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  1. giblets

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Good to see you sticking with it mate 👍
  2. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    Someone has to keep you in line @Cam Adair 😉
  3. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    I'm still here! I have been keeping myself on the move since I last posted (avoiding using the excuse 'busy'). So what's been happening. Having too kids is far more time consuming than I expected. While with my son I still found time to smash games as much as I could, it is not an option now even if I wanted to. If I am not taking care of my son while the wife deals with #2, I am doing chores in the background while she does that. I am puzzled how people with three or more kids can handle it, but I gather it is a bit of practice and efficiency, and a bit of delegation to said kids. It's all a blast though, and underlines why parents (or Dads mostly) would feel that urge to go away from gaming all together to maximise energy for their kids. I have finally started getting back into running. While conducting Spanish lessons with @Arch he made a comment when I said I was struggling a little - "have you still been exercising?" I have found it a challenge to prioritise running over the last month or so, which I think is from a bunch of different causes, but the main underlying one is I needed a new goal. I met up with a fellow runner the last few days and we were talking about doing a 100 mile run. This has been enough to get me to get back out there again. I haven't done one of my extended runs that I did prior to the trail, keeping my distances to 10km or less, but this weekend (Saturday to be exact) I intend getting back out there and stretch to 20km. Finished studies for first semester and passed with a credit. Not as good as previous semester which I was hoping for, but I found the content far more challenging. I learnt quite a lot more this semester though so that is the silver lining. This leaves one subject to go - I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, which has only seemed achievable since the detox. Have started reading a new book as well to get me kick started out of my previous slump - Finish by Jon Acuff. Very powerful so far and I am only about half way through. I am really connecting with the content and looking forward to implementing some of his tasks to keep me moving at work and progressing. Earmarked to read a second time. @JustTom I think I have tried RescueTime before but I had technical challenges with it. The mobile version needs Google Services and from memory the desktop version needs Chrome. I don't have either of those pieces of software. It is the #1 recommendation I generally receive though. What I do know is my manual system was not working at all! I think it is possible to set up a notebook to carry that I can annotate throughout the day, as long as I make it easy and convenient so my brain doesn't give up.
  4. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    I am contemplating conducting a "non-productive" detox. I have been thinking about this for a while, to take the detox even further and cut out anything that is not contributing to personal or professional development, eg phone, tv, radio, podcasts, reading, etc etc etc. I think I would get a lot out of it, especially with what I want to do it next year. There are two barriers I see to this that I need to overcome though, 1) some kind of way to measure my time usage throughout the day - the previous spreadsheet plan didn't work because it was too cumbersome to update on the go, so I assume the most effective then will be something on my phone; and 2) a way to be ok/accept that family time is not "dead" time. I know it isn't and I do enjoy spending time with them, but at the end of the day my brain gets frustrated as I have nothing to show for my time. Once I learn how to tackle both those barriers I am away with detox #2. Excited!
  5. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    I'll let you know when the drives are back from the "shop" @stablish. The good news is there is no physical damage to the drives, looks like a partition/logic error. Fingers crossed they can get the data back.
  6. giblets

    RUNNERS: How do I train my legs properly?

    Hi Dylan, I've done 7 marathons since my detox so I have learned a few things along the way - the biggest thing I have learned so far is that there is a lot of crap online! A lot of it is tailored towards elite runners though, which are those people who run all day every day and win the prize money at races. It all depends on what you want to achieve and how you are running. If you are into running for fitness, aka low to mid intensity over an hour or so every 2 days, then there isn't much else you need to do. If you haven't run for a long time then you're going to have sore legs often and this will get better with the more miles you put into them. Make sure you are giving yourself rest days - I'm a "boots and all" type of person no matter what I do - and I didn't get myself enough rest days when I started out. Don't follow a rigid routine of when to have rest days or when not to, because you want to be able to get out there when the inspiration hits you. Rather let your body tel you, if you wake up one morning and can't move, take the day off, or go for a walk or hit the pool instead. Bike is also an option but I found that if my legs were sore, getting on the bike did not help it at all. The only time you need to get into the gym to supplement your training is if you're doing endurance and/or a lot of hills. For endurance, the longer you run the more you are inclined to change your style as your muscles get tired, and that is where you're going to pick up your injuries. For example, I inflamed my ITB recently in a 100km race when my hamstrings got tired so I changed my running style about 50km in. The end result was knee issues I have only just got over. You'll wear out faster on the hills and have the same result. To help overcome this, weighted squats and deadlifts with high weight low reps will build them up. But if you bring that into your training routine too early, then you'll be too sore to run and defeat the whole plan, so I would avoid that until you are running 5-6 times a week. For recovery, I have tried ice baths and stretches and all the other crazes, and what works best by far is hot espon salt baths. Not sure what brands you have in Canada eh, but we have Radox down here, and I'll jump in one the day after a long run. They are amazing - I had about 4 of them in the 48 hours after the 100km and I was back to normal (almost). For shoes - get checked out on whether you have high arches, normal, or flat footed. I got checked out by a podiatrist but I am pretty sure a lot of shoe shops can do it for you as well. Once you have worked that out, get shoes in the range for that type of foot. I am flat footed so I have very thick and 'aggressive' orthodics. Then just choose a pair of shoes that you prefer in that range - it's personal preference from there. Hope that helps mate, and happy to talk about it some more to make me feel useful! I have put more hours into running in the last year that I am willing to admit! If you keep up your training, you can join the GameQuitters relay team for 100 miles. Still working on details but what we do know is @Cam Adair is going to be the anchor runner to bring it home
  7. giblets

    JustTom's Journal

    Great move with your gaming mouse. I have been searching to try and find a use for mine since it cost so much, but I am coming up donuts. I have tried mapping the extra buttons to OS functions but haven't been able to work it out - maybe @stablish might have an idea? Other than that, the destination is eBay!
  8. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    Have been challenged to write anything interesting the last few days - have just been focused on catching up on reports and chores that I had neglected while I was studying and doing preparations for the next few weeks. The most valuable event that has occurred since my last post is a meeting with my leadership mentor. I am getting more and more out of these meetings these days - I am not entirely sure what I can associate that with. I assume it is improvements in self awareness that is making me more receptive. At a minimum what the meetings do is force me to sit and reflect on how I am progressing - sort of like a meditation session. I still don't have a good routine for meditation, I have tried a lot of different angles but can't seem to get something to stick. Open for suggestions!
  9. giblets

    Ending to a New Beginning (90 detox)

    I don't think those World Cup issues are isolated to you, there is an uproar over here from people not being able to watch it through the rights holder as their connection has consistently dropped out. I think they said there has not been a game yet without some kind of issue. If you've paid for it I would chase a refund!
  10. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    Yesterday was a s-t-r-uggle to get out of bed. I stayed up way too late the night before and because I can't sleep in (thanks son) it takes me a few days to recover. I am feeling better today but I had to resort to caffeine to get myself going - I am still annoyed/frustrated that I am addicted to caffeine. It is a relatively harmless drug I guess but I don't like the notion of being addicted to anything anymore. I have tried drinking large amounts of water in the morning to see if the main cause was dehydration but I weirdly just get bored of it and it makes it hard to motivate myself to stay strong and force myself to do it. Symptoms of addiction I guess. Looking forward to starting up Spanish with @Arch! that will give me something extra to do to force myself to keep productive. Achieving a lot at work now too that my mind is not split in several directions. I got a few reports out yesterday that were sitting in my to do list for six weeks, and today I am going to go in early (once everyone else is awake) to start early before everyone else turns up and set the tempo. I really do get a kick out of being productive which is great. I have begun having thoughts about doing the 100km run again. Or a 100 mile in the states. What is driving me is being frustrated with the time that I got - which is similar to why I kept doing marathons. The challenge I face is the timeline to achieve them - if I push for early next year or end of this year I would have to find one in a different country I think (such as the states), or if I wait until 2020 then that is a long time to stay really fit and focused for. I would be so well prepared for it though. I need to spend some more time thinking about it, which I might do this weekend. Check into my favourite library and either read up on it or just reflect where there is no distractions.
  11. giblets

    Brad's Journal

    Mate I have the same problems. This weekend has been really bad as I have realised that the majority of the people I interact with are work colleagues. I don't think I have my own 'tribe' or circle of friends outside of work, which I really need. Work friends are shit, all they ever want to do is talk about work and if you have heated debates then it impacts the workplace. I have tried many times to get or build a circle outside of work but it never seems to work. I always feel like I am on the outside looking in as by my age everyone has established their tribes and I'm just the outsider.
  12. giblets

    JustTom's Journal

    That picture is fantastic! Putting it up on my wall.
  13. giblets

    Ending to a New Beginning (90 detox)

    Congrats on the 90 days mate! Apologies I am a bit late to the party - hopefully you are feeling great! How is the Spanish going? Are you quite fluent by now? I have tried to pick it up several times in the past, so if you want to practice with a study partner I am keen!
  14. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    Studies are finished for the semester, so I am looking forward to prioritizing this journal over the next few weeks. The challenge will be to stay productive and attack my pile of chores and to do lists rather than just waste the next few weeks. I do need to work out how to manage the anxiety and stress over the assignment deadlines though. It really gripped and crippled me on several occasions this semester and I really did not enjoy it - it took the focus away from learning and personal development and more towards damage control/panic prevention etc. First step - sort out my hard drives and set up the backup script with @stablish help!
  15. giblets

    Giblet's Journal

    Sorry I didn't respond before now @JustTom, I have been focusing really heavily on my studies over the last month. Didn't suffer from either depression or escapism. I got anxiety really bad because I never dealt with it for the last 5 years, so removing gaming really forced me to face that. Initially I was a little worried I wouldn't have anything to talk about with colleagues, but with the amount of podcasts I consume I seem to be relatively up to date with world affairs. Depression was around before I went on the detox as I thought I was wasting my life. Maybe it was not depression but more remorse or regret, but it had similar effects anyway. Because one of the drivers to go through the detox was to free up more time for studying and family, I made sure that time was used exactly for that rather than escaping through TV/movies/etc. I utilised Jocko Willink to help me embrace that mentality, and have several of his episodes saved as favourites on my phone that I replay often or get the urge to procrastinate. Not cravings per se now, more thoughts of nostalgia. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between the two, but Cam's videos really helped. I compared it to the nostalgia I have over old friends and being back at school etc, while they are great to think about the 'good old times', nothing I am going to do will bring those back. Same with the games, its great to think about but even if I fired up those old games, it is not going to recapture the feeling I had the first time I played them.