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  1. Welcome Nix! Both to the forums and to down under 😎 Having gone through that process of letting games effect my grades at university, I understand the frustration and self-hate you are probably feeling right now! The first thing I would recommend is to get back on the study train is change your environment for where and how you are studying. For example, if you have a laptop at home that you study on, maybe switch to a library computer or set the laptop up somewhere other than your house. When I get urges now, I try to put myself in an environment that not only will I not naturally fire up a game (or need to steps to achieve it), but somewhere where I can be held accountable by other people, eg in a library you have the other people there trying to be quiet as well or the librarians saying you can't game there. That at least starts to get your foot in the door, and really, once you have your foot in the door you are off to the races. Unless you have been expelled, you can recover from this. By going from a fail to really good grades within the space of one semester will really show them what you are capable of as well.
  2. Any area that encourages or facilitates "anonymous keyboard warriors" is going to be a cesspool. Social media has given us the impression that we are entitled to an opinion and everyone wants to hear it (and that it is right). Social media has a lot to answer for!
  3. You got this Moegli! I am glad you are not too hard on yourself. If you stick around in San Fran long enough, they might throw a 49ers jersey on you! I heard their QB situation is not very good. My relapses were in the same situations, thinking "sweet, nothing to do for a few days, no guilt here!" but the guilt is always there after hitting the X button. Besides, there is always something to do when you have kids, right? Cleaning, chores, prepping, planning. No time to waste!
  4. Don't cut off everything at the start, eg no net surfing, as you will begin to resent it and because you'll be making so many changes at once, it might be hard to see what ones are actually effective and work the best. Maybe start with not surfing on gaming sites, but still doing some recreational surfing or personal development, then go from there. You'll get better at it the more you practice. What course are you studying?
  5. How did you go? Get your morning exercise sorted? Doing exercise in the morning before work/school does require a lot of discipline and to have your life sorted the night before - both aspects that aren't very common so you won't see many people voluntarily choosing to do exercise in the morning. Start on episode 14 of the GQ podcast, there are some very helpful guys on that one 😉
  6. Change your environment. Go for a walk, get away from your desk, go to a different room, do some dishes, heck even watch tv if all else fails.
  7. Reading. Listening to podcasts, particularly productivity ones so I can sleep on them overnight rather than rushing into them hap-hazardly, I find they stick a lot better that way. Stretching - having a shower then a good solid 30 minutes stretching always makes me feel so limber at the morning, which helps spring you out of bed and eager to get on with the day - especially if your morning routine includes exercise of some description. I tried journalling at night as well but really lacked motivation to do it effectively, so I don't recommend it. Doing the dishes is another good one while listening to a podcast - nothing makes me roll my eyes more than waking up in the morning and seeing a trashed kitchen.
  8. Find a new hobby as #1. Like, a brand new one, not one you already had. That way you need to put a bit of effort into it every day or so to get better at it, and you get the feedback loop of improving over those 90 days. Kind of replacing the digital feedback loop with an actual feedback loop.
  9. I thoroughly recommend episode 14. Some awesome people covering some big hitting topics. I recommend a glass of red wine and a comfy lounge chair to listen to it while the sun sets for maximum effect.
  10. @Moe Smith - I am super pumped to hear you have had a great breakthrough. This will lift a massive weight off your shoulders, and give you more capacity to focus on personal development and your family, leading to more breakthroughs! If your current company merely matches the offer, I'd recommend to still go. If I was in your shoes (US size 9? I could maybe try a 9.5 at a stretch if you're that much bigger than me) then I would only stay if they gave a nice premium over the top of that offer to try and account for how they treated you so far. If they don't, just thank them for their time and move on to the next chapter of your life. Maybe one day when you reach the lofty heights of needing an EA, give me a yell 😉
  11. Mate, sounds like you have made a very important and intelligent first step! That is the hardest step to make. Now it's all about one foot after the other. In relation to how to fill the time, you will be initially blown away by how much spare time you have without firing up games. It can be almost overwhelming, which causes people to relapse and go back to filling it with gaming. The way I got around with it is with concepts from the Millionaire Morning. Now I caveat this with not actually having read the Millionaire Morning, but after reading and listening to so many books that keep referring to the principles of it. Anyway, get up early and before start getting ready for the day, make a list of things you want to achieve. You can break them down into what you want to achieve in a year, a month, a week, and a day. Then break those down into bite size tasks to get there. Using running as an example because that's my go-to and you mentioned it, lets say your yearly goal is to run a marathon. TO achieve that, you should try to run a bit or exercise every day. So your daily tasks now includes doing some exercise. Once you have done that (this may take some time for the first time you do it, I got a life/leadership coach to help initially) then you will have quite a healthy list of daily tasks. If you tell yourself, hey you can't play games or waste time/consume content until it's all done for the day, your productivity will be huge. Before long, you'll find the day is over and you haven't had any spare time to even consider gaming. Of course that is an overly simple way of explaining it, and you will have to tailor it to your own circumstances/style, but I am happy to keep helping you as you progress through your journal! All the best mate.
  12. Saw a picture of you on the internet today Moe-gli! Here it is. Mate, people like that are in every work environment. I used to be amazed how they got as far as they did without improving or becoming emotionally intelligent/stable with their age and wisdom, or at least semi-self aware, but all it did was get me frustrated. Now I just focus that energy on improving myself and I take notes whenever they do dumb stuff like childish tantrums or inappropriate behaviour, and refer to those notes regularly on what I don't want to be.
  13. I'll check out Scott and Rich, I haven't heard of those guys. 100 miles isn't even the pinnacle... there are 260mile races in Europe and a ~130 mile through the Himalayas (I think it was).
  14. 162.2km! It took me far longer than his 24 hours because I injured my foot (he injured his too, but he had broken bones and I had ligaments), but I am so glad I did it.
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