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  1. JustTom

    Every day is a new day

    Good job! I feel like the social aspect of gaming was a big pull for you, so this is something you need to be very cautious of, and to not rationalize going back to gaming with "meeting friends". Keep going!
  2. JustTom

    Rualani's Journal

    I fantasize about doing this exact thing. I wonder if there's people doing it regularly?
  3. JustTom

    Relapsing to different things

    That's a good first step 🙂
  4. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Full Detox Day 33/90 | Got up: No | Pomodoros: 0 Ok so the party was alright yesterday, but even though I didn't drink too much, I wasn't able to muster the motivation to get up in the morning, lied to my aide and slept until ~19:00. It's amazing that I am physically able to do that, but that's me I guess. So once again I'll have to stay up throughout the night to reset my sleep schedule. I'm already at the university, so I won't procrastinate too much or fall asleep, BUT... I have just about 0 motivation to work right now. *********************************************************************************************************** @Silverlining It's more like thinking "She's the one", but in an irrational way. It's getting needy, getting anxious or stressed over sending messages, being overly attached etc. It's an emotional connection that did not come from abundance, but rather from scarcity. "Having a crush on someone" can be healthy, but it can also be toxic if the main reason for the crush is that the girl/guy just happens to be interested and is attractive enough. There's more to it of course, but I don't want to delve too deep into personal experiences here. Thanks, I will! 🙂 No, I take it very occasionally. Partly because I don't want to build resistance, and partly because the effects have not been well-studied, so regular use might have some negative effects we don't know about. Thanks brother. Today sucks, but in general, I'm improving really fast!
  5. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Full Detox Day 32/90 | Got up: Yes | Pomodoros: 19 + social Morning update: Got up again! BAM! What you got, blankets? WHATCHA GOT?? Evening update: Very unproductive pomodoros due to commuting and switching between various random tasks, but still put in the time and effort that's what matters. I will try my hardest to get up tomorrow, but I will not guilt myself if I don't since I'm going out and will go to bed very late. We'll see. Oh no no, it's a very different kind. Too many people have it and are not aware though! Thanks! I appreciate it. I'm not only working hard on my daily habits, hustle discipline, health and social contact, but I also got some external results, which don't necessarily always come, so I'm very happy about that.
  6. JustTom

    Relapsing to different things

    And what's your step-by-step strategy to make that vision a reality?
  7. JustTom

    Relapsing to different things

    What's your vision for life?
  8. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Full Detox Day 31/90 | Got up: Yes | Pomodoros: 21 + gym Updating at noon just to proudly announce that I got up on my own, did 31 push-ups and went to the uni. I'm feeling fantastic! Evening update: Absolutely crushed it. I'm feeling much more confident, grounded and excited at the same time. I'm starting to feel my old care-free spirit and spunkiness returning. Although I do feel a lot of symptoms of oneitis. Which is also a reason why I'm going out with a buddy tomorrow as well - should alleviate some of it. The worst disease of all. Avoid at all costs, hehe 😄
  9. JustTom

    Looking for German speaking people.

    Vielleicht könnte ich auch teilnehmen! Ich hab deutsch für 5 Jahre nicht benutzen, aber es könnte eine gute Gelegenheit zu üben sein^^
  10. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Full Detox Day 29/90 | Got up: Yes | Pomodoros: 0 + chores + social Full Detox Day 30/90 | Got up: No | Pomodoros: 14 Although day 29 looks bad stats-wise, it was actually fantastic. This week, I will focus really hard on getting up. As long as I master this elusive skill, I will be complete. I do intermittent fasting, so I don't eat breakfast. This is some kind of mental issue though - like a fear of starting the day, confronting reality. Every morning, I do 30+ pushups - that completely wakes me up, but sometimes I don't make the decision to go out anyways. With the help of my aide, I'm slowly making progress though.
  11. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Full Detox Day 28/90 | Got up: Didn't sleep | Pomodoros: 34 Haha. Yes, I actually did 17 hours of work. And quite productive pomodoros too. Resetting my sleep schedule. I'm so hyper-excited for tomorrow I can't think. But maybe I'm just tired. Probably just tired. I also opened up a private 'journal' to document notable moments and social life, now that I'm slowly gaining some. If I get up consistently throughout the week, I will be able to work enough to afford even more. While the business is on hold, I might as well enjoy life a little bit! @karabas Yah I'll just keep being vigilant. Although progress with youtube and reddit is quite slow nowadays, I think it's fine as long as it's getting better - and it is. Some days I really just don't care to consume more because I'm so motivated to actually live. I think these 0-days will eventually stop happening naturally.
  12. JustTom

    Jay's Epic Journey

    I'm sure the reasons are strong enough. They are just not emotionally charged enough. I'd suggest two things: Make them more specific - instead of "I want to be more healthy", say for example "I want to have 10% body fat in a year". Or instead of "I want to be more social" say "I want to be meeting 1 new girl every two weeks". Visualize them - just sit down and visualize yourself having achieved those goals, one by one. Not just the imagery, but also the emotion, how awesome it will be, how you will feel, try to immerse yourself in the fantasy. Then, visualize the road towards those goals the same way. What I like to do is visualize my life 15 years ahead, then 10, then 5, then 1, and then visualize the next day(or right after I'm done with the visualization). If you want a really good pump-up as well, incorporate some fist-pumping, power-poses, smiling, jumping, anything physical - this will change your state immediately and coupled with the visualization, will leave you motivated as fuck.
  13. JustTom

    Jay's Epic Journey

    Remind yourself why you're doing this. The inconvenience and uncomfortable feelings are a very small price to pay for the goals you're going to achieve! Keep up the good job!
  14. JustTom

    Every day is a new day

    Although of course, it's good to make things as easy as possible, be careful to not follow this principle in general. Sometimes, you gotta push through even if you're tired, even if you don't feel like it, even if you're in a bad mood, even if the environment or the money or opinions of others are not just right. This is what distinguishes the good from the great - excelling at times when other people would quit. I don't mean to preach, just my 2 cents 😄
  15. JustTom

    Dear Diary...

    Good attitude! In a sense, you can be glad that your response is anger, rather than depression. It indicates that you automatically fight back, rather than succumb to fear. You can transfer this into a very strong drive to pull you forward.