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  1. 162.2km! It took me far longer than his 24 hours because I injured my foot (he injured his too, but he had broken bones and I had ligaments), but I am so glad I did it.
  2. David Goggins inspired me to run 100 miles, so he's fantastic!
  3. Nope, I think it's in Brisbane, and I think I have only been to Brisbane once or twice. For sure buddy! I enjoy pottering around in the garden and the idea of growing your own food, but I am ultimately pretty bad at it. My long term goals include when I live in my own house again to have an aquaponics shed setup - that way you can grow your favourite fruit and vegetables all year around, season-independent. It can also be highly automated, removing the element of me stuffing it up!
  4. Is it bad that I have no idea who Tai Lopez is? Would you recommend his content?
  5. My boy Moegli! Glad to see you back mate. I have wondered on more than one occasion on how you were going, and deep down inside I wondered if you had gone back to the crutch of gaming, but I kept telling myself that it wasn't the case and you were too busy crushing it as a Dad. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get more out of your life. It is what drives me - achieving more with less. I think the initial detox really opens your mind to the world of personal development and the doors that it could open for you if you keep improving on it. I would thoroughly recommend jumping on some personal development podcasts. I am still huge on podcasts and find that I get at least one gem from each show that I can use, even just for a short moment so you don't fall into a rut or a repetitive routine. Everytime I do something that I feel does not contribute to my goals - TV, games, sleeping too much, watching too much sport, etc - then I get a bit ansy and feel like I am wasting my life again. I think you are going through the same thing. As for the tortellini - don't worry about it, there is too much gluten in it anyway! For getting the kiddos up early, remember when Bob was talking about the Miracle Morning? Try waking up earlier than your family and get yourself ready before they wake up. That way by the time they get up it doesn't matter what time it is, you're almost ready to go. You are probably achieving this already by getting up at 4am, but make sure those hours count. Shower, have breakfast, do some reading or some journalling or meditation, then start getting everything else ready - lunch for yourself, bags for the kids, washing/cleaning for your wife. I found that after a while of getting up early I tended to lose direction and didn't achieve much, which really calls into question why you're getting up early in the first place, so stay disciplined. Clearing your mind as soon as you wake up will really help with this, through meditation or else. As for the garden... mate mine is getting a bit out of control, can you nip around and work on it for me? 🤣
  6. Overcoming Regrets of Wasted Time
  7. "RunningQuitters.com If you find yourself making excuses to get out of social commitments to go running, or neglect your work or family responsbilities so you can sneak out for a quick 5km, then you've come to the right place. Click here for 50 hobby ideas to do inside!" I really only race against myself. I do get involved in the city marathons and its a great motivator to travel and see new places. Now that I have discovered virtual runners though that has slowed down a bit - which my bank balance is thanking me for it! I do get involved with Parkrun for the social aspect which is great, and I think there is some other social groups around here that I need to check out. I think we had another marathon runner here somewhere on the forums.
  8. It's been quite some time since I have been back on the forums! About eight weeks to be exact I think. It have been keeping myself moving and progressing with life - I hate the word busy after watching a TED talk on it being "the biggest excuse in the English language." It's so true though. Several people I have spoken to at work when they complain they are busy and can't achieve everything, I ask them, "what time did you get up in the morning?" or "how many hours did you sit in front of the TV today?" The answer mostly is along the lines of a) twenty minutes before work after hitting the snooze button three times, and b) 'only' 3 hours. When I hear someone say "I'm too busy right now", my brain instantly translates that to "This is not a priority for me." That's cool, we can't prioritise everything in life, in fact we need to choose when and where to be bad at something in order to focus on our priorities (eg I choose to be bad at sports so I can prioritise running, or I choose to be bad at social conversation about news or TV shows so I can prioritise my family), we need the awareness to accept that instead of simply complaining, which is the path of least resistance (and therefore most chosen). Going to work hard on rebuilding a routine of coming back onto the forums for at least 30 minutes a day, I found that when I was reading over journals and engaging in discussion here, it was when my personal development was at its highest. It hasn't been non-existent while I have been away, but has definitely slowed. It makes it a bit difficult when the "peer" group of posters/quitters that were around during my detox have all disappeared/moved on. I hope they are all doing well. I have brought my Marathon count up to 15 now. I am loving these virtual medals, it really encourages me to push through the pain barrier and bonking. If anyone is after a great motivation tool, you can find them here at http://www.virtualrunner.com.au.
  9. Boredom is an interesting frame of mind. Life isn't boring - there is so many things to do, from the productive to the relaxing/meditative, but rather if you want tasks or enjoying to fall into your lap, then when it doesn't happen you think life is "boring". I have found the less and less I use technology the less boring I have found life - there is such a great feeling from just being in the moment.
  10. Don't get hung up on this. There are millions of people who can manage alcohol but a portion who are alcoholics. Same with pain killers. Or porn. For some people the right buttons get triggered and you just can't turn it off. By bringing yourself down about it and wondering "why can't I deal with this?" achieves nothing. What makes this mindset even worse is those people who can manage it properly looking down on you and thinking you're a second-grade person. Ultimately, those people just lack emotional intelligence, something that if you follow this path to the end, you'll be well on your way to achieving to a high level, because you will confront your feelings or thoughts head on rather than hiding from them and stagnating.
  11. Hey TSL, I'm glad to see you keep getting back up and dusting yourself off after each hiccup rather than giving up, that's great! That's the Aussie Battler spirit 😉 If 90 days seems daunting, look at it in smaller chunks. Once you break through ~20 days you'll have a totally new routine that you will begin to wonder where you had time for gaming, and if you maintain that momentum it's all downhill from there.
  12. I ran 11km last night and 10km this morning. Spending the day time with my family and contemplating doing another 10km tonight if it stops raining! Tomorrow is the first day I've had to myself with no commitments for 2019, so not sure what I'll do with it. Maybe a early morning marathon? 😁 I think it might be time for GameQuitters first spin-off website, RunningQuitters! What do you think @Cam Adair?
  13. All the best mate! You have definitely come to the right place to find high quality support to discover the better you!
  14. Oh man, you had me at 386. Those memories... Welcome mate! It sounds like we are driven by the same things. You have the right reasons and the intent, so you've got this!
  15. Hi Lea! Glad to see another Aussie on the forums. Our numbers were greater a while back, so time for us to retake the forum :) Glad to see you have started your journey with the right intention! I look forward to following your progress, and if you want to chat to someone who has gone through the detox, I am always here to help and in the same timezone :)
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