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  1. I hear a lot of podcasts advertise betterhelp.com They might be cheaper than seeing a professional in a clinic as it's entirely online.
  2. It sounds like you need help mate. Have you seen a therapist?
  3. Mate the fact that we're on this website means that we do not have the ability to regulate. Your plan of only playing a few hours a day is not going to last, as soon as your brain gets that hit of dopamine and enters the flow, you're not going to come out for hours. What you've described as needing more and more is exactly the feeling that alcoholics and drug addicts get, and guess what, they can't regulate either. I would be careful to say you are feeling depressed, that is a very big feeling that you may be confusing something else for. For example, I feel 'happier' when I get to watch
  4. I always feel like my brain is in a vice if I sleep too much. Have you tried monitoring the length/quality of your sleep? I used to use a really good app on Android for years but I can't remember it now, but fitbit and garmin also have ways to track your sleep. It will recommend how long you should be sleeping and what times to go to bed and wake up to get the most out of it. I can also schedule to wake you up in a high point of your sleep so you're less groggy. Try also drinking 500ml of water as soon as you wake up - you will be dehydrated and your brain is running on empty. The ma
  5. That's addiction mate, you love it, thats why you keep doing it, despite the damage or impact to everything else. I gave Pokemon Go there for a while, shortly after my first detox to 'help' me with motivation to get out and run. But I found it constantly took me out of the moment and I wasn't enjoying the run for what it was, so quit soon thereafter.
  6. @stablish I can no longer copy and paste quotes across journals - is there a new trick I need to do?
  7. Practice. You need to train your brain to be still and focus on reading, which is going to take time because it is not the same level of stimulus. A little bit every day and you'll get there. Don't get frustrated that you're not perfect or can't stay focused for eight hours at a time, but rather appreciate that you're improving slightly every day. You can focus for 5 minutes now, try again later for 6 minutes, then the next day for 7 minutes. You've proven you can focus on something for a very long time (youtube etc), so now you just need to redirect that.
  8. Day 58 Look at me go, two journal entries in a row. I've spent a lot of time thinking since my last journal entry, and in the last 24 hours as I try to avoid this assignment. I think I have been spending the last 3 years addressing symptoms, but not the underlying issue. I have done *some* work on the underlying issue, but I mainly have been trying to keep myself distracted or removed from succumbing to the symptoms, that is gaming and procrastination. The real focus of my work should be on avoidance (anxiety). Why do I feel so anxious when tasks come my way and look every which way to av
  9. Sometimes sitting and doing nothing and just thinking nothing can be the most productive of all.
  10. All the best, Comrade Commissar!
  11. Day 57 Another bit of a stint away from my journal. This time I really struggled to think of anything to write at all. Life has been quite uneventful. Maybe a formal structure would encourage the words to flow in those situations, but I did not enjoy forcing myself to follow a formal structure in my old journal. After a while I abandoned it completely and just went free flowing like I do now (though I do have reflections). I have a few days left and a bit of work to do on my last assignment for the year, so I will be hunkering down and getting as much as I can done on that for the short t
  12. We thank you for your service mate! You've got this. There will be good days and bad days, but the end result is the same: rebuilding a meaninful life.
  13. Day 52 Nothing significant to report. Just avoiding study. It's funny that now that I have cut out all the wasting time on my PC/phone, that my brain thinks of other things to waste time on. "Oh hey you should go see that person" or "hey you should read this thing" or "hey you should go do your washing". Don't get me wrong, they are all tasks that need to be done, but it's quite obvious my brain just does not want to sit and study. I have been using the "just sit with it" technique to try and force my brain to focus on it because I won't let it do anything else, but usually work gives me
  14. Mate you're making some huge changes and I am inspired. I remember those initial days where the is so much potential, it was very exciting. I hope you're all good now health-wise. That is one of our greatest assets, our health!