith got me through my detox and I like to think I helped him in some form. If you want to talk to someone on "the other side", them I'm (and many others) here for you. It will also be valuable to join forces (Voltron-style) with @PFMA. It will be beneficial to vent about what you're feeling with someone going through the same process, it will help you realise you're not alone and not unique in the stressors you are facing! You got this mate. All you need is intent and determination. By being here, you're 50% of the way.
  15. giblets

    The Journal of Myself, a person

    I live my life one pomodoro at a time ? @Cam Adair there is a great merch opportunity