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  1. Absolutes. I need to be less perfectionistic, less absolute. This is one of my weaknesses, a strength that has gone too far. I used to take pride in getting 100% in things, and a personality test I took last year said that I always waited to inject into arguments/discussions until I was 100% correct, which resulted in me not saying much or not engaging in conversations a lot. Sometimes, a solution is the solution itself, and it doesn't need to be perfect. The reason why this has come to head is twofold. The first is that Erik Finman tweeted something similar a week or so ago, but then during the preparation, and running of, the marathon yesterday. I heard so many people talking about having a perfect preparation routine, getting a personal best time, etc. It seemed very few people were there to enjoy the moment. If they had not waited so long for a perfect preparation then maybe they could have been running a marathon a year ago, or more. A few people I have talked to or encouraged to run a marathon are the same, maybe in a year or two, maybe after I get to X weight, maybe after I can do X speed. I don't see this as perfecting your preparation, I see this as excuses. I am going to keep an eye out at work today for signs of this, whether I am doing it personally or whether my team is, and slowing down work processes or tasks. The time required to get from that 90% solution to the 100% solution might not be worth it.
  2. This is something that @Cam Adair and @SlackRamen have talked to me about before, but I have finally activated greyscale on my phone as part of my efforts to focus. The theory is it is less appealling so you don't want to look at it as often. If anyone else is on Android and wondering how to do it, the link is here. Not sure how to do it on iOS but I am sure someone has a link for that too. I've also got a flip cover for my phone to not only protect it a bit better (to stop spending money on replacing screens) and because I remember them being annoying to use.
  3. I didn't notice how early I was going to bed to maximise time with my son until I would want to go home at 7.30 so I would be in bed on time, where as they would want to keep talking until 10-11pm! I just figured I was old
  4. So the run in the morning proved to be a success! I totally underestimated the craziness that was the city for setting up for New Years fireworks though, so the running involved a lot of back tracking, dead ends, dodging barriers and people etc. In the end I was so frustrated with it all (more so myself for not realising this was going to happen and avoiding it) so stopped and caught the ferry home. I was aiming to do 30km and ended up doing 20km, which I am still happy with. Sadly though... I have not run since then, which makes it 3 days without exercise. So while I am really happy with including the run in the morning, it makes me feel great, it gets it out of the way before all the craziness of the house waking up just like everything else I achieve in the morning, it does mean I need to get some quality sleep so I don't wake up feeling like death; and thats what I have been waking up to since. It has been a combination of not going to bed early enough (New Years), being too dehydrated (beer), and not getting deep sleep (son waking up at crazy o'clock). So thats the next target for me - come up with a strategy for better quality sleep. The easiest target to start is reducing/removing beer/alcohol from my diet. I have been contemplating this for quite some time, maybe up to 9 months ago, when I first started running a lot. Drinking just ends in regret because I say or do something I wish I didn't, I get annoyed when I am trying to look after my son and I don't have my usual coordination, and I think is the main contributor to why I still have a bit of a belly (though I am down to 60kg, which is the lightest I have been for maybe 10 years). The hardest challenge will be to get some sleep while my son is still waking up a lot - I think that is something that I am going to have to live with and try to push through anyway.
  5. Collected. 2017 was a year of many fundamental changes for me - the foundation of which was GameQuitters/Respawn, then I have taken it to a whole new level of personal development now that I can't hide/waste time on games. My self awareness has developed to a point that I am proud of, so now my focus needs to shift on being more collected. More cool, calm, collected in stressful environments/scenarios. No more getting emotional, but being the rock that I want to be. Getting emotional only results in regret. I will continue to shape my personal development to achieve that this year.
  6. One of the main differences with Linux and Windows - or any other OS for that matter (except for maybe beOS, though I have never tried it) - is that it is far far more customizable, which is where you are struggling to get to grips with it. Because there is so many more things you can do to it and with it - it tends to get broken a lot more easily if you don't know what you are doing. If you've always been on Windows then you're used to a carebear sandbox that won't let you break anything, but yet also wont let you realize the full potential of hardware or modern day computing. I went through the same struggles myself - jumping back and forth between Windows and Linux whenever I got frustrated with either one - until I just "sat with it" on Linux; when I was frustrated about something instead of switching back to the sandbox, I persisted and sorted the problem out. Gradually I gained more and more confidence to feel comfortable using it all of the time. Now I'm the complete reverse - I forget how customizable it is so when someone around me is complaining about a limitation or issue with their system, my response was "what do you mean you can't change that?" or "that's a new feature for you? Linux/Android has had that for years". From my experience, the proprietary systems are on average 2 years behind - I assume that is due to a combination of priorities and/or extended testing so they don't get bad press from users breaking their system, or cutting down costs of customer service having to help them "unfix" things. Linux Mint is a good platform to transition from Windows as it is quite similar and is designed to be deployed on workstations - probably exactly what you're after. It's a bit too bloated for me - one of the main reasons I transitioned to Linux in the first place - probably because I have always tended to run lower end hardware. Python looks really good too - check out Scratch, which I think is a great program to help you learn python.
  7. Glad to help where I can Moegli. I will respond properly when I have a moment, but you made my day with your messages! Thought you were off the grid for good this time.
  8. I don't think my answer will be simple and may not value add, but privacy is a great topic that I love talking about thanks to my studies. First thing though, is that authenticity and privacy are two separate elements of you. You can be authentic but private AF. An example that I can think of is one of the reasons I fell so deep into the dark hole that is WoW is because of how small close knit my guild was and how they were really authentic with each other. I didn't tell them anything about myself - they knew my first name because a friend of mine was in the guild and felt it weird calling me anything else while on Ventrilo - and I didn't ask them anything about them either - but we were all quite close. I took it very hard when I quit WoW so long ago that I would miss those guys and the bond we shared - even though I could walk past them in the street and have NFI who they were. I know and/or have worked with people who are not authentic at all and I knew quite a lot about them, they were quite open, etc etc, and I respected them less than a bar of soap. So I don't think the two elements are connected at all - if those 1,500 posts were authentic and intentionally helpful and value adding to people's lives, who cares if you keep the vast majority of your life private, that's your call. For privacy - to me it falls into two categories - personal and data mining. Ignoring my upbringing and how my family kept a lot to themselves - even from each other - which made me tend to lean towards the conservative side of sharing information, I have found that being very open commonly does not value add. For example, when I was in college and then starting out in my job I shared a lot about myself and my past to try and help build friendships; but it didn't, all it did was provide fuel to people who lacked the self awareness to understand their actions. That may be an Australian thing - even @Cam Adair picked up on the 'tall poppy syndrome' while he was here - but it was also a contributing factor of why I despise Facebook. Facebook originally was designed for people to connect to each other - before it was an advertising platform - to get to know them and share information such as personal details or photos. What I found quite quickly is by doing that, people just tore it down, were overly critical; and then fabricated their lives to look better. What is the point of that? You can tend to see his IRL social circles too - everyone has been caught in that circle where they try to 'one up' or tell stories of how much better they are than the people around them. Who gives a fuck. From these two experiences I don't see the value in being very open with people unless I've worked out that their self awareness or emotional intelligence is at a point that it would be useful - which is generally after I have made them one of my close friends. For the record, I think I only have maybe two close friends right now I initially was embarrassed to be on the site and admitting that I had a problem and needed help etc etc - but it was no different to being embarrassed that I was wasting my life away by spending over 365 days online in MMOs, or when people asked what I had been up to on the weekend and couldn't really respond with "leveling up my druid" without sounding like a retard, so making up stories of what I was doing or who I was hanging out with or places that I would go to. I think what really broke through the glass for me was when I caught up with a friend during my Vegas trip that I had met online (no it wasn't a crazy overnight thing - we have been talking for almost 10 years), who I was a bit nervous about telling him I was midway through the detox (about day 45 on attempt 2 at that point). But I just laid it all out on the table and said I had given up on gaming because I thought it was not helpful anymore, and he was surprisingly supportive and mentioned he was trying to do something similar. That made me realise that we are not unique with these problems and people around you are probably going through similar things and would appreciate your support or input as well. Since then I have gone out of my way to help people and have been dubbed on more than one occasion, "the Australian Tony Robbins". So I guess that is the other side of the argument/coin. The second category is data mining, or 'big data'. Computing algorithms can work out every detail about you, or think they can work out every detail about you, for the pure single purpose of exploiting it for profit or control, by the amount of data people willingly (or unwillingly) provide over the internet. It is mind boggling and I can't believe people don't take it more seriously. Australia has more aggressive metadata mining/retaining laws/capability than the US - and the US has PRISM. That is scary. So why willingly put all this personal detail online, just so a mega corp can use it to work out when you should order new toilet paper? Or to work out that you are going to travel home for Christmas? Or how you are going to vote politically? (which has huge implications). I have been trying harder and harder to scrub my data from online and to surf more anonymously, but it is probably too late now. I heard a quote the other day on the Defensive Security podcast that "it has gone so far that we have lost total control of our own data". Not sure if that really was the answer you were looking for but quite happy to keep flapping my gums about it
  9. Have been a bit frustrated the last few days with a few things, so I have decided to try and fix what I can influence over. So, today, I am running in the morning for the first time in years. I hate running in the morning - but a combination of the heat during the day (35 degrees celsius yesterday - that's close to 100 fahrenheit I think), visitors, and my son's sleeping schedule I think this is the only window I have, so I need to grasp it with both hands. I do need to write a bigger journal entry to help me mindsweep, but this is a start! Here we go - 30km.
  10. Maybe I could take @Hitaru's beard and stick it on my head? Visitors leave next week so looking forward to having some personal time back!
  11. That beard is bad ass. I want one.
  12. Alright I have done all that, lets see how we go! Thanks. If the dramas continue I'll swap to a window manager I think.
  13. I literally lol'd hard. I always said whoever decided to move on from the 80s needs their head slapped! I share your perchance for retro things, I guess that is what drove me to linux, was to breathe new life into old hardware.
  14. I did realise yesterday that I haven't really contacted anyone since I started Christmas leave. It's been that time of year, focusing on family! That's the whole point right? Do need to run more.
  15. Your research skills must be ninja-like, @stablish. I am running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Unity and I just changed the system font to Sans (seems like a safe option) utilising the Unity Tweak Tool. uname output: Linux geepeedee 4.14.0-11-generic #gpd SMP Thu Oct 12 09:34:06 CEST 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux glxinfo output: server glx vendor string: SGI client glx vendor string: Mesa Project and SGI Vendor: Intel Open Source Technology Center (0x8086) OpenGL vendor string: Intel Open Source Technology Center lspci output: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Device 22b0 (rev 34) egrep output: var/log/Xorg.0.log [ 15.210] (II) intel(0): Using Kernel Mode Setting driver: i915, version 1.6.0 20170818 [ 15.508] (II) intel(0): Output DSI1 connected I haven't been able to replicate the issue today, it seems sporadic.