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  1. giblets

    hi! I'm new here

    No. Initially it might help, as instead of smashing a 3-4 hour gaming session you might spend 30-60 minutes watching a video. Seems legit right? You've saved 2-3 hours! Next thing you know, you'll be watching 3-4 hours of gaming, so you have substituted one vice for another, which defeats the whole purpose of why you are here! It is better to address the underlying issue of why it is a problem for you. What is causing you to want to escape? It might be painful or difficult at first, but dig deep and work out what it is. By addressing the underlying issue you will get much better results than just dealing with the symptoms, ie the escapism. For me it was anxiety - there isn't any anxiety in gaming (well, apart from the 'what if I don't do everything?' synthetic anxiety), so that is what I would do when I would feel anxious or faced with a situation where I traditionally got anxious (I felt like that last time, so if I just avoid the issue, I will be ok, right?). While this made me feel great in the short term, it meant in the long term it got worse because I was not addressing it, and suddenly it was invading many aspects of my life. For sure mate! We have the accountability partner, which is the same thing (I think). My boy @Moe Smith got me through my detox and I like to think I helped him in some form. If you want to talk to someone on "the other side", them I'm (and many others) here for you. It will also be valuable to join forces (Voltron-style) with @PFMA. It will be beneficial to vent about what you're feeling with someone going through the same process, it will help you realise you're not alone and not unique in the stressors you are facing! You got this mate. All you need is intent and determination. By being here, you're 50% of the way.
  2. giblets

    The Journal of Myself, a person

    I live my life one pomodoro at a time 😁 @Cam Adair there is a great merch opportunity
  3. giblets

    Just 1 more game! Ex SC2 addict....

    Yes. They generally get replaced with nostalgia; which is hard to tell the difference from cravings sometimes. When I get a wave come over me I just stop and think, yes those were some good times, it is fine to feel nostalgic about good times, but now back to the present where there is so much new potential that there is no time to go back.
  4. giblets

    The Grind (60 days on Discipline)

    Please excuse my ignorance if you have already covered this, but what is RSD?
  5. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    Can't believe it's been 4 weeks since my last post. I have continued to lurk through the forums like the annoying cousin that outstays their welcome, however. I have not stopped writing, though. I have had a pseudo-break through, as I'm calling it. @Cam Adair told me a while back that I should be writing more during the day in shorter spurts rather than saving it all up for one post/entry. This should alleviate my concern that I was spending so much time doing my journal in the morning rather than reading, and should get some better entries as I can write what is bothering me in the moment. Well, I tried it, but it never caught on... until now. I feel like I could put it down to switching what journal/notebook I was using, the old one was too small so I felt compelled to write shorthand for some reason. But now I am using an A5 notebook that is leatherbound that I can jam into either jacket pockets or into my briefcase/organiser. Now the ideas and thoughts and entries are flowinggggg. I am averaging about 2-3 a day, ranging from 3-4 lines up to entire pages. I feel like I am having great progress doing it this way with personal development. One area that is had helped me realise I am doing is 'hitching my ego to decisions'. This is something that Colin Powell talks about in his autiobiography. I initially rejected this as 'something I wouldn't do because I am self aware and have high emotional intelligence....' yeah right. Well I might have more self awareness and emotional intelligence than the average, however I DO hitch my ego to decisions, and therefore seem to take some discussion about those decisions as personal attacks - which they aren't. I need to work more on this, so any tips I'm all ears. So I have been start-stopping the new productivity detox over the last four weeks, and I think only now has it started to take hold. The catalyst - I downshifted myself back to one computer again. I packed up my windows computer which I was only using for essentially timewasting, and discord. Now that is not so easily accessed, I am forcing myself to use the little 2 & 3 minutes in between tasks to do chores or write rather than watch a youtube clip or search for random things or scroll through chat rooms. This means I haven't replied to @stablish for a while, sorry mate, I'll see if I can workout Discord on my ubuntu install. Anyway, up to day 6 of pure productivity, and I am seeing great results already. Need about another 6 weeks of it to complete everything I want to this year, so lets keep this momentum.
  6. giblets

    Journey to living a fulfilling and happy life

    Self awareness is the key to improvement @Cindpline, and it sounds like you are progressing with this! Don't beat yourself up about it, accept where you are in the process and keep moving forward. A step forward, no matter how small, is better than standing still.
  7. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    Well I underestimated how hard this would be. I've done the detox before, I can be productive. Well I was wrong - timewasters fit themselves in every nook and cranny. The billionaire and the beggar have the same day. You cannot control an hour or a day, but you can control what you do with it. Lets start again, 0500, here we go.
  8. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    First 5am run complete! BOOM.
  9. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    The mountain won't know what hit it!
  10. giblets

    Game Quitters en Español

    ¡Beunas días amigo!
  11. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    Alright so I have worked out why I found it hard to really bring myself to spending time with family, and why I felt frustrated by thinking that it was a "waste of time" or that I didn't know how to measure it properly. The cause is that I am not getting to what I want to each day, so when I am taken away from that (whether it be chores, study, work, insert something I think is important here), that's where I get frustrated and annoyed and don't feel like I can bring myself fully to show up. So how do I deal with this? I need to do more with my 'spare' time. And by needing to do more, rather than saying 'there isn't enough time' to do something (aka the victim mindset), I need to make sure there is no room for those time wasting activities. The catalyst of this relevation was talking to a friend about what I am trying to achieve in the next two weeks, which went something along the lines of this: Choose a research topic for university Write a framework for a phD Complete staff reports Read 5 articles for upcoming course Order a camping trailer Train for the next marathon Finish 3 electronic projects Make a training plan for 100 miles Start swimming Start packing to move Do more chores Spend more time with my son Spend more time practicing Spanish That's a lot. For me to achieve all of this (and subsequently feel like I have used my time productively and not feel frustrated), it leaves no time for: Sports (sorry fantasy football, you're out) Games TV Mindless browsing Any podcasts/articles that are not focused on personal development Oversleeping Walking Drinking Unnecessary travelling Distractions on my phone Since I have come to this conclusion, my mind has become quite clear. I feel like I can really show up for my family and give them my full attention and I am subsequently enjoying it a lot more. I haven't been perfect so far, but I am going in the right direction and recognising where I am on the process. Rather than mindlessly surfing the web while I am travelling, I have started carrying my notebook again and use it as an opportunity to go over my to do list or write notes, or refresh myself with what I have accomplished lately. I need to get a better notebook system, so I am going to try the bullet journal and see how that works out for me. I want to spend more time away from my phone so going back to a paper journal is the best move. I do want to write more here, so I am going to try and write in the mornings as soon as I wake up. So, I have been talking about this a lot, but here it is, the non-productive detox. Now open for naming suggestions 😀 Time Waster Detox: Day 0 Goals for today: Study 4 pomodoros (minimum). Clean office. Make a new budget. Start journalling routine. Grateful corner: This forum, for keeping me accountable. Lesson for the day: There is no such thing as a 'small distraction' or a 'quick notification check'. One thing leads to another and I can lose up to an hour. While it is taking a lot of energy to stay disciplined right now, it will pay dividends later. Quote/motivational piece of the day: A great comment by Jesse Itzler on the Joe Rogan Experience - "what do you have in common with Bill Gates or Richard Bransen or any other successful person? You both have the same amount of time in the day." BOOM. I'm back.
  12. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    I'll check it out, thanks!
  13. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    So I think I have found a disadvantage to working so much on my self awareness and self actualization lately. That is - hyper self awareness aka anxiety. I have had some really big bouts of anxiety in the last two weeks which I found difficult to overcome. The first one was about my relationships. I realised I was seeking more from my work relationships than I should - I was seeking them to be actual friendships. As a result, I always found them quite unfulfilling and I would get annoyed or frustrated when others prioritised different people or events over myself. After listening to some books and podcasts I have realised that I need to re-evaluate what I want from these relationships - and that is I just want them for work. As a result I have been feeling a lot better and confident about them, and a lot less frustrated, as I am not wanting so much more. The counter balance to this really has hurt though - the realisation I don't have any friends really out of work (and gaming), so I have been lonely AF. I have also become self aware of how I interact with people at work, which while I know I can't change instantly overnight (Cam's notion of recognise where you are in this process), gets me upset when I find myself slipping back to old habits of wanting more. This is going to take some serious work, and the change of environment in the next few months will help a lot. The second one is about my studies. I have realised I have not been giving it the focus it needs so therefore have become self aware of being left behind by my colleagues. The first of these is about technical aspects that I wont go into here, but the second is my language studies with Arch. I know I need to overcome both of these - because that is the whole point of studying is to get better and leverage others experience, work and skills, but I am unsure how to battle this one. This will need research and guidance.
  14. giblets

    Will's Journal

    Hey Will! I am curious about how you are going with your research paper. I am writing one for the first time this semester and the whole idea/concept of it is so daunting that I have not started at all - something I need to overcome very quickly. I'll check out that book! I think you'll benefit from Jocko's podcast as well, he covers a lot on discipline.
  15. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    So much personal development going on, I think I need to start taking notes. Very thankful for the opportunities for reflection right now.