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  1. No I don't, but I am sure that if I did then I would be either able to keep it that low or get even lower. It's one aspect that I never got right and really wish I did, but I just see it as being a whole lot of work and not being able to enjoy the finer things in life.
  2. Less than 10% body fat! Wow thats a big task. I think the lowest I got down to was 8.5% and that was some heavy training. If you have the time for it, good luck! And remember - don't skip leg day.
  3. Looking good mate! That was an intense video
  4. I had this initially because I felt "that I couldn't have fun anymore" and "what was the point if I couldn't enjoy life". It's a case of finding new things to enjoy or have fun with. I know that's a bit of an ambiguous statement or a bit of a cop-out, but that's the solution. Now I see spending time with my family my "reward" or simply enjoying the back deck with a coffee and the sun without having any nagging thoughts in the back of my mind of what I need to do or what I have been avoiding. Like anything, this will take practice mate. You're in a bit of a lull, and the detox will have several, but you'll feel amazing once you emerge on the other side.
  5. This. I was about to post the same thing. Understand the difference between nostalgia and the desire to play games. I really enjoy my nostalgia now, and it's a great conduit with old friends I thought I had to cut myself off from. We could have great conversations like "remember that time when we did X" or "beat boss Y" and have a few laughs. But afterwards recognise that's not what you do anymore and you're onto bigger and greater things. You will be surprised how understanding your friends will really be.
  6. It's practice. Jocko Willink's podcast got me motivated to getting up early, and ensuring that i was productive with my time. The first step is getting into the habit of getting up early, and then once that is ingrained, become aware of what you're doing with your time. I always ask myself "is this task worth giving up sleep for?" If the answer is no, then move onto something that is worth getting up for. It's a muscle just like anything else, you need to keep working on it before it becomes second nature. If you lapse into allowing yourself to hit the snooze button or to do other things apart from working, then that will become habit too.
  7. I tried Pokemon Go when I was trying to get big into running as a substitution for gaming. I found that while it was fun initially, it kept "taking me out of the moment" and I felt that I wasn't focused on the exercise, and it would distort my performance as I would stop to spin or adjust my route to one that went past gyms. I even got one of those goTCHA armbands that would spin for you so I could stay "focused", but ultimately found that didn't make it feel better. So i just moved on from it. To answer your question about mental health, because video games are escapism, yes people use them to deal with mental health. But, if will not make it better; at best you will "remain the same" with it all, as you are not focusing on the issues and how to deal/overcome them.
  8. I hear a lot of podcasts advertise betterhelp.com They might be cheaper than seeing a professional in a clinic as it's entirely online.
  9. It sounds like you need help mate. Have you seen a therapist?
  10. Mate the fact that we're on this website means that we do not have the ability to regulate. Your plan of only playing a few hours a day is not going to last, as soon as your brain gets that hit of dopamine and enters the flow, you're not going to come out for hours. What you've described as needing more and more is exactly the feeling that alcoholics and drug addicts get, and guess what, they can't regulate either. I would be careful to say you are feeling depressed, that is a very big feeling that you may be confusing something else for. For example, I feel 'happier' when I get to watch videos or chill out and do nothing all day. But that is not being happy, it is my brain getting the dopamine or reward it wants. What we need to do, and the 90 day detox is designed for (which has a lot of scientific support), is to redesign our brain for what it sees as a reward. What you're feeling as 'depression' is your brain thinking it has not had a reward. So I would say, and I am no expert, that you are addressing the symptoms and not the cause or underlying problem; only you can answer what that is but will require some reflection. It could be that you don't have any social connections away from your computer, but gaming fulfills that. It could be that you can't see any progression in your life, so gaming fulfills that. It could be that you simply do not know how to enjoy anything else, and gaming fulfills that. Until you go cold turkey and force your brain to start being in the moment and looking for other things for enjoyment, such as personal development, relationships with friends and family, progression with fitness, etc; then you're never going to be free of the cravings and never going to be able to move on.
  11. I always feel like my brain is in a vice if I sleep too much. Have you tried monitoring the length/quality of your sleep? I used to use a really good app on Android for years but I can't remember it now, but fitbit and garmin also have ways to track your sleep. It will recommend how long you should be sleeping and what times to go to bed and wake up to get the most out of it. I can also schedule to wake you up in a high point of your sleep so you're less groggy. Try also drinking 500ml of water as soon as you wake up - you will be dehydrated and your brain is running on empty. The majority of society confuse this with caffeine withdrawals and drink coffee - which is a diuretic and makes the situation worse.
  12. That's addiction mate, you love it, thats why you keep doing it, despite the damage or impact to everything else. I gave Pokemon Go there for a while, shortly after my first detox to 'help' me with motivation to get out and run. But I found it constantly took me out of the moment and I wasn't enjoying the run for what it was, so quit soon thereafter.
  13. @stablish I can no longer copy and paste quotes across journals - is there a new trick I need to do?
  14. Practice. You need to train your brain to be still and focus on reading, which is going to take time because it is not the same level of stimulus. A little bit every day and you'll get there. Don't get frustrated that you're not perfect or can't stay focused for eight hours at a time, but rather appreciate that you're improving slightly every day. You can focus for 5 minutes now, try again later for 6 minutes, then the next day for 7 minutes. You've proven you can focus on something for a very long time (youtube etc), so now you just need to redirect that.