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Tom2's 2nd attempt


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Day 18

- I did my best. I'm happy today. I want to study 5 hours tomorrow. Almost finished online lecture of 'surveying'.



- I've been studying for almost 201 hours since I started my first attempt. I want to make my average daily study time from 2:45 to 4 hours. I also want to be more consistent from now on. It's very interesting when I see these graphs.

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Day 21 - Studied for 5.5 hours

It was soso. I shouldn't have watched a lot of Youtube videos. And I should not cling to details when I study. This habit slows me down so much and makes me tired. That's why I justified watching Youtube videos. I'll do better tomorrow. Everyday can't be perfect. Tomorrow I want to reach 7 hours again! I think I can do it because that's exactly what I did yesterday. It'll be awesome if I can achieve that goal.

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Day 22 - was great!

- It's 12:16 am and I'm so tired because I pushed myself to the limit today. I'm really proud of what I've done today!

- The goal was actually 7 hours of studying, but I had to work for a few hours and have dinner with my family.(Didn't include that time in my graph) So, the goal is in fact, achieved!

- I haven't noticed until now that I only did 3 types of activities during my free time. I'm surprised! Today was simple but full of fulfillment.

- I showed my Google Docs note some of my friends and they told me it's awesome. I asked them if they want to join me and help. One of them told me that he'll help so I shared my files with him. I'm looking forward to cooperate with my friends. Here are couple of examples that I've made. Check the attachments if you want to look at them. The file has more than 70 pages and it's still growing. I really love this work. I can see constant mesurable growth, and it's creating contents. Very interesting.

- I'm so happy right now. No cravings, No nostalgia, No anxiety. I hope this state continue until the end of my life. :) 









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Good job! You are inspiring me to study more, because i need to master Excel, Leadership and Project management. 



I'm glad you're not experiencing the cravings and nostalgia, Tom2. Generally, they hit briefly and unexpectedly. If you don't indulge them and weather it, they go away.

Of course they are going to say your work is awesome, if you're doing 7 hours of study a day it is bound to be! So impressed buddy.

Thanks guys!

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Day 23 was perfect!

- I'm so happy right now, today was full of fulfillments. I studied 7 hours today. It's 88.6% of my free time. The goal that I set up yesterday was studying 7 hours and it's achieved. I really enjoy making my own notes with Google Docs. Being a creator is a great way to focus on something for a long time.

- Monthly graph looks really good until now. I want to keep this pace until the end.


- The volume of my note is getting bigger and bigger and I'm happy to see the documents grow. There was a way to count the number of words, sentences, etc in Google Docs, so I checked. It feels like I'm playing RPG games.(Seeing constant mesuarble growth) One of my notes consists of 58 pages, 7034 words, 23155 letters, and 18951 letters(except blanks). It looks like level, the amount of experience and gold.


- I really enjoy playing Habitica these days. It's a good 'life' game. So realistic. (just kidding) I set up daily gradual goals like this. Studying 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 hours. Before I set up these, I got easily overwhelmed by the amount of things to do. Just imagine, when I decided to study 7 hours a day, it looks too much. But when I split this 7 hours into 5 steps, I began to think that I can study for 3 hours, 4, 5, and then 6 or more. I learned this 'splitting task' tip from one of the company @Onlysouls in this forum. It's very useful and practical. I appreciate the advice once again. :) If you want to spend more hours productive but it's too hard and suffering to push yourself, you should try this.

I have tip for you: if you want read book, make project or whatever try baby steps. Step by step. One minute to another with rest. Its powerful tool ! And another tip: Start with small tasks then go on bigger tasks. You will have more energy. Big task split into smaller parts and write on the paper. Your mind will be calmer. Like this emoticon :).


- Gray color = Accomplished daily habits

- I hope you guys have a great day today(or tomorrow if it's nighttime) and I'll come back here tomorrow with another good news! God bless Gamequitters!

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I have a daily checklist but wasn't sure about Habatica. I like checking off tasks on my list. Did you find it hard to set up?

It's really easy(I only need to write things that I want to make as a habit), but if you already have your own checklist and like it, don't bother. 

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Day 24 was also perfect! studied 6 hours.

- I'm so tired but happy right now, because I lived today to the fullest. My eyes are closing right now...


- Monthly record looks great in July. I'll keep the blue graph above 4-5 hours everyday.

- Lots of progress in making my own notes of reinforced concrete engineering. 66 pages, 8125 words, 26728 letters, 21857 letters(except blanks).

- Good night... guys... if it's nighttime...! I really need to go to bed :) zZzZ

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I am fascinated about how you can make yourself study for so long, what is your secret? Do you take breaks at all?

Here are some tips that I found these days.

1. Getting out of my comfort zone. I study at public place, my favorite place is a cafe that has a nice music.

2. Being both creator and consumer when studying, not just a consumer. I watch video courses for civil engineering students. During the time I watch one episode, I stop the video from time to time to make my own notes(summaries). Check out my note!(Umm... it may look awful if Korean letters are not displayed perfectly....) DATA WARNING! THE FILE IS NOW 10MB. DON'T CLICK THE LINK IF YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH DATA https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z2kV2iPK9cVrkZ1gpx-GjxiV5L8FYT6RFdo55rWIN5c I write down things that teacher emphasizes. Before I make my note, I used to get easily distracted. The average time I could focus was only 25 minutes. After I begin this, I can focus so easily, from 25 minutes to 180 minutes. I really enjoy this activity! I can feel 'flow'. When I enjoy something, I don't even need to get rest so much. I don't like civil engineering itself because it's boring, but I can deceive my brain and make my brain to think it's interesting by developing my own way(creating my own notes) to maintain focus.

3. When I'm tired, I change my place or do something else(For example, reading and replying messages from my friends that arrived couple of minutes ago, reading other people's gamequitters journal, talking to my party members in Habitica, Reading unread e-mails, Checking e-board for civil engineering students(nothing serious... I just say hi to new people. Simple tasks are good things to do when I have break time. Things that don't require much brain energy to do. I don't watch Youtube because there's no end. Endless video recommendations... lol. However, these activities have the end. But if I can do more, I just get rest doing completely nothing around 5-50 minutes? It depends on the situation)

4. I gather a lot of time pieces. There are a lot of times that we just let them pass. For example, when I have to wait for a bus, colleagues, or family, I decided not to surf the internet. During these small times, I take my cellphone out, and review my notes. I actually don't have to study so seriously when I do this. I just roughly review things. Other people may say that they don't want to study even during the situation like this. I agree. But the significant difference is that the note that I'm reviewing is my precious note that is written by me for a long time. I get a lot of satisfaction when I finally have a chance to look at my little masterpiece. If I were trying to review subjects with some notes that other people made, I would have no passion and affection. But it's completely different when I make my own.

5. IMPORTANT : I split my goals into small pieces. And building good habits is also important.

- My long term goal : Getting a civil engineer certificate in spring time, 2018

- mid term goals

    * (Short term goal)This summer : Review subjects' important theories with video courses. Complete 6 subjects X 45 lectures. (Progress : 30% since the 1st of July)

    * This autumn : (school time) Do my best to learn the new things at university. Practice certificate questions related to the school subjects.

    * This winter : Review all the past exam questions. (10 years X 3 times in a year X 20 questions X 6 subjects) And practice imitation test with timer.

- Daily goals : Studying more than 4-5 hours everyday. 5-7 hours if possible.

    * Small piece goals : studying 3, 4, 5, 6, and occasionally 7 hours. Each of them is small goal.

- My practical habits to achieve everyday goals are listed in the next 2 pictures (check my Habitica list. I even have a really tiny, trivial habits)



Blue and green habits are things that I'm doing well(consistently), yellow and orange one means that I don't do it a lot.


I hope this post helps you get some ideas from it! I'll go brush my teeth as I had lunch few minutes ago. (I wrote this kinda quickly so there must be some grammar mistakes.... ) I really want to resume studying!!!(Well, it sounds really crazy) Good luck guys!

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Day 25 was perfect! Studied for 6:42.

- Finished video course of 'reinforced concrete & steel structure'. I'm proud of myself. It's my small achievement. I want to make this little snowball as big as possible with my consistent effort. I have my little achievement list and I finally got one more thing to add!


- I feel great when I see the blue line! Today was also successful!




1. I have friends that have much concerns about future like me. We can talk about the issue from time to time.

2. I had some delicious cookies.

3. My father bought some fried chickens tonight. I'm gonna eat that tomorrow.


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