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  1. JustTom

    Journey to my white coat

    Inspiring! 🔥🔥💯💯
  2. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Day 66/90 | Overslept: Yes | Pomodoros: 21 Assignment submitted. I only didn't manage 1 small part worth 4/100 points. Though I skipped working on the other course on monday, so tomorrow class is gonna be interesting. I'm dead tired so I can't even be arsed to cry about the fact that the second AI assignment is due in 12 days and it's supposed to be harder than the first one lmao.
  3. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Day 65/90 | Gaming Content Detox: 0/25 | Overslept: Yes | Pomodoros: 19 WINNABLE
  4. JustTom

    Karabas's Journal: Part 2

    I've also caught myself doing this once. During a time when I wasn't watching many videos at all, I just started watching this guy's travel vlogs and fantasizing about seeing all these places for myself, getting to know the people, just enjoying life, I was looking at prices of rent in different cities etc. Day-dreaming, basically. After a few days, I just got tired of it and moved on. Might not be a big deal.
  5. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Day 64/90 | Gaming Content Detox: 0/25 | Overslept: Yes | Pomodoros: 0 Meh. Same situation as yesterday except I didn't start working, but overslept instead. I'm pulling out my trump card of skipping tomorrow's business classes and team project work to instead work on the AI assignment. Deadline is on Tuesday at 23:59. All is on the line now, if I can't mobilize in this scenario, then I never will. Also, because I spent the day watching youtube, reading reddit and feeling helpless, the cravings have returned. Good thing I have such unbelievably shitty internet in my room that it takes 10+ hours to download the game I wanted, otherwise I would have probably relapsed by now. Anyways... WINNABLE! ****************************************** @Deku @karabas thanks my dudes, I will not disappoint tomorrow!
  6. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Day 63/90 | Overslept: No! | Pomodoros: 12 + social Mid-day update: I didn't oversleep! Despite going to sleep super late to work(and procrastinate)! Then I watched one ep of a TV series and started working. The dream is alive! 😄 Evening update: Nobody was going to the uni today, so I also stayed home and amazingly, managed to make good progress with the assignment on my own, with just small questions over text. There was quite a bit of procrastination, but considering I was home, it was not bad. I'm going to a small house party tonight even though I can't really afford it time-wise. The reason is that pretty much all my classmates are going there, so it's totally worth it even if just for the teambuilding. I will make sure to not get drunk and get home not too late. As long as I get up tomorrow and with a little bit of help, I might be able to finish the assignment by night-time. Then I'll spend monday working on the other course and tuesday is for final revisions and writing the report. This requires absolute focus and at least 12 hours of work on Sunday. WINNABLE!
  7. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Day 62/90 | NoSurf Detox: 0/90 | Overslept: Yes | Pomodoros: 12 4 more days until the deadline, one of which I have to spend on the other course. It would be do-able if I was able to put in 10 hours per day at least, but I'm not even close soooooooo, it's looking bleak but hey, I'll do my best! Today I concluded that my problem is not "waking up" at all. I often wake up quite refreshed. The problem is that I don't start moving and don't make the decision to go out. Even if just for a walk. Will try my hardest tomorrow.
  8. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Yeah the problem is that I need to not only pass the phase, but also pass the course 😄 anyways I don't seem to be making progress with oversleeping, I just go back to bed no matter what.
  9. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Day 61/90 | NoSurf Detox: 0/90 | Overslept: Yes | Pomodoros: 0 I just couldn't get out of bed. Massive anxiety, ruminating thoughts, fear, disappointment, what have you. Spent the day watching youtube on the phone, alone in my dark room. I will ask my friend to help me with the assignment tomorrow again(if I can get up and get to the uni). I hate to desperately beg for help, but that's all I'm capable of doing, apparently. I have to finish it in just 4 days and I'm barely half-way in.I just keep giving up, every day. So far, this is looking like a complete failure.
  10. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Day 60/90 | NoSurf Detox: 1/90 | Overslept: No | Pomodoros: 20 Great, productive day, but I'm still behind. Tomorrow I got no class in the morning, so let's see if using the digital alarm instead of the phone helps. Most importantly, I need to make the DECISION to put on clothes, pack up and go, no hanging around! The next 4 days will decide the fate for these two months
  11. Today I'm exactly 2 months into the detox, but I can't help but get excited for certain new games that are coming out in 2019, all from companies that made games that I loved previously. As part of my gaming detox, I'm also trying to eliminate content consumption such as mindless reddit browsing and binge-watching youtube, but this is much harder than simply uninstalling games and not playing, therefore news of my favorite games still get to me and then OF COURSE I have to watch the gameplay trailer right? And then read all the rumors, listen to some random dude talking about the lore of the world or whatever, just wasting more time. Maybe if I didn't browse reddit/youtube, this wouldn't happen, but that's easier said than done. Currently, it is my intention to play at least one of the games I'm anticipating in 2020, which is an offline single-player story-based game so it does have an ending point after which I can quit. At that point, I will have long finished my 90 days detox. Not sure if I should change my mentality to forget about all games forever or not. I do have other hobbies as well as a passion or two and if I find that the game interferes with them in an unhealthy way, it's clear what needs to be done, but right now I'm still deep into my detox and so I find myself fantasizing about playing future games one day. I am 99% confident I will successfully finish this detox, but what to do after? Experiences? Thoughts?
  12. JustTom

    Journey to my white coat

    @karabas Oh we responded at the same time haha, that's some advice overload right there! 😄 Did you really ask her to marry you after a few conversations? That's pretty extreme compared to western standards huh
  13. JustTom

    Just 1 more game! Ex SC2 addict....

    Good decision to start a journal, it will help you with consistency tremendously. I also played sc2 a lot, it's crazy how the community is motivating itself to push for higher rank, to improve, believe in yourself, ignore the nay-sayers, work hard every day, research strategy, hustle, don't falter if you are on a losing streak etc. And yet all this is just to gain an arbitrary rank that nobody cares about. Although these are good skills to use in real life, I find it so bizarre how delusional the starcraft community is about where to apply them.
  14. JustTom

    Journey to my white coat

    Don't worry about it my dude. Do progress for yourself, not for a girl you barely know. It's fine to use it as motivation, but don't get attached or beat yourself up for getting rejected. Dating is in many ways a numbers game - some people like you, some people don't and there's little you can do about it. In fact, you can, but that requires long-term effort to improve social skills, which only supports the frame of not getting attached to a single girl. Don't forget that it's called "social SKILL" for a reason. Like any other skill, it can stay the same, it can be degraded if you don't use it, or it can be improved if you deliberately take steps to do so. Humor, attraction, storytelling, confidence, spontaneity, all these are just skills.
  15. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Day 59/90 | NoSurf Detox: 0/90 | Overslept: Yes | Pomodoros: 10 Midday update: There are no freebie wakeups anymore. I've come to the mental point, where I'm capable of oversleeping through important things like classes or doctor appointments. So from now on, I will get full-length sleep and execute the evening routine every night. Night update: Aight I'm going to sleep super late again, BUT I purchased a digital alarm, so now I will have neither my laptop, neither my phone in the room in the morning. Gotta go to class, then hustle and then get full 8 hours tomorrow night. Can you do this Tom? Can you be a real human being capable of basic functions? Please? Just one time? Let's see. NoSurf Detox: No YouTube No Reddit No TV shows/movies/anime The only allowed thing: stand-up comedy while I eat